Gay Prison Guards Fuck


Gay Prison Guards FuckEverything was going great on the inside. I was fucking this gay bitch every week just to satisfy my sexual urges, i really had no complaints. But of course, that wouldn’t last long as i was unexpectedly called by another guard for a little chat in the shower room. I walked in there and it was just me and him as he asked me how i was doing. I responded and told him i was good and asked him the same. He quickly asked me about the inmate i had been fucking and right away i knew that he also knew what we were doing. I was in deep trouble as i tried to play it cool. I watched as he walked right up to me and told me he noticed me and the inmate had been spending quite a lot of time together. To which i had no answer, all i could do was listen. He smiled, as if he had got me in the palm of his hands. Unexpectedly i felt him grab a hold of my crotch. He gave me a squeeze as i stood there, still and not moving. “It’s okay… i know what you’re doing .. i won’t tell anyone..” he said as he let go of my cock. “But i want in…” I felt a bit of relief as that probably wouldn’t be hard to arrange. He should’ve just told me if he had wanted to fuck that bitch too i thought. But i couldn’t be more wrong as he stood looking at me.. “I want in on your cock…. I want you to fuck me….” he said as i was shocked even more. “I’ve seen how you fuck him.. and i honestly want you to fuck me the same… fuck me like how you fuck him…” He said. I think he was expecting me to respond but all i could do was look bursa escort on. He walked back over to me after a short pause. “I’ll let you think about it…. if you want to take me up on this offer… just come meet me in the locker room during lights out” He walked off and left me by myself as we both went on with our days. It got dark fast and the time came around where i would have to either stay and put myself in trouble for my affair with the inmate or go meet the other guard for more gay sex. I was against it but at the same time, it was a easy choice to make. I went ahead and walked through the doors and hallways and made my way to the locker room. The place was now quiet and empty as everyone settled down. I walked in there and didn’t see anyone around as i cautiously looked around before heading to his locker room. I then heard foot steps and turned around to see him in a towel as he had just finished showering. “You want to shower before we start too? Or you want to just get down to it?” he said as i stood there frozen. “Okay… let’s see it….” he threw off his towel and he was already rock hard as he got on his knees and undid my belt and my pants as he pulled me out. My cock, also hard as he pulled it out with his hands and looked at it. “Fuck yeah… it looks even better in person.. I can’t believe that bitch gets to fuck your cock.. this should’ve been mine….” he said as he slid it his mouth and started sucking and gagging. I just stood there at first letting bursa escort bayan hi have his way with me, but i eventually gave in as i started to fuck his mouth and grab his head. Both of us moaning as he tasted my cock. “Take it off… come on… ” he said as he backed off stroking his own cock, waiting for me to get naked. After i stripped everything off he came over and grabbed me as he started kissing me and he was literally all over me as i backed up onto the locker. We were there making out like crazy as he wrapped his leg around me and i grabbed his ass and teased his ass with my finger making him moan as i sucked his neck. “Fuck yeah.. I can’t wait to get that big dick in my ass..” He moaned. He quickly turned around and arched his ass waiting for me to get my cock in him. “Come on… fuck my ass with that dick.. give it to me… ” i held onto my cock and his hip as i pushed myself in him. Watching my ass slid inside of his ass, already nicely lubed. Both of us moaning together as i got deeper and deeper in him. Working my cock in and out of his ass as i grabbed onto his hips and started pounding him , making him moan as he was loving it even more . “Oh yeah.. fuck it.. fuck my ass, fuck it like how you fuck that bitch… fuck it with that dick..” he moaned. Grabbing onto him so hard as i pounded him while he stroked his cock. His cock and balls swinging back and forth in his hand as we moaned. “Fuck.. pound me… yes.. make me cum… make me fucking cum!!” he escort bursa begged. After pounding him hard for a short minute his ass tightened and gripped my cock as he stood up and started shooting cum onto the floor. “Fuck… oh god…. oh fuck my ass yes!!!” he yelled. Cum dripping onto the floor and covering his hands as he came. I slowed down resting with my balls against his ass as i let him finish. He finished , out of breath as he looked back at me , looking so tired. “Fuck…. let me taste my ass…. ” he said as he got down on his knees, my cock sliding out of his ass and right into his mouth as i watched him suck it. He was taking my cock to the back of his throat and loving it as i placed my hand on his head. He spat me out and stroked me with both hands looking up at me as he talked dirty to me. “Did you like fucking my ass hole? did it feel good on your cock? You going to cum for me? give me that cum.. cum on my fucking face… make me your little gay whore…” he was stroking my cock with both hands so fast as he spat on my cock repeatedly , watching how much he wanted my cum, i exploded and covered his face, shooting loads across his face and onto his lips as he had his mouth open and tongue out. Feeling my cock throb in his hands as he shoved it in his mouth and swallowed whatever cum i had left from my cock. He licked my cock clean and i watched him lick his lips before he got up and let out a loud moan. He gave my cock a good stroke and then walked a few feet away before stopping and looking back at me. “Not going to wash up? Come on?” he said as i walked over and we both hit the shower together as we cleaned off all our cum and i found him all over me again, tongue in my mouth as we moaned kissing and grabbing eachother and i thought about sliding my cock back in his tight ass.

Husband Turned Gay


Husband Turned Gaythis is a story i’ve loved for a long time, from Vicki Tern, about a cheating husband, and how the wife has him find that he isn’t really a womanizer after all, but a deep seated desire to prefer being a bottom for more manly men….i would wish that my wife would do this for me….and let me be open about my desire to be with men too…I suppose it was wicked of me, what I did to him. But he did so deserve it, and it was such fun setting him up, and I was sofurious that I didn’t care about any of the possible consequences, that he might leave me flat, or that he wouldn’t be able to return from where I put him, or he wouldn’t want to return, or that maybe I wouldn’t want him back afterward anyhow. In a way all of these things happened. We’re still living together, but certainly we’ve turned a corner in our relationship. We’ve both learned a few things. He sure did, I saw to that!He’d been unfaithful before, you know, very often. I always suspected, but I never knew for sure. Women were always coming on to him. Why not? He’s a gorgeous hunk, and hot, and horny. That’s why I married him, he couldn’t stay out of my pants, and hekept coming back for more, and I got to like him that way. So didother women, I suppose. They’d leave tracks sometimes, makeup orperfume on his clothes, or a woman’s voice unerased on the answererasking where is he, why is he late. I’d ask casually, and he’dalways have an innocent explanation. Well, finally he went too far. I wouldn’t have known except for you, Carol. We were out shopping a couple of months ago, you remember? And you made an odd remark. Out of nowhere you said that you didn’t understand how I keep my figure, eating all those rich foods the way I do.Then you said, “Anne, what I mean is, you’ve been dining out fancy I hear, for two weeks now. Practically every night this week. And you went on that Tim’s partner had been entertaining out-of-town buyers, and that wherever he went he kept running into my Jerry with a beautiful woman who had to be me.Well, Carol, I got the message, and I may not have been very niceto you at first. All the while I was thinking, every night this week Jerry phoned me to say he had to work late at the office, while I’ve been home with the TV and the washing machine. Well, we both knew that Jerry sat in on Tim’s poker game now andthen, so Tim’s partner knew him, but he’d never met me. Jerry’dbeen getting home way past midnight, trying to get ahead of hiswork he told me, so his secretary could burrow in from the momentshe got in, he said. All through the next week Jerry kept working late at the office and I confirmed that he wasn’t there. Nothing to it, really. First a phone call and get only his phone mail service. Then drop by and find the placeempty, but there’s his secretary’s day book open on the desk. And there it all was! Full day appointments with some floosie officemanager from some place down south. Well, maybe you didn’t know it, Carol, but last year when Isuspected something I tried to humiliate him. I sent him to hisoffice Halloween Party dressed up like a chorus girl. Shaved legs, Cupid bow lips, mascara slathered on for a deep, mysterious look, hot pants, net stockings, long-haired wig — I even taught him a high kick or two for his grand entrance. But it didn’t work. He didn’t behave at all like a chorus girl,and he wasn’t any way embarrassed by his clothes. He was just himself, cocky, relaxed, grinning. No, he had much too much confidence in his own manhood. But now Halloween was coming up again, and I was thinking real hard. How can you humiliate a man’s man? One way for sure. Anyhow, for the next two weeks I was pleasant enough, and the onlychange in our relationship was that I wouldn’t allow his penis anyprivileges whatsoever. When he asked me why we weren’t making love any more I told him Ithought we were, and that I was very well satisfied with him. Whenhe said he meant, why I wouldn’t let him into me any more, I seemedto realize for the first time that he hadn’t been there lately. I’d carefully not let him press his dong onto my body, much less into it. “Well, I tell you what. When you’ve made love to me the way I want, if I’m fully satisfied I’ll let you relieve yourself in me if you must.”That night he tried. He was inspired! I got the most stupendoushead work imaginable! But then instead of turning over to go to sleep as usual I seemed to remember something, so I lay on my back and spread my legs wide. He clambered up onto me and he was all the way inside me in a single push.He’d told me right after Labor Day that his office wasrestructuring and retrenching and down sizing — he was too hot anaccount representative to feel threatened, but by October generaloffice morale had completely collapsed. No one wanted to run theirannual Halloween party this year, he told me, because it seemedlike partying on real people’s graves. When I heard that I went to see Roger, the Senior Partner andC.E.O. where I work, and suggested that our office institute ourown Halloween costume party. He thought that a great idea, itwould get our whole office staff and all their spouses andsignificant others together, get us thinking like one big teaminstead of divisions and factions, and so forth. It would improve everyone’s cooperation and efficiency — maybe we’d work harder. And besides, he liked parties. So he offered us the use of his own home, though he stipulated that I’d have to attend to everything,getting out the invitations, the refreshments, the entertainment,everything, and get some house cleaning service to clean upafterward. The company would pay for all of it, and he proposed awhopping budget I had to stay within. Fair enough. All that was exactly what I wanted to hear. I made a number ofphone calls, and I talked to Jerry’s secretary for quite a while,and meanwhile I checked out my Boss’s house. I found out that hiswife was on some kind of guided lecture tour of the Nile, alongwith Jerry’s boss’s ex-wife and some other wealthy women, mostlyfrom the Oak Bluff Country Club — the old money set. So there’dbe no problem with wives. The place was huge, baronial, fifteen ortwenty bedrooms, you could get lost. I delegated arrangements forfood and music and so on to the younger staff. We decided we’deach of us come as someone or something we thought we weren’t atall, a real stretch, and the grand prize would go to the person whoturned out to be that person or thing most persuasively, or closeenough to persuade the judges anyhow.Then I called Jerry’s boss — a large, vigorous man named Ralph, we’d had him to dinner a few times, he’s silver-haired and he’stough-minded. I told him I heard he was alone these days, and invited him to join us. “Why me?” Ralph asked right off.”Because I think it might do Jerry some good,” I said frankly. “And maybe you too. It might even do me some good.””Oh?” he said. “Maybe I hear you and maybe I don’t. I’ll be there.””Why don’t you invite one of your best clients, too?” I suggested. “Someone who’d really enjoy an all-out bash like this one. Someone who likes parties where people dress up like what they’re not, but someone who can remain a gentleman even when there are availablewomen everywhere. No real competition for our own unattached staff.””I hear you, Anne,” he said. “Great! I know just the one! Our biggest client! He lives in town and he’ll be delighted!”So it was all set.Then I told Jerry that we’d been invited to a Halloween CostumeParty at my Boss’s House. A lot of the office staff and theirfriends would be there. People I knew and people I didn’t. Maybe no one he knew, maybe only a few. He nodded, not really concerned. I told him the rules for the grand prize this year, and asked him,”Any ideas?””How about I go as a girl again. You can go as a guy, so we’ll be a couple.” “No,” I said. “This time you’d have to be a lot more persuasive. It would take you too long to learn how a real woman acts andfeels. This year you’ve got to act the part, convince peopleyou’re really what you seem to be. Not so incidentally, if we don’t go as a couple you’ll have a terrific advantage at this party, because no one knows the real you. You can seem to be anybody or anything if you do it right, and they’ll believe you’re the real thing. And I’ve got just the part for you to play, something you seem to thinkyou aren’t at all, though I’ve got my doubts.””What are you proposing, Anne?””I want you to go this time as a man.”He stared at me. “What are you talking about? Are you k**ding? What’s the costume? And how is that something I think I’m not?” “That’s the edge I have in mind. Other people will dress up incostumes. But this year our costumes aren’t going to be just clothor makeup. They’ll be under our skins, in the way we act, how webehave. We’ll dress appropriately of course, but mainly we’llcreate the illusion with our voices, our mannerisms, the ways wemove and relate to other people. You maintain your role perfectlythrough the whole evening and maybe we can talk again about whatyou are with me in bed, and what you aren’t. Maybe I’ll forgive you for that night when you didn’t think I was sexy enough, or sexy the right way, or maybe the right sex.” “So what’ll I go as?””A man.””You’ve said that. I can do that.””A gay man.””A what!!?””You heard me! A gay man, Jerry! A homo! A faggot! A fairy! A pansy! A queer! A feygel! A sissy! An out and out flaming cocksucking male whore!You know any other names, name them!” I’d let out some of my real suppressed anger, so I stopped short,and took some deep breaths, and then continued more calmly.”You usually behave the way most gay men behave, normal. So that won’t do. You’d never be recognized if you acted normal. So you’ll have to pretend. For people to catch on you’ll have toexaggerate some traits, behave like a full-blown stereotype queer. But nothing excessive. No camping. No burlesquing. No signalling’I am, but I’m not.’ This time there’ll be none of that admiration you got because you had the guts to dress like a girl but were too gutless or unimaginative to act like one. This time you’ll need to look and act just like what people think is the real thing, persuasively.” I looked at him meaningfully. “I suspect you have a talent for it, as you know.”He ignored the innuendo. “And you? What will you go as?”I smiled and weaved my hips at him a little. “Oh, you’ll like what I’ll be. You’re always trying to get me to go out dressed like one, and to behave like one. So for once I will.””What’s that?””A really promiscuous slut. A whore who enjoys sex so much she doesn’t charge. I know I haven’t been anything like that in the past. I love sex, but I’ve never yet once cheated on you, Jerry. I think you know that. That’s why your…inability when I was hotfor you affected me so deeply. If I can play my role the way youplay your role, then maybe when we get back here I’ll be able toreconsider what you really are.”Jerry began thinking. “It would look funny if we arrived at thisparty together, a gay man married to a whore.” “That’s not so strange a pair. Gays and whores can be on thelookout for partners for each other. But we won’t be married atall as far as anyone knows. We’ll be brother and sister. People at my office know I’m married to someone, that I’m a responsible executive, not a tramp, so they’ll see my costume in the way I behave. But no one there knows you at all. They’ll have no reason to think you aren’t really my gay brother, the genuine article, until the time comes for the judging.””What would I wear?” “I’ve thought about that. Not much that’s different. A tight T shirt, or muscle shirt, maybe a loose satin shirt. Really skin tight jeans, so your buns show — we may need to pad them. Maybe made of velvet, so you can stroke yourself and people willunderstand why. It’s your behavior that’ll give you away, mainly. So you’ll have to behave stereotype femme for your disguise to be identified.” “I’ll get you a haircut with little bangs, maybe. You’ll swish a little while walking, not a lot. You’ll talk with a slight lilt,maybe move a little floppy wristed, not a lot. In fact I think maybe we’ll have you talk like a girl. Most gays don’t, but you’d be more persuasive that way. Let’s see — a single ear ring. You won’t need to get an ear pierced, there are spring-loaded kinds youcan’t tell from the real thing from the front. But that’s up to you. If you do get one ear pierced, I’d recommend you get them both pierced. I hear a gay man with a steady boy friend changeswhich ear has the ear ring, so other men won’t hit on him all the time. Like wearing a wedding ring.””Oh, yes. We won’t dance with each other at all.I’ll dance with other men, and so will you. You’ll have to sense which ones are most likely willing, and which most likely to turn you down. Check ’em out, the way gay men do. Tune in. Gays can tell a lot about each other with very few words. If any man bursa escort asks you to dance,you’ll look him up and down and then of course you’ll accept. Charmingly. You can walk tight-assed or you can swagger, which ever you choose. Last year when you were a girl you should havebeen modest and tight-assed, but instead you swaggered. This year you can do it either way.”Jerry thought about it. “You’ve been thinking I’m a queer, becauseI couldn’t get it up for you that one night. Now if I can prove toeveryone that’s what I am, you’ll be persuaded I’m not? Is that what you’re saying? What sense does that make?””I’ll know that whatever you pretend, it isn’t what I know you are,because I’ll see the difference. And I’ll know that you did itbecause I wanted you to do it. And that you’re trying hard to do it right. For me.”He thought a moment, still a bit confused. “OK. That’s not toohard. I can do it, for one night. It’ll be worth it just to seeyou loosen up for once, see you try to act like a loose woman. I don’t think you’ve got any more talent for it than I’ve got.”I smiled. “Maybe not. We’ll see.” I must say, the next two weeks were fun. As soon as Jerry got homefrom work I made him get into character — in fact he had to getout of the car already behaving a little prim, and walk to thefront door with quick short steps, thighs together and his asswiggling slightly, his head held high and his lips pursed. Then hehad to find his keys in his pocket as if he were searching througha purse, and I made him slide the key into the lock with flair,like a ballet movement, or a sexual act performed with one arm. At first I made him try to sound like Truman Capote, but we settled for his sounding just a little bitchy. It started out as a game for him, to please me, something to masterlike a golf stroke or skiing moguls. Obviously he didn’t feeltouched deep inside, not obviously. But he soon began to wear themannerisms casually, the way he’d worn his chorus girl outfit lastyear, un-self-consciously, almost unawares, and that only made himseem more naturally faggoty, more the way people expect gays tobehave. As he did it better he really got into it. The weekend before the big event old Mrs. Warren from down the street saw him mincing across the front yard to dig in some bulbs for me, and she jokingly asked him if he’d dig in hers too. Without even thinkinghe pushed the air toward her with one hand and then gracefullywithdrew it, and said “Silly! What a naughty thing to say!” witha smile and a *lisp* of all things, as if she’d made an immoralsuggestion. Mrs. Warren stared at him a moment and continued onher way without another word. I handed him some more bulbs andpointed to where I wanted them without another word too. He didn’t even know what he’d done! It became the way he behaved everywhere except at the office. I took him shopping to a store that catered to certain ..umm…flamboyant male tastes, to buy himself some velvet pantswhile I loitered outside and enjoyed watching him. The salesman happened to be altogether floppy wristed, a real parody gay man, and waved his arms and bobbed his neck dramatically like some drag queen caricature. They struck it off right away. The salesman leaned in on Jerry to tug his the pants up, to be sure his ass cheeks would be seen in them to advantage, and he kept patting Jerry’s rear, until finally I saw Jerry wag a finger at him. When Jerry emerged with his package, I asked what he had said to cool the salesman down.”I told him I was taken.””We’ll see to it that you’re not too taken when you’re at the party. The more your partners paw you, the more convincing your act will seem. It *is* still an act, isn’t it?” He just smiled understandingly at me, but the truth was, I wasdoing everything I could think of to make him unsure. The most funcame in bed. Sex between us stopped altogether, of course, becauseI didn’t want to trigger any masculine feelings if I could help it. So I went to Victoria’s Secret and bought the sexiest lingerie Icould find, crotchless panties, a demi-pushup bra I spilled out ofas soon as I was in it and a black lace teddy that hid nothingunderneath. I decided these would be my slut wear under the littlebolero Jerry had worn last year, and I was pleased to see that thebolero played peek-a-boo with the dark shadows of my nipples whenI tried it all on. Garter belt and net stockings, naturally. Then I made up the way Jerry had been made up last year, eyes slathered in black. I lay back on pillows and with one knee raised I invitedJerry to approach me when he entered the bedroom. He was already breathing hard and was about to leap me when I flung back a fold in my robe and exposed an enormous black dildo rising high out of my crotch!”Here, faggoty-boy, this is for you. You remember how I used to do you? Do me! And be persuasive!”He was shocked, so repelled and resentful he almost refused. But I glowered at him with all the sexual power I could muster. “Make love to my cock! Suck my cock, my fairy queen! Now!”And slowly, he lowered himself to his knees, and he did it! Twice I had to tell him to put his heart and soul into it, and I kept him at it at it for over an hour, until his head and lips seemed tobelong there, and my cock in his mouth felt as natural to him as his own tongue. Then for a finale I had him whack off, squirting all over thedildo, and then lick his cum off it.”Why all this?” he asked, a little annoyed “What has this to do with playing the homo at a party?”I tried to restrain my glee as his tongue chased his own cum around the dildo’s shaft, licking it provocatively in the process. “Don’t you know what gay men like to do? Every moment you’re talking with some man, or dancing with one, and you’d better, I’ll want you to be imagining how his cockwould feel in your mouth, how his cum would taste. You’re going to have to try to seduce your partners, if you can find any, and you can’t fake a desire to be intimate with someone, or you won’t be convincing to anyone who’s watching. You’ll have to seem to mean it! To want to hold a cock in your mouth as the height of bliss! Now kiss mine with real affection,then lick it off me again, and I’ll let you get to sleep.” In the morning he had to produce cum for licking twice more, andthat next night the same again. A few days before the party hecould barely cum even once, and I was quite sure he wasn’trediscovering masculine drives with any of the secretaries at work. Each evening I reclined back on the bed with my knees parted, andhe flounced to the floor, sucked away on my cock, finally managedto cum all over it and me, licked it all off, and went to sleep. It got to be a bedtime routine like brushing his teeth — except that he brushed beforehand, of course, because I wanted himsleeping every night with the flavor of cum in his mouth. The Thursday before Halloween Saturday Night I took Jerry to myBeauty Salon, got them to put tight waves into his hair like amarcel, and then to pierce both his ears, both of them before he had any idea what was happening. I wanted him to wear little gold hoops in both ears, I told him, until we found out which meant he was cruising and which that he was taken. Then he could take out one, depending.He wasn’t happy. In fact he was a little angry. “How the hell amI supposed to go to the office tomorrow looking like this?” So I sounded even angrier, as if my patience was exhausted. “Jerry, the same way you always do, only this time, looking the wayyou’re supposed to look Saturday night.” I stopped him as we were leaving the salon, and I stared him down. “And you better get into character now, and stay in character all day tomorrow, pansy man, and you’d better not tell anybody at your office what all this is about! I want them to think you’re their resident closet queer suddenly blossomed out into daylight. I want you to get used todifferent people’s reactions. If they make cracks, or insults, nomacho bullshit in return! You can be bitchy if you want, or youcan name call. You can even be aggressively affectionate — try toput your hands on them and call them ‘dear’ if they get too close,and they’ll back off soon enough. Or you can cry and run away.” “Most people will treat you decently enough, at least to your face. You might try flirting with some of them for practice. Next MondayI don’t care what you tell them. But tomorrow you are a flamingqueer and you’ll dress the part — tight pants, pointy suede shoesand everything. Maybe a little mascara and pink lipstick also, tounderline the point!”I knew he’d have a hard day, and he did. That afternoon heflounced back into the house frowning deeply and muttering tohimself, and at first I wasn’t going to ask him why. I assumedthat the girls in the office had figured him for a freak, and hismale ego had cracked under the strain. Or that Ralph, his boss,had come by and had seen Jerry waving his ass at someone. Well, good! But that night when I was in my whore’s regalia as usual andhe was kneeling down to suck my cock as usual he suddenlyvolunteered what had happened.”Bastards!” he said. “Out-of-town salesmen, they don’t know me! Three of them figure I’m fair game, grab me when I’m in the thirdfloor men’s room, nowhere near our office, and they haul me into abooth, and then they take turns holding me down while I blow them,one after the other. They stank of piss, those goddam cocks. Andtheir cum was so slimy I could barely get it down without gagging.”Perfect! “But you did get it down,” I said to console him, not knowing whether to laugh or feel pity. “That’s a good boy. What did their cocks feel like in your mouth?””Rubber,” he said. “Like this one of yours, but silky smooth. Much warmer. I don’t want to think about it!”I was thinking that if all went well, by Monday his ass would be up for grabs. I noticed that he was intensely absorbed, and there were tears in his eyes. Because he still felt furious? Helpless? Anything else? Anyhow, the big night finally rolled around — it’s hard toremember now that it was just last weekend, so much has changed! There was a nip in the air, and unraked autumn leaves everywhere. Halloween weather! I made myself ravishing the way I did every night, but this time I put on new black high-heeled thigh-high boots to wear instead of stockings, and my crotchless panties of course, and a black leather micro mini that covered my bare pussy lips only when I stood up straight and still. Jerry looked great too. A little touch of mascara again, and his hair oiled back, and a chest-tight knit silk muscle shirt together with his purplevelvet pants, and he was fussing around the room without eventhinking about it. We’d had his pants tailored even tighter, so his balls bulged in front as well as his buns in back, and he grabbed for them now and then unthinkingly, to relieve thepressure. Just the right touch of suggestiveness.Just before we left the house I gave his crotch a squirt ofperfume. He looked startled, and I said playfully, “Can I help it if my brother is a fag who wears perfume?” That reminded him, and he minced into the car. Then as he was starting to back down the driveway, I said to him,”Just one more thing and you’re on your own, brother. When we make our entrance, walk as if someone’s cock was in your ass. If anyone really gay is interested, we’ll want them to know that you’re available, so the judges can see forthemselves that even the real thing thinks you’re the real thing.” “Anne, just how far do you mean for me to go? Isn’t there any limit to this notion of yours?””You just stay in character, and be what you’re supposed to be for this one night, and do it right even if that means you have to go a little further than you’d like. It won’t be anything men don’t do. Then afterward we’ll talk. I suspect that after tonight I’ll feel satisfied. We’ll see.”The mansion was impressive all lit up, as we parked in the spaceI’d reserved for me. My boss Roger met us at the door, lookingsplendid in a tuxedo with a wing collar, not much of a costume,but suitable I suppose to his role as a host.”Welcome, Anne,” he said. “You’ve done wonders with thedecoration, and the food, and the orchestra, everything. Impressive, and handled with no last-minute flurries!” He lookeda little more closely at Jerry and his mouth opened just a bit. “And this is…your husband?””My brother!” I told Roger, looking him straight in the eye. “This is my brother Jerry. Same name as my husband’s, no resemblance otherwise. I’m alone tonight, though I don’t expect to stay that way.””Not in that costume,” he said. “You look good enough to eat.” “I hope so,” I replied. “I’m looking forward to it.”Roger squared his shoulders and took my arm and led me into themain hallway, leaving Jerry standing on his own at the door. “Not a chance it won’t happen,” he said. “Not a chance. May I have the first dance?”He did. A half hour bursa escort bayan after we arrived I was in one of the larger bedrooms off the main downstairs hallway, two huge beds with coverlets already drawn down, wiping his cum out of my pussy as best I could, tucking kleenex into my slit to slow the flow, and kissing him on the nose. “That was marvelous! My husband’s been away a long time now. I’d almost forgotten the moves.””Oh no,” he said. “You do things my wife couldn’t possibly do. That teeny rotating of your twat just about when you startedmoaning, it drove me wild! And I wish I’d known earlier how wonderful you taste.””Well, you know now,” I said. I just couldn’t stop smiling! I felt so liberated! It was just delicious, being a bona fide slut! Here in front of me was my first brand new man since my marriage!A whole new world to explore! He had a great tongue, really marvelous, and a short but fat and altogether satisfying cock. I had no complaint about either of my orgasms. “I’d better go see how Jerry’s doing…he doesn’t know anyone here.””Don’t worry, Anne,” Roger said. “I suspect he’s well tended. There are a few people here with his… ahh… interests. I notice that you invited your husband’s boss, Ralph. He’s an old friend,we were in the same eating club at Princeton. I’m glad you asked him, his ex being off with my wife and all, and Ralph with nothing else planned. But he’s brought someone who’ll certainly want tomeet your brother if he hasn’t already, a client of his who is as it happens is also a client of ours too. If the two of them hit it off, we can all be happy.”He smiled at me, and took me gently by the elbow, and led me back to the bed. “Anne, if you don’t mind mounting me this time, I’d love to show your wonderful breasts how profoundly I can worship them while we fuck again. My wife’s also been away longer than I’d thought.””That’s what I’m here for, Roger….Sluttish is as sluttish does.” His tongue on my nipples felt even better than his cock in my cunt,and that was ecstasy!. God, I’d waited a long time for a real man! I smiled as I thought that Jerry’d been one only a few months ago. I wondered if I could think of him that way ever again. If he’d ever be one again.It didn’t look that way when I went into the large room we’d turnedinto a ballroom, orchestra on one side, all sorts of a****ls andbunnies and horror film characters swaying and bouncing everywhere. The orchestra began a slow dance, and the floor quickly filled. Sure enough, there was my Jerry in a far corner plastered to atall, muscular man I didn’t know. The man wore a studded motorcylejacket, and Jerry was nearly wrapped inside it. The mutual client, no doubt about it, and they’d found each other as Roger had predicted. As I looked closer I saw the client grinding his pelvis into myJerry’s crotch with each beat, holding Jerry’s velvet buns close,one in each huge hand. Jerry was holding his partner around theneck, taking the woman’s role I noted with satisfaction, his headon the man’s shoulder and turned well away. There seemed to be a desperate gleam in his eye, and as I watched I saw why. T he client let go Jerry’s rear end for a moment, and as Jerry turned toward him thinking the dance was finally done, he took Jerry’s head in both hands, leaned over him, and tenderly but with iron firmness kissed him on the mouth. The kiss lasted a while. Jerry’s hands fell helplessly to his sides, dangling there. Then his partner placed them back around his neck and they resumed their clutched movements, grinding against each other.”They’re getting on very well, wouldn’t you say?”I looked up, and there alongside me was Ralph in a tiger costume ofsorts, also looking at the loving couple.”I’m glad you invited me to invite him. His name’s Mike, incidentally. I introduced Jerry to him as your brother, as you’d suggested, and they hit it off right away. At least Mike did, and Jerry’s obviously under strict instructions to go with the flow, to be what he seems to be. I told him Mike was our best client, so he should be sure Mike gets whatever he wants. How did you turn that compulsive stud into such a compliant queer? What kind of a hold have you got on him?””The best kind,” I replied. “I’ve got him by the balls! He still wants to stay married to me for some reason, and I’m setting conditions. Enlarging his horizons for him.”He looked me over appreciatively. My face was still flushed from my two fucks, and I was still feeling a little squishy under my short leather skirt. There must have been something in the way I stood, or moved, that told him that too. “Are you what you seem to be tonight, Anne?”I took Ralph’s arm. “You bet,” I said. “Try me.”He wrapped his hand around mine, securing it firmly on his arm. I was off and running again! “Tell me, Anne, why are you doing this to him?””Payback. He fucked other women and fucked with me once too often. He thinks if he wins tonight’s costume contest I’ll forgive him,and he would’ve won, too, because he is certainly acting out theway he looks, and you know that’s not the way he started out. He’s absolutely convincing, don’t you think?”The dancing couple dipped deep, and as Mike leaned back holdingJerry partly between his legs, I realized that if Jerry had a vagina at that moment Mike’s prick would have slid all the way into it. “‘He *would’ve* won’ you say?” Ralph asked. “You mean he won’t?””No,” I replied. “It’s a shame. He doesn’t know it, of course,but what with all the details setting up this party I seem to haveforgotten to appoint judges. Nobody’s watching. Or everybody’swatching, but nobody’s judging anybody. Not tonight, anyhow. Tonight we’re whoever we are because that’s who we want to be, never mind why.””Then shouldn’t we be somewhere else, looking for refreshments, orrefreshing ourselves?””Yes. Just a moment. All right now. There, see? It’s happening much faster than I’d hoped. Your Mike has Jerry by the hand and is talking to Roger about something. Yes, Roger’s directing him to that same bedroom just down the hallway. Let’s wait just a moment, and then we’ll follow. I want to see what happens.Even more, I want Jerry to see what happens. Are you willing?””I never refuse a lady,” Ralph said with mock gallantry. “Especially a lady like you! I’d never risk it!”We stopped to chat with a few people and to sip some of theexcellent champagne Roger had contributed in the name of employeerelations, to give Mike and Jerry a chance to settle in. Some guys from the office started toward me when they saw my look, then deflected in other directions when they saw my arm wrapped inRalph’s. Maybe fifteen minutes passed, We drifted down thehallway, and then into the room.Jerry and Mike were in full fling. Neither of them even noticed us as we stepped inside quietly, and in the dim light sat down on the other bed to watch the two men thrashing away at each other.Jerry’s purple pants were no where in sight, probably crumpled upsomewhere en route to the bed. There he lay, bare-assed on hisback, his legs high up on Mike’s muscular shoulders. Bare-assed isn’t quite the right word, because what I saw was a hugecock, bigger than any I’d ever seen anywhere, bigger even than the dildos they display in sex shops, and it was sliding in and out of Jerry’s anus like some gigantic piston pushing and pulling inside its cylinder. Ralph and I could see it perfectly when it was withdrawnpractically to the head then plunged all the way back in, Jerry giving a little mewing shriek each time. I’d wanted Jerry’s first ass-fuck to be a wholly new experience,a discovery he made all on his own, so I hadn’t prepared him with dildoes or butt plugs or anything to stretch him out and relax his sphincter. Now I regretted it. It seemed cruel, what I’d done. There he was helpless under that gorgeously muscled man, pinned down like a bug,and that huge thing was sliding in and out of him mercilessly. All he could do about it was make those strange high-pitched squeaks.”Enough,” Jerry cried out suddenly. “For God’s sake, that’senough!” He remembered his partner’s name. “Mike! It hurts!” As my eyes got used to the dim light, I could see Jerry’s facestreaked with tears, his mascara run a little. Was it pain or mortification? Probably both.”It always hurts my partners at first, Jerry honey,” Mike said. “No matter how many partners they’ve had before, I’m always a little…stressful for them. But soon enough they begin to sing that old song, ‘Pull it out deeper, it hurts so good!’ Then they can’t bear for me to leave them. You’ll see, sweet cheeks!” Even so, Mike slowed down, and his humping pelvis seemed to thrust more gently. “You’re tight, Jerry. You’re sooo tight! You’ve had fewer partners than I thought from the way you responded when we were dancing together. You seemed so casual then, so matter of fact. But now no matter. Just lie here under me and get used to feeling a real man inside you, until you’re ready to really enjoy a real man, and you feel like pushing back on me. I can go slow like this for a long time.”Jerry thrashed his head in desperation, and then saw me sittingthere with Ralph, the two of us holding hands. His eyes opened outwide and then bulged! He stared at his boss, then me, then Ralphagain, and all the while that great beautiful cock of Mike’s disappearedinto his anus and then reappeared. “My GGGoddd!” he said, and then seemed to choke. Obviously, seeing his boss calmly watching him impaled by Mike’s huge prick overloaded him. His focus shifted to my face. “Anne? Enough!”he cried, still pinned against the bed like a butterfly, his legs spread like wings up over his head, his naked ass now nearly empty, now filled to bursting. “Please, Anne, tell him! I’m not like this!”My moment had arrived. “Jerry, you just want to have all the fun!” I replied, forcing out each single syllable word separately. “And you’ve had lots of fun, you have! But I want my fun too! And I’ll have it! Just watch me now!”He couldn’t pull his eyes away, and in the twilit room a fantasyunfolded that must have seemed to him a nightmare. I wanted it to seem dreamlike, so I moved slowly. First I gestured Ralph to rise, and he did with excruciating deliberation — he’d caught on to my little scenario. I undid his pants, and sat him down in slow motion, and knelt and applied my mouth to his cock as if it were a c***d’s lollipop. When I glanced up now and then, Ralph was looking amusedly over at Jerry, his employee folded nearly double, thighs pushed into his chest, eyes nearly out of his head in horrified bewilderment, going out of his mind. Mike continued his slow pumping, in and out, in and out.”Take good care of our customer, Jerry,” his Boss said to Jerrymildly. “And I’ll take good care of your sister here. I wish I’dknown about your orientation earlier, I would have given you manymore accounts like Mike’s to tend to. But it isn’t too late. They’re yours now. We’ll talk about it Monday. Enjoy yourself! Mike, you know we both appreciate your business.” “Oh Jerry already appreciates my business, enough for the both ofyou,” Mike replied. “Don’t worry. But if you don’t mind, Jerryseems stressed out now for some reason. We’ll just watch you twoif you don’t mind, and I’ll stay still and give Jerry’s asshole achance to stretch a little more. I do want him to enjoy what we’re doing.”Jerry was still speechless, his asshole crammed and stuck andimmovable. He tried to wiggle free for a second, but only workedMike’s cock deeper. So he stayed still, still bug-eyed, his headturned, apprehensively watching my every move.As if in his dream I took Ralph’s cock head into the back of mymouth and pushed it into the back of my throat.”Oooooh!” Jerry groaned, as I turned sideways and looked slyly athim. Then I closed down on Ralph’s cock and forced it into mygullet, and then slid it up again. “Beginning to relax, are we?” Mike said to Jerry. “Well, you’llsoon see. I’ll soon have you so loose and supple you’ll thinkwe’re both swimming in butter.” “AH!” came next out of Jerry’s mouth, a high-pitched shriek thatwould have been more suitable coming out of my mouth. He’d justrealized that I’d just deep throated his boss. I’d never been ableto do that with him, even when he’d begged me to try — I’d alwaysgagged and coughed. But I’d been practicing with my dildo, and nowit seemed simple enough. “NNGGNGGNNGHH” I let out a deep, contented groan when I next hadRalph’s cock way down in my throat. It sounded muffled andstrained, almost inhuman as that solid meat pressed on my vocalcords from the inside. But I wanted Jerry to hear that cock’spressure, to feel it with his ears. He did, and replied withanother cry, even higher pitched.”You want to suck on my cock too, honey?” Mike asked him. “Don’t worry, you will. We have all night. We’re going to knoweverything there is to know about each other before morning.Jerry replied escort bursa with a squeak, maybe because Mike rubbed in thatpromise by withdrawing, then slowly pressing in again until he wasback in all the way again. “Sure, I know,” Mike said tenderly. “It feels good. You’re getting softer, and I’m getting harder. That’s the way it should be.”Jerry couldn’t reply, because at that moment I stood up, still slowly, wiggled my leather-covered ass onto the bed, lay back, and spread my legs wide. “Come into me, Ralph. Come into me. Roger’s fucked me twice already, so you’ll slide right in withno problem. I want your cock in me, deep. I want you to feel some loving wiggles and wriggles no one has ever felt before. Not in me, anyhow.”Jerry watched as his boss mounted me slowly, and saw his long, thincock slide on and on and in through my crotchless panties untilfinally Ralph’s thighs were mashed against my leather mini skirt. Then out just as slowly. Then in again. I was beginning to heat up again, but just before I wrapped my arms around Ralph’s neck and closed my eyes and began to thrust back with all my heart, soul, and might, I looked over again. Jerry still stared straight at us amazed, and I saw that Mike too had picked up the pace again. I also saw that Jerry was now lifting his ass up slightly butnoticeably on each of Mike’s approaches. Then there was another moment some time later, after I had risenunder Ralph to a glorious orgasm, and a delicious peace flooded me,lasting for a while before I began to build again. Again I glanced at the couple in the other bed. Success! Jerry was now holding Mike’s head in both his hands and kissing him voluptuously, as he’d never kissed me, while Mike just kept stroking in and out of him with long, easy thrusts. I thought to myself, Jerry must have figured that when your wife’s fuck is inevitable, relax and enjoy your own. Or maybe watching his boss slam raw meat into me hasturned him on, the voyeurism emphasizing his helplessness, his helplessness emphasizing his humiliation, and he loves all of it. Or Mike’s monster cock had finally found Jerry’s point of noreturn. Or Jerry always has been a repressed closet queer,and that’s why all the skirt-chasing. Whatever the reason, he’s not repressed any longer! Then I stopped thinking about it altogether, and concentrated onthe wondrous, glorious, sublime feelings sweet, dear, marvelousRalph’s long, long cock set glowing in me, then blazing, then exploding, again and again as the night wore on, and not one of thefour of us stopped or even slowed down. God what heavenly fucking we had!Anyhow, I opened my eyes again when daybreak began to break up thedark outside the window and I could see shadows of separate trees.I looked around. Mike and Ralph were both asleep, each spoonedinto his lover, each hugging us. Ralph’s hand rested lightly on my breast, and oddly, Mike’s hand caressed one of Jerry’s nipples even in his sleep. I vaguely recalled hearing Mike say affectionatelyto Jerry as he was falling asleep,”You’re a wonderful girl. I love the feel of your pecs. Don’t go queen on me too soon, and get breast implants or anything like that, Jerry. Not right away. Promise me. I want to get to know you better as you are.”I listened closely, but all I could hear from Jerry in reply was”Heeahh!” in a high, soft voice, which I’m sure Mike took for a’Yes.’ But I was thinking as I fell asleep, I hadn’t promised Mikeanything myself. Jerry could keep his pecs for the present, maybe,but this thing was far from over.I untangled myself from Ralph and stood up, and felt a deep puddleof his cum suddenly bubble out of my cunt and start to trickle downmy leg. For the moment I ignored it. Should I ask Jerry to….? No. His face was already crusty enough with Mike’s cum. I crossed over to Jerry. ‘C’mon, honey,” I whispered to him. Timeto go now. The party’s over. Wake up!”Then I saw he wasn’t asleep. His eyes were still fixed open, a pained, defeated look in them. Maybe he hadn’t slept at all, just watched me and Ralph as we did things together all night long? What he must have seen if so! Maybe he was hoping Mike would wake up and fuck him true blue one more time? I’d find out later.”Never mind how your ass feels now, lover.” I said to him. “Mine feels the same way. You saw!”I saw in his eyes that he had seen. My ass had been virginal before tonight. He’d often wanted in, but I’d always wanted him inmy quim whenever his cock was hard enough to go in anywhere at all. But Ralph was incredible. His third fuck had been into my ass,long and languorous and beyond my ability to describe it. And then his fourth was back into my cunt again. And wherever he pushed into me, my whole body rose up and followed delighted, and I came and came, orgasm after orgasm. So I could hardly complain. “No, my butt hole is not for you,” I said, guessing what might beon his mind. “You have your ass and I have mine. Mine will never be yours. Other men’s, maybe, but never yours. Don’t even think about it. You’ll find other men who can fit into yours if you feel a craving. I won’t mind. I’ll find other men too.”He lay stone still, now looking at me piteously. There was no doubt that my confident, cock-swinging, manly husband was way past recovery.”We’re both sore now, but I’m sure when we think about things later, and remember how it felt, we’ll feel very good indeed down there. And in time we’ll both get used to accommodating our lovers down there. You’ll have to, I guess, if your boss gives you all those new accounts he mentioned. And now I’ll want to. I’ll surely want to. C’mon now, honey.”I reached out my hand and he took it, detached his chest fromMike’s hand, and carefully, not to wake Mike, swung his legs overthe side of the bed. He sat gingerly for a moment. But the pressure on his butt must have seemed too great, because he then painstakingly stood up. He tried to walk toward the bathroom, andmanaged only his mincing lurch. I could see cum glistening between his ass cheeks now, and a shiny streak further down the inside of his thigh. There was a smear of red still visible on one cheek,not altogether wiped away by the rest of the night’s gyrations. My poor dear had indeed lost his cherry!When we were in the bathroom and the door was shut, I turned on thenight light. There were his clothes, half soaked in the tub whereMike had probably tossed them after they’d showered together beforetheir little tete-a-tete, Jerry then still under duress and Mikepowerfully muscled. No telling if Jerry resisted, but I doubt if it was more than token.”Oh dear,” I said. “You don’t have those pretty purple pants towear any more. But there’s a dress hanging in the closet overthere. I’ll get it for you to wear home, so you can be decent. Just wait”. This was more than Jerry could handle. He’d really had a hard night this time. He stared at his drenched fag gear. “You aren’t going to tell anyone about this, are you?” he said. “This is just this night, isn’t it?””It is if you want to quit your job and find another,” I said. “And find another town to live in. Just when you’ve been givensome of the best accounts in the industry. But that’s up to you. I’ve gotten my satisfaction now. Roger and Ralph were just lovely. You were even lovelier, dear. I’ll get that engraved for you towear, if you’d like. Here, put this on, and we’ll leave.Jerry seemed stunned when he heard that reference to his lastgirlfriend’s inscription. Maybe the last girlfriend he’ll everhave, I thought gleefully, but I didn’t say a thing. “You knew!” he said. “You knew about Jocelyn the whole time. You’ve been getting even! But you said that after tonight you’d forgive me. Now what are you talking about for me? Is this what you have in mind for me from now on? Dresses?” “Oh, no, Jerry!” I told him. “It isn’t a matter of balances, you owe me so I pay me, and that way I’m even. I do forgive you. Last night you did everything I’d hoped and more. But now we’re living in different worlds. This morning we’re both different from when we came here. And there’s no going back. You’re set up withRalph’s special clients now for good it seems, no down sizing ever. If you stay with Mike’s kind you’ll be a member of themincing-in-tight-pants brigade. You heard him. No breasts for now. But then there are other clients I’m sure who will prefer a less manly account executive, one who can be a little moredelicate, and gracious, and soft, a little more femme,more of a temptress, or a coquette. When you meet with them you’ll findyou’ll need to choose which way you want to go.” “No, sweetheart, I won’t put you into dresses. But maybe they will. You will, maybe, after talking it over with Ralph. Maybe simply for convenience you’ll want your own breasts, hormonal or implants. That’ll be entirely up to you.” “As far as I’m concerned, now that you’ve been used like a faggot or a woman, you have to decide which. Either way you’re now like me, a whore available to a variety of men. And we both know it. Neither of us can ever forget it. So no, there’s no going back, sweetheart. I myself don’t want to, I like this new life,different cocks hard at work trying to satisfy me each night, men using themselves up in me while I keep going and going. I’m satisfied. But are you gay now, Jerry, or are you a girl? Which?” He looked up at me, grim and mournful.”Cheer up, sweetheart! I myself think you have much more talent toward gay. Compare this year’s great performance with that sorry spectacle last year, when no one thought you were a girl even for a moment. But now everyone, even your own boss, thinks you’re asqueer as a three dollar bill. And I must admit, I prefer you manly to altogether effeminate, even if you’re some other man’s man. I’m not yet through with your cock. I just want to know where it’s at from time to time, who’s using it besides me.” “You don’t seem at all sorry you fucked both those men last night,At least I am for what I’ve done!” Jerry was feeling for the moral high ground, but there wasn’t any!”That’s right, not at all! Tonight I got from other men what you’ve been getting from other women ever since we got married. You never felt bound by our marriage, so I see no reason why I should. It’s just a matter of my catching up, is all. I mean to try.”As we sneaked through the now pale lit living room and out to the driveway and our car, I whispered to him. “That’s it, a perfect walk. You’ve finally mastered it. Still dripping? I’d carry a tampon from now on if I were you. You keep swishing your asshole like that, as if there were still a cock in there, and there soon will be!” “It’s priceless! Now everyone thinks you’re really the gay man Iwanted you to become this Halloween. So from now on, honey,weekdays at least we remain sister and brother. You’ll just have to keep being your new self, whatever the clothes you actually wear. No one will believe after last night that you’re not what you seem. And if you claim you’re not, when everyone at the partysaw you and Mike together, you’ll seem something much worse!””On weekends we can make it up. Then if you want to be my greatmacho lover again, I’ll always welcome you into me. I don’t want you to prefer all men to any woman, after all. Not to me, anyhow. We *are* married after all! You *do* have a wonderful cock, andthough Mike isn’t inclined to make use of it I certainly am. Of course whatever happens happens, even on weekends. You do have a darling tush, and I can’t fend off the whole world!”Jerry seemed gloomy as I drove us home, hunched over in his dressso the early morning traffic wouldn’t recognize what he waswearing. He knew that his days as a Don Juan among women were donefor, and said as much. No way could any woman think of him as a great lover. Not since his behavior Friday at the office, confirmed by rumors no doubt already spreading about last night’s party. “Did I at least win that prize you wanted me to win?” he asked.”I don’t know,” I answered as we approached our old neighborhood. It too seemed different. “We weren’t either of us there for thejudging, were we? We were both busy somewhere else, remember?”I was feeling quite cheerful. If Jerry was now a member of the gay community, reluctantly, I was now also committed to my own new Halloween way of life. I wondered how long it would be before Jerry wondered why his sister was working late nights on so many week days, maybe as many as he’d be working with his clients from now on. I wondered if he had access to Ralph’s day book, where hissister would certainly be mentioned frequently. I knew I’d show upin Roger’s almost as often as I showed up at the office for work. As I thought about posh dining clubs, I wondered how long it wouldbe before we ran into each other at one of them, Jerry and me, andnodded our acquaintance, and Jerry would introduce his sister tohis man for the evening, and I’d introduce mine. Above all Iwondered how under these circumstances I could possibly keep myfigure Maybe it would balance off, I was thinking, becauseRoger and Ralph and the other men I mean to enjoy would be givingme some pretty exhausting workouts. Maybe for a special treat wecould let Jerry and his boyfriends watch, and pick up pointers.

Wedding Ceremony with Mom

My last encounter with my mom was in a bus, which i have described in my previous story, ‘Crowded Bus with Mommy’. Here is the link.

One thing which I would like to mention is that, unlike most stories, these are my real sex encounters with my mom. I am from Chandigarh, India and all this happening in our country, where I can’t discuss this with even my best friends, made me come here to talk about it. So here is my second sex experience.

My mom was 38-34-38, and 50 years old at the time of this encounter, while I was 20.

It was the occasion of my maternal cousin’s wedding. Since our last sex in the bus, mom apparently had a guilt trip and she had avoided me for several days and explicitly mentioned to me that it was never going to happen again. I had tried to approach at several instances, but none of them seemed to be fruitful as she always shut me out. I had realized by then that she had to be pushed as she wasn’t going to agree on her own. However, I had not expected that the occasion would be such an unexpected one.

It was my cousin brother’s wedding as mentioned before, and there were a lot of people in the house.

For some reason I had been feeling attracted to my mom again but all the people in the house made me stop myself.

It was the day of the wedding. Everything was decorated and people were moving here and there. It was evening, and all the guests had started to come. Everyone was in their rooms getting ready. Mom too had gotten ready. She was wearing a white-silver saree which was semitransparent. Her blouse was white sleeveless with thin shoulder straps and was almost backless. She did know how to dress sexy even at the age of 50.

Seeing her in that dress I was turned on. Her cleavage and abdomen with its navel were somewhat visible through the saree. I started trailing her with the expectations of getting a good view and masturbating to them. She had gone into the kitchen and was taking out something from the upper shelves and was struggling to reach it. She then took a stool, placed it nearby and tried to stand on it, but it was not stable. I went to mom and told her to climb while I could hold her from falling.

She agreed, unaware of my intentions. I wanted to jerk off to her. She reached out for the jars which apparently had something to be distributed to the guests. As she extended her arms, I got the view I was desiring. Her saree slipped from her shoulders as she hadn’t yet put a pin. She had shaved her underarms. I had the full view of her belly, cleavage and arms. She hurriedly bent down to grab her falling saree, and while she bent, I got a titillating view of her breasts. They were like fresh melons which were waiting to be eaten.

This was more manavgat escort than I had expected. My 7-inch dick had sensations which made it clear it wouldn’t be satisfied by just a jerk off. She must have applied some perfume, which filled my nose as she came close to me while getting down from the stool. She turned towards the cooking slab to keep the items on it.

I slid my arms over her waist up to her belly and kissed her neck. She was shocked at what just happened. She turned around hurriedly with a shocked look on her face. I kissed her on her lips passionately. She was too shocked and stood there like a statue. I prodded my tongue inside her mouth and began playing with her tongue. My mom seemed to get back to her senses and pushed me away.

“What are you doing Rajeev? I am your mother,” she said.

I had expected that this not being the first time, she would be cooperative, but she wasn’t. I pushed her against the wall, held her arm against the wall above her head and started kissing her. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, and then went down to her neck, where I gave small bites. She was struggling to get out of my grip, but it wasn’t full hearted. If she wanted, she could have gotten away. I wasn’t holding her that tight.

I kept kissing her neck and gradually went down to her cleavage. Her chest was gleaming with my saliva. I moved on to kiss her arms, teasing them with my tongue, moving down to her underarms. I licked it deeply, feeling its rough texture on my tongue along with the taste of her sweat in my mouth. I bit it lightly.

My mom let out a small moan and I felt her struggle weaken. I left her hands and pulled down her pallu. She looked into my eyes as I went down on my knees. I put both my hands on her breasts and put my mouth on her navel. I inserted my tongue deep in her navel and licked it deeply. I was enjoying giving her the tonguejob and giving her small bites along with kneading her melons. She too was enjoying it. She grabbed my hair, pushing my face harder against her belly, and gave out small moans. We were lost in the moment so much that we didn’t hear someone approaching.

A small boy about the age 5-6 had come to the kitchen. He wanted some water. We hurriedly moved away from each other. The boy looked puzzled and asked what we were doing. I told him that she had a small cut on her stomach, and just like we lick our small finger cuts, I was licking it to prevent blood flow. He asked wasn’t it a bad thing, so I said that it wasn’t as she was my mother.

The boy drank water and went away. My mom too started leaving the kitchen. I asked her where she was going, we weren’t done yet. She said there is nothing to be done, and we were, just as she said, mother and manavgat escort bayan son.

She started to leave again. I grabbed her arm and yanked her towards the slab. She stood against the slab, with her hands on them to balance herself. I went up to her from behind, and grabbed her, and started kissing her back again, biting it again. She wanted to move away, when we again heard some noises. Maybe she was expecting that I would let her go fearing someone might come again. But I was in no mood to let go of the beauty.

I moved one of my hands up to her breasts and moved my other hand down to her petticoat. I loosened the petticoat with my left hand and placed my hand between her legs. I was puzzled to see her spread the legs, as I was expecting resistance. I entered my fingers in her vagina and started fingering her, while pressing her breasts with my other hand. She reciprocated well by moving her hips up and down against my hand. She held my head with both her hands, while making the up and down movement, giving small moans.

She was fully in the moment and said, “I am going to come.”

I scooped out my finger from her cunt, turned her towards me, and put that finger inside her mouth. She then made the boldest move that I had ever seen her do. She placed her hand on my crotch, pulled down my pant along with my underwear, and took my penis in her hand. I got mad. I just wanted to fuck the hell out of that cheap slut.

I slid the straps of her blouse down her shoulder and made her open her blouse. She was wearing a white bra inside. I pulled that down too. I was looking at her breasts. They were perfectly round, big, not yet saggy, and had brown nipples which were hardened right now. She held my head and pulled it to her breasts. I got mad and started mauling them like dough, biting them, licking them. I bit her nipples and she gave out loud moans. She kept moaning, and I kept biting and pressing her breasts until they became red.

I then took her up on my lap and made her sit on the slab. We could hear noises nearby, and I didn’t want to get caught before I had entered her. I pulled up her saree and petticoat. She was wearing a silk pantie which I tore. I saw a shaved, slightly brown cunt which was oozing with precum. She was wet like an ocean. I took my 7-inch dick and placed it at the entrance of her vagina. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me towards her as I inserted my rod in her vagina. It went in so smoothly. I slowly entered all of me into her. My mom gave out a moan and dug her nails into my back.

The moan she gave out was a bit loud. We didn’t know if someone had heard it. I gestured to her to keep her voice down and she nodded. I moved my hips back and again escort manavgat entered her. It was feeling like heaven. There were people nearby, we could hear them, and here we were having sex. I started fucking her gently at first. She was enjoying it completely. She arched her back and made movements of her hip to make it faster. I got her signal. I started to fuck her faster, all my 7 inches in and out of her every second. She was going mad. She was giving moans again. I held her throat and made her look at me. She looked at me with saliva dropping from her mouth, while she gave moans, looking lustily at me.

As I fucked her harder and harder, tears came out of her eyes. She couldn’t moan, maybe it was her bodily response. Her grip became tighter and tighter. I was fucking her like a machine now. I used one of my free hands to rub her clit as I fucked her. This made her go mad. She clenched her teeth, closed her eyes, pointed her face towards the ceiling and was moaning ahhhhhhh ahhhhh continuously. She was trying her best to control her voice, but it seemed like she was barely controlling herself. She was having the best sex of her life.

She did not care, she was enjoying fucking me, her own son, on a kitchen slab, with people nearby. What more thrills could one want for one single moment?

She pulled me to her and tightened her legs that were wrapped around my waist. I could feel her vagina clenching. I sped up my hand movement over her clit. She dug her teeth into my shoulder and moaned my name lustily as she orgasmed “aaahhhh raajeeeevvvv”..

I had made my mom orgasm, and this was the first time. She took a few seconds to catch her breath. I slowly took out my penis from her. It was wet from her juices.

She pulled me to her again and kissed me. It was a deep tongue to tongue kiss. She took my penis in her hands and started stroking it. With one hand she held my balls and gave them a squeeze. Those up and down hand movements were magic, and I started to come close to my climax. When I came close to cumming, I got up on the slab on my knees, and placed my dick between her breasts. I held both her breasts with my hand and started to fuck her tits.

She was shocked at what I was doing. It hadn’t been long when I started to near climax. My mom had started saying something. All I needed was a glimpse of her open mouth. I took my penis and placed it in. I forced my entire dick into her mouth. She had started to gag, but I held her hair and kept fucking her mouth. The warmth of her mouth around my meat felt heavenly. I kept fucking her and let out all my load into her mouth.

When I took my rod out, her mouth was full of my cum. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She started to turn towards the sink when I gave her a slap. She looked at me with her mouth open.

“Swallow it slut,” I said.

She did as I said.

“Now you are my whore, and don’t you dare say anything after today,” I told her.

She nodded in agreement and we got dressed. She went out of the door and I went out of the window. I didn’t want any rumors after what the child had seen today.

Daddy’s New Toy Ch. 04

Quick Author’s Note: Before you read this, there is brief talk about using adoption to discard of unwanted kids. If this bothers you, I apologize. I myself would never condone adoption to the extent mentioned, but the topic is used to show just how twisted McKinsey’s mind has gotten. That being said, thank you real quick to everyone for all the ratings and comments. I actually have a good start on the next chapter so hopefully you won’t have too long of a wait.

It was rare for McKinsey to wake before her dad’s alarm went off on his phone — most of the time waking up with her father’s face buried between her thighs — but this morning she woke before him and was pleased to still be weighed down by his body, his cock securing last night’s sperm inside of her with its girth. Sure her legs were sore, but knowing she had gotten sore by pleasing her alpha into exhaustion eased the pain. She ran her a hand up his back while the other moved his head so she could kiss at his neck, nuzzling the spot that made him rumble when he was awake, while working her pussy to squeeze his cock back to life. She was rewarded by the flaccid cock inside of her starting to get hard as a low, sleepy moan escaped her father, sending heat straight to her obscenely stuffed core.

“Daddy…” She gave a breathy moan as her pussy squeezed his cock again, and her hips pushed up below him. “Daddy wake up… Need you to fuck me.”

Larry gave a groan of pleasure mixed with pain as her fingers ghosted over the scratch marks littering his back from the night before. “Alarm ain’t even gone off yet…” His tone was objecting, but the hand coming up to massage her breast was a good hint that he didn’t really mind. “Better make it good…”

McKinsey heightened her scent for him, and even though her heat had ended the day before, her scent was still intoxicating to him. He had ruined her scent with his own, leaving her smelling like his omega, and his cock grew even harder as she flooded his senses with it.

“I’ll be good for you Daddy,” her tone itself was a promise of her sincerity, “but please just fuck me. I need more of your cum.” Her pussy squeezed tightly and she moaned at how sore his cock and almost endless fucking had left her pussy feeling. “Need you to breed me.”

Larry rumbled loudly, pleased with her begging as his hand roughly squeezed the tit it had been playing with. “You want me to breed you up, ‘mega?” He slid an arm under her and rolled onto his back, pulling her with him so she was on top of him. His legs were a little sore as well from the position he’d been in all night, buried in his daughter’s thoroughly used cunt missionary style, but he would still let her have what she wanted…if she’d work for it this time. He watched as she sat up and obediently, eagerly even, began moving on his cock. Her tits bounced as she used last night’s mixture of cum and slick as lube, to easily bounce up and down on the cock that was already starting to leak precum inside of her.

“God your cock feels so good Daddy.” McKinsey rolled her hips the way he liked before she resumed bouncing. Her nails were lightly digging into his stomach as she balanced herself and got the best angle for them. “I’m so fucking sore but I can’t get — oh fuck! — can’t get enough.”

“Keep talking,” he ordered as he watched with a sick fascination as his cock disappeared repeatedly into his daughter’s slit.

He loved to watch her perfect breasts bounce, but this incestuous connection was always the highlight for him. Knowing that he helped make his daughter, that he was molding his own child’s pussy to take his cock, it was enough to make him almost cum too soon. The urge to blow his load early was only made worse by the fact that he could tell she wasn’t even doing the things that usually got her off when she rode him. She was moving with only one purpose, to jack off her own father with her pussy so he could impregnate her. Treating her own body like his cock sleeve.

“I want you to keep me pregnant Daddy,” she begged, “keep me trapped with my needs. Don’t ever let me go. I only want to be your slut.” She panted softly as she came down harder, working even herself up with her talk. “I’m your cock sleeve, your breeder Alpha.” Her lust driven ramblings were desperate, and so were her movements. “Cum in your daughter. Knock your little girl up, Daddy.”

Larry could tell he was going to lose it soon, and wanting to make sure he got every drop of cum in his daughter, he pulled her down and flipped them one last time so that he was back on top. He drew her legs up around his hips and leaned over her, bending her in half as he rutted into her.

McKinsey was riding an omega endorphin high as her alpha used her for her purpose, fucking into her and pumping last night’s cum even deeper as he worked towards a fresh load of potent tunceli escort sperm for her eager womb. She let him bend her as he needed to, never complaining and always happy to spread her legs for her alpha. Her arms went around his shoulders and scratched at his back as he snapped his hips hard and fast against her.

“That’s it Daddy,” she whimpered when she felt the knot she wanted start to bump against her as it formed. “Knot your bitch and breed her.” She nipped his earlobe and tugged. “Use your own daughter, Alpha. You made me, now fucking breed me.”

Larry forced his growing knot into her pussy as it fully swelled, locking them together as he spilled his seed inside the omega. The feeling of her father claiming her so deep set off her own orgasm and McKinsey moaned for her alpha as her body milked him for everything he had to give. They rocked together, riding out their orgasms until Larry let her legs down on each side of his own and collapsed ontop her, panting after their early morning work out.

McKinsey rumbled happily for her alpha as she stroked his back and nuzzled his shoulder. “Such a good Daddy, breeding me and keeping me in my place.”

Larry’s own rumbles drowned hers out as he basked in the praise in his post sex bliss. “It’s good that you know your place, even if I do like it when you put up a fake fight for me.”

“I’ll always submit to my alpha.” McKinsey gave his knot another squeeze. “And as soon as I’m pregnant, I’ll get to watch you put Alex in his place…”

“Still on that?”

“I want to watch you dominate him the way you dominated me.” She turned her head, slowly each way, to show the marks he had littered over her neck during his many bitey moments. “Only I’ll have your marks, but he can at least be a good little bitch and carry the pup of a strong, virile alpha.” She kissed and nipped along his jaw as she spoke, playing his own breeding kink against him. “Don’t you want to spread your seed, Daddy? Knock up as many omegas as you can?”

Larry dipped his head and sucked on an erect nipple, flicking his tongue over it and making McKinsey moan before he nipped and looked at her. “You know I do…”

“So we start with Alex since he’s obviously horny for you.”

Ever since the middle of her heat this had kept coming up, and the more they talked about it, the more Larry warmed up to the idea of impregnating Alex. At this point though, it was a matter of whether Larry was going to force a pup in Alex the first time, or if he’d use the heat inducer/fertility cocktail on the male omega.

Although, he had been debating bringing up Allison to McKinsey. Most of him wanted to let his brother have her… But there was a part of him that wanted to take her back and, as McKinsey put it, put her in her place. Neither half sister knew of the other, and he had wanted to keep it a secret from McKinsey, but the more he learned about the way McKinsey viewed things, he began to wonder if she would be turned on or off by his previous omega being brought back into the picture.

“Might get expensive keeping a bunch of pups running around…” He gave her neglected nipple some attention, drawing a soft moan from her.

“I thought about that…” She scratched her nails over his scalp as she watched his mouth move on her skin. “What if we put them up for adoption?”

Larry lifted his head and looked at his daughter, his interest piqued with his curiosity about her train of thought. “Adoption?”

“You want to carry on your line, right?” When she was answered with a nod, she continued. “But a lot of pups would be expensive, right? Especially with keeping two omegas knocked up all the time?”

“Yeah…? Where are you going with this, Omega?” Part of him already knew, but he needed to hear her say it. To make sure he wasn’t jumping to conclusions.

“If we put the pups up for adoption you could knock up your omegas as often as you wanted, and not have to feed any extra mouths.”

Larry’s knot may have been going down, but his cock was beginning to grow hard again with how she was speaking of herself, and now Alex. Debasing them both to nothing more than walking, talking incubators for his offspring. His line would be guaranteed for a while with two omegas constantly pregnant with more of his offspring. McKinsey could see the wheels turning in her father’s head, and she definitely felt the cock growing harder the longer he thought about what she was saying.

“I can feel you getting harder Daddy,” she purred as she wrapped her legs around his waist, moaning as it shifted his cock inside of her. “You like that idea, don’t you alpha? Spreading your line as far as we can?”

“Fuck…” He moaned when her pussy squeezed down on his cock. “Yes… I’m surprised you do.”

“I’m your breeder Daddy.” She used her leg tunceli escort bayan to pull him in deeper before she clamped down tightly on his almost fully deflated knot and his cock. “Helping you sire more pups is all I’m good for. That’s my purpose Daddy.” She moaned as his hips drew back and then pushed forward. “Now fulfillyour purpose and breed your slut.”

– – – – –

Almost an hour and a half later found Larry and McKinsey pulling up to the shop he worked at so he could introduce her to the guys, and also let her get a feel for Alex. But, oddly enough, the usual truck and motorcycle belonging to Frank and Bill weren’t there yet. Luckily Larry had a key to the shop so he let himself and McKinsey in, admiring the way her sundress exposed her long legs. It was tempting to take her on Alex’s desk; almost as if he hadn’t fucked her until he thought he would be risking running late for work.

“Don’t know why you had to wear that damn thing…” He grumbled as he started turning lights on and got the coffee pot going.

McKinsey grinned as she watched him. “Because… It’ll make it easier for you to give me a quick fuck before I leave.”

Her words got him to turn around. “Excuse me?”

She removed her panties from under the dress, knowing already that she would get her way, and checked the surface of a nearby table for any pokey bits before she brushed it off and hopped up, keeping her eyes on her alpha as she spread her legs, raising the dress to expose her naked pussy to him. “I was going to ask for a bathroom quickie, but no one else is here yet…so…?” She trailed off, hoping he would give her what she wanted. Her silent reason being that she wanted to fill the place with the scent of her alpha’s arousal to make it difficult for Alex if he was as interested as her Daddy made him out to be.

“McKinsey. The guys could get here any minute.”

“Then why are you undoing your pants?” She smirked as he walked towards her, his hands working at his belt and jeans. “I think it would be hot if they could watch me submit to you. Watch me take my Daddy’s cock while he breeds his own daughter.” She slipped her panties into his pocket since she had none and made a mental note to grab them later.

“You’d let them watch?” His cock was already beginning to drool precum for her since she was unknowingly fulfilling a fantasy for him.

She had no idea just how many times he had wanted to bend Allison over in front of his coworkers, or anyone else for that matter. Even if she did know, she wouldn’t blame him, because she would understand the logic of an alpha in his mid sixties wanting others to see a much younger omega still willing to submit to them. Most alphas could barely get new omegas after their forties when their pheromones usually began fading.

“I want you to show them I’m your slut.” She purred as she reached down and spread her slick folds to let him see how aroused she was. “Show them how good I take my Daddy’s cock.” As she spoke, a small tendril of his cum could be seen seeping out of her. Remnants from being fucked before leaving the house.

Larry moved between her legs and guided his cock straight to where it belonged, thrusting deep inside with one hard buck of his hips. McKinsey cried out as her father speared his cock into her so roughly, and her legs went around his waist as his rough, dominating thrusts rocked her and the table she was on.

“That’s a good bitch. Take my cock, just like that.” He groaned as her walls hugged his cock tightly, urging him on. The sound of the motorcycle and truck pulling up outside had him thrusting even harder into his omega, fucking an obscene moan out of her with every push. After Vernon stole his last omega he shouldn’t have wanted anyone to see McKinsey in such a vulnerable state, but he wanted the other older alphas he worked with to see what he now got to rut into each night.

McKinsey’s scent was all happy omega as she leaned back on the table to let him fuck her at a better angle. Her tits bounced under her dress with his hard thrusts, but he was watching the way her face contorted in pleasure. He didn’t even hear the door open behind them as Frank, Bill, and even Alex walked in. He was too lost in his pleasure to give a damn. McKinsey saw the one she figured was Alex trying to look more angry than turned on, and she moaned louder when Larry bit her nipple through the top of her dress.

“Tyvek!” Alex finally snapped, unable to watch the live action breeding any longer.

“Just… Just a fucking second.” Larry panted out as he rutted into her when he was hit by a realization; he was impregnating his daughter to a roomful of witnesses, one of which was an omega that also wanted his cum spilled into them.

A few more thrusts later and the other occupants of the room escort tunceli got to watch as Larry buried his cock inside of his omega and painted her cervix with his hot incestuous seed. He was careful to avoid pushing his knot in, knowing he had to go deal with Alex, but he still pumped his cum as deep as he could. They were still trying to conceive after all…

McKinsey gave a pornographic moan when she felt the warmth spreading inside of her before her own orgasm could ever hit. “Oh god…yes Daddy. Oh fill me up. Fuck…” She praised him as she rocked her hips into his while she milked his cock. Part of her mourned the lack of his knot, but she was too turned on by being used by her alpha for his pleasure to care. It was a weird little added bonus that he hadn’t even gotten her off. Over his shoulder she could see the two older alphas standing by Alex adjusting their cocks in their pants, and it was a bit of an ego boost to know her show was arousing to the other alphas. She was loyal to Larry, but it made her squeeze her father’s cock even tighter to think they might want a go with her.

“In my office,” Alex growled out, trying to sound tough despite the sick and jealous feeling in his gut. “Now.”

Larry gave a dismissive wave as he buried his face in McKinsey’s neck and panted softly while she milked the cock that still rested inside of her as the slam of Alex’s door signaled his exit. He gave a lazy chuckle against her neck before he lifted his head and looked at Frank and Bill. “Hey guys.”

“Hey Lar…” Frank drawled out with an amused smirk as he eyed the omega and then his friend. “I guess that’s the new mate Alex mentioned?”

“Mmhm.” He withdrew his cock and watched as a glob of his cum slid down towards her ass. He wasn’t concerned about that little bit compared to how much he had pumped into her over the last week. He closed her legs and helped her off of the table so she could fix her dress. “Frank… Bill… This is McKinsey. Hadn’t planned on you guys meeting this way, but oh well.” He chuckled as his daughter shook hands with the alphas he was introducing her to before she turned to face her alpha and gave him a sly grin.

“Can I clean you off Daddy?” She licked her lips as she eyed his softening cock that was coated in a mixture of cum and slick. When she looked back up at him she saw the dark way he looked at her, his pupils blown wide as his scent quickly filled the space. “Wouldn’t want you walking around all sticky…would we?”

Frank and Bill exchanged a look as their minds each raced to figure out just what she meant by the question. And why she had called him Daddy… They got one of their answers quick though, when McKinsey received a nod from Larry and slowly went to her knees and began using her tongue to lick his cock clean of their mess.

“Such a good omega,” Larry praised through his moans as he held her hair back for her. “Look how sexy you are, cleaning your alpha’s cock. I’ll show you what good omegas get tonight when you pick me up.”

“Thank you alpha.” She made sure to clean his deflating knot as she looked up at him. “I look forward to it.”

By the time McKinsey had finished cleaning her father’s cock, neither Bill nor Frank knew what to say as they watched her gently tuck it away and carefully do up his pants. They did get a treat when she slid her panties on, flashing them a bit of skin as she partially hiked up her dress to do so.

“Now you be a good girl and go get the groceries. Be back at 6, you hear me?”

McKinsey leaned up and pecked his cheek, beaming a smile at him. “Yes Daddy.”

All three alphas watched her ass as she made her way for the door, staring until the door closed behind her. Bill was the first to look at Larry, followed by Frank. “Is that a girl with a Daddy kink, or one of your bastards?”

Larry grinned at them. “She’s Irene’s pup.”

Frank paled and shuddered. “Ugh, fucking psycho bitch. How the hell did she,” he gestured towards the door McKinsey had left out of, “come from…from her?”

“If she didn’t look so much like you I wouldn’t believe you.” Bill scratched at his head. “We need to have a talk when Alex gets done reaming you out.”

“I figured,” Larry chuckled as he headed to the office door. He had to adjust his cock on the way, knowing his little girl had cleaned him off a little more than she had needed to.

He didn’t know why it made him feel…proud…of his daughter, that she had left him aroused on purpose, but he couldn’t deny a part of him was curious if he could get Alex to get him off. He was pretty sure after Alex’s reaction that he would have to end up using the drugs on him one day, but for now he was curious to see what he could get away with.

He walked into the office and shut the door, his eyes honing in on the desk where Alex was sitting. It was obvious that Alex was pissed, no doubt about it, but Larry could pick up the traces of jealousy mingling with his anger.

“Give me one damn reason I shouldn’t fire you.” Alex ordered, staring at the alpha that was twice his age with as much anger and authority he could muster with Larry in front of him.

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 67


Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 67Always the polite hostess, Jessica agreed. As Janice helped her into the strap-on she thought about Rose and Rebecca, wondering if she might get to fuck one or both of them later on. It seemed like almost too much to ask for, so Jessica decided to put it from her mind, concentrate on the task at hand, and hope for the best.Once the artificial cock was securely in place, Janice dropped to her knees to suck it. She made quite a production of the “blowjob,” licking up and down and around, using both hands, and skillfully making most of the enormous shaft disappear into her mouth. Rose and Jane watched attentively as Janice lifted her mouth off the dildo with a loud pop, spun around, and bent down to present her rear end to Jessica.Jessica reached down to pry Janice’s pussy lips apart and poised the tip of the strap-on between them. She teased Janice for awhile, trailing the cockhead around her vulva and brushing her clit with it, before pushing the first few inches in. Janice grunted and braced herself, arching her back to get a better angle.At this point Marie and Rebecca appeared from upstairs, and all four of the other women sat or stood around watching the pas de deux between Jessica and Janice. It was like a combination wrestling match and dance performance – Jessica leading the way, setting the rhythm, confident and masterful; Janice responding, using her hips to gain maximum friction, crying out like an a****l as she was penetrated deeper and deeper.After climaxing twice – the second time with screams that would’ve made a passer-by think someone was being murdered inside – Janice sprawled out on her back on the floor. “Thanks, I needed that,” she said.Jessica stood looking around the room. She locked eyes burdur escort with both Rebecca and Rose, feeling uncharacteristically indecisive. How far was too far in this situation? It was entirely possible these girls were virgins, after all.Rebecca solved Jessica’s dilemma for her by walking over and laying down on the couch. She spread her legs and looked right into Jessica’s eyes with an expression that left no doubt about what she wanted. (In truth she was not a virgin, for reasons that she preferred not to discuss. But at the moment she was glad, because she wanted this very badly.)Even so, Jessica took her gently, easing in little by little. Almost immediately Rebecca’s eyes rolled back in her head and she began to pant: “Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus.”Then her voice was muffled as Rose’s pussy settled down onto her face. Jessica shook her head. So thoroughly corrupted, so quickly. It was almost a shame.* * *Gina and Olivia knew that this would be their last night together for awhile, as starting the next day Gina would be on mom duty. So Gina made a special dinner and afterwards they were sitting in the living room when Olivia saw a pink shopping bag she didn’t recognize. “What’s in the bag?” she asked.Gina blushed. “I did a little more shopping today.”Olivia started looking through the contents and it soon became clear what kind of shopping: She found handcuffs, leather restraints, nipple clamps, a blindfold, and a strap-on. “Oh, my,” whispered Olivia, coloring a little herself.Olivia looked up at Gina and their eyes met. What followed had a feeling of inevitability, as if they had worked out in advance every detail of what was going to happen. Gina stood and undressed burdur escort bayan slowly and deliberately, stripping off her dress, then her bra and her panties. When she was naked Olivia stood and approached her. After a long, soft kiss she spun Gina around and cuffed her hands behind her back. (From the very beginning of their affair it had never been in doubt that Olivia, though the younger of the two, was the dominant one.)Next came the blindfold; when it was on Olivia lowered Gina to her knees and sat beside her. She carefully applied the clamps to Gina’s erect nipples, drawing a sharp intake of breath from the older woman each time.Pulling off her top and bra, Olivia brought Gina’s mouth to her chest, guiding her to one breast, then the other. Gina suckled hungrily; she was definitely excited at this point, Olivia could smell that for sure.Suddenly breathing heavily, Olivia stripped off the rest of her clothes, spread her legs, and pushed the blindfolded woman’s head down between her legs. Knowing that Gina couldn’t see her, Olivia was rougher and more forceful than she would have been normally; the rush of power made her extremely wet, and Gina eagerly lapped up the nectar dripping from her crotch.Olivia moaned loudly and mashed her pussy into Gina’s face until the combination of Gina’s nose, tongue, and lips brought her to orgasm. Then she pulled away and stood looking down at her friend, lover, and former employer. Gina was bent over, slowly wiggling her hips from side to side, clearly in need. Olivia placed one foot between Gina’s legs so Gina could hump it, which she did gratefully, rubbing her wet pussy up and down Olivia’s shin.Meanwhile Olivia reached for the strap-on. It took her a minute to escort burdur figure out how to work the harness and when she did she spent a minute just playing with it, flicking it with her finger and watching the unfamiliar shape bob up and down between her legs. Then she sat back down on the couch and brought Gina’s head to the dildo. Gina licked all the way up the length of the shaft and took the tip into her mouth, then slowly swallowed more until she started to gag. Olivia reached down to finger herself with one hand as she enjoyed the sexy sight of blindfolded Gina sucking her plastic cock. With she other she tugged at the nipple clamps, drawing a series of desperate-sounding little groans from Gina.Still Gina was circling her butt in the air, and finally Olivia decided it was time to give her what she needed. Olivia stood and moved around behind Gina, knelt down, and lifted the tip of the strap-on to Gina’s pussy lips. Gina wasted not a second, immediately sliding backward to impale herself on the shaft. Worked up as she was, Gina took her fucking eagerly and loudly, pushing back with her hips until her pussy lips were pressed against Olivia’s crotch. When it seemed that Gina was about to come, Olivia held her hips tight and finished her slowly, prompting a long, sustained climax accompanied by gasps, cries, and helpless moans.Olivia wasn’t done yet, though. After giving Gina a minute to recover, Olivia took the older woman by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. There she uncuffed Gina’s hands, laid her out on the bed face-up, and used the leather restraints to tie her arms and legs to the bedposts. This time she removed the blindfold and looked Gina in the eyes while fucking her, gently at first then building to a crescendo so intense that Olivia feared the bed would collapse.Afterward Gina lay staring up at her young friend with a dreamy look in her eyes. Her ex-husband had been good in bed, but had never made her come like that. Never would she have guessed that it would take an 18-year-old cheerleader to truly satisfy her.

The best season 2 :-P


The best season 2 :-PWhen the best season starts you start to peek always with a little more attention especially if you have the sis very good like in my case :-P. It was spring when i opened the door of my palace and, at the beginning of the ladders, i’ve find front of me, sitted, my sis with a boy sitted beside her, i do not know if that boy was a boyfriend or a lover: -P, my sister had a nice pair of black-transparent pantyhose with low shoes and a skirt more or less at central-thigh and with legs bent and closed but in the movements they could always open a little :-P, while we talking i peeked and not peeked but not because i was afraid or i was ashamed of that bf or lover 😛 but anyway i was already quite satisfied for a recent trip of commission (recounted in my previous story at this :-P) in which i have had way of to see my sister for well in a hotel-room 😛 (and then after that hotel-room also on bus :-P), then always in that period i see them (my sister and this boy) again always from the parts of ours palace that embraced each other 😛 and then another time at home (ours) seated both on an armchair in the dining room namely my sis was sitting on his legs and embraced him :-P, i, when step, i see them and i see that my sis had on her, much for to change :-P, a beautiful tunic for the home of color white, also rather narrow :-P, and bare legs and beautiful smalls white sports socks with low hooves :-P, i saw that this boy in effects believed himself a little 😛 or maybe he was very excited? :-P, anyway, after i had passed, i thought at that moment there that i really wanted to be i at the place of that bf namely with my sis sitting on me that she who huged at me :-P. It was late spring/begin-summer when i’m at home with two my friends, we are close to the door (open) of the dining room when my sister comes out of her room for to go to the bathroom and she had a black skirt, enough tight and at the half of thighs and with shoes like moccasins with the heel a bit tall and bare legs, after that my sister passed one of my two friends says “wow .. what a legs! .. beautiful thighs white ! …” also if, naturally, i did a bit pretend of nothing, also i couldn’t at not to think about it :-P. It was summer when i came to my house with a friend, a little later, when us about to exit, my sister arrives and ask me a commission and she had an habitual tunic for house, white, a little wrinkled, burdur escort with the effect close-up indeed, with the form of the tits that was good and then that tunic seemed to be a bit neutral namely seemed white and a bit transparent because when i, instinctively look in down, i saw a bit the silhouette of the panties (dark-black :-P) and that looked also pretty tight : -P and then she had bare legs and bare feet with low hooves, when i and my friend we are go out my friend tells me “damn .. what a good sister that you have .. wish my sister was like your sister … but she fucks a lot ?!” i, of course, from friend, i didn’t angry 😛 and, making a bit of small laughs :-P, i had shared 😛 and, knowing that kind of friend that he was, i think he had did many of handjobs thinking to my sister but anyway also i have did the best handjobs thinking at my sister because when you have the sister very good, in my opinion, you can’t to do without :-P. Then, always in that summer, others times i had way of to observe my nice sister at home always when she had a tunic for house as an evening that she was sitted at table with our father, i passed front her and i peek the part of her leg out of the tunic that it was from half thigh in down 😛 and bended because had the foot placed on the segment under of the chair and she, maybe a bit angry with me :-P, covered herself :-P, or an afternoon, when, in the dining room, while our mother was with the iron, my sister was sit near at the table and she must to talk with me and i sit on armchair front her and i see her that was with her usual tunic for home and her beautiful curvaceous legs nude and i, at a certain point, i almost can’t more turn myself toward her much that i had my cock already very tough and in very little time :-P, or also an another day of that summer toward August if i not remember bad 😛 when i approach the closed door of her room and i open, at normally velocity, and after a bit the door hangs because on the floor there are some stuff, i think the stuff from to clean, i asked at my sister of to look some computer’s sheets that i had did and she, half hidden behind the closet door, she was talking with the phone, i don’t know with who, a bf or a lover for the way that she was talking :-P, and she says at me “you can’t enter i’m naked “:-P, i, without exclaiming trivial excuses, while i closing the door always burdur escort bayan at normally velocity :-P, in that small amount of time i scrutinized her, semi-hidden behind the wardrobe door, and it had seemed to me of to see, or rather my flash on her, it had been that of to see her that had an arm bend toward up for to talk to the phone, and then a bit of her hips and, given the closet door it was a little above the floor, i had seen that she was at feet bare, then it seemed to me also that she didn’t have the cord of the bra and neither that of the panties and for this, her phrase it was, as they say, “to the letter” :-P, who knows… that guy or lover that had thought in that moment, surely he was became very excited, i think right of yes 😛 :-P, and in anycase my sis had made to do at me a little ugly figure 😛 namely that of the great voyeur :-P, but i didn’t care that much: -P, i was obviously very happy with that nice situation :-P, sure if i had did right “the intruder :-P” she would have covered herself a bit and she would also a little angry with me 😛 but anyway in that moment growed me a bit the regret (like my cock in that moment :-P) for not have could “to caught” completly my sis 😛 in that nice occasion :-P, also if, little time before, it was happened (recounted in the my previous story “a very nice trip of commission 4”) that we were in a hotel-room and i had could see my sister that had on her, that had on her for so of say :-P, only bra and panties 😛 😛 :-P, and then little time after always during that nice summer 😛 i’m at home and i go toward the bathroom and i open the bathroom door and i find my sister that was standing in the bathtub 😛 with the shower open 😛 in short she was taking a shower 😛 😛 and, of course n that moment of my inadverted entry :-P, she turns a bit to the side for to cover herself a bit :-P, and she covers a little with an arm (the forearm :-P) a bit on her chest but without forcing too much her forearm 😛 and with an hand she covers there below at the center 😛 but anyway i had could to see a little namely the upper part 😛 of her big bush :-P, and then naturally i seen in that brief time 😛 the rest of her namely her beautiful fleshy ass and her beautiful fleshy thighs 😛 but she doesn’t shout at me 😛 and she says to me (or at least it seemed to me that i felt to say in that nice moment) escort burdur “oh ..” :-P, so i close the door :-P, then later my sister seemed that not had nothing from say to me for that little domestic accident 😛 😛 :-P, the explanation of that little accident i had fastened it in this way namely hearing previously our mother tell often to my sister that when you go to the bathroom for to do the shower not must never lock the door for every thing 😛 but anyway it must be advised that you go to the bathroom for to take the shower :-P, so, in that case, i not had been was warned or maybe i hadn’t heard for my distracrtion i don’t remember well 😛 😛 😛 (it was the second time that i had the lucky 😛 of to see the beautiful pussy of my sister :-P, the first time had happened some time before 😛 recounted in a my previously story “A very good view :-P”).

Wayward Daughter


My daughter Lucy had always been a good student – not an excellent student, but a good one. Usually B’s, the occasional A. She graduated from high school with a 3.0. Now she was 19, in her sophomore year of college, and her grades were slipping. Low C’s, and even the odd D. Her mother and I had several sit-down talks with her to no avail. We suspect too much partying and not enough studying – she certainly doesn’t seem to be home much, and since we lifted her curfew she has been coming home at all hours. We are getting frustrated and angry – we aren’t paying out the nose for her to fritter away her education. I want to get to the bottom of this…I may have an opportunity to do a little investigation.

It’s Friday night, and predictably Lucy is “meeting a friend at the library to study.” At this point I can’t believe she expects us to believe this brazen lie. We give her our normal suspicious goodbye, and I tell my wife my plan. “I’m going to follow her to whatever party she is going to, and when I find her I’m going to yank her out of there and give her an ultimatum – she either shapes up or she ships out.”

“Brad, do you think that’s a good idea?” my wife asks. “Maybe we shouldn’t embarrass her in front of her friends…”

“I think she needs a little embarrassment…she’s embarrassing herself with her abysmal grades!” My wife shrugs, and I quickly leave the house. I can see Lucy a block or two away, turning right on an intersecting street. We live about a twenty minute walk from the university, and it is Lucy’s habit to walk instead of drive. Soon enough we are on fraternity row, and for a second I’m puzzled by the number of giggling students wearing glitter-coated masks until I remember that it’s Mardi Gras. In Philadelphia, I muse…Any chance to throw a party.

I see Lucy disappear into one of the many houses blaring music, with the porch crowded with raucous, laughing students clutching the ubiquitous red Solo cups that are the hallmark of keggers everywhere. I suddenly realize that they aren’t going to let a 50-year old man walk into this party – I’m sure they will think I’m the police or other type of kill-joy. I do some fast thinking.

“Hey!” I say to a passing boy in a shiny black mask with an exaggerated smile that covers his entire face. “I’ll give you twenty dollars for your mask,” I offer. The boy laughs at my perceived stupidity and readily makes the transaction. I put it on and realize that I should probably lose my button-down as well. I take it off and toss it over the wrought-iron fence that borders the frat house. The rest of my outfit is acceptable – white undershirt, jeans, and old white sneakers. I’m fortunate enough to have a full head of brown hair which is only slightly receding at the temples, so that is another thing I don’t have to worry about.

I walk into the house with no difficulty. In fact, no one seems to notice me. It’s strange, being the oldest guy in the house. I feel like a spy, yet I also feel a strange sense of liberation at being undercover. It makes me feel young again and reminds me of parties I attended in my own college days. “Like father, like daughter,” I think grimly.

I start going from room to room, looking for Lucy among the crowds. I’m at a disadvantage since everyone is wearing masks, but she’s my daughter and I figure that I would recognize her anywhere. She isn’t on the ground floor, so I climb the stairs and find her in the first room that I enter. I can tell it’s her by her braided auburn hair that falls over one shoulder. She is wearing a flimsy t-shirt that exposes two inches of her belly and a short ruffled skirt. She has on black knee-high panty hose and high heels, which accentuate her legs. She has her mother’s legs – long and shapely.

I am scoping out an out-of-the-way place where I can stand unnoticed when I am bumped roughly from behind. A young man pushes past me with many strings of beads hanging from his forearm. “Who wants beads?” he shouts. Some of the girls yell and laugh and clap saying “I do!”

“You know what you have to do!” the boy smiles. Now it’s the boys turn to hoot and whistle and egg the girls on. One bold girl steps forward toward the boy with the beads and lifts her shirt and bra alanya escort up with one motion, baring her large and slightly sagging breasts. As the boys cheer, the girl pulls her shirt down and ducks her head to allow the boy to drape a string of the plastic beads around her neck. Soon there are tits everywhere – young, beautiful tits that haven’t seen breast feeding or the pull of gravity. It is hard to keep my attention focused on my daughter until I see with a jolt that she is going to earn herself a string of beads. I can’t believe she is doing this – we certainly didn’t raise her to act like this. She lifts up her shirt – she isn’t even wearing a bra! Her breasts are wonderful – each one looking like slightly more than a handful, and perky to boot. I’m dismayed – my cock is beginning to twitch behind my fly, and I tell myself it’s because of all the other breasts I have seen in the last ten minutes, But inside I know that it’s the sight of my daughter’s naked breasts that has caused this physiological reaction. The sickness and allure of forbidden fruit.

Some of the boys around her have begun to chant “Take it off!” They want her to take her tshirt off and leave it off, I guess. I move closer to her until I am only separated from her by one leering boy. Lucy, grinning from ear to ear, peels her shirt off and tosses it to the ground behind her. Now there are whoops and laughter. I watch as my daughter stands there naked to the waist, laughing shyly, the beads she has earned rolling back and forth over her nipples as she moves.

Just as I am admiring Lucy’s lithe shape and flat belly, the boy right next to me reaches over and tweaks one of her nipples lightly, playfully. Lucy giggles and pulls away, ducking slightly and hunching her shoulders which only pushes her tits together and male them look more inviting. Perhaps emboldened by the anonymity of his mask the boy steps behind her and pushes his hands under her arms and cups both breasts. Now Lucy straightens up and sticks her tits out, letting him have free reign as both boys and girls encourage the show with whistles and laughter. Another boy steps up and put a hand on one of Lucy’s tits, squeezing it somewhat roughly, possessively. That move brings out a side of me I never knew I had: the desire to be the dominant male, to win the mate – and the mate is my own daughter.

I step forward, facing her directly, and push the boys’ hands away. I reach up and my palms cradle the sides of her breasts, pushing them slightly together while I gently rub my thumbs in circles around Lucy’s hardening nipples. I duck my head down, push the mask up ever so slightly, and take one of her nipples in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, bringing it to its firmest state. With this move I seem to have crossed some invisible line – not only with the crowd, who instinctively understand that she is mine now and they are mere spectators, eager for a show. But I am crossing another, much more forbidden line: sexual conduct with my daughter. And I like it. My cock is throbbing now, but I ignore its urgency for the time being. I quickly pull the mask back down and stand back up.

Lucy reaches down and grips my crotch with a firm hand that squeezes what it can through my jeans and begins to rub rhythmically. It has been forever since I felt this kind of overpowering desire. I remove my hands from Lucy’s tits and put them on her shoulders, gently pressing down on them. The small crowd around us begins to chant “Do it! Do it!” again. Tossing her braid back behind her back, Lucy gets down on her knees in front of me. I can’t get my cock out fast enough. Here I stand, my cock hard and pointing right at Lucy’s face.

Lucy leans forward, and my daughter takes my cock into her mouth.

I watch it disappear centimeter by centimeter past her pouty lips, sliding over her slightly undulating tongue until it nudges the back of her throat. She stifles a slight gag and then draws her head back slowly, sucking gently, and I watch my cock slowly slide out of her mouth, slick with her saliva, hard as a rock. The head of my cock is already throbbing, and she slides forward again. She works my dick with experienced suckling, alanya escort bayan trying to take all inches into her throat and damn near succeeding. In my peripheral vision I see another young girl getting fondled by an eager boy, his hands moving sensually beneath her tshirt. The sight heightens my pleasure. I’m getting too excited…I need to slow things down.

I bend over and my cock slips regretfully away from my daughter’s eager mouth. I help her to her feet and take her to a nearby couch. A couple seated there moves apart as they see that I am pushing Lucy down onto the couch. I drop to my knees and pull her knees apart, almost roughly with desire. Her short skirt slides up her thighs and there is her pussy, clad in a purple thong. The thong’s string emerges from between the smooth cheeks of her ass and hugs her pussy. Without a pause I hook my forearms beneath Lucy’s thighs and yank her to the edge of the couch and jerk her panties down. The boys cheer and the girls giggle.

My daughter’s pussy has been waxed smooth. Her lips are as plump and inviting as the ones on her face, and I get a slight thrill to see that it is very similar to her mother’s…well, her mother’s about 30 years ago. I run my hands up the inside of her thighs, spreading them wider, and one of my thumbs strokes her from the petite slit that is the opening to her vagina up to her clit. She is already wet. I rub her clit in slow circles, and it hardens, emerging from its hood. I want to taste her. I lean down and pull my mask up, keeping my face down so that she won’t see her father’s face between her parted thighs. I smell her – a warm biscuit smell. I drag my tongue from her pink hole up to her stiff little clit, where I linger, flicking it with my tongue, feeling Lucy squirm slightly. I feel her being jostled and give a sideways glance. The couple who had been on the couch are holding Lucy’s legs, stretching them wide open, laughing at the outrageous spectacle. She tastes clean, like tears – a mix of salty and sweet. I tongue fuck her cunt briefly before returning my attention to her clit. Her hips are moving rhythmically now, thrusting her pussy against my mouth, eager and needy.

I don’t want her to orgasm yet. I want her to cum on my cock. I raise back up, smoothly pulling my mask back down, and reach down to aim my pulsing cock toward her inviting cunt. “Split that pussy!” someone shouts. “Fuck that slut!” another person urges.

“Wait -” Lucy says quickly, just before the tip of my cock reaches its goal. “Condom,” she says. “I’m not on birth control.” Good girl, I think. At least my daughter has SOME sense. Obviously I don’t carry rubbers around with me, but I am quickly tossed one by a random spectator. I slide it over my cock and then move in again.

The tip of my cock splits the pink entrance of Lucy’s cunt, and I slowly push the fat head of my cock inside her. It’s so hard it almost hurts. The whole head slips in her with a sort of pop, and my daughter gasps. She is oh so tight, and as I push my length inside her the walls of her cunt grip me like a velvet glove. I push in her up to the hilt and I see her wince in pain as my cock pushes against her cervix. Someone whistles. I begin fucking her with long, firm strokes, going at a moderate pace. I lean slightly back and aim my cock toward the top wall of her vagina – a spot that makes my wife cum every time.

I’m surprised at how fast Lucy climaxes. She must have been even more turned on than I am. Suddenly she is gasping loudly, grunting with each stroke, vibrating beneath me, the tendons on the insides of her thighs taut. Her pussy becomes impossibly tight, and then she releases a short spray of fluid out onto my cock. She spasms, her eyes squeeze tight, her tits jiggle obscenely, and her cunt contracts erratically around the shaft of my fat cock. There is applause from the crowd. I marvel at the fact that I have just fucked my daughter to orgasm. I feel powerful, guilty, afraid, and out of control.

I want all of my daughter’s holes. I want to own Lucy completely. I switch places with her on the couch. Now I’m seated, and I pull her hips back. She squats down, reaching between her legs and escort alanya grabbing my cock, steering it back to the cozy confines of her quivering cunt. But I want a tighter hole. I pull my cock backwards and poke it up against her asshole. She turns her upper body and gives me a surprised look, then a wicked smile. She drips a large blob of saliva into her hand and swipes it between her ass cheeks. Lucy gradually begins to work my cock into her asshole, inch by painful inch, until the whole thing is deep in her guts. I look over Lucy’s shoulder and see other girls getting fondled, other boys getting stroked through their jeans. I watch one boy finger fuck a girl as the two stand right in the middle of the room, surrounded by a small group of onlookers. The boy holds the girl against his body with a hand around her waist as his hand pumps beneath her skirt.

I grab Lucy’s hips and start rocking her back and forth on my cock, slowly, keeping it deep inside her. I reach my hand around and start rubbing my middle finger back and forth over her clit. I want to make her cum with my cock in her ass, to make my daughter my fuck slut. I rock her faster, rub her clit harder, until she once again jerks her hips in an erratic rhythm and cries out, throwing her head back. One boy has stepped close and is playing with her nipples as she rides out her orgasm on my dick. I can’t hold back anymore. I need to cum. My cock and balls are aching.

Once again we switch places on the couch. I lay Lucy lengthwise on it and kneel between her legs, one leg thrown over my shoulder and the other leg dangling off the edge of a cushion. I mirror her, kneeling on one knee on the couch and bracing my other foot against the floor for leverage. I don’t want the condom coming between us. I want to feel Lucy’s soaking cunt, skin on skin. I act like I’m trying to point my cock home while I quickly slip the rubber off and then plunge rudely up inside her, giving her my full length in one shove. She cries out. I begin to fuck her hard and fast, my stomach making embarrassing slapping noises against her thigh and ass. I’m getting closer to climax with every stroke. I pound her like I haven’t pounded her mother in years. I’m vaguely aware of her cumming again, soaking my plunging cock, convulsing on the couch beneath me, and the clench of her cunt around me sends me over the edge. The cum wells up out of my balls and I unleash deep into her cunt with one final, cruel thrust. My cock twitches frantically inside her, releasing what feels like three huge spurts before fluttering into quiescence. I can’t remember the last time I came so hard.

I gradually come back to myself, and suddenly I am filled with horror. Laying beneath me, still impaled on my softening cock, lay my daughter, her cheeks flushed, her lips swollen and red, her breasts naked for all to see. I jerk out of her and stand up. I have to get out of there. I am terrified of being found out. She can’t know. She can never know. With dread I realize the enormity of what I’ve done – not only did I fuck my own daughter but I ejaculated inside her. But mingled with the dread is an evil pride and lust. It was the best fuck of my life, daughter or no. As I push through the crowd, I glance back and see another boy taking my place on the couch, lifting Lucy’s legs up on his shoulders. I don’t want to see him penetrate her. I return the proffered high fives from several guys, then practically run out of the house, grabbing one of the red cups of beer by the keg on the porch.

I walk quickly two blocks before I dare take my mask off, then I slow down and stroll slowly home. When I walk into the house I enjoy one final bit of perversion as I brush my lips against my wifes – my same lips who, a scant hour ago, had been pleasuring our daughter.

The next day, late in the afternoon, I am outside on the back deck, kicked back in an Adirondack chair. I am reliving the night before. My cock is hard, tucked discreetly against my left hip as I try to remember every detail. And then out of the back door walks Lucy. She is bleary. Her hair is s till in a braid which is now loosened and messy. God knows how many boys fucked her after I left. And she smiles at me and chimes “Hey dad!” She walks past on the way to the porch swing and sits down. She is wearing short shorts. I admire those long legs of hers, and think about the sweet pussy nestled between them. I am wondering how I can ever manage to fuck her again…

Lucy pulls me out of my reverie. She smiles, then asks: “So dad, how are you doing today?”

Julius and Me Ch. 08


I was looking forward to meeting Julius’s parents–until I learned that we’d only be meeting one of them. It had taken me quite a while to pry out of him the fact that his mom and dad had split up several months ago, just around the time we’d gotten together. I imagine he felt ashamed of that, given his more or less conservative outlook on domestic issues. He complained that neither his father nor his mother (with whom he’d almost lost touch) would explain the causes of their separation. They weren’t officially divorced yet, but a permanent breakup seemed imminent. I felt sad, of course, but largely for the selfish reason that I really wanted to meet both parents–so that I could get a better idea of what made my lover tick.

So when we came to his family home and I was introduced to his father, Henry, I was prepared to meet a man who may have been a little saddened, even shellshocked, at the departure of his wife of more than twenty years from the premises. My own separation from my husband had been bad enough, but we’d not been married nearly that long. I don’t know how I would have reacted to a breakup after all that time–and I could see at once, to my grief, that Henry wasn’t dealing with the situation at all well.

He was about as down in the dumps as a man could be. It wasn’t that he’d come to rely on his wife for the usual cooking and cleaning that women usually tend to in a household; like Julius, Henry was a pretty good cook in his own right. It was simply that he was feeling horribly, devastatingly lonely–and he made little effort to hide it.

If he hadn’t been so morose, he’d have been an exceptionally attractive man. Quite a bit darker in complexion than Julius, he was nearly as tall (five foot eleven) and was robustly muscular in physique (maybe he worked out a lot in an effort to forget about his solitude). If he’d only smiled more often he’d be a real heartbreaker for any number of women of whatever age or race. Under that lugubrious exterior I could sense a tenderness, a compassion, and a sensitivity that he had clearly passed on to his son.

There was no way that I, as a stranger, could make even the most token inquiries of Henry as to why his wife had left him–or whether he had somehow banished her from his house. After our initial meeting, Julius and I went upstairs to put our things away in his old bedroom. As we were doing that, I said to him:

“You don’t think your mom… did anything she shouldn’t have?”

He glared at me in an almost hostile manner. “You mean, did she cheat on him? No way.”

“And I can’t possibly imagine your father doing anything like that.”

“Not a chance. He’s very religious–goes to church several times a week.”

“Then I just don’t get it. Had they been arguing, or anything like that?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Henry really never told you anything about this whole situation?”


“Isn’t that odd? Don’t you have a right to know?”

“I guess I do. But I can’t force him–or her–to spill the beans.”

But as the days passed, my heart ached more and more for this splendid man trapped in his own melancholy. And when he kept glancing in my direction, looking me up and down when he thought I wasn’t paying attention, I began wonder whether–

No, there’s no way I could do that. Julius wouldn’t condone such a thing.

But then, on the third night of our stay, Julius himself, cuddling me absently as we lay on his queen-size bed, whispered into my ear: “Why don’t you sleep with him?”

A shudder passed through me. “What did you say?” I gasped.

“You heard me,” he said severely, with a scowl on his face.

“You–you want me to sleep with your dad?”



“It would make him feel better. He’s taken a real shine to you.”

“Julius, I’m your girlfriend–if I can call myself that.” Actually, I wasn’t sure what I was in relation to him.

“You slept with your dad–and your mom,” he pointed out.

“Okay, yes–but that was different.”

“Was it?”

“Well, maybe there are some similarities.”

“It’s not as if you’re related to him.”

“I know, Julius, but–“

“He wants you.”


“Yeah. Can’t you tell?”

“I suppose I can. But I don’t really want it to seem like–” I couldn’t say those most horrible words: a pity fuck.

Julius read my mind. “I don’t think it would be that. You like him, don’t you?”

“More than like! He’s a fabulous guy.”

“He’s only eight years older than you. He had me when he was twenty and Mom was nineteen.”

“You don’t have to rub it in.” In other words, I was closer in age to Henry than I was to Julius.

“I’m just saying…”

“Okay, fine, I’ll do it. When?”

“How about right now?”

“Now? Are you serious?”

“Why the hell not? He’s lying there all by himself in his bedroom, probably pining for you.”

“He’s not pining for me, Julius.”

“He wants you.”

“You’ve said that.” I heaved a big sigh. “Okay, I’ll go.”

I pried myself out of his grasp, gave myself a quick look in the mirror (I was wearing yozgat escort one of my more daring nightgowns in the hope that Julius–who hadn’t made any effort to couple with me in this house–might be inspired), and made for the door.

“Is this too… slutty?” I said in a shaky voice.

“It’ll be fine,” he said, waving his hands in a gesture that said, Get going, lady! My dad’s waiting.

So I left the room and headed down the hall to where Henry was resting.

It took a little gumption to actually open the door. Julius had told me that his father was very religious, and I sensed that his disapproval of sexual irregularities might be pretty high. But perhaps he wouldn’t object if I just cuddled with him for a while–maybe that’s all he wanted.

He was lying on his side on the bed, facing away from the door, so he didn’t notice that I was even in the room. Was he fast asleep? I circled the bed and knelt down directly in front of him. It was then that I noticed that his eyes were open.

“Hello, Henry,” I said gently.

He seemed totally unsurprised at my presence. “Hello, Sandra,” he said in a deep bass voice that touched something deep within me.

“Can I…?” What should I say? Can I help you? Can I make you feel better? Do you need some sex therapy? That struck me as just too crude and patronizing. “Can I keep you company?” I said at last.

Without changing his expression, which remained pensive if not melancholy, he made room in the bed for me to slip in.

He didn’t take much note of my almost obscene nightgown, which revealed massive amounts of my cleavage and barely covered my butt. But almost as soon as I was in bed with him, he let out a strangled cry and, clutching me in desperation, placed his head between my breasts and–

And started to cry.

Oh, the poor man! I felt a surge of sympathy for him as I wrapped my arms around his head and pressed it even tighter to my chest. He began rubbing his face back and forth in the space between my breasts, then brought up a hand and tentatively grasped one breast while he held me around the waist with the other. He was obviously not used to crying, so his sobs had a harsh, unnatural sound that wrung my heart even more.

I’ve long recognized that women have taken the role of the comforters of men–it’s something we’ve been doing for many centuries. Men can’t or won’t find this kind of comfort with other men, so we have to take on the task. I didn’t think it was my strong suit, but I suppose the mere fact of my womanhood was enough for Henry.

He was now starting to get my nightgown pretty damp from his tears, so I said softly, “Henry, let me make this easier for you.”

And I pulled the nightgown off over my head, so that I was now naked.

Once again, he didn’t seem to find anything strange in that. Could he possibly be engaging in a kind of wish-fulfillment fantasy that I was his wife who had come back to him? Did he even want his wife to come back to him? At the moment he was only interested in the magic remedy that my breasts seemed to provide him. Just as Julius tended to do, he took one of my breasts in both hands, squeezed it so that the nipple stood up hard and erect, and sucked it tenderly as if hoping to draw some nourishment out of it. I would have loved to provide that to him if I could.

Then one hand slipped down to my bottom, and he gently stroked it as if getting used to its contours. No doubt this was the first female posterior other than his wife’s that he’d touched in more than two decades–so maybe the act was a sort of time machine that sent him back to his youth, when he was even younger than Julius was now, and experiencing the inexpressible thrill of discovering a woman’s body–and his own.

In other words, his erection was now pressing up against my thigh. He was wearing only boxer briefs, and they were already massively distorted by his desire.

I pulled the briefs down to his knees to release that aching cock of his–a good eight inches in length. The moment I did that, he took it (as it was meant to be taken) as permission to go the limit with me, in spite of the fact that I was his son’s “girl.” Given that I hadn’t technically been a “girl” for sixteen years, the designation was faintly absurd–and I’m sure he was just as aware as Julius and I were that I was a lot closer in age to him than to his son.

He couldn’t be bothered with preliminaries–no foreplay of any kind. Henry was inflamed for copulation, and he rolled me over onto my back, got on top of me, and with only a token examination with his fingers as to whether I was wet or not (I was, of course), he plunged into me.

His pounding of me became frenetic almost at the start, but I didn’t mind. He was in such dire need of this that I did whatever I could to encourage him, wrapping my legs around his hips in classic female fashion as he thirstily kissed and licked and nuzzled me wherever his mouth could reach, and stroked my face and shoulders and back and breasts and bottom with hands that seemed unable to yozgat escort bayan believe that they had once again encountered a woman’s flesh.

And it wasn’t surprising that he came within a few minutes, letting out heavy grunts as he pumped me full of his stuff–nor did it surprise me that he refused to pull out, resuming his thrusts after only a minute or two of rest. This time he went more slowly, kissing me with exquisite delicacy as he now took my own feelings into consideration. As he began thrusting more vigorously, he let a hand stray down to my delta and managed to fondle my clitoris while he continued his motions–not an easy task for a man! But I graciously accepted his attentions, and when he came again I gave him the reward for his kindness by unleashing an orgasm that shook my whole body with a succession of tremors, almost jostling him out of me. But he remained firmly embedded in my vagina, and only slipped out when my own climax had finally subsided.

Almost immediately, though, he experienced misgivings.

Breathing heavily as he lay on his back next to me, he gasped out, “We shouldn’t have done that.”

“Oh, Henry,” I cried, nestling up to him and pressing my body against his, “it’s okay. Julius wanted this–he sent me in here to make you, um, happier. And I wanted it too. You’re such a dear, sweet man.”

I thought he was on the verge of crying again. His eyes did seem to fill up, but he blinked the tears away.

As I felt the two huge loads of his emission slowly leaking out of me and covering the insides of my thighs, I said, “Can’t you tell me what happened between you and your wife? I don’t even know her name, and neither Julius nor I know what made you two break up.”

“Her name is Valerie,” he said grudgingly. “She–she did a bad thing.”

I was struck by that. Julius was convinced that his mother hadn’t been unfaithful, but Henry’s simple and bitter words told a different story. “Oh, Henry, even if she did, she must still love you.”

“I don’t know that.”

“Do you love her?”

Now he lapsed into mulish silence. The painful grimace on his face led me to think that he did have a lot of affection for his wife–but didn’t want to admit it.

“Henry, please…”

But he wasn’t interested in a confession. Incredibly, he’d gotten hard again and was clearly intent on another round.

I gave up my insensitive interrogation and said, “Would you like to go into my bottom?”

He nodded briefly, as if I’d asked him if he wanted an ice cream cone.

There was some hand lotion on his nightstand, so that would have to do for lube. He plugged my butt efficiently and powerfully, draping his body over mine and (as Julius so often did) reducing me to helpless passivity. But he managed to make me come with his deft fingers, just at the moment when he bathed my anus with his third emission.

We had one more coupling, with him on his back and I riding him so he could get a full view of what I had to offer as a woman. Only then did we sink into an exhausted sleep.


It was the very next day that I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Making an excuse to the men that I had some errands of a personal nature to run, I slipped out of the house and made my way to an apartment building a few miles away. It had been remarkably easy to look up Valerie Welker and find out where she lived.

I didn’t have any second thoughts about butting my nose into Henry’s affairs. I was already so intimately connected to both him and Julius that I felt I had the right. I doubted that I would make the situation any worse, and maybe I just might make it a bit better.

When I rang the intercom for Valerie’s unit outside the building, I heard a tentative voice say, “Yes?”

“Are you Valerie?” I said in a voice that I wished hadn’t been so shaky.

“Yes. Who is this?”

I will say that she had a nice, high, musical voice.

“I’m, um, a friend of Julius, your son. In fact, I’m his girlfriend.”

She could sense my hesitation in using that word. “You are?”

“Yes. Yes, I am. Please, may I talk to you just for a little while?”

It seemed like ages before I got a response; in fact, I was half convinced she’d just turned away and wouldn’t bother to buzz me in–that she was basically telling me to get the hell out of here and out of her life. But at last I did hear the buzzer that indicated she’d unlocked the front door of the building, so I slipped in and headed up the stairs to the third floor.

When I knocked on her door, I again had to wait an unusually long time before it finally opened and I got a look at Julius’s mother.

She was a white woman. A gorgeous, blonde white woman.

I suppose my expression gave away my shock and surprise. She too had a generally melancholy air about her, but now she smirked out of the corner of her mouth and said, “You were probably expecting a Black woman.”

“I guess I was,” I managed to say.

“Well, I’m as white as they come,” she said, turning on her heel and letting escort yozgat me enter.

The place was small but nicely furnished, although I could tell that it was still a work-in-progress: she’d probably been in the place only a few months. She was taller than me (maybe five foot eight) and was what used to be called “a fine figure of a woman”: big-boned, with generous curves at bust and hips, and a fine, curvy derrière that actually made me lick my lips with incipient desire. I shook my head to cast out such unseemly thoughts and made my way to the couch, where I sat down gingerly. Valerie took her time sitting next to me, but at last she did.

She made no effort to offer me any refreshments.

“You’re Julius’s girlfriend? Really?” she said skeptically and with some hostility.

I sighed. “I suppose you could call me that.”

“You’re a lot older than him.”


“What are you–a teacher?”

“Yes, I’m a professor.”

“A professor? At his college?”


“And you–?” She didn’t have to finish the sentence.

“That’s right.”

“Isn’t that a bit… irregular?”

“I’ll say it is. But I couldn’t help it. Julius is a remarkable man. Anyway, he’s not an undergraduate anymore. He’s a professional athlete. You must have heard that.”

“Yes, I have.”

“I intend to follow him to the Chicago area and make a life with him.” That made me sound like some sort of groupie, but I didn’t care.

“So what do you want from me?”

I was still a little taken aback by her anger, apparently directed toward me, so I mumbled, “I’d just like to know what happened between you and Henry.”

I thought this would enrage her even more, but her face suddenly crumpled up in misery. “I can’t tell you!” she wailed.

“Oh, Valerie, sure you can,” I said, scooting closer to her but not feeling courageous enough to embrace or even touch her. “I want to help. Henry’s a wonderful man too: I–I’ve gotten very close to him.”

I hoped she didn’t sense the double entendre in that remark. I was aware that she would have trouble confiding in me–a woman she didn’t know from Eve–especially if it involved something so delicate as having cheated on her husband; but I trusted to what I hoped was her strong sense of female solidarity to carry me through.

So when she covered her face in her hands and began to sob quietly, her shoulders shaking with emotion, I did throw my arms around her and encourage her to place her head in the crook of my neck.

That made her wail like a banshee, and she held me in an almost asphyxiating embrace as she let the tears flow. The strangeness of having both of Julius’s parents pour their hearts out to me in this way was pretty striking.

I didn’t know what else to do but let her paroxysm play itself out. So I just stroked the back of her head and whispered meaningless words of sympathy into her ear. It was after some minutes of this, with time seeming to be frozen as she worked through her crying jag, that Valerie did something odd.

She pulled a little away from me, gazed at me with her tear-stained face, and then pasted a long, wet kiss on my mouth.

I recognized immediately this wasn’t just any kiss–nor was it a kiss inspired by my kindness to her. This was…

Well, you get the idea. I emphatically got the idea when she placed a hand on my breast.

She looked at me again, apprehensive in case she had made an assumption about me that proved to be wrong. I was in a state of total confusion. True, my lesbian experience with Tricia (and, god help me, my own mother) had left me wanting more girl-on-girl sex; and this woman was about as desirable a female as any I’d ever seen. But she was also the mother of my boyfriend (if that was what he was)–and, to top of it, I’d just slept with her husband the night before. My vagina and anus still throbbed with the feel of his cock.

My stunned inaction may have sent a message to her. I watched in fascination as with one hand she continued to squeeze my breast like an orange while the other hand snaked down my body, slipped under my skirt, came into contact with the sopping-wet crotch of my panties, pulled it aside, and began stroking my sex.

The low groan I let out convinced her she was on the right track. With gentle but relentless efficiency she unbuttoned my blouse, removed it, pulled my bra over my head without unclasping it, and fastened her lips to one of my nipples–all while her hand was still fastened to my pussy, fondling it until her fingers were slick with my juices and I was writhing and bucking with dizzying pleasure. Within minutes I cried out sharply as my orgasm radiated from my sex throughout my body, making me tremble from head to foot as her lips remained glued to my nipple.

When I managed to recover some semblance of poise, I whispered, “Would you like some reciprocation?”

Her eyes shone with desire, but a look of caution came over her face. “Sure, dearie–but just your fingers, okay?”

I shrugged inwardly: maybe she was still bowled over (as I certainly was) by the fact that we’d “gotten sexual” only minutes after we’d been introduced. She helped things along by reaching under her skirt and peeling off her panties, which she tossed aside onto the floor. As I snuggled up to her, I slipped a hand under that skirt and found her damp pussy ready for my attentions.



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