Country Club Lifestyle, Ch 2


Country Club Lifestyle, Ch 2The next morning Karen made her way downstairs, grabbed her purse and keys and headed towards the front door.”Amy, I’m headed out to meet Rick the caterer at the rental company to look at stuff for the party. I will be back in a few hours.””Ok mom.” Amy yelled back.Karen walked out to her car, jumped in and drove down the road. She waved to the security guy as she exited the community and headed towards town.Realizing she was likely running a few minutes late, she reached for her phone, only to find that it wasn’t there.”Shit.” Karen muttered to herself.She spun the car around at the next intersection and headed back towards her house.Back at the house Amy was laying by the pool.”Now’s the perfect time to catch some real rays.”Amy said to herself as she stripped off her suit and lay back on the pool deck chair completely naked.The warm sun bathed her young body in warmth. She began to relax and started thinking about her adventure yesterday afternoon.While her mom had been meeting with the caterer, Amy had decided to head out and torment her newest boy toy, the security guard at the gate house. His name didn’t matter because she would be done with him shortly. He looked so hot in his tan uniform. The shiny badge, his Glock strapped to his utility belt, broad shoulders and his crystal blue eyes.As she thought about yesterday more, she slowly slid her hand down across her tight stomach. Her closely trimmed pubes felt soft as her fingers passed across them and slid down to her always wet young pussy. Slowly she let her fingers slide up and down the cleft, enjoying the feeling of illegal bahis her own wetness. Her nipples rose in tight nubs, aching to be touched. She used her free hand to tweak one then the other. Electricity traveled from those tender nerve endings in her nipples and zapped her straight in her clit. She was such a horny chick she thought to herself.Her daydream continued.After leaving the house, she had driven to the guard gate and parked behind it, next to the guard’s company car. She walked up, making sure no other residents were coming or going and knocked on the sliding glass door. The tall guard got up from his chair and a big smile crossed his face as he saw Amy standing there. He quickly opened the door and ushered her in then closed it behind her.”Drop you pants.” Amy said in her controlling way. The guard looked shocked and unsure of what to do.”Drop your pants now!” she stated more forcefully.The guard unbuckled his utility belt, unhooked his belt and pants and let them drop to the floor.Amy reached over and grabbed his boxer briefs and in one pull had them down around his ankles. His thick, flaccid cock hung like a piece of sausage between his muscled thighs.Amy dropped to her knees and leaning forward, flicked the tip of her tongue across the head of his cock, causing it to jump. Slowly it began to swell as she tortured his dick with lick after lick. In moments he was at full erection and impressive to be sure. His 7″ cock was thick and full, with big hanging balls and not much hair.She grabbed the shaft in her small hand and began stroking its length as she continued to lick the soft illegal bahis siteleri patch of skin just under the head. Pre cum emerged from the slit on the head of his cock and she licked it up as it slowly oozed out. The guard began to moan as her expert mouth and handwork did its job of fully arousing him. He began to thrust his hips forward, eager to shoot his hot load of cum down her throat.Amy would have none of that. She retreated from his cock and left him standing there, pants around his ankles and a raging boner sticking straight out. She turned and slid her jean shorts and bikini bottom down in one tug. Then she bent over the computer console and looking over her shoulder said,”Get that cock into my pussy now!”Eager to please, the guard grasped his aching dick and shuffled forward pressing the thick bulging head against the slippery folds of her cunt and thrust his hips forward burying his cock as deep into her as it would go.He began thrusting roughly, grabbing her hips with his hands and pulling her towards him. She arched her back and rose onto her toes to get the angle right so that his cock hit her g spot on each thrust.”Take that dick!” he growled as he reached up with one hand and grasped her hair, pulling it back as he roughly fucked the girl.The sound of their bodies smacking together was intensified by the copious amount of pussy juice that flowed from the girl’s snatch.She moaned deeply as his thick cock pummeled her soaked box. Her juices squished loudly as he thrust again and again until she began to feel that all too familiar feeling of release approaching.Karen pulled canlı bahis siteleri into the drive and leaving her car running, hurried inside to grab her forgotten cell phone. As she walked through the front door she was struck by the awesome sexiness of her oldest daughter completely naked, rubbing her pussy furiously and moaning loudly out by the pool. Karen thought of announcing her presence, but the scene was so hot she didn’t want to disturb her daughter.The more she watched, the hotter Karen became and she had to shake her head to regain her senses.”What the hell are you doing?” she thought to herself as she watched the girl’s sexy young body writhing on the lounger.”That’s your daughter, pervert.” she thought to herself.But it was too late. Her inner demons would not be stopped. She leaned against the wall and slid her hand up her skirt. She pulled the thin string of panty to the side. It was already soaked with her juices. She pushed two fingers into her sopping hole and began to masturbate herself while watching her daughter do the same. Nothing could be more wrong, but God it was so HOT.Amy’s orgasm was approaching fast, like a tidal wave from a tsunami headed toward an island shore. The first wave crashed down with the force that would move buildings. Amy squirted as she came and her wetness covered the lounger and splashed on the ground.Karen, seeing this vulgar display of raw sexual power from her daughter, fell over the cliff and came as hard as she had in a long time. Biting down on the heel of her free hand so as not to make a sound and alert her daughter of her taboo transgression.Karen gathered herself quickly and deciding against grabbing her phone, snuck back out the front door and drove quietly away.Amy licked the wetness from her fingers and curled up on the lounger with a purr as she relaxed once gain in the hot Florida sun.

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