Carin’s Continuing Adventures Part 4


Carin’s Continuing Adventures Part 4I will admit, I was disappointed with my gifts this year. I know, family is supposed to give thoughtful gifts, but you would think my husband might remember that I was a woman, and get me something to share. Not likely, and the more I notice what I’m missing, the more I become willing to share with those that are noticing I’m a woman. Which is how I keep getting into trouble now.Like the first day back to work after the big red guy makes his deliveries. I’m not sure how it became an every week thing, but we practice braless Thursdays at our clinic. Just the last few minutes of your shift, which makes it very exciting if I’m on the late shift, since I seem to be more willing to show off than I ever had been. But working the morning shift mean I just go to each of my doctors offices on my way out. Course, it also means that I’m in the clinic early, with just one other nurse, getting set up, but that’s just normal work. Except for the 27th!Nurse C was scheduled in with me, and while I like her, I had no idea she had such naughty thoughts until I stood behind my favourite doctors door half dressed not long ago. Now working the morning with her, I was having some really bad thoughts. Just my luck, Doctor M was in very early too, so my thoughts kept wandering into territory I wasn’t sure I was ready for.Especially when he came up and said I had one more gift to unwrap. Standing just outside his office, unwrapping a very nicely wrapped present in front of them, I wasn’t expecting it to be the sheerest bra and panty I had ever seen. When he asked if I would model for them, I just sort of smiled and wandered off. Moments later, and not really in control of myself, I walked into his office, wearing a very supportive bra that did nothing at all to hide my extremely hard nipples, and the matching panty that showed exactly how excited I was as well. The next few moments were an amazing blur, as Nurse C guided, well ordered me really, to pose for them. Each pose brought me closer to an orgasm, my mind flashing images of past misdeeds, most in recent gaziantep escort memory. So when she asked, told, begged, me to drop my new bra on the desk, I found I had actually done it before my brain had processed the request. Seconds later I was naked before them, and I would have done everything I was told. Which is why I was so discouraged to hear someone else enter the clinic. And suddenly fearful as well. Had they not made enough noise, would I have heard them at all over my screaming orgasmic rush, which I had just been denied? Lucky me, they covered for me while I dressed, but really what I wanted was for them to have their way with me, and if the rest of the office wanted to watch, I have come to the conclusion I would have let them. More, since then, my dreams have been filled with naughty images of me doing whatever I was told that morning, without anyone being left out.What really happened until I got to leave was boring normal work. So I wasn’t all that worked up when I stripped my new bra off and headed to say goodbye for the day. I’ve started to enjoy being looked while dressed, or rather not dressed, so it was having the proper effect on me as I made my way through the first two doctors offices. Dr. K wasn’t in her office as I went by, so I moved right into Doctor M’s office, only to find them both standing there looking over a file. Not exactly a sexy moment, until he closed the door on us.“Show her your new outfit” was the command, only I was only wearing part of it! I’m not sure who had command of my hands, but I was standing before them topless in seconds, my chest heaving, my nipples hard as stones, my heart pounding as they both looked at me, my shirt in my hand beside me. The look in his eyes told me to drop my pants, and I stood there trapped at the ankles by my clothes, nothing hiding my excitement but a see through pair of panties.As their eyes wandered over my exposed body, I felt the rush I had been denied earlier in the day starting to take over, my heart beating harder and louder(to my ears anyways) then ever before. My nipples proudly jutting out, almost begging to be sucked, pinched and nibbled on. The spell broken by the phone ringing, and once again I was forced to stop by life getting in the way of my adulterous desires.Make no mistake, I would have at that moment willingly done as they commanded, regardless of any consequences to my life or marriage, if only they gave me the orgasm I needed so badly.Dressed and frustrated, I left for home. While I was sexually frustrated, my life seemed easier. The weekend came and went as if a dream, still no excitement to fulfill my growing lust, but everything else was easier because of my sudden zest for life.Of course, that just is an excuse for the naughtiness I was willing to perform on New Years Eve. Each year we go to the same party, with the same people, and my husband dances once with me and then gets drunk and I get a ride home with my best friend and her husband. Except this year I was going to be naughty. There was no doubt in my mind I would go farther than ever, but how far I wasn’t sure.As expected, I got my dance after dinner, my dud put in his bids on the silent auction, got drunk and left for home, as ever expecting me to put his prize on my credit card if no one else was as big a cheap skate as he is. I know, kinda bitter, but I really wasn’t enjoying being ignored through dinner and the early part of the dance, so as the balloons fell and he left, I was looking forward to cutting loose.Dawn and Darryl were my ride home, and I was enjoying dancing with them, and their hands taking some liberties with my body. They weren’t the only ones that felt me up while dancing, and I admit that letting strangers touch me was getting me quite excited. Probably a good thing it was time to go, and I had friends to get me home, or I might have never made it home. I hadn’t had a drink since dinner, but I was still surprised Darryl boosted me into the driving seat of his truck. Minutes later I understood why, as moments later, just out of the parking lot, they were madly going at it in the passenger seat beside me. Driving slowly, and taking the worst route on directions from Darryl, we moved down the bumpy road, my hand rubbing my body as I tried to drive, and not watch my best friend was taken in a moving truck by her husband.As they finished, I found a parking spot well off the road, and was amazed as they didn’t stop after his explosive orgasm. Watching her rise off his manhood, I was stunned as they pulled me into the middle, and began to caress me, kiss me, their hands and fingers melting me with such soft touches. Dawn kissing me, Darryl whispering in my ear, I soon lost my dress. I was stunned at how smoothly he snapped my bra off, like magic fingers, and soon enough Dawn pulled my panties away. With her sitting beside me, looking into my eyes, looking for any resistance, and finding none, she helped her husband lift me, and guide me down onto his lap. Plunging deep into me, I was writhing in extasy, over and over he slid deep into me as he lifted me up off his lap, and then drove me down upon him.Dawn wasn’t to be left out, as first her hand caressed one set of lips as she kissed my face. Soon enough, she was teasing my nipples, and then I lost track of the world as they overwhelmed my senses. I remember the truck shaking, because of me I think, and of him pulling out and Dawn Sucking him dry, rubbing against my swollen mound.Her kiss was sudden and passionate, and it wasn’t until my mind caught up to the world that I realized that not only had her mouth been full of his cream, but it tasted so very good. I hungrily sucked his warm tasty cream from her mouth, and then the reality hit me. Naked in their truck, they had both given me the best, most fantastic orgasms of my life, and I loved them for it. Few words were spoke, and while we dressed, Darryl took both our panties, trophies I guess, but I was willing to let him have them if it meant he would take me again.The kiss in front of my home was deeper than our usual friendly, but not as passionate as I wanted. We all smiled, knowing that our friendship had forever been opened to more, and my New Years was rung in with explosive force.At the time, I had no idea where I would let it take me, but I was more than willing to follow my new found passion.

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