Can I see you pee and poop?


Can I see you pee and poop?Hi! I am looking for an open minded woman who would be interested in anything from emailing about her peeing and pooping habits, or even open to filming herself peeing and pooping for me (it could be anonymous — no need to show your face!) or even meeting up eventually and for some in-person fun.I know it’s probably an odd request and for most, it might be an embarrassing thing to show or talk about and you might wonder why someone would be interested in seeing those type of things, but all I can say is. . .’it turns me on!’ I love to see a woman pee, poop slide out, and farts escape. I also love the idea of giving a woman an enema and seeing her expel it out.I thought I would write out a lot of details in this post, in case you are still reading and might be curious. These fantasies have been on my mind for a long time. I have several scenarios I go to when falling asleep or daydreaming. Often, I will imagine that I am taking care of a disabled woman. Maybe she is incontinent and must wear a diaper – she cannot control when she pees or poops. I bathe her, change her, feed her, and when she needs and desires, I give her sexual pleasure. But I imagine her saying to me ‘I think I pooped – will you change my diaper?” I lay her down and undo her diaper. There is a big load of poop there right around her ass and it’s quite messy around her asshole and vagina. I take a wet wipe and begin to clean the poop off her skin. She is embarrassed to be in this state with her legs in the air exposing her most vulnerable part of her body. But I am gentle and full of grace and love for her and she knows it. Maybe she involuntarily pees a bit and farts while I am wiping her and a bit of her pee lands on my hand. I imagine this scenario with different kinds of women – young women around 18, or older women around 50. I especially love hairy women – it’s just a fascination for me – a hairy bush. And I imagine needing to clean the poop out of the hair around her asshole and vagina. I think about other aspects of her too – bathing her and feeding her. Her relying on me for everything. I think maybe it has something to do psychologically with me wanting to feel needed by someone…wanting someone who is submissive and wants me.Another scenario I think about is a woman who gets very turned on by peeing, pooping, and farting in front of me. She saves all her poops for me. In this scenario, she loves to pee and poop on my chest and fart in my face. She will hold in her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri poop for 2 days and only poop on my chest…she pees on my dick, my chest and my face. I then lick her pussy and asshole after she pees and poops – tasting a bit of her pee and a bit of her poop. When she farts on my face, it’s so strong and pungent, but the air and noise turn me on….I also think about a woman who is constantly constipated and needs my help to poop. Sometimes I will slide my finger inside her asshole and try to pull out the poop with my fingers. Other times I will give her a regular enema and get things moving. I think about her squatting over a small clear plastic tub so I that I can clearly see all the poop and brown junk coming out of her ass.I also think about a woman just peeing and pooping in her panties – unlike a diaper, it soaks right through and makes quite a mess!I think my ultimate fantasy with you would be to arrange a day where we can spend some time together. Ahead of the day, you hold in your poop for 48 hours – ensuring you have a huge load inside you. You drink a lot of water for 2-3 hours before we meet – so that when we meet you are really needing to both pee and poop. I come over and bring the enema bag, a towel, a plastic grocery bag, some lotion, and a clear plastic tub. We sit on your couch next to one another and get comfortable. I begin to massage your feet and we just talk and enjoy the time together. I know you will be quite uncomfortable, but we do take things slow. We begin to kiss and cuddle on the couch. Making out and enjoying the passion of being close to another person. I take your shirt off and you take mine off. I take your pants off and you take mine off. We are in our underwear and we move to the bed. We continuing kissing and cuddling, you feeling my penis harden and me feeling your vagina dampening your panties. I take your bra off and begin sucking and licking and kissing your breasts and nipples. They harden and you moan with pleasure. I pull off my boxers and my dick springs out, hard from seeing your beautiful body and smelling your scent. I pull your panties down and they are so wet. You are bursting to pee and poop, but I want to smell you, taste you. I smell your vagina and enjoy the delicious scent of a wet and warm place so turned on. I begin to gently kiss and lick your vaginal lips – the taste is overwhelming. Knowing there is a flood of pee on the other side of those lips makes me so turned güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on. Maybe I ask you to push out a little pee in my mouth. It swirls around and I enjoy the bitter taste. I pull your legs up higher revealing your lovely asshole. Knowing there is a huge load of poop on the other side of that wall turns me on so much. I smell your asshole and enjoy the intoxicating scent. I kiss it, I lick it for a while. I dip my finger inside your vagina to get it a bit wet and then I gently insert my finger in your asshole. I feel the tip of your poop with my finger and it drives me wild. You cannot hold back anymore, saying ‘I have to pee and poop now!’. I lay the towel down on the bathroom floor and we get in the 69 position – your vagina and asshole are right above my upper chest and face. I ask you to push and you do and a flood of pee comes out, the stream so strong, hitting my chest and chin, and beard. I see your asshole slowly start to open and I get closer, smelling and kissing that area. Wider and wider your poop slowly emerges until it’s coming out fast and strong and hits with a thud on my chest, coiling around and tapering off, landing on my chest. You push everything out of you and you moan with relief….I ask if we can just lay there for a bit, me enjoying the sight of your vagina, dripping a few drops of pee, your poop on my chest, and your dirty asshole right in front of me. I begin to kiss your vagina again, tasting the wetness, I then kiss and lick your asshole, tasting a small bit of your poop – not replused by it, but turned on by the dirtiness. We lay there a bit more until we are ready to move on to the enema. I pick up your poop with my hand and place it in a plastic bag. I would like to take it home and maybe jack off to it the next day before flushing it in the toilet at my house. I clean my hand and chest off….and we get a new towel. I lay you down and fill the enema bag up with warm water. I again, dip my finger inside your vagina to get it lubricated with your cum and wetness. I then insert my finger in your asshole and feel around a bit, as you moan with pleasure. I then insert the enema tube and undo the clamp. Water begins to trickle in. You are laying on your left side, so that the water can find its way to your colon. I massage your belly and you begin to feel the pressure. With the first time, it may be too much pressure and you need to stop and push out what water it inside, or we keep going to see güvenilir bahis şirketleri how much water you can take. Ideally, at least a pint of water goes into your asshole and intestine and colon within about 5 minutes and we try to have you hold the water for at least 15 minutes as I massage your belly. When the time is up, I have you squat on the bathroom floor over the plastic tub and have you push out the water. It feel like you are peeing from your asshole and the noises of squishing and farting and chunks of poop coming out of your asshole landing in the tub. I can see the relief on your face as the brown water squirting out of your asshole lands in the tub. I massage your belly to make sure all the water comes out this round and we look at the remnants of junk and food and poop that was lining the wall of your intestine. You feel so much lighter now and we are so close and intimate being naked together doing this together. We do another round and another and another. 3-4 enemas until the water coming out of your asshole is clear – you are all cleaned out! I wipe your asshole and we get a drink of water. Now it is time for your sexual pleasure. I want to give you as many orgasms as you can take…more than you’ve ever had in your life. We got back to the bedroom and lay on the bed. I begin licking your pussy – maybe for 20 or 30 minutes, getting you very turned on. I kiss and lick your nipples again and they harden. I kiss and lick and getting slide a finger in your asshole and you moan with pleasure. I begin to slide a finger inside your vagina, massaging your clitoris and getting your gspot. Again and again and again, getting you closer and closer to an orgasm. It builds and builds and you reach your first orgasm. And depending on what you are feeling, we try for another, and another. And another. You are committed to pushing yourself as far as you can go…until you are spent and too tired to continue. If you want me to use and toys or vibrators you may have, I can do that too. And if you would like my dick, I can slide in as well. We can cuddle and ride each other until we are both happy, satisfied and tired. Then, comes your massage. The 30 minutes or so, I will give you a full body massage – massaging your toes to your head and everywhere in between. Maybe we finish with a warm bath or shower, soaping you up and cleaning you. Parting ways with a kiss…I am only looking for females and I am not willing to pay for this – I am seeking someone actually interested in this… I would love to hear anything about your peeing, pooping, and farting habits. I’d love to see pictures or videos of you peeing and pooping and farting. Or meeting up for some fun together.Email me if you’d be open to chatting, filming yourself, or maybe eventually meeting up in person!

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