Daughter Joins Firm. First week back in the fold


Daughter Joins Firm. First week back in the foldWoke up the ex-wife heavy breathing next to me, her legs open, her gash hairless with her cunt lips closed over her hole, still full of my cum. I got up and hit the kitchen for coffee, surprisingly the pot was full, finding mugs I poured a cup, and then a voice said do I need milk which made me jump. Turning was a short Filipino woman, in a maids uniform. Realising I was just in underpants and shirt, I apologised and said yes. As I poured the milk, I asked if she knew where the cigarettes were kept, to which she picked out of a draw an open packet and lighter. As I picked one out, Martha introduced herself and asked if I wanted breakfast, bacon sandwich she suggested among other options. Fantastic I said, thanked her and stepped outside. The ex-wife joined me outside in a wrap and not a lot else, kissed me and stole the ciggie. “Happy with the deal” she asked, “Yes” I said. “Good, keep the weekend clear”. she saidSteph appeared just in T, her hanging pussy lips visible and asked if I was back in, “Yes” said the ex-wife, “Fucking A” said Steph and reached over rubbed my cock through my undies. “I would not do that he’s liable to cum in his pants, said the ex-wife, last night his first time in 6 months”. “Fucking Hell” said Steph looking at me in disbelief. “Cum quickly did he?” Steph asked, “Not so quickly but filled my cunt with cum, it’s still leaking”, handing the ciggie back, she reached in the wrap and wiped her cunt and showing the sticky mess on her fingers, sucked it up before taking a shot of coffee. “Jesus you should have called me in for a share” said Steph “hadn’t had the conversation, at that point, it was just a mercy fuck”. Said the ex-wife The bacon sandwich appeared, conscious that my cock was semi-hard, the Filipino woman looked and kept her distance; the girls picked up half each Martha went back to do another.”As he is back in perhaps, he might like to join me on Friday afternoon to start the weekend off” said Steph . “Jesus Steph said the ex-wife, that’s deep end”. “What happens on Friday” I asked.” Training up a new girl, wants to be a professional dominatrix, great potential but lacks experience particularly with men”. said Steph”Want me to help out?”, I asked. “Sure if the boss agrees”, said Steph, looking at the ex-wife. “Ok but keep it more slap and tickle, he may be keen to get his bollocks emptied more frequently, but it’s his first week back” said the wife. Madge came and joined us and lit up, sharing it around, asked the same question. “Great she said, do you play bridge I’m short of a player?, “Yes” I said to the surprise of everyone. “Great see you Thursday said Madge.”You better get cleaned up down below before Thursday” said the ex-wife “it’s like the new forest down there”. “Why its cards? I said, “It’s at Madge’s” said Steph. “I’ll have a shave, I said “no you won’t” said the ex-wife “you can’t clean your ass crack properly. Martha will do it give her your address and tell her when”. “Where and when on Friday”, I asked “oh christ you don’t know, Your old house. I bought it through the agent” said Steph. Fuck I saidPart 2Martha, turned up at the appointed time, with a bag of tricks. I had showered, she suggested the bed and I found towels. On my back first Martha directed and started by trimming the bush and then soaping up the general area, pulling and holding the skin she shaved the underpants area including the top of the legs. Making conversation, I asked Martha how long she had worked for the ex-wife, just 3 months, she said pays well, easy money, always needing to clean bed linen though she added and laughed, many men come to stay over, not many see again but many men sometimes 2/3 at a time always the bacon sandwiches she added. Pulling my ball sack as she talked, my knob started to fill with blood; dirty boy said, Martha, as she moved my growing cock to one side and shaved the ball sack. Lift legs, and she applied soap to the crack and shaved as far as she could. Turned over I held my ass cheeks open, and she carefully shaved around my shit hole and rest of the bum cheeks. Do you want a happy ending? She asked as I turned on to my back, inspecting the area for rouge hairs, my fat knob now poked up from a hairless groin. Sure I said as her small hand held my fat cock. Standing next to the bed the Filipino pulled the foreskin back and started to wank me off, she squeezed it tight, and pre-cum lubricated the bell end. My hand touched her thigh, and she said OK you want to give me a happy ending , reaching up my fingers ran along her gash which got wet as I split her cunt lips, finding her clit she wanked me harder, the small woman shook big on my fingers as I splat jizz over my own belly. I showered as she cleaned up, by the time I got out, you wouldn’t have known she had been over apart from the washing machine just started a cycleArriving at Madge’s on time, I was greeted by one of the clean-up crew, who recognised me and showed me into the garden room. 1 table was set up, and the 2 other guests were standing waiting to play talking, drinking good wine or whiskey served by a couple of ladyboys. Madge greeted me and said whiskey? and then introduce me to her friends. Both would be GILFS, I guess, both held my hand longer than would be considered alsancak escort normal when introducing themselves as Mary and Beth. We played and drunk, ate a little, played more and drunk more. The conversation was turning bluer and bluer. Madge said Mary gives great head, show him said Madge who said stand up and pull out that cock of yours, I unzipped and pulled to get my semi-hard knob out, Beth said nice which distracted me as Mary reached over and pulled me to her and swallowed the bell end. Looking down I noticed in her lap a set of false teeth; the old girl had removed them before sucking on my growing cock. I told you said Madge, Beth added, I bet you never had a gummy blow job before. The sensation was different; no teeth meant the mouth had more space to take my fat cock, and her lips could make a perfect seal around the shaft. Jesus Mary sucked hard she made my cock grow and poke down her throat.One of the ladyboys came over and stripped me, Madge appreciated the hairless groin, and ran her fingers into my ass crack, Turning to Beth she suggested that I could do with a rim job. Beth obliged and her long tongue licked and splat at my ass hole and pushed me deeper into Mary’s throat. The ladyboy who stripped now did Mary, and while undressing her fingered her hairy cunt and was wanking his own long brown cock.Madge as ever directing the action, fingering her own cunt under her skirt and extracted a tit from her top, told Beth to get stripped and fucked by the ladyboy. I held Mary’s head, and I face fucked that old girl’s mouth. Looking over at Madge, she smiled and called me over; she spread her legs ready to get a fucking, she held open her fat piss flaps showing me her cunt hole she wanted to be filled. I knelt in front of her and poked my very hard and fat cock at the entrance of her old cunt. It slipped in easily, but as I pushed my knob further the shaft was still gripped by the stretched old cunt. I topped out, Madge grunted like a stuck pig. Pumping my cock in and out of Madge, the old girl held my head and swore as she climaxed, her cunt juice thick and slimy covered my cock and the smell filled the room. I looked over and saw Beth and Mary being fucked by the ladyboys their legs spread wide being fucked hard. Madge, ordered us to change places and I sunk my cock into Beth and her wet cunt accepted by knob easily, the fucking GILF rode my cock and pulled me in, holding me deep, rubbing her cervix against my knob end. The old girls swore and climaxed as Madge ordered another change. Mary’s cunt was tighter than either Madges and Beth, I fucked her doggy and slammed my cock into her cunt, slapping my belly against her ass, again and again, my bollocks fondled by Mary were tight waiting for release. I looked over to Madge who had already finished off her ladyboy and was getting a drink; Beth was watching me fuck her friend and fingering her own asshole, she encouraged her friend to push back and feel the length of my cock in her old cunt. One last push I jizzed into the old cunt as Madge put her hand on my shoulder, the heat from the jizz making Mary cum, soaking my groin with thick cunt juice as Madge leant down and exchanged Whiskey from her gob into mine.We meet every 4 weeks said, Madge, as I left her house, balls empty. Part 3As instructed I turned up to my old house at 1:00 on Friday, Steph opened the door and walked me through to the kitchen, structurally the house looked the same but had been decorated and a new kitchen installed, the garden looked much the same, but a pool had been added. Want a drink Steph asked as she poured a glass for herself, “how was it at Madge’s” asked Steph, “Mad” I said, “I had my first gummy blow job”, I said. Steph raised an eyebrow and handed me the glass. I’m going to get you ready and put you in place before the trainee turns up said Steph I think also you should take a V, there usually a lot of talking about various bits and pieces so it will be nice to keep you hard for the afternoon. Where does this happen, I asked you know the wine cellar, it’s now my dungeon. Have you waxed and cleaned you shit hole said Steph, yes I did a bulb enema this morning I said. Good, let’s get you ready, for some slap and tickle. The wine cellar had been completely refurbished, with white walls and soft flooring, equipment hanging on the far wall, mirrors full length on the others. From the ceiling hung chains and cuffs, in one corner a sex swing, an 8 ft long table had all manner of things available for use. Get undressed said Steph, as I undressed Steph picked out a number of items, handing me the V and a glass we saluted, sharing a joint she talked me through what was about to happen, Steph explained it was early days for the trainee who was lesbian, Steph had told the trainee I was an old client who was happy to be involved.I guess we should start I said. first I sweated a bucket load getting a straight jacket fitted and done up, Steph then hooked me up to a wire winch, she inserted into my mouth a pecker gag and tightened it stopping any conversation, she attached a leg spreader to my ankles, and while there lubricated my ass crack and pumped my cock a few to get the blood flowing. The wire from the ceiling took my weight and left only my toes able escort alsancak to touch the floor. She inserted the earbuds, tested the music and then pulled a gimp hood with dark lens’s over my head and zipped the mouth shut. She turned me away from the door making sure I was ok she asked if I could hear her before switching back on the music and leaving me to wait. The heaters in the cellar were making me sweat in the hood, the V making my cock hard. I drifted off listening to the music the next thing I felt a hand touch my leg and I flinched as if it was wired. Steph’s face came into view, and the music stopped as she spoke to me, you OK sorry about that the new girl should have warned you. The new girl shouted sorry, I’ll remember that next time. Thank you for volunteering, I will be gentle unless you want something else the voice continued and laughed.Shit I know that voice I thought, OH fuck, I tried to move, but only managed to turn slightly, looking at the mirrored wall I saw my youngest Molly standing next to the table of toys, dressed in leather her hair pulled back. Steph now dressed in the same costume, stood behind Molly and mouthed, “Keeping it in the Family”, as Molly stood looking at me, naked from the waist down,  cock hard, hanging bollocks full legs spread. Not able to see my face or eyes she had no idea I was behind the mask. Her gloved hand rested on my ass as she once again said thanks before disappearing behind me. I heard Steph say, let start by restricting him a bit more. I was winched up, putting my cock and bollocks at an easy height, Steph grabbed the shaft of my cock and pulled back the foreskin in her gloved hand and wanked it a couple of times, before saying to Molly you do it. I almost threw up as Molly’s smaller hand gripped the shaft of my cock and wanked it. I could see her smile at Steph, who told her to stop, saying we don’t want the dirty bastard to cum yet. A cock and ball restraint was attached, I could feel Mollie’s hand pushing and pulling at my cock and balls to attached the device, it was then attached by chains to the leg constraint. Stepping back to admire her work she looked up and smiled at me before swiftly massaging my bollocks one last time.Steph removed the top half of her costume her large tits swung into view, a nipple chain hung between her tits keeping the cleavage effect. She removed the leather thong leaving a corset and split gusset fishnets, her labia hanging between her thighs. Walking over to me her tits bounced she slapped my arse and said bring that plug over to Molly, Mollies face came close and said, Relax I’m going to insert a butt plug and held it up in front of my face Molly walked behind me and as one pair of hands spread my ass cheeks the other positioned the butt plug. I could see in the mirror the intent look on Mollies face as the butt plug was inserted into my shit hole, the cone shape lodged in and locked it into place. My cock grew and I could feel the viens under the shaft stand out more, as the girls walked back both slapped my cock, Molly commenting on how hard it was. Back at the table, Steph encouraged Molly to remove her top and thong. Mollies ample tits much the same as her mothers swung into view, I could not help but look at her gash, Steph reached over and pinched a nipple making both of them smile. Steph turned to face me and said I think its paddle time, and I once again felt a gloved hand on my back, which when disappeared was replaced by a sharp slap just below my bum cheeks, higher I heard Steph say, and the next 3 landed on the fleshy cheeks. The paddle, leather and steel, making the skin hot. I heard Steph ask if I was OK, I could only nod as another 10 strikes hit me, the last harder than the rest, to which my daughter laughed. Use a cane said Steph, moments later I heard the crack of a cane travelling at speed before striking my bum cheeks. After 3 or 4 wacks I felt a leather glove on my bum cheek rubbing it I looked up to see in the mirror the smiling face of Molly examining her work.Back at the table, both girls sweating took on refreshment and talked. “Have you heard the news” said Steph, “about dad?”, said Molly, “yes mum phoned!”. “Not sure how he will take it that I joined the firm and not in the accountancy department”. Both laughed. “Your Mum will have the conversation, after all, he fucked your grandmother and Aunt and emptied his balls in enough ass holes supplied by the firm, watched by your mum and encouraged”. “I guess so, Grandma talked about it once I was onboard, she said they had some fucking good and dirty times”, Molly said as they approached me again. “It might slow Mum down” said Molly, “some of the guys in the office are almost scared to say Yes, she’s been fucking everything hard since she came back”. “What next”, asked Molly, “get the riding crop alsancak escort bayan and flick it against his cock” said Steph, position adjusted I was able to stand, my cock hard pointing directly at the girls, the riding crop flicked the bellend, making me flinch and try to move away. Steph reached out and held the shaft of my cock and flicked the bell end with the crop. “Here you try” she said to Molly who stepped up and held my cock in a gloved hand and flicked the riding crop in the same way as Steph. Holding my cock tight Molly said he’s enjoying this look at the pre-cum. “What now” said Molly, “not much time left”, said steph, “lets make him cum a couple of times”. “How? said Molly, “get the fleshlight, we can wank him off, the dirty bugger will be pleased with that” said Steph. “Want some lube” said Molly, “Nah I show you a trick and we get off at the same time”. said Steph Walking over to me, Steph held my cock and turned and poked it into her wet cunt, sliding back and forth a few times she covered my cock in her cunt juice, she held my cock and motioned to Molly to try I tried to move away as Molly assumed the position and Steph inserted my cock into her cunt, she got halfway before lifting almost off and then Steph took her sholders and pulled her back against me. Molly’s perfect bum slapped against my belly as she grunted, Steph holding her there, rubbed her gash and made her cum over my cock. Letting her off, Steph pushed the fleshlight over my cock and wanked it hard. Molly took over and my cock splat jizz into the transparent tube.”Fuck said Molly, that was intense, that’s a big cock”, “above average but you will see bigger” said Steph.What next asked Molly, let him rest of a while, then we can get him off again. I looked on as Steph kissed and fondled Mollys tits and fingered her gash Steph sat and spread her legs, Molly knelt and buried her head into Steph gash. Steph looked at me and smiled as Molly made her cum. My cock was still hard as the girls pushed what looked like a vaulting horse in front of me, Steph pushed my cock and balls through the ass hole of the frame work and then closed a collar around my cock shaft, the collar had sharp points which dug into my cock if I moved back at all, I was lowered so my chest rested on the frame of the vaulting horse and my legs shackled against the frame. As Steph removed the butt plug, I could see Molly putting a strap-on on, as Molly did up the belt and positioned the 8-inch dildo, Steph bent over and held her cunt open. Molly stepped up and pushed the dildo into Steph’s cunt and started to plough that whores cunt hard.I tried to look away, which Steph noticed, I think he doesn’t want to see you fucking me said Steph, That not nice said Molly, no said Steph perhaps we should force him to look, the girls stopped and strapped my head in position and then continued with the fucking, Steph climaxed and kissed Molly hard who was then led round to the back of me, Steph held my bum cheeks open and Molly inserted the cunt juice covered dildo into my ass hole. Fuck him I heard Steph say as the dildo working its way into my tight fuck hole. Steph came into view and dressed in another strap on with a bigger black dildo. Molly was pumping my arse hard; I bit down on the plug in my mouth as my hole was forced open by my daughter’s hard rubber cock. I felt Molly’s cock removed from my ass and the larger cock pushed against my hole. Fuck IN Hell hell I heard Molly say as the dildo stretched my ass open and forced its way in. My whole body tried to move away, I couldn’t strapped against the frame the collar around my cock shaft stopped me from moving at all. The dildo continued it’s journey up my shit hole; my cock started to leak cum as Steph moved back and then forward.For what seemed an age, Steph pumped my ass, Molly watching noticing my cock leaking cum. At last the hard dildo was removed, the girls walked around the frame and talked about the jizz on the floor. Molly came close to my face, her hair matted her face and tits covered in sweat, and said she hoped to see me again, Steph stopped her from undoing any straps saying she would do that later. The bitch left me strapped to the horse and turned the music back on.The next thing I knew, the ex-wife was standing in front of me. Her business suit showing cleavage, her legs covered in black stocking, heels. You look as if you have had a good time she said louder than necessary, how was it? Sorry you can’t answer. Have one more thing for you to do if you are up for it. Invited a couple of friends over, apparently always wanted to fuck a mans arse. As she spoke, 2 rugby types walked in holding bottles and glasses, Steph behind them, changed into civils said, all ready and prepared. The ex-wife took the bottle and glasses and said go on then, it’s on the house, Steph helped them get undressed and wanked them in front of the wife who sat filled her glass and watched. The first went behind me, and his cock entered my ass. He fucked me hard the bastard and slapped my arse, Steph watched and smiled as she held on to the second. I felt the cock in my ass unload as the guy slapped my bum cheek one last time. The second guy took his place and filled my ass with jizz. The wife stood and said all finished boys? And then led the 2 guys away. Steph stayed, undid the straps and the collar allowing me to move, I fell onto the soft flooring and stayed there as I removed the hood and gag. FUCK YOU I said as I laid on the floor, Steph handed me a bottle of water and said welcome back, see you upstairs, foods about to arrive.

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