Cooling Off


To my complete dismay, it has been a scorching hot day. You and I have been out and about together during the hottest hours of the afternoon, taking care of a rather long list of errands and having a late lunch with friends. As you well know, I have a difficult time with this kind of heat. Summer is not my favorite season. The Sun and I have never been on the best of terms. I cannot stand Its oppressive and ever-invasive touch, and It resents my inability to accept Its molten rays of lava light — delivered directly to me all the way from the cold depths of space — for the declaration of everlasting love and devotion that it truly is (obviously). I also object to the fact that the Sun seems to want me nearly naked at every moment beneath Its boiling gaze — and long after It has finally released me to the Moon, which gleams Its pity upon me to useless effect during the very brief hours of darkness allowed us at this time of year.

Despite my natural inclination to cover up, I am dressed in as few items of clothing as possible. I chose a linen halter top dress this morning, tied at the back of my neck and exposing the smooth skin of my bare back, with the material of the full skirt flowing down to my ankles. My feet are in a pair of heeled sandals with wide ribbons binding them to each of my ankles. You wrapped and tied the ribbons yourself before we left today, your hands caressing my ankles and calves before pulling me to my feet and into your arms. Other than the dress and sandals, I am not wearing much else and am feeling a little defeated by the fact that wearing less does not seem to be offering me any tangible relief from the heat.

Once the Sun reaches Its glorious zenith of maximum damage, I cannot stand it anymore, grip one of your arms with both my hands, and start to express my displeasure. I tell you how much the Sun hates me and very clearly wants me to die a horrible, horrible ultraviolet death. Why aren’t you concerned about my imminent demise? Don’t you know that the Sun’s molten lava space rays are going to melt my face off soon and that my sweat is a crazy clown circus of sticky doom and dehydration? Please, please — can’t you stop the madness?

You have become quite used to my dramatic habit of assigning a personality and voice to just about everything around me, including today’s character — the Sun. I can tell by the amused look on your face that you are not about to take my side, though. You love the Sun and are in league with Its desire to keep me as naked and exposed as possible. Throughout the day you have been enjoying the feel of my bare skin. Your hands have brushed against my neck, run along the contour of my shoulders, down the length of my back, and have occasionally stopped to rub your thumb along your favorite curve at the base of my spine. By now, though, you can probably actually feel how miserable I am as your hand encounters the beads of sweat pearling on my skin and the heat radiating out from deep within me. Are you able to handle this hot, hot weather? I’m not. I tell you that it makes feel like I’m wilting and that I cannot breathe. So you tell me that you have an idea and that you want to make the both of us feel better — at least for a little while. We are close to a movie theater. You don’t really care what movie we see. You only care about the pleasure of sitting in a dark air-conditioned room with me for a couple of hours, and I tell you that I think that sounds absolutely divine! I am very, very game for escaping our current fiery fate and for telling the Sun to go fuck off for a while.

The theater we arrive at is a newer one, with 8 to 10 different screens, stadium style seating, and big velvety chairs with plenty of leg room — all the bells and whistles. There are several new movies out, with one or two that we have actually contemplated watching, but you buy tickets for one that has been showing for several weeks now and is probably in the theater for only a few more days. It’s some sort of super loud and over the top action type movie — not one either of us has expressed the least bit of interest in seeing. I give you a questioning look, but you just smile and tell me not to worry. Like you said, the movie doesn’t really matter. We are only here to get out of the heat and feel better. You get us some cold drinks with plenty of ice and we head into the theater. It is fairly large, but so far, there are very few people inside, and the 20 minutes or so of movie previews bakırköy üniversiteli escort has already gotten started. You take us all the way up to the back of the theater and into a corner section where no one else is sitting. The closest people are probably 6 or 7 rows down and have crowded more in the center section of the theater, presumably for the most optimal position for visuals and acoustics. Again, it seems there is little public interest left in this particular movie, and perhaps none existed in the first place.

We have the whole row to ourselves, so we sit somewhere in the middle. Already, I am feeling a million times better as I feel the air-conditioning on my skin, already doing its magic to help cool me down. And I’m grateful for the dark as well. It feels very calming — an instant, soothing relief compared to the glaring onslaught of the sunlight we have been enduring all afternoon. All the armrests of the chairs are in their upright positions, and we leave them that way so we can sit closer together, setting our drinks down by our feet. You put your arm around me as I lean in close to you and rest my head on your shoulder, closing my eyes contentedly. After a moment, I raise my head, whisper a thank you and kiss you softly against your neck, telling you that I am starting to feel so much better already. You whisper to me that you are glad and that, actually, you were hoping we could feel even better. You grab my wrist, raise my hand to your mouth and kiss the back of my fingers before lowering them down again to the front of your jeans, pressing me tightly against what I discover to be your extremely hard cock. It hasn’t sunk in with me, until now, what you meant when you said that you wanted to make us “feel better.” I was so preoccupied with the heat that I didn’t sense how horny you’ve been. You and I are so connected that this isn’t something I usually miss — not very often anyway. God, I hope you haven’t been like this for too long. Of course I will make you feel better! There is never a question about that with me.

Now that my senses are awakened to your need, I feel goose bumps run all along my skin and I begin to feel my own anticipation begin to build. I lick my lips and start to kiss you back along your jawline again until I reach your earlobe, which I pull between my lips and then nibble gently with my teeth. Your hand presses mine harder against you, encouraging me to squeeze and stroke you through your jeans, which I do — eagerly. My own body has responded to you instantly, with a gush of wetness between my legs that causes me to squirm in my seat, as I rub and trace the outline of your rock hard cock with my fingers. I raise my head from your shoulder when the lights suddenly darken more. The previews are over, and the actual movie is starting now, the volume rising a little bit higher… but it all seems like a world away from us now.

You lower your mouth to my ear, breathing heavily against it. You tell me to take your cock out and stroke it for you, that you have wanted this all day long. You want to feel my hand wrapped around you, and I want that, too. I turn my head and kiss you deeply and passionately while I slowly work your jeans open. I moan into your mouth when my hand reaches in to take hold of your hot, throbbing cock, pulling it out so that I can immediately wrap my hand around it and start stroking you, slowly and sensuously. I love your cock, love how hard it is, love how it feels in my hand — all mine, to do with as I please. And right now, I want what I have wanted and claimed for myself more times than I can count — to take you in my mouth and satisfy you as completely as I can.

I turn in my chair and slide out of it until my knees touch the floor. Again, there is plenty of room and I am easily able to maneuver myself between your open thighs. If anyone bothered to look our way, it probably wouldn’t matter. It’s so dark and the chairs are tall enough that it probably looks like you are just sitting alone. I grip your cock in both my hands now, still slowly stroking you up and down, with a little twist or two over the head before bringing them down your shaft again. I look up and smile at you. I know you love it when I do that. Your hands reach down and grip both sides of my face, pulling me up slightly so that you can bend down and kiss me, your tongue delving deep into my open and very accepting mouth. bakırköy bdsm escort One of your hands travels from my face down to one of my breasts, reaching inside my dress to grip and pinch my hardened nipple, the sensation causing me to arch my back and press myself into your hand.

I feel your lips travel from my mouth back to my ear again. You tell me you can’t wait anymore and need me to suck your cock. You need it so badly now. I nod without saying anything and do exactly as you ask. I don’t make you wait. I don’t tease you. I gather up as much saliva as possible and then just bury your cock in my mouth, getting it really, really wet so that I can just easily start sliding my mouth up and down your length, slowly at first, sucking and stroking your cock with my lips and tongue as deeply as I can. Do you like this? Is this what you wanted? It must be, because I hear you groaning low and deep. I look up at you to see that you’ve leaned your head against the back of your chair, completely surrendering to the pleasure I am giving you, but you don’t keep your eyes closed for long. You look back down at me because you like to watch your cock disappearing in and out of my mouth. You’re so fucking sexy, and I don’t want to stop until I get what I want. And you know what I want, don’t’ you? I think it’s what we both want — for you to cum in my mouth. I’m so ready for it.

I take my hands away from the base of your cock, where I have been cupping and fondling your balls. You’re so hard now; you don’t need me to keep you positioned where I want you, which means I can try to take you in deeper. And you like that, don’t you — feeling the head of your cock at the entrance of my throat? I tightly grip one of your thighs while I let my other hand wander down my legs. My own need is dripping wet now between my thighs. I rub my clit a little, causing me to moan around your cock, before burying two fingers inside of myself. One of your hands gently grips the back of my neck while the other strokes my shoulder, letting me know just how much you fucking love this. I know you’re going to cum soon. You’ve been waiting too long for this today to hold out for very long, and I want you to just completely let go. I keep sucking you — slow, fast, hard, soft — while I dip my fingers in and out of my cunt, getting them as wet as possible. When I start to feel you strain against me, I choose a single pace for my mouth — your favorite — and I keep you there with me, never letting up, not even at the moment that I know you’re going to explode. I remove my fingers and raise them up to your mouth. I hear you moan and feel you grab my wrist again. As soon as you taste my sweet pussy juice on your tongue, you release your hot load into my mouth. You are able to keep somewhat quiet by sucking on my pussy-soaked fingers. I take wave after wave of your cum, letting it collect at the back of my throat and dribble out the sides of my mouth onto your cock before swallowing all of it with a moan. I remove my fingers from your mouth and then start to lick your cock clean, running my tongue up one side of your shaft and down the other with long, slow strokes, sucking away every last drop while you enjoy the ride and aftermath of your orgasm. Mmmmmm, you taste so good. I look up at you as I lick your cum from my lips, smiling at you, hoping I have given you everything you wanted and needed.

You reach forward, hook your hands underneath my arms and quickly guide me back up into the seat next to you. I hear you still breathing heavily as you place your mouth against my ear again, one of your hands wrapping up around my throat to then stroke the back of my neck. You are whispering to me fast and low between the kisses you pepper along my neck, jaw and cheek. I almost can’t hear you, but finally, your words begin to make sense to me. You want to know what I want, to tell you exactly what I need right now because you want to give it to me. I use both of my hands to gather up the long skirt of my dress, pulling it up over my knees and then my thighs. I grab your hand just like you did with mine and press it between my legs, against the heat and soaking wetness of my aching pussy. I tell you that I need you to make me cum. I want to cum all over your fingers — and I want it hard and fast. Just fuck me with your fingers. Please.

You don’t need to hear anything else. You urge me to like back across the length of seats bakırköy elit escort next to you. I sigh as I slowly fall backward, feeling the velvet material of the chairs against my bare back. Your hand briefly leaves my pussy so that you can pull both of my long legs up over your lap. You pull me down by the hips so that my ass is propped up on your thigh, but not entirely in your lap. You hook your arm underneath the leg that is resting against your chest, pulling it closer to you and kissing my knee, opening me up so that you can run the back of your hand up and down my inner thigh. I let my other leg fall open on your lap naturally, leaving myself fully exposed to you.

You lean down and pick up one of our forgotten drinks, open the top and pull out a small ice chip, which you pop in your mouth for a moment before touching it against the inside of my knee, causing me to gasp and jump. You hold it there so that I can feel the delicious coldness of it. As it starts to melt, I feel the tiny rivulets of cool water slide down my knee, then my thigh, and down toward my very hot pussy. You slide it down past my knee and then stroke it up and down the inside of my thigh. It feels so good, but I don’t know just how much better it can feel until you touch it to my clit, causing me to arch my back at the shock and pleasure of it. When I have adjusted to the sensation, you rub it in small circles over my clit, then up and down my slit before pushing it inside of me. Again, I arch my back and reach out to tightly grip your arm, the one that is laid firmly across my stomach, holding me down with a strong grip on my outer hip. You leave the ice chip, what’s left of it anyway, in my pussy to finish melting, which doesn’t take long because my heat is quickly overtaking it.

You release your hold on my hip and then use the thumb of that hand to start working my clit. Oh you know how I like it, don’t you? Applying pressure and rubbing up and down against it slowly and rhythmically, never breaking contact with it. Mmmmmm, that feels so good. I start to rock my hips a little bit, unable to stop myself, my clit jolting at your every stroke, loving how you touch me so, so much. But I want more, and you know it. This isn’t fair — you teasing me when I didn’t tease you. Please give me what I want.

You move your other hand back between my legs and slide the tips of your fingers across my slit, feeling more of the wetness there. The ice has completely melted, and my heat is so great that there is little trace of its coolness. I’m so ready for this. I let you know that I can’t wait anymore by tightly gripping your thigh and knee with my hands, my fingers clawing into your jeans. With no more delay, you impale me on two of your fingers, hard and fast.

Thank god the movie is currently in the middle of a loud action scene — guns, explosions, violence (I really don’t care) — because I can’t contain myself from crying out. You shake your head at me in warning and smile, urging me with just a look to try to be quiet, before starting to do exactly what I have asked you to do — fuck me hard with your fingers, your other hand never letting up on my clit. Mmmmmm, this feels so fucking amazing and I can’t help throwing both of my arms up over my head, my hands holding on tightly to the cushion of a chair as I give myself up completely to the ride you are giving me. Again, I am glad for the loud action scene, which is hopefully masking the wet sound of your fingers jacking in and out of me.

It doesn’t take long for the pressure to build. I want to cum so badly, as if it is absolutely the only thing I’m meant to do right now — and only for you. My pussy is starting to clamp down on your fingers and my body is going rigid. You know I’m going to cum, so you do the same thing I did for you. You move your hand away from my clit and push two fingers into my mouth, so that I can suck on them while I go over the edge. Oh my god, I cum so hard for you — all over your fingers and your hand. My whole body shakes as you slow the pace down and gently keep stroking your fingers inside of me. You remove your fingers from my mouth, sliding your hand behind my head to stroke my neck, calming me down.

When my pussy ends its last little spasm and my breathing has returned to normal, you move your hand and pull your fingers out from between my legs. You slide them into your own mouth, and I watch you suck and lick my wetness from your fingers. Eventually you pull me back up, but not before pulling my hand into your lap so that I can feel how hard you are again. When you have me sitting upright, you lean your mouth against my ear and tell me that it’s time for us to go home — right now — because you’re going to fuck me when we get there. Loudly. And then you want me to fuck you. Loudly. All night long.

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