Dealing with it


Dealing with itI caused it so I must learn to deal with having a wife that cuckolds me. After we got married I begain to notice how often guys would check out my wife when we where out. She is five foot four and weighs a hundred pounds even. Her natural light brown hair is kept bleach blonde. She wears it straight with bangs. Her breasts are thirty four B and she has beautiful legs. The entire time we dated and even the first year after we married she dressed modest but still drew stares from men. I started buying her sexy cloths, very short skirts and tight shorts to show off her beautiful tanned legs. Then one evening while we where dinning out I noticed a good looking guy most definitely looking at my wife’s legs. She was wearing a extremely short white denim skirt. It was so short that her panties almost shown while standing. It took a great deal of convincing to get her to wear it. I told her she had an admirer. She said I told you this damn skirt would cause guys to stare. We both had been enjoying a few adult beverages and our inhibitions where relaxed. I whispered to her to let him see your panties. She said that will be easy , this skirt is so short. I jokingly said you do have panties on I hope. She teasingly said maybe I do. She said if I didn’t I’d show him my shaved pussy. This is where the cuckolding begain. I told her to go to the ladies room and take them off. She giggled, then said you really want me to show him my pussy? It was a mixture of the alcohol and sexual excitement I told her don’t just show it to him. She said what ? I said let him have some. Her face flushed and she said oh, you want me to fuck him? I said if you have the guts. She said be careful I may call your bluff. I leaned back in my chair and slowly sipped my drink, do it if you aren’t chicken shit. She wiped her mouth then tossed muğla escort her napkin in her plate. I’ll be back later. She then stood up and headed toward the ladies room but stopped and leaned down to whisper in my ear. My pussy will be full of his cum when I come back. I watched untill she was out of site then I glanced around the room for her admirer. His table was empty. I thought damn he left already but I found out later that he had only gone to the restroom and that’s where he and my wife met. She told me when she came back to the table and as she handed me her wadded up panties that he was interested in hooking up. She sat down and leaned across the table. She said my bare ass is setting on this chair. I asked if it felt sexy? She said yes and my pussy is wet. Tell me I said, what did he say to you? She said he asked if that was my husband I was with? What did you tell him I asked? She said I told him yes it is, then she said I told him that you has sent me to take off my panties. He asked why. She said I told him so I could flash my pussy to you. He said to me? She said yes to you and if you liked it you can have it. He said to meet him in the parking lot and we could have sex in his car. My heart was racing. Are you going to do him in the car? She said no, I told him let’s get a room at the motel behind the restaurant. I looked back to his table, his check was laying there with money on top of it. He had left. I began to realize that this was really going to happen. I studered but but. She said no backing out. My pussy is wet and he is going to fuck me. She said but you are going to watch. We paid our check and walked outside. We saw him leaning on his car. He knoded and got in and started slowly driving toward the motel. I remember thinking I should just turn the other eskişehir escort way and leave but for some reason I just couldn’t. I followed his car into the motel parking lot. He got out and went inside. In five minutes he came out and walked to my wife’s side of our car. My wife rolled down her window and he handed her a key card. We are in twelve o two he said. My wife opened her door and got out, she told me to go park then come up to the room. She took his arm and they walked back into the motel. I didn’t have a parking permit so I had to park across the street from the motel. By the time I had parked and got to the elevator they had a good ten minute head start on me. As I rode up to twelve I realized i didn’t have a card key. I found twelve o two and before I knocked I listened at the door. It was quiet. I tapped lightly on the door. It took several moments before I heard it being unlocked. Then it was opened by my totally naked wife. She said we don’t need room service and asked as if she was going to close the door. I put my foot out to stop it and as I walked pasted her I said cute, very cute. I glanced around the room and whispered where is he? She said we where about to shower if you had been a minute later I wouldn’t have heard your knock. She went in the bathroom and closed the door. I sat at the desk like a K I d on his first day of school. It seemed like it was taking a long time for them to shower. I walked out onto the deck and looked around, I’m deadly afraid of heights so I came back in and as I closing the sliding door the bathroom door opened. Out walked my wife leading her new friend by his already hard cock. I was glad to see it was a good bit longer than mine and larger in diameter. After all if my wife is going to give her pussy away I want her gaziantep escort to get better than I have. She stroked him a few times before pushing him back onto the bed. His hard cock sticking straight up. She climbed on him and took his dick into her pussy like a pro. I know for a fact my wife has never had a cock this large before but she had no trouble fitting it in her. She leaned forward so he could suck her nipple and I was able to see my wife’s married pussy lips tightly wrapped around his veiny cock. She very slowly rocked up and down on him. Her pussy started producing a white foam that marked the depth of each stroke. He rolled her over and fucked her missionary style. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he beat her pussy with his cock. She had an orgasm right off the bat. She was getting the best fucking of her life. I thought to myself this will never be just a once in a life time thing. I saw his ass cheeks tighten up and pinch together. I knew he was pumping his nuts into her unprotected pussy. He pulled out and walked to the restroom leaving my wife spread eagle on her back. Her pussy was wrecked. The lips where slightly apart and a small white trail of his cum was running out of her. Her ass hole was covered in the foam from their love making. She saw me looking at her pussy. Eat my pussy she said. What ? I asked . She said get down there and suck all of his cum out of your slut wife’s pussy. She never talked like that before. I started to lick her swollen pussy lips and she grabbed my head and forced my face into her. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Her little clit was swollen and I sucked it between my lips. Her thighs tried to close on my head when I did that. Her friend called out from the restroom to let ourselves out. I guess he is finished with you I told my wife. She dressed as I wiped my face off. She asked if I had her panties? I said yes but you don’t need them. We walked across the motels lobby with my wife’s freshly fucked pussy only one inch from the hem of her mini skirt. She could feel the cool air on her wet pussy lips she said. Well that began my cuckold life.

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