Chapter one: That nameless feeling


Chapter one: That nameless feelingChapter one: That nameless feeling”If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past 25 years, it’s that a woman’s clit can be a VERY evil and needy thing,… Once it’s shown something better, it will relentlessly throb for it. Just know, the monster that lives at the very most bottom level of pandora’s box isn’t Cthulhu,… No, the monster that lives at that level Is the prettiest pink and flawlessly shaped clit you have ever seen, & as a man you just can not help but WANT to please it, worship it, until that clit becomes your God,… and once that happens (if your a cuckold) you might as well have sold your soul to the Devil on his most mischievous day,…”-A. Richard Skinner May 10th 2020 (Mothers Day)Let’s go back,…back to that very first step down my personal rabbit hole of the cuckolding lifestyle, between you & I, let’s see how many chapters you can get into my book before you find yourself screaming at me to stop,… turn around,…go back,…dont do this,… (Well, Newsflash, it’s too late).- September of 1993-In the fall of 1993 I met my now future wife in high school. We were both seniors. I was the new k** in town (having just moved to this small sleepy Kansas town of 6,000 people that summer before high school started) & with out a doubt her and I hit it off right away. Before long we were dating just one short week after we first bumped into each other in the crowded school halls.A description here will never do her justice, but I will try my very best. Imagine if you can a five-foot, 120 pound girl. Her skin is impeccable as she is 1/4 Native American and 3/4 Caucasian which gave her skin a most interesting hue. Besides her Betty Davis “Come fuck me eyes” she possessed a set of 36 D cups for tits, & she always had a landing patch over her pussy (until recently, now she keeps it completely shaved at all times). For the purposes of this story, we will call her Kate (or Kat for short).After a week of dating, we had sex, we were each other’s firsts,…& I thought that would be special. I was wrong,…very wrong.A few months after we first had sex her best friend approached me during gym class and told me that she knew Kate had kissed my (newly acquired) best friend Ian, she went on to say it happened under the bleachers in the gym. She wanted me to know kadıköy escort because she said I didn’t deserve that and that I deserve better. I could feel there was more, so when I pushed I found out that Kate had also fucked my new friend a few days after that.I asked her friend how she could possibly even know that & she said.”Because we all snuck out of the house last weekend and met up at the abandoned train station outside of town.”.Stupidly I responded with a knee-jerk “Yeah, but how can you KNOW they actually did something?”.Her friend shrugged, turned red from embarrassment & after a few moments shyly said “Because,…she’s,… loud?…When she fucks?”.The statement was so awkward for her friend to say, it came out as a question instead of a statement.My mind started racing, she had never been loud with me when we fucked, she was always quite as a church mouse. My highschool brain was trying to figure out what that meant (later on in life I saw first hand what it meant).Her best friend finally went on to say “Even though we were miles from a house I was worried someone was gonna call the cops…it was…intence.”.I walked away…stunned.A few hours later between classes I confronted her in the library, when I did she instantly broke up with me. I kept asking for why, a reason, anything and all she could say was ” Sorry,…he kept pressuring me, and, I kinda wanted it.”.I remember she had this devil-may-care attitude about the whole situation, complete with a few shoulder shrugs and eye rolls. After a bit we both just fell into silence and stared at each other.Then abruptly with a fake smile she said, “Anything else?”. “No,” I said weakly.She walked away, & I told myself I never wanted to see her again…although even while she walked off,… I couldn’t help staring at her perfectly shaped ass. (This should have been my first clue).A few weeks went by, & one late night I could hear pebbles bouncing off the storm window of my bedroom. I opened the window, & waited. From the darkness, I heard a familiar voice. It was Kate.”Can I come in?” Her soft voice said.”It’s after midnight.” I whispered back as to not wake my parents.She stepped forward into the moonlight & stood there. Her hair was a complete mess,… To which I thought she was having a restless üsküdar escort night, I found out later I was wrong,…after a few moments, I moved out of the way & she crawled in.”Where’s your new fuck buddy Ian?” I let out sarcastically, once she was in my room.”We broke up” she said dryly.”Sorry,…” I mumbled.”I came here to ask you a question” she said quickly before I could say anything else.A moment passed & then,…obviously chickening out of whatever the question really was,…she asked “Can I use your restroom?””Sure,…” I said curtly. She walked into my bathroom that was connected to my bedroom, & I plopped down on my bed & sat there, waiting. After a few moments the door opened & there she stood, completely naked from head to toe. She was leaning in the doorway & finally after a few moments spoke “That,…wasn’t the question I was going to ask you.”I looked her up & down, the light to my bathroom was still on, I was dumbfounded by her backlit flawless 18-year-old body. I managed to only get out one word out of my mouth “…,Wasn’t?” “Nope,” her voice had a coy tone.She slowly walked closer & I noticed between her strides that her pussy had a wet sheen to it, I thought it was because she was turned on at first. She came across the room till her bare tits met my face at eye level. I looked up at her & she had this wicked smile on her face as she swayed back & forth brushing the edge of her perky nipples lightly across my dry lips. I remember as her nipples continued to gently be dragged across my lips the tops of her tits kept going just slightly under my nose. I kept inhaling a faint fragrance that curiously smelled like something masculine. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the smell. with each passing of a nipple across the fringes of my lips I caught more. Her right nipple stroked my lips,…a woodsy smell,…Her left nipple stroked, …lavender,…A left nipple stroke,… hints of amber,…Right nipple stroke,… Some citrus,…Left nipple, ….Aspen,…I opened my eyes & looked up at her, “Your tits smell like,…Aspen cologne” I said.She was still smiling & swaying “So, you DON’T want to hear my question?” She whispered, with a malevolent look.”I do,…”Her smile grew “,…Will you, go out with me?”I’m not sure why, it could have been tuzla escort the intoxicating naked 18-year-old standing before me in the moonlight of my bedroom, it could have been because I had a raging hard-on and teenage hormones, or it could be that I felt sorry for her because some jerk of a guy dumped her,… but for some reason, I said “Yes”.She kissed me as she started to straddle me, when she lifted up one of her legs my hand came in contact withh one of her inner thighs, just a few centimeters below her pussy. I could feel her inner leg shaking and quivering.I smiled in-between our kisses & asked, “Why are you so nervous?””,…I’m not,…I just had a really strong orgasm before I came over here” she slowly confessed.I was stunned, “Wait, what? You saw him before you came over here?”She pulled back, and with a sad look on her face she lamented, “He just used me, & then dumped me right after he got off.” She looked down towards her pussy, “you know, … ” she seemed to shamefully struggle with the next set of words, ” you know, In, … me.”A few seconds went by, I looked at her, & then a strong feeling of pity came over me,… “It’s, … O.K., …” I explained.She looked at me in my eyes with a very loving gaze, at the time I thought it was a real look of love, looking back I think this is the moment she realized she had me wrapped around her finger & could do anything she wanted. I think about this past moment and that “loving gaze,” & wonder, if vampires we’re real,…would this be the very same look their victims would see just before teeth sunk into their neck & slowly exsanguinated them of all feelings, all life?Just then a light came on in the hallway.”One of my parents, are up,” I said in a excited whisper.Kat quickly got dressed like a pro, & climbed out the window, she stopped just before her head was out of view… With a big smile on her face she uttered, “See you at school tomorrow” and then like the cheshire “Kat” she is,… vanished. I sat there on my bed, …alone,…but this wouldn’t be the first she left me alone on our bed, after midnight, waiting, with that very same raging hard-on, the next 25 years would be full of this. All in various different ways,…You’ll see,…you’ll see.A nameless feeling filled the recesses of my mind, I didn’t know what it was, just that I was turned on, I wouldn’t know that nameless word for almost 10 years was a word called “cuckold”.The light went off in the hallway, and I found myself jacking off in the dark thinking about everything that just happen.I cummed within minutes. Thinking about my new girlfriend’s Aspen scented tits.

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