Camping without my husband


Camping without my husbandFriday afternoon I was home alone and enjoying a warm shower, when I heard someone knocking at the front door. I dried my body and wrapped a giant towel around it.The day before my lovely husband had to fly away from town, on an emergency trip to meet some clients. He had left in the early morning without any sex during the night; he was stressed out…Victor had promised me he would be home by Sunday evening, but I was hungry there waiting for his hard cock coming back to me. I had fingered my wet cunt in the morning; I still was horny as hell.I went down and opened the front door a few inches and saw Bradley standing there, with a big smile on his young face.He and his sweet wife Jenna had moved across the street just a couple weeks ago.Bradley and Victor had become good friends since the first time.Every morning they both made some jogging at the park together, before going to their works.I greeted him and Bradley asked about Victor. They had planned to share a golf game that afternoon. Then he explained him that my lovely hubby was away and he would come back on Sunday…Then he said it was a pity, because Jenna was also attending a conference outside town and now he was home alone…I joked telling I was hoping she would not be at the same conference with my hubby. Then we both laughed…Then Bradley noticed I was wrapped on that big towel. He looked at my cleavage and I saw a kind of lust in his eyes…I felt good, knowing that a young guy was admiring my body and perhaps he was even thinking how I would look without that towel…I told him I was still drying my body after a shower and then invited him in. Since our spouses were out for the weekend, we could share a coffee in the meantime…He accepted my invitation, but I noticed he was a bit nervous…I stepped back inside as Bradley walked behind me. I turned my head and noticed he was having a growing erection inside of his trousers; as he was staring at my bare long toned legs…I told him to be comfortable and I would be back in a quick moment.I dried up my body upstairs at the main bedroom and came back to the living room. Bradley opened his mouth wide when he saw me.I was wearing a short jean skirt and a tight tank top. I felt excited with this young guy sitting at the sofa and I noticed my nipples were hard and poking against the thin fabric. Bradley also noticed it and I saw he was still keeping his hard on…Worst of all for the poor guy, my long legs looked even sexier standing on a couple of black stilettos…My boobs bounced a little in front of him; since I was not wearing a bra. My cunt started to get moist as I felt Bradley undressing me with his hungry eyes…I smiled and offered him a drink. He smiled back and said a beer would be fine. I brought a couple cans and sat down close to him. We started chatting and Bradley suddenly asked if I would join him for illegal bahis a swimming at a near lake. Those days were very warm and the idea was not so bad.Then I told him that I would be ready to go in less than a quarter and he smiled, saying he would pick me out at our driveway.I changed my wet thong and packed a sexy tiny bikini in a bag.A while later Bradley called me, saying he needed some help to put his stuff on the back of his van. I saw the young guy could not take his eyes off from my body; as I was wearing now a light green lime sundress which made my round boobs look even bigger…Then the van hit the highway. Soon I felt bored with Bradley’s conversation talking about her sweet wife Jenna and suddenly I slid my hand between his thighs and told him to relax a bit. The guy looked at me and I told him to look the road ahead…But then I saw Bradley’s hard on was growing when he put his hand between my thighs and cupped it around my crotch; feeling my thong getting wet and he started rubber his fingers against the tiny fabric…I started getting wet and rested my head back on the seat letting Bradley enjoy at what he was doing to me. Then my hands gripped tightly his hard cock through his pants…Still rubbing my pussy lips through the tiny thong and making me get messy and wet on the seat; Bradley pulled back his hand to take the next exit of the highway. He drove in silence and after a few miles he turned to hit a mud road with marshy vegetation…Soon he entered a forest with tall trees on both sides. At the end of the forest we finally came to a vast area, with the lake in the middle. Bradley parked the van at one side of the entrance.We got off and then he suggested to camp there for the night, since the sun was going down and we would not have much time to swimI accepted his suggestion. I was feeling very horny and the idea of spending the night in the arms of that nice young guy looked not bad at all for me…We set up a tent for two persons and then I stripped off my sundress and my wet thong.I stood naked in front of Bradley and he approached me; but then I ran away from him and dove into the lake…The guy ran after me, stripping off his trousers, his shirt and even the swimming trunks…He swam up to me and held my waist from behind. He cupped my boobs with both hands and I felt his hardened dick against my bare buttocks. He took care of my hard nipples between his fingers. We swam back to the shore and came out of the water. I sat down on a big tree lying on the soil and parted my legs. Bradley moved close to me and pushed himself gently between my spread thighs.He leaned over and kissed my inner thighs with his lips; making me moaning loud with pleasure. Then he kissed my pussy lips, which were so wet already.I screamed out loud when I felt his tongue been shoved in my cunt.It fekt so good and I begged him not to stop teasing illegal bahis siteleri me…I held Bradley’s head from his neck and pushed his face into my open thighs,. The young bastard then squeezed my pussy lips between his lips as I pressed his head inside my soaking cunt; making me moaning even harder.I started to whimper as I felt his lips rub against my shaved mound.Then he started fucking my cunt with his tongue; now wriggling it in and out of my pussy lips, making circular movements, until he licked it all the way up and touched my sensitive clitoris.He held my clit in between his lips and started to rub his lips around it making it erect and then he gently bit it between his teeth.I cried in ecstasy and told him my cunt was his now…Then he inserted a finger very deep in my slippery wet cunt while sucking my clit, sending shivers up to my body. I rocked violently against his mouth and Bradley increased his tempo with his finger.Suddenly I arched my back and lifted my ass from the grass as my orgasm let loose flooding my cunt and getting Bradley’s finger wet.He felt my juices on his chin as he was sucking my clitoris and he bit it again, making me scream on top of my lungs.Then he pushed another finger in my gushing cunt, making my wild orgasm feel like never before I had experienced before…I held his head with both my hands and lifting my ass cheeks again, I finally cum like a bitch in heat, until I collapsed onto the grass…I stayed there breathing heavily with a big smile in my face. Then Bradley handed me my tiny bikini and he also put on a swimming trunks. We shared a soda and then I called Victor…I explained him that I was going to camp at the lake with some of my girlfriends, including Camilla and Laura. My lovely husband then recommended me to be careful with those naughty bitches…Later Bradley called his sweet wife Jenna; but she did not answer.It was getting dark, so we got ynto the tent. Bradley handed me a beer and after chatting for a while and more three rounds, I felt a bit fuzzy.Outside was a cold night and I felt my nipples hardening inside my bikini top; but Bradley also noticed this and then I saw his bulge was growing again inside his trunks…I took off my bikini and reached out to run his trunks…Bradley removed them and suddenly a full erection about nine inches long sprang out before my eyes…I smiled at him and said now it was my turn to show my oral skills. Then I wrapped my slender long fingers around his cock and licked it with my soft tongue. I teased the poor guy, licking his hard dick.I finally took his cock in my mouth and he moaned in pleasure. Then I pulled back his foreskin and started sucking the thick head.He held my head and started bobbing it up and down. A gave him a wonderful blowjob, so he should never forget it…Bradley soon announced he was going to cum.Then I took his dick off my canlı bahis siteleri mouth and shoved it between my round boobs. Suddenly I got the first jet of warm semen my open mouth and between my tits.The poor guy was spent after cumming so hard on my body.But I cleaned his dick with my tongue one more time.Soon it was getting a little hard again.I left him rest for a while and went out of the tent to wash myself. I returned quickly; my nipples erect due to the coldness outside.Bradley was almost passed out, but he smiled when I lay on his bare chest, rubbing my hard nipples against his…I saw his cock was again growing hard. I brought my red lips tohis earlobe and whispered in his ear I needed to be fucked…Bradley looked into my eyes and then with one swift movement he held my hand and sat over my thighs with his rod dangling in close to my wet pussy lips. He knelt and opened my thighs with his knees. Then he held his cock with his right hand and started rubbing the head against my labia. I just closed my eyes and he gently pushed my thighs further apart.Then he guided his entire nine inches deep into my wet vagina. As his cock head entered me, I moaned silently, biting my lower lip.Holding my waist, Bradley started pushing his thickness into my very wet snatch. After a few pumps he managed to get inside me half of that huge thick cock…I felt him hurt because he was really huge; but I begged him crying not to stop. Hearing this, Bradley pushed further and got a little rough when my tight cunt offered some resistance; making me whimper in pain and cry in pleasure. I begged him to fuck me harder…His hips started moving back and forth after hearing me begging for more. His hard body developed a rhythmic tempo, fucking me as I wanted and deserved. I was starving for sex, for a good fuck…I spread my long legs and wrapped them around Bradley’s waist; now starting to move in rhythm with that huge cock up and down. The young guy pumped me faster and my legs gripped him tighter.All of a sudden he grunted and pushed his entire dick in, making me scream like crazy. Then he filled my hungry cunt with his warm semen and I felt my own wild orgasm washing through my body.He collapsed onto my boobs; his dick still buried inside of me.Soon I felt him slipping out from my cunt and I just passed out.Early morning I woke up with the sound of Bradley’s phone ringing. It was his wife. Jenna announced him that she had finished early with her conference and she was now waiting for him at the airport.We hurried up getting all the stuff into the van.But then I was surprised by receiving a call from my loving hubby.He also called me from the airport, because one of his meetings with clients outside had been cancelled and so he had taken the first flight. But then Victor added he had met Jenna there at the airport hall. He described her as the sexy Bradley’s wife across the street, because I had met her just few times in the neighborhood…Then I knew it: Victor and that red hair slut were having an affair… Did it matter to me?. Not at all; after all I had fucked the young handsome husband across the street…

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