Catherine Ch. 39


Evelyn Pierce

“Hello, this is Evelyn Pierce.” I hear as she’s answer the phone.

“Hello Evelyn, this is Bob Swaggart; Master Sergeant, Bob Swaggart; if you remember me from that day at your gym. And that disastrous demonstration that Catherine Parker and I put on of…, how not to put on a demonstration”

“Yes Mister Swaggart, I remember you and that day; and what can I do for you?” Evelyn asked, where I think I hear some humor in the tone of her reply.

“I came across the business card you gave me that day, and you’re asking if I would have a drink with you some time,” telling her.

“Yes, I remember.” Evelyn’s repy.

“So then, the reason for my call is to ask if that invitation to have a drink with you is still open. And if so; I accept.” Telling her.

“Of course it is, Mister Swaggart. And when would you like to meet,” she asked.

“Well, almost any time; now that my work schedule and reserve responsibilities have shifted back into a more predictable routine.” Telling her.

“Well I’m happy to hear that too, sooo, how about…, let me check,” she says. Where it sounds like she’s covered the phone, but muffled conversation is still filtering through.

“Mister Swaggart,” she says, coming back on. “How about this evening,” she’s asking. “And say…, about eightish?” She tells me.

“That would be very good. It will give me more than enough time to get home, check the mail, change clothes and go for a run. Then shower and put on a coat and tie. And of course, I would need to know where we could meet for that drink.” telling her.

“You won’t need a coat and tie, Mister Swaggart,” she laughs.

“Just some casual, comfortable street clothes if you prefer, would be perfectly fine,” she’s telling me. “And where we would meet, that would be easy,” she says. “We can meet right here in my home; if meeting here would be okay with you,” she follows asking.

“If you’re sure you’re alright with that, it would be perfectly fine with me,” telling. her, And of course, I would need directions to your house.”

“Excellent,” she replied. “Now if you give me your email address I can send some directions on how to find where I live, and I’ll get them off to you as soon as we finish our call.” She tells me.

“That would be great,” I told her. ‘But you could just give me a general description of where you live and a general description of your home, and I could probably find it anyway,” telling her. “I’m very good at finding places I’m not supposed to know where they are,” joking with her.

Where I can hear her laughing.”

“But having your directions will make finding your home so much easier,” telling her. “And now here’s my email; if you have something to write on?”

“Go ahead, I have something right here.” She replies.

Giving Evelyn my email address, is followed by her repeating it back. Then it’s her, “Goodbye Mister Swaggart, and I’ll see you later this evening.” She tells me before dropping the call.

And like I thought that day and like now she has a very nice voice, mature, cultured, formally educated I would think too. And also what I thought about her age; as I watched her walk back alongside my truck.., that disastrous day at Catherine’s gym. And what has that been.., two months now, and well into the official seasonal Spring. Yeah, just as I remember back then; spring like that day in my truck at the park — so much for repeating that.

Looking at the email Evelyn sent me and right away the roads jump out at me; I know them pretty well from past motorcycle rides over those old farm roads. And that time on one of those rides; when I was taking a pee break, is how I discovered that bike path that wound back through the surrounding wooded area, to a creek that had been dammed up to create a “swimming hole,” that was perfect for some skinny dipping. Which also led to a surprise encounter with someone who had the same idea.

Catherine’s house I know must be in Evelyn’s neighborhood. Which used to be all farms, but the names of those roads I’ve traveled when riding my Harley have stayed the same; it’s the farms that are all gone. Replaced with large homes with gated wrought iron fences and immaculately landscaped yards and gardens. I’ve never been to Catherine’s house, but I’m sure I would know which one is hers, just from the way she’s described it; not palatial, but still impressive I bet!

And I’m not surprised that Evelyn’s home fits in well with the size and styles of the homes I believe are like Catherine’s. A gated long driveway I’ve followed around to the side of the house where she told me I could park. Also where my truck seems out of place parked where it is.

With my phone in hand about to call to let her know I’m here, I’m surprised by the phone buzzing, displaying her phone number. So answering I hear it’s her, “I’ll meet you at the door right across from where you’re parked.”

Thank you,” telling her. “Now I won’t be stumbling around in the coming darkness eryaman genç escort wondering which of the doors I should pry open first.” Again hearing her laugh.

“The one I just told you, I’ll be opening it before you get to it,” she tells me.

And already seeing the door opening as I approach it to see her standing just to the side with her, “Good evening Mister Swaggart, it’s so very nice to see you again,” she’s telling me, as she steps back and to the side letting me in, along with my acknowledging it was nice to see her again too.

But, OH, MY, YES! This can’t be the same woman who stood by my truck’s driver’s side door that disastrous Thursday. If I thought she looked good standing there beside side the door; followed by my thoughts as I watched her walk back between the parked cars. Those thoughts or guesses then completely missed the mark. This woman is beautiful, and she smells good too. But even more surprising is what she’s wearing; where I’m guessing from it’s look or style, as well as how it cling to her; is a Oreintal Kimono or dressing gown. But why so now? And with me, a stranger in her house too?

Don’t be naive, Swaggart, thinking to myself. That drink invitation along with the friendly squeeze to my arm, she was coming on to you; laughing to myself — yeah Swggart, you dumb jerk; your imagination always running way ahead of you ever catching up to it.

“This way Mister Swaggart, the bar is this way,” she’s telling me. But as I’m following her across the room towards a doorway into another room, that movement I watched as she walked between the park cars is even more eye-catching. Maybe because the way the Kimono clings to her curves along with the sway of her very fine butt moving within it; now even more interesting than what I thought it was in those painted on yoga pants.

The room we’ve entered is, I would describe as; nicely furnished with seating arranged in a way that people could sit and carry on conversations without having to talk loud enough to be heard. But close enough to be called; intimate?

“Mister Swaggart, you said your drink of choice is a vodka and bitter lemon with a twist of lime?” She asked while slightly, turning back to me asking it.

“Yes mam,” replying. But right after saying that Evelyn immediately stops and turns right back to me with her, ‘MAM,’ she repeats.

“Mister Swaggart,” she says. “I’m sure I must be older than you, but.. not old enough to be called, “Mam.” She says to me, all with a big smile that comes along with her mild rebuke..

“I’m sorry,” telling her. But this being only the second time we’ve met I wasn’t sure how to…

“Call me Evelyn,” she’s telling me.

“Thank you Evelyn!” Replying. You can call me Bob; of course leaving off the military rank too.

“I can see why she finds you so… interesting and attractive; Bob.” She’s telling me,

“She?” Replying.

“Come now Bob!” her reply. “You know exactly who I’m referring to; right?” It’s Evelyn’s comeback. “But, I’ll ask more about that later; if it’s alright?” She’s asking.

It’s Catherine; the remark Evelyn made about my being Catherine’s boyfriend. But I’m not going to acknowledge what she was inferring for now.

“Let’s have a seat over here,” she says, as she’s handing me a drink glass.

Is when she steps around me, close enough that she brushes my arm. Where it’s catching the scent of her calone from a more intimate closeness; I like it. Not Catherines, Lilac and Jasmine that I love how it smells on her. But Evelyn’s definitely stirring my senses.

“Can I ask you a few questions Bob,” she asks, as we settle into some comfortable chairs with just a small table between them.

“Sure,” replying. “But if any are about my military assignments and activities — there are some things I may not be able to answer.”

“I can understand that,” she tells me, “I also have some things I would not be able to answer, myself.”

“A lady of mystery; I suspect?” Telling her.

“You would have no idea, I’m sure!” she replies.

“And now, can you tell me what it is you do in your Marine Corps career,” She asked.

And for the next forty-five or so minutes, I’ve been giving Evelyn pretty much a general timeline of where it started, and as much as I can of the intervening years of training and deployments. Interrupted several times with her questions. Then continuing on with how those things led to my going into the reserves and how all that too has affected my life and of course, my marriage. And along with it too, has been my civilian occupation and how much that’s been a part of fitting it in with everything military.

“That story you related at the gym, it was focused on Tina Shultz; true, or just to set her in her place at that time?” Evlyn’s ask.

“Evelyn, what I said to Tina Shultz was all true. What I didn’t relate to her was; how close it really was. Where I’ve related that part to…, someone, I thought was a significant other; the worst part of it.”

“Would ankara escort bayan you tell me,” she asked.

“No.” Short but polite, my reply. “Because Evelyn, it’s too long to put into the how and why I ended up being in the situation I was in at that time. The end game though, was taking out the other three I mentioned. How I got the scar, and the whole reason I didn’t tell Tina Shultz that; was how very, very close it had been… for me.”

“Really?” Is Evelyn’s reply. Where she holds my eyes with hers until, “Can I get you a fresh drink?” She asked.

Looking at my glass to see it’s only partially melted ice. I hadn’t realized that with all my talking that I had finished the drink.

“Yes, thank you, but two is my limit. That way you wouldn’t have to drive me home.” Grinning at her.

“I can see your trouble,” she says. As she stands there; the Kimono looks a little more loose than it was when we first sat down here.

“Why say that?” asking her. “I’m probably the most laid back person you’ll know,” Telling her. “Except when I’m wearing that uniform; then, it’s all business.”

“Yes, I saw that at the gym,” she says. “Catherine Parker had never seen you like that either; right?” Evelyn asked.

And without replying to her it’s “May I ask about that later.” She says, turning away to refill my drink glass.

Returning with my refilled drink glass, then sitting back in the chair; only this time it’s crossing her legs that has the silk material of the Kimono she’s let slip aside, showing a lot more of her nice leg crossed over the other.

“How do you know Catherine Parker,” she asked me straight away, as she’s repositioning herself in her chair. That shifting in her chair allowed the Kimono to slip even more to the point where her bare legs are even more exposed to my view. And if she would shift a little further towards me, spreading her knees, I might very well see if the patch matched her short dark hair.

“I met Catherine on a train.” replying to Evelyn’s question.

“A train.. really!?” Surprise in her reply.

“Yes,” replaying.

“Bob…, I’ve known Catherine for a number of years, socially mostly, but more intimately if she would let me! Plus I know she travels a lot on business. But if we’ve talked about the travel aspect, it’s always been a flight to wherever she’s going to next, or coming back from. Plus I also know, she usually drives into the city most days to her office.” Evelyn tells me.

“Do you remember the ice storm we had right after last Christmas; it was on Monday.” Asking her.

“I remember it well,” she’s telling me, “I slipped on the ice right outside that door you came in. Bruising my behind to the point it was weeks before the black and blue faded away.” She’s telling me.

“Well…, I am happy that everything has returned to its rightful color.” Thinking I’m joking with her.

“Would you like to see it?” She comes right back at me. Almost choking on a sliver of ice that’s slipped past the lip of my drink glass that I’ve just placed to my mouth.

Clearing my throat, “That…, was the wrong time to joke about that,” telling her.

“I wasn’t joking,” she told me. “But…, before that, tell me more about you meeting Catherine Parker on a train.”

“I’m not sure how much I can tell you,” Replying. “You seem to know her a lot longer than I have. And what I would tell you will take up more time then it would take to finish this drink; rattling the ice in the glass to indicate the amount that’s left in it. So telling you how it initially came about would violate the trust that developed between the two of us. And I would also bet that what you know about her socially, where I will hazard this, is nothing to what I could tell of Catherine, the woman!”

“Mister Swaggart, Bob.” She’s saying. “I’m very good at keeping secrets; it’s part of what I did in my other life. There are men and women in positions I know of, where they like to impress other people with who they are, or what they do. Most of the time after getting to know me, they begin to hint or come right out asking, would I go to bed with them. And oftentimes their wives will too. I know a lot of men who like to watch and or participate in that kind of entertainment. And, I like to entertain and be watched!” She just told me.

“Yes!” She says, noticing the expression on my face she must have read.

“I’ll be very honest with you Bob. I was impressed with you and how you handled yourself in that situation at the gym. Catherine, overreacted, and she was showing off. And you, put her in her place in that situation. And I’m sorry that whatever relationship you had with her may have ended. To be honest, I’ve tried to get her to go to bed with me. But she turned me down because of the business relationship my husband and I have with the Parker family; is what Catherine told me then. But she also kissed me in a way I knew it was only that reason. And I’d fuck her in a heart beat sincan escort if she changes her mind.” Evelyn’s telling me looking straight at me as she was saying it.

That… really set me back in my chair.

“And this too, Bob,” she’s saying now. “Friends I have from my other life… I asked them about you.” She’s telling me. “I was very… impressed with what they told me. You have an exemplary military background. And that’s all I asked. “You went through a lot and still came out on the other side; alive. Now please.” she goes on. “What happened between you and Catherine on the train?”

“I’m not sure I want to tell you anything now… after that check up on me!” Hoping it’s calm but firm in my reply. “And why such interest in Catherine?” Asking her that too.

“Curiosity,” she replied. “And because I still want to fuck her!” Evelyn’s follow up.

“But now enough about Catherine Parker; because it’s you, I wnat to fuck right now…, and in ways I think you will enjoy very much!” The bluntness in how and what she said, setting me back in my chair, laughing like I haven’t laughed, closing in on … two months?

But Evelyn’s up from her chair and as she does, the tie wrap that was holding the Kimono close has conveniently come very loose, freeing the front of the Kimono which has partially draped open, exposing a fleeting glimpse of her nakedness underneath it. And was that a flash of dark pubic hair as she took her first steps towards me, along with flashes of bare legs. And yes, more peeks of her dark pubic triangle.

“Now mister Swaggart,” she says, “come with me.” Where she’s leaning down into me exposing lots more of her naked loveliness to my view. She does have some very nice breasts — some very generous handfuls I will very soon find out!

Standing up straight and backing up a few steps, Evelyn, with her hand out to take mine as I’m out of my chair where she quickly steps back into me at the same time her arms going up over my shoulders and around the back of my head; no doubt what I’m going to do with my hands sliding inside that loose and quite open Kimono as her mouth meets mine.

Evelyn, everything about her feels amazing! And she kisses like the very experienced, mature woman she is! I definitely know I’ll be up to the challenge; I can feel it rising all ready!

Taking my hand Evelyn leads me out the room we’re in through another doorway that takes us down a hallway where she turns into smaller but still spacious — “This is my massage salon,” she says, leading me into the middle of the room.

Not acknowledging what she just said as my eyes have already been taking in everything as Evelyn stands just a few steps off to my right, who’s saying, “That’s the massage table over there, and over there is where I prepare the oils she’s pointed to. Can I assume you wouldn’t want anything with a fragrance?” She’s followed up.

But it’s not what she says that’s taking my attention — it’s that table across the room I’m looking at. And never having a professional massage, but that table looks longer and wider then I would have expected for someone who needs to move around it without having to lean too far over the — massagee? But way more curious is the mirrored wall to the left of what must be the head of the table. Also, the entire mirrored wall on the far side of the table from where I’m standing and where I can see Evelyn and myself reflected back at us.

Oh Shit! My thought, this is going to be kinky and interesting.

“Over there Bob,” Evelyn’s voice breaking into my thoughts. “is the changing room.” Is when I turn to see her with her arm out pointing to a louvered door to my left in the room.

“There are hangers and hooks for your clothing; remove all of it,” she tells me. As I looked back tot her. “There are towels for modesty if you choose. And when you come back out, please go to the table and lay on your stomach with your head towards that wall.,” she’s telling me at the same time indicating the one she means with her outstretched arm. “And don’t be shy or embarrassed, I’ve seen many, many naked men. But… I think you’ll be one of the more impressive!” She’s followed with.

Laughing out loud at what she just said and turning away to make my way over to the changing room; thinking the whole time, this is going to be damn… interesting!

The changing room, more spacious than I expected; certainly not Superman’s phone booth. Slipping my shoes off, at the same time I can’t help seeing myself in the full length mirror in front of me. So, with my shirt on a wooden hanger, my pants folded on a dressing chair, all the rest on top of them. And now, my naked self looking back at me from the wall mounted mirror; already a partial hard-on inspired by my thoughts of that beautiful mature woman who wants to fuck me.

And with an oversized bath towel I’ve taken from a shelf while thinking, you’re going to look kind of silly if you wrap it around yourself, Swaggart. That bulge, even if you lift your cock back against your belly, it’s still going to be obvious as hell. Alright, it’s the towel draped over my shoulder; why hide something you’re proud of. And the women in your life telling you too, how much they love your cock — you, are, one, lucky bastard!

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