Daughter Teaches Mom a Lesson


Daughter Teaches Mom a LessonThe other night things changed in a rather weird way.my mom and I were watching TV. Mom had gotten her shower and wore a terry cloth robe with a sash to keep it closed. One time as she reached for her drink I looked to her to say something and I saw the front of her robe open quite a bit. I could see nearly completely inside the front of the robe and I saw one of her tits and her nipple.At that moment mom looked over at me and I knew she saw me looking into her robe. Well, there were at least four or five other times that evening when I got a look inside of her robe. When I thought about that night a year later I came to the conclusion, as strange as it may sound, that my mom let me see inside her robe on purpose.Anyway, and here’s the weird part, seeing her tit and nipple completely aroused me sexually. I actually wanted to just put my hand down my pj’s and finger myself. I remember feeling more and more excited with each peek I took of her one breast.Later that night I went to bed early. I got under the sheet and unbuttoned the top of my pj’s and proceeded to play with my tits and nipples. This only lasted a little while and I pulled down my bottoms and put my finger inside my pussy. I was quite wet inside. I was afraid to put my finger into my pussy hole so I just started rubbing around until I hit my clit. I instantly knew this was the clit that the girls at school kept talking about. It felt electrifying and I loved it. I kept visualizing mom’s tit and nipple and I kept rubbing my clit.All of a sudden the physical sensations started coming and they quickly got totally intense. I knew I was having an orgasm. That feeling was fantastic and then it immediately subsided. About ten minutes later I did it again. When I awoke the next morning I immediately masturbated again as I pictured moms tit.Since that night there have been many other nights when mom and I watch TV together . Each time her robe is very loosely closed at the front and when she leans forward I see her tit and her nipple. One time the entire tit came out of the robe. . I also am almost positive that she does this to me on purpose.SIX MONTHS LATERSo once again Mom and I were sitting on the couch watching tv and again her robe was open just enough that i could see her breast. So i got an idea, I know shes doing this on purpose to me, so she must be getting off on it when shes alone. So i decide to even the odds and take this to a whole other level. So i told her i was going for a shower, now there 2 bathrooms in our house one in Mom and Dads room and then one out in the hallway, theres has a big stand in shower where the one i use has a tub. As i got to the top of the hall way i started taking off my clothes and leaving them as a trail to there bathroom. By the time i reach there room i was naked. I got into there shower and cleaned my self, When i was done i took one of there large bath towels , i was threw there bedroom to there door i could hear moans coming from down stairs, i tip toed into the hallway and stood at the top of the stairs, and squatted down. There was mom, her robe was fully opened i could see both her breasts and her nice shaved pussy. Her monas were slow she was work to wards an intense orgasm..We use to have a dog but he got put to sleep but i kept her little leash, i went into my room and grabbed hit and hidd it in my fist then made some nose before comming down stairs, when i walked down her robe was closed and she was a little flusterd, THIS WAS PERFECT!!!. I went over and sat beside her. Now my mom is in her early 40s, 5’6 with long dark hair, she has d cup breast that are a little saggy, a bit of a belly but not fat. I have shoulder lenth brown hair perk c cup breasts and im 5’4. Mom just sat and look at me.”How come your not wearing your pjs””didn’t feel like it mom””well you should go put them on””its ok i will put them on in a bit, i just want to watch tv”I think mom was trying to get rid of me so she could finish. So when mom went back to stairs at the tv i carefully place the hook on the back of moms robe. I thought that the minute she got up i’d yank and her robe would slide off, now i just had to wait. Are show ended halkalı escort a half hour later and mom turned off the tv.”well bedtime””its Friday mom, you can’t be serious, its only 11″”well you could use the sleep, so come on”as she got up i pulled, her arms were at her side and her robe slid right off. mom tried to cover her self up with her hands.”Kelly!, what the hell???””wow mom, nice rack, don’t be shy””Oh you are so grounded””oh am i”I took my glass of ice water and threw it at her, she raise her hands off to cover her face. I pounced off the couch and tackled her to the floor and pinned her down..Moms naked body was beneath me, she was a little daze has she hit the floor hard.”What are you doing””Just having some fun with you, don’t you like fun””get off me””I will in a minute”mom tried to use her legs to push me off, but i grabed hold of them and made her feet touch the floor up by her head as i pulled them forward. When her feet were touching the floor my ass and slit was right above moms face, so i gave her a peek as to what was underneath my towel. I then lowered my self to her so she could have a quick taste, She then over power me sending me backwards, she tried to get up but as she did she sliped in the puddle of water and knock herself out. I couldn’t help but laugh. As she layed there, i went out to my dads shop and grabbed so rope and duck tape. I came back into the tv room, I used a chair to take the flower pots the were hanging on hooks down and sid the rope threw it. When my dad installs something he makes sure it will last. I then attached the ends of the rope to moms ankles and raise her legs just high enough that they would spread and her pussy would be all exposed. I then tied here wrists off to the legs of the couch. I used the duck tape to ensure she would not come loose. While staired in amusement at my naked mom, arms bond and her legs in the air with her feet dangling above her head, i knew this was going to be a fun weekend. I diecide that she would need a snake to get her energy back when i was finished with her for tonight, so i went to the fridge and opened of the crisper, we had fresh straw berry’s, apples and oranges and sitting on the counter were bannas. i choped everything up and put it in the bender, but i need one more thing, moms pussy juice. The way i had moms body postitin it was perfect for catch her squrits.. So i took it out to the tv room and prepard mom. This look so good, i just had to take a couple of pictures of it as i slowly rubber her pussy i could here her moaning softyly, i gave it a couple of smacks hoping it would wake her up, It did, As i rubbed her slit i herd her talking.”what are you doing, why am i tied up””relax mom, im just having some fun now relax if your a good girl you’ll get a treat”i sped my pace up and rubbed faster”ohhh hmmmm “”that’s right mom, enjoy it””no you need too.. oh god oh””that’s right i know you love this, isn’t this what you wannted””no pleases stop… ohhhhh fuckkkk”i continue to rub aggressivly forcing her to cum, her speech was nothing but moans and grunts then she shouted”IM CUMMMING OHHHH FUCKKKKK”i had the bender pitcher in front of her pussy as it exploded, quriting shot after shot of her sweet pussy juice. i kept pinch and pulling on her clit making her orgasm continue.”oohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkik……..im cummming im cummmming!” mom cried out”oh yes mommy dear lets keep this show going””nooooooooooo, oooooggggggggggrrrrrrr,, FUCK!”mom was screaming at the top of her lungs i continued the torcher on her clit”Stop please i can’t take anymore, oooooihh FFUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!”she came again, as the liquid level was past a cup and a half i stoped tugging on her clit Moms body was viberating on the floor. As mom layed there i smiled..”Good girl, you came plenty for mommy, now im gonna go make you your treat””hmm””yes you can have a little nap”mom fell a sleep before my eyes, her pussy was still leaking out, I then went into the kitchen and fixed mom her specail drinking. The fruit mixed well and it looked like a tasty smoothie. I broght it back out to her, She was out cold.So i put her drink taksim escort down and untied her.. I didn’t want my little girl to choke now. So i drag moms body up to the couch and let her back rest against it. then i tittled her head back just enough Mom started to come too.”Whats going on””Shhhhhh, just open up, heres your treat”mom was still pretty loopy from here intences masturbation session. I put the blender up to her lips and poured it into her mouth. She drank it all down.”wow mom you must have been really thirsty, now its time for you to go to bed. so i helped her up, here eyes were barley opened. She burped a few times going up the stairs. As we reach the top i turned and took her into my room, i sat her on my bed and she layed down and went to sleep, this was so per fect. As she layed there i went back downtaris and got the rope and duck tape. Time to set up part 2 of my fun night. As i got back she was snorring, i gently tied here legs and wrist to my bed, she was spred wide. I took a few more pictures of her like this, i then went into her room and took her back massagure and the extention cord from the closet as well of a few of my daddys neck ties, i then return to my room. I pushed the head of the massager up against her soaking wet pussy and then tide the ties around her thighs and the massaure arm to hold it in place and used the third for the head of it and wrapped it around moms waist. There was no way she could run from this.i pluged the massauger into the extention cord and plugged it into the wall I then woke my mother up.”wakey wakey, mommy, time for round 2″”huh””awww your still sweepy, well maybe this will wake you”i turn the massauger on high”oooooooooo” mom let out a moan”ohhhh fuckkkkkkk””well i see your enjoying round 2 mom, i think i will leave you alone””nooo you…oohhhhh ….. no don’t noooo ohhhh fuckkkkk…..””Wow your quite the squriter mom, no wonder why your always walking around naked under neath that robe””oooohhhhhh fuckkkk… noooooooo. pleaseee….nooo oooohhh fuckkkk IM CUMMMING!”Moms pussy juice were flooding out all over my bed and splashing off the massauger.”yes you are… Im sure im gonna love watching this again.”i went and grabbed my video camera and hit record and set it up right above mom so i could capture her whole body reacting to my torcher.”ooooooohhhhhhhh fuccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” mom cried outI then went over to mom and gave her a big wet kiss on her forhead.”im gonna go and have a another shower, you just relax and have fun””noooooooooo…..” mom continued to wine as her body was spasaming from the intense vibrationAs i left and closed the door i could hear her scream in pleasure. I went into her bedroom and turned there shower on and took an hour long shower, cleaning my self and and rubbing my pussy on and off thinking about my mom cumming and drinking her own juices. As i had an orgasm of my own, i still wasn’t threw with mom. I walked out dripping wet and naked. I went over to her dress and begain going threw her clothes drawers. i saw the panties she had and decide that my slut pet need something more to my liking so i took all of her bras and panties and garb-aged them. the went threwThe next few sets of drawers, and cleaned them right out. i thinks its best if she dosent wear under where anymore. After that it was time to check out her closet.She had allot of business suits, so i thought it would be best to keep some and garbage all the other sun dresses she had. They were too churchy. I pulled her bussiness suits and moved them to the guest room closet and hung them up, i decide mom need a smaller room. After i set up my slaves room the phone rang.. it was moms Assistint!”hello””His ithe Karen there””Oh shes in her room masturbating, Im her daughter Jordan””Oh. um high Jordan, Its linda, can you tell her to call me back when shes finished?””Well Linda why don’t you come over””Come over…..” there was a long quited pause”Are you sure””Oh yea mom would love to see you, the front doors open, just come in””Okay, are you sure your mother wont mind””Oh no were nudist, were always okay with being in these situations (laughs) yea its totally cool””Really şişli escort your nudists, i didn’t no that, I will be there shortly””Okay see you soon”Well this was going to be perfect mom was going to be humilated in front of her boss, The same person mom constantly calls a stupid cunt. Right now there actullay in league with one another, if mom resigns from her job linda would take her spot, and if mom stays she will continue to be linda’s boss. Wow This is going to be so fun. I went and to check on my mom. As i got closers i could still hear her scream and wimperI heard a car pull up, i went and looked out the hall window.. It was LINDA!.. I went down stairs and put moms very expencive robe on. Linda walked in the house.”Well you must be Jordan””Yes that i am””I must say your a very beauiful girl””Thank you, are ready to see my mom””OOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” mom screamed out”Yes i am”I started to guide linda up the stairs”You know Linda think your a teriffic boss, your nothing like mom describe you””I can imagian””Yea but thats all about to change after all, your about to get the upper hand””Oh really and how is that””Just open the door over there and you will see”Lind opened op the bedroom door and she stoped dead in her tracts. The was mom here body was shaking and her pussy was exploding all over the place. Mom was having orgasm left and right she couldn’t even speack. Linda turn back to me and smiled. I walked over and shut the massauger off.”Is my little pet all finshed””Please….. no more… I can’t take””Its okay your late for a meeting””late?????””thats right right Karen, were having a meeting to night”mom was white as a ghost”well so there the slut thats going to replace me”mom was frozen she looked at me and tears rolled down her face”Hey, you look at me when im talking to you, So you want my job, you think you can run that whole department (laughs) you cant even handle your own house hold… Tell me Jordan how long have you dominated your mother””All night””Well I guess your going to step down from your postion as asisstent director of general merchandise and take on a whole new job, as my new assistent, and if you choose not to i will inform the board of directors of everything ive seen tonight. so whats it going to be”mom was still short of breath, i watched on.”Okay, i’ll step down””Thats right you will, and my frist act as of your Boss, is that you show me the respect i desever and kiss my pussy.”Linda removed her blazer and her skirt, she was naked underneath. She then got on top of the bed and kneed down infront of moms face then she lowered her slef to moms mouth. Linda pulled moms face right inthere and held her like that for five minutes, then she got off the bed and put her clothes back on.”I will expect to see you monday morning and be prepare to resigin and promote me to take that spot, understood. Jordan sweety, can you walk me out””Sure Linda” As i left mom was laying tied to the bed, nude in disbeliefei walked her out of the room, as i shut the door i could here mom bursting into tears.”So your now a boss, so what happens now””Well her pay will be cut how ever i wouldn’t have rose to top if it wasn’t for you, i and going to pay you 4000 a month in cash to continue to dominate her at home, while i use her at work.”That i can do””great, now if you excuse me i must be going””Thanks for stopping by””your welcome, see you next friday”Lidna left, i locked up the door and and sat in the tv room and put my feet up on the coffe table. What a day, My lost her job as boss and is now the boss’s bitch, I now have the master bedroom and a brand new car and a high paying job which is totally awesome, and mom obeys my every camaned.AFTERMATHSo its been A few years since mom was demoted at work and now answers to Linda.. Mom has yet to see a raise. Linda gives me a total of $6000 a month to keep my mother in line, this is the greatest job ever.When my is at home i make her do her chores nude and when she need to grocery shop i make her wear my booty shorts and tight tee shirts, they barely fit on her. When shes at work Linda makes her stripped down in her office every day and matsurbates for the window cleaners and then makes her spened here day on her knees underneath her dest eating her pussy out when she horny. I pay day, I call my freinds Jesse,Brian and Dave over, I let them fuck my mom for a cheap hourly rate, at frist mom refused but after a few more nights of subbmission masturbation, she finally gave in and now obeys with out question.

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