Chapter Two of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt:


Chapter Two of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt:A story about ravaging lucky Dan’s hairy pussy wife. . . [user][/user]Chapter Two of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt: Bound and helplessIt was now fuck Dan’s wife day. The two weeks had surpassed and I was very pleased they had flown by so quickly as I really could not wait to be inside Helen’s hairy pussy. It was Dan that had taken the initiative and had managed to identify and book an ideal hidden away remote cottage for the weekend, for him and Helen to rent out. And so here I was, waiting inside my car, just down the driveway from the hidden away cottage. I looked at my watch. It was 4pm on that autumn Saturday afternoon. If things were going to plan, Dan should now have his wife tied up, blindfolded and spread-eagled naked on the bed. Dan would shortly be texting me to let me know this and then he would get into his car and leave the cottage by the back driveway. He would also leave the front door unlocked and slightly ajar for me. Then I was free to enter the cottage from the front drive way, locate the bedroom and fuck the absolute shit out of his tied-up, blind folded and unsuspecting wife who would have absolutely no idea what I looked like or what was going on. The irony was the Dan did not know what I looked like either: the only communication we had had was by email and text and it was planned that he would leave by the back cottage driveway so that our paths would not cross. The deal also was that once Dan had left the cottage, I had around 4 hours of playtime to fuck his wife. He was due back at 8.15pm and the arrangement was that I would be gone by this time so that he could untie his wife and bathe her, run her a bath. I wondered to myself if perhaps he would want to have sloppy seconds first. For example, if he came back to see his wife lying there spread wide open with my spunk leaking out of her dripping wet hairy horny well used slutty cum dump fanny, would he want to fuck her lying there so helpless and exposed like that!It was then that my mobile phone vibrated. It was 4.03pm and the message was from Dan. It read: “I’m gone now, all good to go. Have fun! Dan”. I was feeling rather excited and yet slightly apprehensive. I was bursting with an excited lustful longing in my loins as I mused about how I would soon be eating out Helen’s hairy fanny. I started up my car and slowly drove towards the cottage. I parked up about a minute’s walk from the cottage front drive way. I did not want her to suspect anything by hearing a car pull-up. I got out of the car and slowly walked towards the cottage. True to Dan’s word the front door was unlocked and slightly ajar . . . It felt like my breathing was really deep and loud in the silence of the cottage as I quietly tiptoed into the hallway. I noted the cottage was lovely and warm, the central heating was full on this autumn chilly day and it needed to be with Helen lying naked spread eagled in the bedroom, somewhere in the cottage, to keep her warm. I knew the cottage was only one floor so the bedroom would be on the ground floor somewhere. I tiptoed around the corner and I saw a room with the door half open. I could hear Helen’s voice calling: “Dan, this is not funny. I know you said you were going to get some chocolate to pour over tuzla escort my boobs to lick off, but where are you?!” My body was breathing deep with excitement and horny lust as I crept into the bedroom. Wow….my expectations were exceeded with seeing the sexy sight that lay before me. Helen really was spread eagled so wide and open, Dan had done a super job!I sighed with absolute pleasure as I admired the sexy beautiful sight before me and just hoped this sigh was not too loud so at to raise suspicion. There Helen was, naked, tied up with arms to the top posts and legs to the bottom posts. I walked around to the foot of the bed and stood looking at her, her legs were spread so wide so that her hairy cunt was glistening in its juices and the lips parted slightly. I could see that Dan had done a great job of exciting her and she was clearly lying there waiting, wet, horny and impatient, waiting for Dan to finish ravishing her. Of course, that was not going to happen now. If anyone was going to ravish Helen, then it was going to be me!I stood there, which felt like eternity, just perving all over her, consumed with utter a****listic lust I stood transfixed glaring at her so exposed glistening wet beautiful hairy fanny. She was blindfolded and biting her lower lip like in excitement and yet bewilderment as to why everything had gone quiet. She had sensed someone was in the room as she said “Dan, is that you?!”. I figured she was assuming it was him, she just said this trying to break the silence. Poor Helen, she really had no idea that Dan had simply walked out of the door and left her on her own with a horny stranger.I remained silent. Mmmm …. I mused to myself, where to begin! I knelt down between her spread open legs and gently began to rub her thighs, working my hands up towards her open wet hairy pussy. I gently rubbed around her pussy lips as I leant forward so that my nose was only a few cm’s away from her open pussy. I breathed in the deep aroma of her sexy feminine scent, she was on heat and horny as fuck for a good pussy pounding. I started to lick the insides of her legs, teasing around her pussy lips, enjoying her wetness and in being in such close proximity to her beautiful hairy cunt. And it really was so very beautiful. mouth was soon at her pussy lips, my breath on them as I started to engage in oral sex with her beautiful pretty wet hairy pussy. I could not hold back in my lust to taste her, to have my nose and tongue so deep inside her pussy. With a deep grunt of utter satisfaction at having the opportunity to eat her out, I really went for it with a passion and urgency of full on a****listic horny lust. I ate her pussy with my tongue, kisses and mouth like I was eating a ripe peach, really got into her folds and the insides of her wet pussy as my face was increasingly being covered by juices. My big fat hard cock was throbbing in my pants, leaking precum in excited anticipation of what was to come, and in turn she was wriggling her hips really enjoying it. I was now teasing her clit with my tongue, as I inserted two fingers into her horny slutty wet hairy cunt. Helen purred with pleasure as I finger fucked her, opening up her pussy, gaping her. I was totally consumed by utter lust pendik escort and my tongue was soon back in her pussy, licking out the insides of her pussy, relentlessly. I just could not get enough, I was licking her out like one would lick out the insides of a jam jar, I was obsessed in licking every last drop of her cunt juices, intoxicated by her pussy juice and sexy aroused pussy scent.For some reason and I don’t really know exactly why, Helen, had suddenly figured out that it was not Dan eating her out between her legs. Maybe it was because she had not as yet been covered in the chocolate that Dan had previously told her he was going to get from the kitchen or it was a different technique to pussy eating or a sixth sense. In any haste, she suddenly froze and she cried out in slight panic: “Dan, where is Dan, who are you, where is my husband?”. Helen started to lash out trying to get out of the restraints that had bound her arms and legs to the bed posts. I had to smile. Dan had done a super job in tying his wife to the bed. She was not going to get out of those bindings very easily or at all. Helen yelled with all the authority she could muster in her voice: “untie me, untie me!” This only turned me on even more knowing she was now feeling a little anxious and was just so vulnerable and exposed as she tried to escape, wriggling her hips, and there was fuck all she could do about it. I luved the way her hairy pussy was wriggling around only inches from my face, it was sending me delirious with desire to pound the absolute fuck out of her. I decided to say nothing and remained silent. I held her hips firmly against the mattress and lustfully went straight back to eating her pussy like it was a juicy peach. I did not regard this as **** – after all she had consented in her previous xhamster message. Her pussy was leaking its juices into my mouth as I ate her out like a jam jar. She was moaning in pleasure, her body was betraying her mind that was screaming for her to be unleashed. I really worked at her wet hairy pussy, teasing her pussy folds, ploughing deep into her pussy with my tongue, lapping at her deep, drinking her pussy juices, sucking on her cunt, enjoying looking into the depth of her pink meaty pussy as I tongue fucked her. Helen stopped struggling and went quiet as she came in my mouth, I held on as she bucked to and throw with her hips. I was smiling from ear- to-ear, this day really was just the best, fucking awesome! After a moment, Helen said: “okay, who are you?”. I was still between her legs, my hands gently caressing her inner thighs after her orgasm. I replied: “You wanted this. So just lay back and enjoy as I use you. Your juicy hairy fanny is mine for now. I have wanted this for a very long time”. went quiet for a moment before she replied: OMG its Smiler isn’t it?!” I slapped her big juicy udder like tits as I told her to shut the fuck up and she shrieked out in surprise at me slapping her. I ignored her. I focussed again on enjoying a close-up view of her so beautiful wet hairy fanny. Her fanny was glistening with her juices under the light and it was the most inviting and beautiful sight in the world. There was no going back now, and in time I was going to bareback dick aydınlı escort her real good. First, however, I had another surprise for Helen . . . and this one I had not run past Dan.I had brought with me a little bag, which I opened up right now. Unbeknown to Helen, I took out a little bottle of lube and a tool. It was a speculum tool and it was time to open her up, really gape her juicy wet hairy cunt so nice and wide, to see into the pink depths of her, I had been fantasising about this for such a very long time. I undid the lube bottle and poured lube all over the speculum and Helen’s pussy. Not that I needed the lube judging by how wet Helen’s fanny was, but I thought I should use it anyway. I began to rub Helen’s pussy lips as she moaned in pleasure and then I gently placed the metal speculum at her pussy lips entrance and gently pushed it in. Helen froze. I did not give her time to adjust to the intrusion of the cold metal tool I had just inserted into her. I started to turn the knob on the speculum as the metal tongs began to move wider apart and in turn stretching Helen’s pussy wider at the same time. Helen let out a shriek of surprise at the invasion of the cold metal into her pussy that was opening her up as she cried out: “Smiler, this is not funny, what are you doing?!”. I ignored her. This was my time to use Dan’s wife exactly how I wanted to and this was all part of my fun and addressing my lust. She had cock teased me for far too long. I became transfixed as I opened up Helen’s very wet hairy pussy. I groaned with utter pleasure as I looked so deep inside her, admiring her wetness and the pink insides of her meaty pussy. The beauty of it. I also had a pocket light torch with me that I took out of the bag. I turned this on as I perved looking deep into the depths of Helen’s fanny. I said out loud: “Mmmmm fucking hell, Helen, the insides of you, you’re pink wet horny juicy aroused cunt, the best, so sexy, just so fucking beautiful, I can’t get enough of looking inside you, I want to be your gynaecologist and I want to fill you with my cum!”. Helen, did not reply, just laid there in a very embarrassed compromising situation, with her legs spread so side open, her pussy on full gaping display, soaking wet as the speculum stretched her out. I peered deep into her pussy, my face in as far as I could get, to get a real good look inside her. My big fat hard cock was throbbing with utter lust. I moved away from Helen and quickly stripped myself naked. Then with my big fat hard throbbing cock in my hand I knelt down between Helen’s legs again. I was wanking my throbbing cock as it leaked precum as I peered into the depths of Helen’s wet open hairy cunt. I spat into her pussy and with my hand that was not wanking, inserted fingers inside her, gently touching her pink pussy tissue, fascinated by her sexy womanhood. Helen, in turn, was enjoying the way I was fingering and touching the depths of her pussy, even if she did not tell me this, her body betrayed her. I could tell by her wetness and her moans of pleasure and the hardness and hunger of my own throbbing cock it was time to fuck her and real good. I had thought about stretching Helen’s cunt further to see if I could possibly fist her, but my cock was crying out that it needed to be so deep inside her right now. So I took my fingers out of Helen’s pussy and gently undid the speculum. Then lying this tool by the side of the bed, I got ready to mount on top of her…. Check out Chapter Three for Helen’s hairy cunt creampie suprise…!

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