Class Distraction, Part 2


Class Distraction, Part 2Ok, so here’s more stuff that happened.So, I’m in English class again with Ms. D. No yellow dress anymore, it’s too cold now. But she has this really tight top, and it’s low cut. OMG. I swear, I just stare most of the class. It’s been a while since our last… encounter?… and I’ve felt so weird in class ever since. She glares at me sometimes, but never really says anything to me.But today was different. I don’t know why. I had tried wearing cute little outfits and I even tried being a model student and stuff. Like, raising my hand to answer questions. Once, she pointed at me, or so I thought, and I started answering. She said, “No, not you Brat. I was pointing at Jeff, behind you. I felt like I could cry. Why wasn’t she noticing me?At the end of the class, but before the bell, she came to my desk and put her hand on my shoulder, like kinda hard. She said, “You’re going to stay here for a little while”. I said, “Yes, ma’am,” and shivered. The bell rang and all the other students left the room in a big rush.After all the other students left the room, she came back to me and told me that I would be going to her house after school. I almost fell out of my chair. “But, but, but, but, but…”“No buts. You’re going to come to my house. No getting out of it.”“Yes ma’am.” I looked gaziemir escort at the floor and gulped. OMG. I’d be in her house. What did she have in mind this time?“Now get to your next class little girl.”“Yes ma’am.” OMG! I thought to myself, ‘little girl?” I felt so weird, but like, in a good way(?). I dunno. The rest of the day was so hard for me to concentrate on anything. I kept thinking about what Ms. D might do to me in the privacy of her house.At the end of the day, I hurried to her classroom and just like ran in. She glared at me like she was mad I was there. I sat down at a desk and stared at the floor. ‘Did she want me here? I mean, how else am I going to go home with her if I didn’t come here first?’She walked over to where I was sitting and looked me over. Then she sat back down at her desk. “We will have to wait a while.” She flipped my hair with her hand and I just about shivered myself to death. She busied herself with some work. I couldn’t tell what it was, but she was reading stuff, maybe some student papers or something.She looked out the window and then came back over to me and told me that we were leaving. I gathered my things and stood up. She grabbed my arm and led me out to her car. We got in and she drove off. She lived, like, really far gaziemir escort bayan away! OMG! Is she going to take me home? Am I going to be stuck at her house after she does whatever it is she’s going to do to me?After like, I dunno, FOREVER!, she pulls into her driveway. We get out and go inside her house. Once she closed the door and locked it, she turned to me and said, “Take off your clothes. Every last stitch.” I obeyed without even thinking. I just peeled off all my clothes as fast as I could. OMG! I was naked just inside the front door. Was anyone else home? I didn’t know! She gathered up my clothes and took them into another room. I went to follow her, but she told me to stay where I was.I was so… hmmm… what’s the word? Entranced, maybe? Yes, that’s it. I was so entranced by her that I just did whatever she told me to do.She came back after stashing my clothes… somewhere and took my hand and led me to the sofa in her living room. It was a big sectional and she told me to lie down. I did and I watched her, wondering what was coming next.She started to undress! OMG! I was watching her so intently. I don’t think I blinked at all the entire time she was peeling off her clothes. When her boobs popped out of her bra, I think I gasped, like really gasped. escort gaziemir There they were!She slipped her panties down and I about died! She had this little tuft of hair above her pussy, and I could see the labia and everything! I was breathing so fast!After she was finally naked, she climbed onto the couch. She was over top of me, her pussy like an inch from my face. I inhaled. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She asked me if I liked that smell, I nodded.Then it happened. She sat on me. Right down on my face with her pussy. Like, seriously. I was pinned down, I couldn’t breathe. So what did I do? Did I squirm and try to escape?Nope!I stuck my tongue out.I stuck it right out. It was right there, so I had to lick it. I HAD TO. And it was so awesome. Then I could feel her fingers comb through my hair and then she grabbed hard and pulled me into her. I didn’t fight it, I actually tried to push my tongue up inside her more!She started to grind against my face, just like she was using it as a toy. She moaned and groaned. I started to worry since I was completely unable to breathe under her pussy. She didn’t seem to care at all. Any time I tried to turn my head or squirm free, she grabbed my hair harder and shouted, like SHOUTED, “Don’t you move. Lick my cunt!” So, I did. I kept licking, because I was told to. AND, because I totally wanted her to cum all over my face.And then it happened. She started groaning like crazy and I felt my face get a little wet and sticky. I didn’t stop licking until she kinda just jumped off of me.There’s a LOT more that happened, but that’s for another entry! 😛

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