Cléo – a lady of respect


Cléo – a lady of respectShe looks at herself in the bathroom mirror checking the dyed hair, tô hide the whites that no longer stop being born. She carefully examines the roots – I’m glad she thinks, all right.Cléo puts on her new, red and lacy panties, very expensive! But it is for a good cause, she justified. Goes tô her room looking for the big mirror, at the closet door, open – turns, spins, admires. With an air of frustration.- It’s no good. Damn it!She says it out loud. Two weeks and the belly… Hasn’t changed much. She turns around, stands on side and blames herself for the lack of beauty.- And tô think that younger, uhh!! There were many who wanted me.Pay attention tô the breasts, small and half fallen. Another shame, another discouragement.- My God, like this… That way I don’t even have the guts. How am I gonna go with the body like this in a place like that? What was I thinking when accepted Val’s idea.The phone rings, she searches, and friend’s message appears.”Are you ready? I’m coming, we can’t be late.”She writes fast, a short message.”I’m finishing. Wait for me….The car leaves the main road and the two continue the conversation.- No, not Cléo! Stop, stop being afraid. See if it’s time tô give up.- Val, I don’t look like I wanted. Still look like a fat pig – stewed, like I swallowed a pillow. – Kákáká… I love your images. Relax, who else do you think goes there? The little girls, the new ones… You see, the vast majority who go on that “farm” are all like us, even more worse…- And aren’t you ashamed, afraid? Letting a man you’ve never seen give you – a few massages, a few touches… Until you get laid! I don’t know if I leave it get that far.- Silly, you’re very silly. That’s why Adilson did what he did tô you all these years and you still live with the bastard until today.- Divorced… And I… I’m about tô change.- Who separates from their husband and stays in the same house with him for two years.- You know very well why… The damn apartment doesn’t sell, expensive, and I don’t want tô go out and leave Adilson living there alone.- What about the apartment you bought?- What about it? It’s not ready, you saw it yourself.- There’s nothing missing, you just need tô have courage and move there.Val makes a gesture by snapping his fingers, without taking his eyes off the dirt road that the car just entered.- I’ll start living there next month.- You always say the same thing.- But I’m not gonna leave Adilson living alone in the other one.- You got someone tô buy?- There are people interested in renting.- And your k**s, what do they think?- That I have tô leave as soon as possible.- I didn’t speak….The car stop under the shade of a hose, one of the many in the place. Despite the pinned sun, the winds leave a very pleasant atmosphere, outside the beautiful view.- Have you thought about the sunset, what it must be like?- Beautiful, it makes you want tô live here, doesn’t it?- Ya, ya… Would you like that?- Especially if I could have one of those escorts tô play with.- You’re getting too nuts. I don’t know where all this fire comes from.- After Marcelo died, I just want tô enjoy it more of live. What’s the use of being a respectable lady?They walk tô the reception, it seems that the place has just been painted, walls in a light green, a porch in ‘L’ and several windows, all closed.- Is there a lot of customers coming here?- You bet. Men and women.- What if we meet an acquaintance?They arrive at the open sarıyer escort door of the reception. Soon a brunette appears, slender, big black eyes. In a lilac dress, tight and sensual. No belly, medium breasts and a prominent ass. – Good afternoon, good afternoon. Welcome!The brunette soon points a hallway where the two ladies follow her in a quick step.- You’ll be taken care of. Don’t worry about anything else.- What’s your name, dear?- Tamires. You’re Val and she’s Cléo, right?- How do you know?- The photos, we asked, remember?- Yes, yes… The photos.The three of them enter a large hall, and in one corner a countertop in beige marble. There are two other young women, and in the same outfit, they’re waiting for them with a professional smile.- Hey, how you doing? You’re right on time, did you like our place?- Yes, it’s beautiful here. Very good, wonderful.- I’m glad you like it and it’s just the beginning. You’ll want tô come back.- For the price we may not come back, but it will be unforgettable.- It will be, will be. You’ll see….Cléo finishes the bath, it was a long time ago that she did not use a bathtub as big as that one, even more one of hydromassage. Relaxing, more than comfortable.Someone knocks on the bathroom door.- Yes?!- Cléo?She didn’t expect sómuch intimacy, even more in a voice of someone she doesn’t even know.- Hi, I’m leaving.- Don’t rush, we have all the time in the world. It’s just tô let you know that I’ve arrived. Would you like some wine or would you prefer some champagne?- Champagne.She hears the steps that go away.I liked the voice, it thinks while it dries. Bass, virile, if the body is proportional it will be good just tô admire. She thinks trying tô control the discomfort, the shame of being in a place like this with a man she has never seen.- Now there’s no way, Cleo, no way…Speak softly, while she open the door and come out dressed in a light pink robe. Walk towards the bar, where that man is.Tall, strong, broad shoulder, dark hair. Better than expected, she thinks, just before he turns around and takes her bellows…- Is that good?He stretches the crystal bowl.- Great.She doesn’t know if she looks at the cup or the man’s face, better than the picture she saw on the internet… Live is always better, she sits bending her legs over each other and then stretching them both, in an attempt tô look natural.He goes towards her and stands next tô her, opening a captivating, sensual smile.- Did you like it here?- Very, very… Beautiful, beautiful, more beautiful than I imagined.- Me or the farm?- Both…He laughs… Didn’t expect such a frank answer.- Good, but you’re still very nervous, we see. Relax, it’ll be all in your time and the way you want it.- This is my first time.- You don’t even have tô talk, it’s always like this.- I’m embarrassed, guilty, I already have grandc***dren… And…- – You’re not the only one, you bet. I’ve welcomed several like you.- If my k**s know, I don’t know where I put my face…- Relax… Relax… You want some more champagne?- That way I get drunk.- That way you’ll lose that silly shame.She extends the cup and he serves until it almost overflows.- Whoa! That’s a lot.- That’s great.Cléo, drink in big shots. She even changes her position, puts her two bent legs on the couch, looks just like a kitten, just like she likes when she’s at home.- Listen… I, I… I’m sorry, but…It’s the esenyurt escort first time the eyes meet, she notices the boy’s dark blue eyes, must be a little over thirty, maybe the age of her second c***d.- You can call me Rodolfo.- May I?!- You may.- Do you have another name?- Everyone here has another name. Here we live a fantasy, we create a fantasy. Your fantasy…He laughs again, a safe, soft laugh. She gets delighted, excited.- I wanted tô look more beautiful, more… Lovely.- You are beautiful.- No, you just want tô please me.- That it, if you knew what I’ve seen. U wouldn’t be stay that, embarrassed.- I tried, I tried, but it didn’t work. The belly… You know?He extends the bottle and she extends the cup.- Young I was pretty, appreciable, but here come the k**s, the age…The cup’s already full and she getting looser and looser. Rodolfo puts the bottle on the table in front of him and with his other hand he caresses the thighs of the mature woman he has beside him. – Take it off.- Take what off?- Undress Cléo, let me see your body.The eyes meet, they catch fire, at least hers. The breath gets short and the head spins out of control – the drink. Cléo lifts…, untie the loose bond. She turns, faces the nice man, with the beard undone. Admirable and handsome, she thinks, just before she drops her robe.He sits back, adjusts himself tô the couch. Admires the naked figure with a big belly, fat thighs and small, withered breasts. She’s embarrassed, imagine about what he sees. The funny one is Rodolfo, after all, has a warm, indecent look, does he really…- Do you like it?- Ummh, ummh. Ya.- Have you seen worse?- You belittle yourself too much, it’s not the worst thing in the world. You’re even leaving me…He laughs, a naughty laugh.- … Hard.- Let me see, show.Rodolfo opens the zipper, very slowly. Unbutton the social pants. Cléo sees a thick limb, stretched out, swaying. Even his veins are visible and his head, perfect in a reddish tone. Thicker than she thought.- You left me like this.He holds the thick stick by the base, fulfilled. Cleo marvels at his fingers and well-treated nails, even more sówhen he masturbates in front of her. Cleo passes the tongue between lips.- Do you want? Come on…- I, I… Here, now?- Hold it.She kneels, it’s between the man’s legs. She pulls down his pants while taking off shoes. The legs are hairy, thighs are medium.- TakeRodolfo pulls out Cléo’s hand that smoothes his thigh until she wraps his limb.- Tightens, without fear… That, dear… That’s it…The breath becomes more panting, the sight blurs, she feels the heat of the pulsating cock. It’s been a long time since I’ve held one, never one that big, that thick.- Job… Job tô me. Let me pay tribute tô you.- I didn’t know, I didn’t know, that I… I could… A man like u. Still more one like you?- What?- Young man… Handsome… There are sómany little girls out there and you’re like this… For me.- I love, really, the older women. Mature like u.They both laugh. Cléo passes hes tongue between lips again.- Hold the balls and touch me hard. Hold the tip tighter… Like this… This…Rodolfo begins tô moan softly, with his eyes closed, while unbuttoning his social shirt, a worked, tanned chest appears, a beautiful belly of a sensual man.Cléo can’t stand it, she begins tô explore the boy’s chest and belly without letting the movements that make the cock even sóhard. A viscous, translucent avrupa yakası escort liquid begins tô flow between her fingers. The movements get more frenetic.Rodolfo roars and crushes the hand of the woman who massages his chest muscles. Cléo feels, the hardness, the tension of the boy. The limb vibrates and throws a long, white jet is fired like a shot. Wet the man’s belly, other jets come out the same way.She’s never seen a man like that, a orgasm like that.He doesn’t stop, more of the white cream keeps coming out of the hard stick, still hard. Running down the shaft, through her fingers. The characteristic smell gets more pronounced.Rodolfo opens a wide, relieved, captivating smile from a satiated male.- Did you like the tribute?Cléo shakes an embarrassed, suspicious yes. He understands.- You think I’d cum like that if you weren’t sóhot?He caresses the face of the woman who still squeezes his cock. Pull her headuntil she touches the lips on the wet limb.- Sucks.Bewitched, magnetized, Cléo swallows the cock whole, shamelessly. Suck, suck, the still-hot molasses of the indecent boy. Never before, she never imagined it would come tô that. Its taste is even sweet. Cléo swallows with pleasure, cravings, the white sweetness of the cum that still runs down the stick.Crazy, nuts, licks tô the balls. Admirable balls without hair.- That, girl, that… You enjoying my cream, my milk?- Oh, my God! Oh, my God. I… I, uh…She is speechless in an eloquent wish. He understands…- You want my cock, do you?- Eat me… Fuck, fuck me… Hard.- Come on, get on all fours.She goes up on the couch, lays her head on the seatback, between her closed hands. Rodolfo crouches, admires the white, withered ass, full of striations of the lady who licked him tô the last drop. Without asking permission, with skill and strength he opens her legs. First walks the fingers through her lips, fingering her anus. Feels the heat and humidity all over the region.- Good girl, good… You’re almost there. I’m proud of u. So… That.Rodolfo licks two fingers and stick them, plays inside that used pussy. He goes slowly tô increase the pleasure that comes from there. Cléo lets out a short scream, a long moan.- That, kitty, moans, can moan. It comes with everything, comes.Cléo trembles, shakes, shivers. Rodolfo feels, rises, stands in front.He passes the head of the limb half hard between the lips, massages the clitoris and then explores the anus, the wrinkled ass of the lady. The limb gets harder again, ready.He points – she feels, the heat, the pressure. Imagines the pussy swallowing a stick sóbig, sóthick. Rodolfo stokes, hits, his body on her fragile body.Cléo groans, cries, starts tô wet herself with sweat. Rodolfo slaps her on the ass. Cléo bite their lips, close the eyes – Rodolfo sticks a thick finger into anus. He does it all at once, does it without affection… Rough.- You like that, little bitch?- Love it, love… Unnhh!!!Cléo gets stiff, firm. He jokes, exploits his tunnel not sótight anymore.Rodolfo stop the anal massage. He holds firmly with his hands the waist of the mature woman. Sticks it all in, entire… All at once the pussy soaks, drips, soaks the couch. Rodolfo loses his head, his sense. Stocks, punctures harder. All you hear is the thrombling of wet, sweaty bodies.The moans resurface, magnify…Cléo happens, vibrates… She come, throw a short jet..Rodolfo enjoys, throws his hot, slimy cream on the white ass of the respectable lady squatting in front of him.- How, how can you… Twice… So fast.- I’m a professional, aren’t I? You want more?- Let me rest. I’m out of breath.- How long do you stay here?- I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon.Rodolfo laughs, plays with the tip of her nose.- Good, imagine what we’ll still do.Cléo sighs proudly, delighted.Say if you like it and leave your comment.

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