Caught being gay part two


Caught being gay part twoEvery one in this fictional story is over 18 and nobody is related. You may want to check out part one because I deviate from the main subject in this part but it’s a necessary part of the story. If not, this should still stand up on its own. I panicked and dropped to the bed covering my cummy cock with the sheet while scanning for my underwear. He spun his head around and looked but she was gone. He looked at me and asked what and as quietly as I could I whispered mom saw us! He said no way and I said yeah but I don’t know how long she was there. She definitely saw me kiss you. I couldn’t believe it he said well the cats out of the bag might as well and he grabbed for my cock. I said no dude I’m too freaked out plus I just came anyway The next couple days nothing was said and I kinda played it cool. I felt like mom was raging inside but holding it in so I just stayed away as much as possible. I did all my chores without being asked just to avoid making her talk to me. I avoided messing around with my b****** also just so I didn’t press my luck.Then another weird thing happened. I was hanging out in the neighborhood a lot more and struck up a conversation with some goofy older guy I’d seen out around his house before. He was really nice to me and talked to me like a buddy not like a stodgy old man. We were out on his porch talking for a while.He asked me if I tried smoking yet, did I ever ditch school and so on. He asked me if I had a girlfriend yet and I said no but I like a couple. He asked me who they were and I named a few from school. None of them were around the neighborhood and he asked me what girls in the area were cute. I named off a few and vaguely indicated where they lived in the neighborhood. When I mentioned Shannon he laughed and said I had advanced tastes in girls. He admitted she had great tits so I bragged that I saw down her shirt once and exaggerated that I saw it all. He thought that was great and told me he noticed all the girls I mentioned from around all seemed to be older girls with nice curves. I just admitted that the sexy girls were more like real women than the rail skinny boobless baby girls my own age. He laughed and said that was cool but his voice got lower and he said that’s ok you’re young yet you’ll like the skinny babyfaced ones too someday. It was weird but he kinda accidently touched the front of his shorts a couple times while all this was going on. I acted like it never happened but he did have a pretty big bulge in front so maybe it was harder to avoid I guess.He asked me in an excited tone if I wanted to see some tits gaziemir escort and I said hell yeah so he invited me in and sure enough he had dirty magazines spread out across the coffee table. Lol he also had a few dirty cum rags s**ttered around the living room. I was in awe of his collection of porn. Mine was mostly torn out cum crusted pages or a few magazines that were outside for a while. Plus I had to share all my porn with my b******.When I looked up at him he had his shirt off and was holding up one hairy man boob as he laughed loudly and said you wanted to see tits here you go. I thought that was pretty funny so I said I like these better and pointed at the magazines. He acted bummed that I didn’t like his man tits or his hairy belly. He was pretty chubby, but as we dove into the pile of porn I wondered if you could suck on a guys nipples and successfully convince yourself that they were female. The magazines were mostly mainstream titles like hustler and cheri but they were all new and had cum on only a few pages.When we got done scanning through the top pile he was openly jacking off through his shorts. I was hard as hell but still to shy to jack it in front of anyone else, besides, so far, my gay b******.We compared a few pictures back and forth between the two of us but as we started getting into the bottom shelf there were more specific types of porn. One was mostly young girls type teenybopper pictures including some hot ones of a cute blond getting split in two by a huge older dick. It was shot like over the guys shoulder like you could see what he was seeing and I said that made it really hot, and when it got to the end there was a shot of just the huge dick and the girls face with globs of cum all over it. The pictures were great because the contrast between her tiny body and his huge dick made it seem much more extreme. When I showed him a few pics out of that one he said he really liked the daddy/daughter spreads. I never realized that it was that specific, but then I showed him the little tiny heart tattoo on her ass and said that ruins the roleplay. He just looked at me funny and then showed me what he was looking at. They were beautiful girls but when you looked down they had dicks! Some looked exactly like women and some just looked like boys in make up and lingerie. The action shots were awesome with every sex combination possible. Some were a guy getting sucked and fucking the girly boy but alot of them were also the other way around. The anal sex fascinated me. I couldn’t wait to stuff my hard little dick into a hot tight butt. Any gaziemir escort bayan butt. I didn’t really want to think about being on the bottom though. I thought that would hurt like hell. He then showed me a picture of two femboys he called them, and the one being fucked had a pool of cum on his dick and balls while he had a dick in his ass. I asked if he could really cum from being fucked instead of fucking and my friend said yeah a lot of guys prefer it that way. I didn’t know what to think about that but he didn’t elaborate how he knew so I let it drop.At this point he took his cock right out of his shorts and continued jacking without his shorts in the way. He suggested I do the same. My shyness took a back seat by now I was too far gone to stop, so I freed my little cock. As I started to rub it at the same speed he was jacking his, he scooted over right next to me and rubbed my back. First he suggested we finish stripping since the shades were closed and the doors locked. I wondered at that because I saw him close the door but didn’t realize he had locked it as soon as he let me in. That’s when I realized that he meant to play with me somehow all along. He confirmed that when he suggested I sit in his lap after I got naked. I climbed on him and he set his cock up between my pale white legs and rubbed it against my thighs. Then he slowly started rubbing my dick for me while he squeezed my legs together and pumped between my thighs. My little cock felt good in his big meaty hand. He asked me if I liked it and I moaned and leaned against him. He stopped rubbing my back and started rubbing my butt instead. I moaned again and he took his other hand off my dick just long enough to turn my head towards him for a long deep tongue kiss. After the first taste of his tongue, he let go of my chin as I stayed in that position and returned his kiss darting my tongue around his and trying to lick the inside of his mouth. Now he started moaning too and I don’t know what came over me but I broke up our kiss and bent down to take his nipple into my mouth. He did really have nice sloppy tittys and I half thought you could imagine it was an older chubby lady if you squinted so you couldn’t see the hair on his tits.So he’s humping between my legs, jacking me off and now fingering my asscrack all at the same time, while I am sucking both of his fat titties. I came in 45 seconds. I was kinda backed up too, since I hadn’t even jacked off since my mom caught me and my b****** messing around. He surprised me when he scooped up the cum off my cock and rubbed it all around escort gaziemir the head of his own dick to make it slippery while he continued to fuck my thighs. He probed my butthole opening a little with his fingertips which didn’t seem so bad but as he started going faster between my legs, he started going deeper in my ass. He finally got in to the point where he had to curve his finger to go any further and when he did, he was scratching an itch inside my butthole I never knew existed. He started loudly going uh uh, and right when it started to twitch I grabbed the top part of his big cock that kept poking out from between my thighs and stroked his precum on his head, and his regular cum came out immediately after. It squirt out really hard out of the back of my hand and a bunch of it landed on both of us. I noticed some on his face, and there was so much I probably had some too, and by the look on his face staring at me it was probably so. He squirt seven times and every time it was a hard airborne shot. I was actually horny enough to keep playing but he pulled his finger out of my butthole and started trying to rush around cleaning up all the cum. I guess he suddenly felt bad and guilty because I was u*******, but I shushed him and successfully eased him back down on the couch, andit was the girlyest thing I’d ever done, I started roving up and down his body scr****g up his and my cum with my bottom lip and slurping it up into my mouth, including all over his messy cock. He just gasped and told me I was an interesting little boy. I told him I would never tell anyone what we did because I would get in as much trouble as he would. He said he seriously doubted that, and I told him he didn’t know my mom. I got dressed and then actually seriously kissed him as I said I was leaving. I told him I would like to come back and see him and again it was our secret and he finally said ok but we had to be cool. I said no problem I’ll be around on my bike. He told me if he was up for it he would invite me in discreetly and I was to cut through the back to come in his house. I was excited as I left having a new playmate to mess around with and far enough away from home to not get caught. When I got home and hour later I hid in my room. My mom stopped by my room in passing and asked me what I had been up to all day. I said I was messing around in the woods by the tracks and she said that was weird Shannon’s mom said she saw me talking to the creepy old guy two blocks over. Oh yeah I told her I talked to him for a minute on my way past. She told me to stay clear of him that the real reason his wife left was because he tried to m***** her two daughters. Holy shit that’s weird I said to myself but got an inward smile when I thought I hoped he might m***** me some more. I lost that inward smile when mom said, I have to warn you because I know how you and your b****** like doing sissy shit.

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