Caught in the Act- Part 3 (Sisterly Love)


Caught in the Act- Part 3 (Sisterly Love)It was Friday evening and Saturday morning couldn’t come quickly enough.If you’ve read the first 2 parts of this story, you’ll understand why.If you want to you can read them here. those who haven’t here’s a brief recap. A few Saturdays back, my sister, Alice had caught me wanking in the bath. To my surprise, rather than running out in horror she sat on the toilet and watched me rubbing my cock. As if that wasn’t surprising and exciting enough, she then peeled off her knickers and masturbated, while she watched me jerk off. The following Saturday we were alone in the house once more. After some initial what can only be described as flirting, we’d ended up together in the bathroom again. This time with Alice in the bath, watching as (per her instructions), I stood and stroked my cock in front of her. Again, she played with herself, fondling her nipples and fingering her pussy as she watched me wank. Then the fun REALLY began… she invited me to join her in the bath. Well, how could I refuse?I’d never felt a girl’s pussy before and it turned out, Alice had never had a cock in her hand. Her soapy hands slid up and down my erect penis, as my fingers slipped in and out of her tight, hot, wet pussy. We came together, my hot cum spraying over her belly as her body went into wild spasms of delight. I’d never seen a girl have an orgasm before. It was exhilarating. Part 3Since then, Alice had taken great pleasure in teasing me on an almost daily basis. Sometimes she’d come into my room to borrow a pen or other random article, wearing nothing but bra and panties, smiling impishly as my lustful gaze settled on her semi-naked body. When we were watching TV with no one else in the room, she’d sit with her legs apart, moving her hands gently over inner thighs, here fingers almost but not quite reaching pussy, again with a mischievous grin. As soon as anyone else came in she’d pull her knees back together. She clearly relished tormenting me, fuelling my lustful thoughts and fantasies.Frustratingly, last Saturday our Mum had decided not to go shopping so all my hopes for some alone time with Alice had been thwarted. Over the last week I’d masturbated a lot, fantasising exclusively about my hot young sister. Reliving our bathroom encounters, as my hands did their best to recreate the feel of her soft, nimble, young hands caressing my cock. I hoped desperately that tomorrow morning we’d finally have the house to ourselves.We sat down for our traditional Friday night dinner of fish and chips. “So Mum, are you and Geoff going shopping tomorrow?” I asked casually as I sprinkled salt on my chips.“I expect so…why what are you planning on getting up to?” She asked, suspiciously.“Nothing!” I responded, possibly too insistently while blushing slightly. “ I was just wondering if you could pick me up some more deodorant. I’ve nearly run out.” I added, to validate my question.“Yes ok, anything else?”. Mum smiled. “Chocolate?” I replied.I turned to my older brother, Ron. “So, have you got footy training?”“Nah…” He replied, chomping on a huge mouthful of food. My heart sank.“We’ve got a cup game.” he added. My spirits rose once more. I glanced over at Alice. “How about you? Anything planned.” “Not really, I’ll probably just get my homework out of the way…maybe take a bath.” She replied. I’m sure I detected a half smile, aimed in my direction. It was music to my ears! I just had to hope my younger sister, Becky would be dragged to the shops with Mum and Geoff, so I’d be alone with Alice. That night I didn’t indulge in my normal pre-sleep wank. I decided to save myself for the morning.I woke up to the sound of rain lashing against my window. I went downstairs to make some breakfast. I was surprised to see Ron sitting at the table, chomping away on some toast.“Don’t you have a cup game?” I asked.“I did…” He replied. ”Rained off”.“Shit!” I mumbled to myself. Another chance gone. “Maybe I’ll come shopping after all.” Alice announced, in response to the news. ”I haven’t got as much homework as I thought, so I might see if I can find a new dress for this evening.“This evening?” Geoff, our stepdad, asked.“Yeah… I told mum last week, Annie’s having a birthday party.”“Any boys going?” Quizzed istanbul escort Geoff, suspiciously.“I’m not a k**, I know what I’m doing” she, responded curtly.“Just be careful” Mum, urged her, laying a reassuring hand on Geoff’s arm.“Don’t worry, I will” She sighed.I felt a sudden pang of jealousy. The thought (which had just entered my head) of Alice snogging, or being fingered by, or giving a hand job to another boy, enraged me. After our bathroom experiences, she might want to try it, or maybe go even further, with somebody else. I spent the rest of the morning in my room, sulking.The members of the shopping expedition returned in high spirits. They’d all picked up something in the sales.Becky a girly toy of some sort, Mum a pair of new shoes, Geoff a half price bottle of single malt whisky, while Alice had landed herself two new dresses. They’d also bought a t-shirt for Ron and of course, I wasn’t to be left out. “Here’s your deodorant and we got you some new underwear, I know you need some.” Mum declared happily. “Fantastic!” I snorted. My mood not improving.“I helped choose them! “ Alice smiled, lobbing the package towards me.It contained three pairs, depicting Mr Happy, Mr Greedy and Mr Tickle.To be fair as underpants went, they were pretty cool. I managed half a smile.“Ron, we got you this.” Mum held up the t-shirt as he strolled into the kitchen.“Thanks,” He nodded, appreciatively. “Glad someone’s happy” Mum noted, glancing sternly at me. “We’re popping over to Aunty Barbara’s for a couple of hours after lunch…she’d love to see you all.” She announced. “Can’t, sorry, I’m seeing Vicky this afternoon.” Ron replied. Vicky was his girlfriend, how he’d found a girlfriend, especially one who as nice and attractive as her was beyond me. She was seriously hot, In fact she’d provided me with the inspiration for many a wank. That was of course before Alice had become the sole focus of my fantasies.“How about you two?” Mum asked glancing at me then Alice.“Too much homework.” I lied.“Me too, I’d love to come, but I really ought to do mine as well.” Alice said in turn.Truthfully or not I wasn’t sure. Luckily, Becky was still young enough have no choice, so with Ron going to see Vickywe’d have the house to ourselves after all. My mood improved dramatically.“So, what’s for lunch then?” I asked chirpily, keen to move things along. It seemed like an eternity before Ron left the house.Time had ticked on and I was worried Mum, Geoff and Becky would be back before too long.I hoped Alice had also been watching the clock, with similarly debauched intentions.When he’d finally gone, I knocked on her bedroom door.”Come in.” She responded.I opened the door, hoping my mental picture of her lying her bed naked, or similar, would be realised. Of course, it wasn’t. She was actually doing her homework. “Oh, so you really do have homework” I said disappointedly.“Well, yeah…don’t you?” “No, not really, I was just saying that to get out of going to Aunt Barbara’s…alsoI was thinking, maybe, while we’ve got the house to ourselves…we could…you know…”“You were thinking what?” She looked at me earnestly.“Aww, come on Alice…you know!” I said pleadingly.She laughed. “Well if Ron hadn’t taken so long…but I’ve got to get ready for the party, sorry!”.I turned and left her room, utterly dejected. I slumped onto my bed, to indulge in another bout of sulking. A few minutes later I heard Alice go into the bathroom and turn the shower on.I pictured her washing herself, her naked body covered in soapy suds, water running over her soft skin. maybe she was waiting for me to join her, perhaps it was all part of her game. Of course, that was it, she did like to tease me… I approached the bathroom door and slowly turned the handle.It was locked. My heart sank once more.Again, I flopped onto my bed in despair.Alice left the bathroom and closed her bedroom door. I listened forlornly as she dried her hair. Making herself look gorgeous for a bunch of randy teenage boys, gagging for the chance to get inside her knickers. I was distraught.“Adam…” Alice called. “Can I ask you something?”“What?” I called back gruffly.“I need your opinion.” She appeared in my doorway holding up her two new dresses in front of her.“Which one do you think I should wear to the party?”“I dunno.” I replied avcılar escort sullenly. “Wear what you like!”“Oh, come on, please! I can’t decide…This one?” She held up the pale blue dress up in her right hand.“Or this one?” She held up the black one in her left. “Well, what do you think?” She smirked, holding up both dresses. My eyes widened. My naughty little sister was naked but for a pair of very sheer, white panties. My cock stiffened instantly. “I err, I don’t know…” I spluttered, staring longingly at her tits.“Shall I try them on?” she suggested.“Err, yeah I guess…I replied.She stepped into the light blue dress easing it over her slender, shapely body. As she reached behind herself to pull up the zip, she arched her back causing the light fabric to stretch over the contours of her perfect little breasts, her nipples clearly visible beneath the light blue fabric. My cock stiffened even more.She turned her back and lifted her dark shoulder length hair from her neck.“Can you finish zipping me up?” She asked.“Sure.” My hand shook as I carried out her request.“Well what do you think?” She asked, turning to face me.I grinned. The bulge in my jeans should have told her exactly what I thought.“Nice!” I replied, trying not to drool.“Maybe I need to wear a bra though…” She suggested, running her fingers provocatively over her erect nipples. “What do you reckon?”A wave of jealousy overcame me.“Well I guess that depends on whether you want a bunch of blokes staring at your tits all night!” I said sharply.“Hmmm…I hadn’t thought of that.” She smiled wickedly. ”Maybe, I should go braless…” My fists clenched. “Well, if want everyone to think you’re a whore, yeah!” “Oh my, I do believe my big brother is going all protective on me!” She chuckled.“I, I, err I mean…”I spluttered, feeling an strange mixture of resentment and arousal.“Take it easy.” Alice smiled, disarmingly. “I might wear the black dress anyway.”She turned away again. “Can you unzip me please? As I pulled the zip down revealing her soft, delicate skin my arousal intensified.I’d never considered backs sexy before, nor could I understand why the simple act of unzipping Alice’s dress was so intoxicating. As she pulled the dress down, she bent forwards slightly, pressing her firm round cheeks against my groin.“Ooh…what’s that in your jeans?” She asked coquettishly.“Take a guess” I replied, excitedly.“Hmmm…let me see”. She mused, slowly gyrating her hips, caressing my bulge with her buttocks.“I just can’t think…”She reached back and cupped my cock and balls in her left hand.“Is a banana? No, wait…it’s far too hard for a banana…”“No, definitely not a banana!” I confirmed.Alice turned round, allowing the dress to drop to the floor. My heart pounded as she moved her hand slowly along the length of the bulge, squeezing gently, exploring the contours of my genitals through the denim. “Maybe I need to take a look” She suggested. “Maybe you should.” I replied, shakily.Slowly she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down around my knees.“You certainly did need some new underpants.” she chuckled “These are a real state.She wasn’t wrong, they were faded, frayed and nearly worn through.She grabbed the saggy not very elastic waistband and tugged them down, exposing my cock and balls. “Aha, it’s a big hard penis! “ She declared triumphantly. So, what’s making you so horny?” “Like you don’t know!” I retorted, staring eagerly at her virtually naked body.She grinned, the naughtiest grin. “So, you think I’m hot then?” She asked.“You’re fucking hot! My friends never shut up about how they want to fuck you.”“Really…” She smiled. ”Which ones?”“Why, you’re actually looking to get laid are you?” I asked spikily.“Well I am 16, and I’m on the pill, so why not?”I frowned. “In fact, I was thinking today could be the day.” She added. My frown deepened. “Don’t worry! I’m not planning to fuck just anyone.” she assured me.“So, you are planning to fuck someone then?” “Yeah, but It’ll have to be someone I can trust…” Alice continued coyly. ” Someone who won’t go telling everybody…” She leant towards me gently caressed my cheek, then kissed me tenderly on the lips. She stared knowingly into my eyes. Then the penny dropped, my heart skipped a beat. “Y…you…you mean…you mean you want to fuck me?” I stammered.“Why not?” she asked, pressing her bare şirinevler escort breasts against me.“Well you’re my sister, for a start.” I replied, my head spinning at the suggestion.“And…I mean, it’s not like we haven’t already, you know…and if we both want to…You do want to don’t you?” “Well, yeah…but what about, I mean what if…I mean I don’t know, I just wasn’t expecting”.Alice pushed her hips forwards, so my cock was rubbing against her knickers. She began to rock gently, rubbing her soft mound against my throbbing pole. She lifted up my t-shirt, prompting me to take it off. Her firm, erect nipples brushed my skin.She ran her fingers through my hair and pushed my head down towards her chest.Almost instinctively my mouth clamped around her nipple and I began to suck.She moaned contentedly as I pulled her nipple eagerly, almost frantically into my mouth.As I sucked on one breast she squeezed and caressed the other, teasing her nipple between her fingers, gently pulling it into an even more erect state. “This one’s feeling left out.” She pouted.“Oh, dear, we can’t have that.” I declared. “No, we can’t!” she agreed, pulling my head towards the neglected breast. I sucked on her nipples, like a greedy baby drinking his mother’s milk.I’m not sure how long I sucked on my sister’s perfect, little tits, switching from one to the other but long enough for my jaw to ache. When I eventually pulled my head away, her nipples were rock hard and about twice their normal size.They weren’t the only things hard as a rock. My cock was fully engorged and ready to explode. Alice lowered her slender young body onto my bed.She arched her back and slipped her white panties down past her knees, pulled one leg free then the other and dropped them to the floor.Here soft black curls shimmered in the afternoon sun, her pink pussy lips glistened invitingly.I lay down next to her. “I’m not sure what to do.” I breathed nervously.“Me neither.” She whispered excitedly.She kissed me tenderly, then rolled over onto her side. Her palm wrapped itself around the shaft of my cock. I reached down between her legs, my fingers slid over her silky curls and between her moist lips. We stared into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily, excitedly, as we played with each other. I’d never heard of foreplay, yet alone understood the importance making sure a girl was sufficiently moist, before thrusting 7 inches of rigid, swollen cock inside her.Luckily Alice wasn’t just moist, she was dripping.“So, are you going to fuck me or what?” Alice asked, her voice quivering.She rolled onto her back and opened her legs, pulling me on top of her.My throbbing penis pressed against her hot wet mound, I attempted to push myself inside her, but my cock just slid around her hot, wet, velvety folds.“Sorry” I panted, with a mixture of desperation and embarrassment.“It’s ok” She breathed. “Try again”.I thrust my pulsing rod towards her tight little cunt, once again It slipped out from between her hot swollen lips.“I want it inside me.” Alice whispered feverishly. She took hold of the shaft and guided my engorged helmet to her hot wet slit. It was something of a squeeze. I pushed my cock deep inside her. The physical sensation of her moist, velvety insides wrapped tightly around my pulsating pole, combined with the realisation I was actually fucking my sister, was a mind blowing cocktail. I wanted the moment to last forever, but sadly, like most 17 year old boys I was on a short fuse. I clenched my buttocks, trying to prevent the inevitable. I held on for maybe a minute, two at best.“I’m…I’m gonna cum…” I panted.“No, not yet, try to hold on.” Alice pleaded.“I’m sorry!” I gasped, as my balls began to pump hot spunk into her vagina.She grabbed my waist and pulled me in deeper, Pushing her pelvis up to meet my downward thrusts. Intense, indescribable pleasure surged through my loins, my body tensed, my head swam, as with wave after ecstatic wave I emptied myself inside my sister.“Don’t stop!” She gasped as I began to slow down. My balls were empty, but my cock stayed hard and I continued to fuck Alice’s squelching, cum filled pussy. Her body stiffened and she started to judder almost uncontrollably, her moans turned to cries as she wrapped her soft thighs tightly around my waist.Eventually the spasms subsided, and her body relaxed. I pulled my semi-erect cock from her dripping pussy and rolled onto my back, emitting a contented sigh.“Adam…” she said.“Yes, Alice?” “That was nice!”I smiled at her. “Nice? It was incredible!”She smiled back in agreement.I sat up. “So, you still haven’t decided which dress you’re wearing to the party!” She laughed.“Though, if it’s the blue one…”I went on. “You should definitely wear a bra!”

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