Cheating Together – Part 3


Cheating Together – Part 3—part-1-of-3-621167—part-2-621573The next morning Ken awoke to the feeling of a hot mouth working his morning wood. Becky was happily sucking him as she used her vibrator on her pussy.”Someone is hungry this morning.” Ken said as he relaxed for an enjoyable experience.”I’ve been listening to our neighbors. They must have fucked for an hour.” Becky said as she again tongued his cock before moving down to suck his balls.Ken looked out on the blue waters of Lake Michigan and noticed the sailboats tacking back and forth.”So are you glad you came to Chicago with me?” He asked as the married brunette looked at him as her tongue licker the base of his cock.”It has been the best! I still can’t get over how you seduced me into sucking off the bellboy! I bet he tells all his buddies about what a slut I was!” Becky said as she began to rapidly pump his dick.Ken thought about trying to hold out and said to himself; “what the fuck!” Then he remained silent as he flooded her mouth with cum.”Mmmm…mmmm…ahhhh” came from sexy married woman as she tried to swallow the cum.Becky crawled up to him and he reached down and fucked her with her buzzing vibrator. Soon her body began to jerk as she let her lover get her off.”So what kind of fun should we have today?” She asked as she pushed her ass into him.”I think you should go to the spa and get all relaxed while I go work out. Then I think we should find some other kinky things to do.” Ken said as he smiled.”Spa? Really? I have never done anything like that!” Becky said excitedly as she had never known that kind of luxury.”Well, I have set up an appointment for you at ten so go ahead and get cleaned up!” He said and watched the naked woman head to the shower.Ken picked up his phone and saw Jenny’s text. “Are you set for the next phase?” Ken replied, “Yes!”A little while later Ken was on the treadmill in the workout room when Jim came in and took the only empty machine that was next to his own. Jim nodded to him when he recognized him as the guy from the next room. They both finished their workouts and they were doing stretching when Ken decided to open a conversation.”I don’t mean to be rude but you and your girl really put on a show last night!” Ken said with a knowing wink.”Yeah, I hope we did not bother you next door but from what I could hear you and your wife were holding your own!” Jim said with a knowing grin.”Becky is not my wife. Frankly she is just a woman I met online that was looking for a real man. Her old man has no idea how to take care of a horny little mess like her.” Ken said with a chuckle.”Wow, Jenny is a slut I met online too. She has always wanted to cross the color line; well now she has been integrated!” Jim said with a laugh at his own humor.”Well I had Becky suck my dick in the elevator and then I got her to blow the bellhop last night. After that she would do anything I told her!” Ken said with a sadistic leer to his voice.”Wow, maybe we ought to get the bitches together. Do you mind sharing?” Jim asked.”Not at all!” Ken replied.Meanwhile at the spa Jenny walked in just ahead of Becky. “Excuse me but aren’t you in the room next to mine?” Jenny asked Becky.”Why yes I am!” Becky said as she remembered listening to the interracial couple next door fucking with abandon.”My name is Jenny and it is nice to meet you. I have to say you and your husband were sure having fun last night. Hotel sex is the best! Don’t you agree?” Jenny said with a wink and a giggle.”Well it is fun but he is not my husband.” Becky said.”That makes it even better! The guy I’m with is just a guy I met on-line. I am going to use him up and send him home!” Jenny laughed.”Are you here together?” The attendant asked as they checked in.”Yes we are!” Said Jenny as Becky agreed by nodding vigorously as she knew had a new friend.At lunch time erzurum escort the two couples laughed over how coincidental it was that guys and girls had managed to get know each other.Ken looked into Jenny’s pretty eyes and could see the smoldering lust burning there. He knew just what nympho she was and clearly the sex and deception had been an aphrodisiac that was feeding her lust. Jenny looked at Becky who she really enjoyed being with. Becky was in many ways such a novice but she was passionate and anxious to experiment. She was quite curious about interracial sex. Where she was from in rural South Georgia such relationships were still considered taboo.Jim admirer the two hot white women he was with. Fucking Jenny was amazing! Seeing his black cock covered with her pussy juice as he pumped her to one orgasm after another blew his mind. Now he was sitting next to Becky who had that white southern girl accent that made him hornier than ever. He just hoped that his new friend Ken was right that he could get in into the little Georgia peach!Most of the talk at lunch was about where they were from. Jenny and Ken were perfect a faking their shock that they were both from Denver. Jim was the closest to being local but he had come over from Detroit. “Here let me pick this tab up!” Ken said as he signed for the tab.”How about a cocktail back at the rooms? We can just go ahead and open up the connecting doors.” Jim said and was pleased when both women agreed as Ken gave him a knowing wink.Back at the room Ken smiled as he opened his connecting door to see his wife on the other side. Jenny licked her lips in the most suggestive manner before Jim could come up behind her and put his muscular arms around the petite blonde.”The lake is beautiful!” Becky said as Ken joined her putting his arms around her and kissing her on the neck. Then he cupped her large tits.Jenny was watching her husband embrace his lover as Jim ground his hard cock against her ass. He was ready to fuck again and frankly Jenny was too!”You are right Jenny; there is something about hotel sex!” Becky said as she ground her ass against Ken as she looked at her new friend being felt up by the black stud.”I have an idea! We all know we are here fucking around on our spouses, well except for Jim, but we all came here to have sex like we can’t at home. How about we have a little orgy?” Jenny said with a giggle.Ken was still cupping Becky’s tits as she nodded her head that she was willing. Ken then pulled her sun dress down letting the others see her large tits. The couples watched each other as they touched and kissed. Jenny was burning with desire as she watched her husband work the sexy brunette’s tits. Then she felt her dress fall away leaving her only in her skimpy thong.Ken watched carefully as Jim pushed his wife onto her knees. He found it difficult to breath as Jenny began to suck the large black cock. Becky slipped her knees as well and started sucking Ken. Jim looked at him and pointed down at Jenny and then over at Becky indicating he was suggesting a switch. Ken gently pulled Becky’s hair as he withdrew his dick. Becky moaned as Jim placed his black cock against the southern woman’s lips. Becky’s eyes closed as her mouth sucked the black cock as deep as she could get it. Ken then felt the familiar lips of his wife begin to work his cock. He looked down to see her blues eyes looking up at him. Then she gave a sexy wink as she worked his cock.Becky was now sucking Jim’s balls as her hand pumped his long thick cock. Ken pulled Jenny to the bed where he quickly mounted her doggy styles. Ken had never felt Jenny’s pussy hotter or wetter. He wondered if there were still seamen from Jim in her. The thought of that just turned him on all the more.Jim pulled Becky over to the bed where she also went to a doggy position with her face pointed toward Ken. Ken watched the sexy MILF’s face erzincan escort wait for the black man to enter her. He could see that she was nervous but ready. Then her eyes closed as the black cock pushed into her excited pussy.”How is her pussy?” Ken asked Jim.”Nice! You got her nice and lose for me!” Jim said as he pumped the brunette.Ken felt Jenny slip away from him and was little disappointed until she spun around and sucked her own cunt juice from his prick. Then she held Ken’s cock against Becky’s lips. Her eyes opened along with her mouth. Jenny smiled as she watched her new friend being spitted. She could tell that the married mom was orgasming. Then Jenny had one other perverse thought. She quickly rolled on her back and under Becky into a 69 position. She was fascinated to see the large thick cock pushing in and out of the white pussy just inches from her face. Jenny let her tongue touch the bottom of the cock. Jim could feel the sexy blondes tongue on his cock as he fucked Becky.Becky released Ken’s cock and then felt him push her face into Jenny’s pussy. She moaned as she thought about eating pussy for first time. Then her tongue came out and she discovered the intoxicating taste of an excited pussy. Ken pushed his cock into Jenny as he watched Becky nibbling on her clit. Ken could feel his wife’s pussy squeeze his cock as she got close to an orgasm. Ken knew that Jenny would squirt if she was really aroused. He reached down and rapidly rubbed her clit. Her hips jerked violently and then her girl juice sprayed onto his stomach and Becky’s face.Jim and Ken both grunted as they pumped cum into the women. Jim felt Becky’s pussy tighten on his cock like it was a hand as her body worked to be inseminated by the black cock. As his orgasm slowed he pulled out and cum started to stream from her pussy. Then he watched as Jenny began to lick and suck his sperm from her. At the other end Becky was returning the favor by licking Ken’s cum from the petite blonde’s pussy.”Fuck these little whores sure can fuck!” Jim said as he and Ken stepped back to watching women eat each other to another orgasm.After they got cleaned up the two couples decided that while they wanted more sex a little recoup time was in order. Ken suggested that they spend a few hours touring some the local sights. It was an enjoyable time but for Ken and Jenny; they had the added secret pleasure of watching each other as they held hands with their lovers.”I’m ready to go back to the room. Would you guys like to play some more?” Jenny asked the others who all agreed.When they arrived at the room they all tore their clothes off. They were all on the bed. Becky was on her back with both men using her mouth while Jenny had her face buried in her pussy. This little orgy was running a pace that said that all of them wanted to focus on the sensual feelings that each could arouse in the other. Jim stood up and walked up behind Jenny. Ken watched as Jim pushed his twelve inches of black cock into her. Her breathing sped up as he fucked her aroused pussy. Then Jim began to finger her asshole.”Oh fuck that will make me squirt again!” Jenny screamed.That gave Ken an idea.”Have either of you girl’s been DP’d?” He asked with a leer and Jim grinned.”I have not but that is a fucking hot idea!” Jenny said.”I’ll get the lube!” Ken said as he went to his bag.When he got back Jenny was mounting Jim in a cowgirl position. He watched as her pussy slid down the black shaft. Ken moved behind her and spread some of lube on her ass. Then he slowly pushed his middle finger into her butt.”Damn! You should feel what her pussy is doing!” Jim moaned as Jenny ground on his dick.Ken moved up behind Jenny and pressed the head of his cock against her puckered asshole. She nodded that she was ready and he pushed and felt his cock head enter her ass. He waited until she groaned that she was ready and he pushed çeşme escort again. This time his cock moved deep into her. He was aware that he could feel Jim buried in her pussy. They waited for her body to adjust.”Do it! Fuck me slowly!” Jenny groaned.The three began with short strokes but soon Jenny was ready for more. She kept encouraging them and soon they were fucking in rhythm.”Oh my! That looks so hot!” Becky said as she watched from the chair.Jenny was on an orgasm train. Her body would just finish one when another would hit her! Then her body just shut down as she passed out. Jim and Ken gently rolled her aside and before either knew what was going on Becky was mounting Jim.”Fuck my ass! Please! I have to know what this like!” She as she looked at Ken.Ken lubed her up and then moved behind her.”Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” He asked.”No! Please do it!” She pleaded desperately.Ken took his time preparing her ass. Jenny had been getting it in the butt for years so he was not too concerned when she wanted to try DP. He moved behind and felt Becky tense as positioned his cock.”Just relax. If you can do it try to push out.” He said and she acknowledged with a nod.Ken eased the head of his cock to her tight virgin ass. He felt her relax and he pushed. Becky screamed and it was hard for him to tell if it was pleasure or pain. Then he saw Jim nod that it was ok.”Here is some more!” He grunted as more cock went up Becky’s anal passage.”Wait a minute Please!” Grunted the sexy wife. Ken felt her trying to get used to it.Then Jenny was behind Ken. She looked over his shoulder to watch her new friend lose her anal cherry.”Ok….but slow!” Becky grunted.Ken eased into her ass.”It’s in!” Jenny said lustfully as her husband’s cock was now buried.Like Jenny earlier the three began to fuck in unison. Maybe it was the fact he and Jim had already done Jenny or perhaps Becky was loser it was not long before the fucking hard and fast. Both men had been patient but their balls which were full of cum never stayed that way for long.Becky was like a rag doll being used and her eyes were rolled back in her head! Jim could not hold out any more.”Fuck yes! That’s it ….gotta cum! Fuck that dick!” Jim said as he again pumped a large load of cum into the southern housewife.”Cum in her ass! Give that little slut your cum!” Jenny whispered in Ken’s ear.Ken felt his cock pulsing up Becky’s ass. As he pulled he could see cum dripping from both of her holes. At the moment Becky’s cell phone range.”Oh fuck that’s my husband!” She said as she headed to the bathroom.Jenny and the two men shared the bed and enjoyed each other’s company and tried to remain quite as Becky talked with her husband. It was about thirty minutes later that she came back out. She was kind of quiet and Jenny started to get concerned. She got up and walked over to Becky.”Is everything ok?” Jenny asked.”Yeah, you know I really do love my husband. I just wanted to have some fun and I have. I just told my husband what I have been doing and that I loved everything I was doing. I told him that I needed this. The funny thing was he did not get mad and he told me that he wants us to try some new things together when I get home. I guess I am not the only one being changed by this weekend.” Becky grinned.”Good for you baby!” Ken said and Jenny hugged her.”We’ll see if he is into you doing black guys and I’ll come and visit!” Jim said and they all laughed.The next morning it was time for them to leave. Jim got his car and headed out to the highway. He told both the woman that if they wanted to get together again he would be up to it. As for Ken he told him to come up because he knew some black women that would love to meet him.Ken offered to take the two ladies out to O’Hare for their flights. He had a nice good bye with Becky as he dropped her at her terminal. “I’m thinking I better give my husband a try but if I get bored I will find you again.” She said just before she disappeared from the curb.Then he returned the car with Jenny. They were both quiet as they waited for their flight. Then Jenny snuggled up to him.”Thanks for the good time! I guess you and I will have to find some new playmates.” She said with a wink.The end

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