Diary of an Actor 2

Double Penetration

Diary of an Actor 2Greg’s first thought when he awoke was work. As a self-employed architect he could not afford to lose clients and he had broken one of his golden rules last night by not putting the client first. Glancing at his alarm clock, he groaned, dragged himself out of bed and made his way to the office. Working from home, he thought to himself, had its compensations but right now he was not particularly enamored with the idea of the phone call he had to make.Picking up the phone he speed dialed. As the pick-up came, unnerved, without any pre-amble he went straight into the explanation.“Hi Rod, it’s Greg, look I’m sorry but I’m running late on the revisions to the plans for the house at Quay Close.”Rod, who was also a drinking buddy of Greg’s laughed:“Well, as it happens my old son, today is your lucky day, Stephanie has had to go and look after her mother for the week and I am having to baby sit, so I could not have done anything with the plans even if you had completed them. If you can get them to me Wednesday next that will be fine. Are you OK buddy you don’t sound too hot?”“Oh I’m fine, it’s just burning the candle at both ends does not help,” Greg explained but Rod was ahead of him.“It’s that operatic stuff you’re doing, didn’t you have your opening night last night?”“It’s not operatic stuff,” protested Greg, “it’s straight acting, but you are right, there was a party last night and I should never have gone – I should have been working early this morning.”“Well,” said Rod, ”you can take a holiday for the rest of the week now can’t you… Oh shit!”“What’s up?”“Baby explosion,” responded Rod, “I’m going to have to go, enjoy your week, it has to be better than mine.”With that the phone went dead and Greg was left with the thought that life was odd, sometimes you made a call thinking nothing of it and suddenly shit was coming back at you in large amounts and at other times, when expecting the worse, you were handed a present.“Wow!” he exclaimed as the realisation hit him that the whole week was now his, he could act and party and not worry about the next day.Relaxed, he made his way into the kitchen and switched on the machine for a strong cup of coffee, then picked up the newspaper lying at the front door. Greg still liked a newspaper; friends he knew had virtually given up on print and used their computers for news, but he liked print and the feeling of something having been created. Ambling his way back to the kitchen he heard a knock at the front door, cursing, he about-turned and checked the security window. In the distorted glass he saw a familiar slight figure dressed in a flowery summer dress and realized that his lift from last night was paying him a visit, in her right hand she was carrying a brief case. Feeling vaguely sheepish he opened the door.Pauline grinned “Well, are you going to invite me in or stand there in your dressing gown with your mouth open so all the neighbours can see you?”“Yeh, sure, sure, come in,” he stuttered, and acting as if she owned the place, Pauline made her way into the hall.“Nice pad,” she breathed as she looked at the original pictures on the wall and the Persian carpet on the wooden floor.“Thank you,” said Greg as he led her into the kitchen, “I was just about to have a coffee, would you like one?”“Ooh yes please,” said Pauline as she sat down on one of the rush-woven kitchen chairs and rather demurely, placed her briefcase by her side.Greg added a second mug next to the cafetiére and turned to her.“Where are you off to at this time of the morning?”Pauline grinned, “College, you were on my way so I thought I would pay you a visit.”“Christ how old are you?” Greg exclaimed.“Oh God you sound like my parents.” Exclaimed Pauline “I’m eighteen and if it wasn’t for the fact that I completely screwed up my last set of exams, I wouldn’t be in this dump of a town, I’d be out of here.” Her eyes flashed and her cheeks flushed with anger and Greg couldn’t help but think she was a babe.“Look, I’m sorry, you are beautiful and we, or perhaps that should be I, had an amazing time last night but I hadn’t even given your age a thought and that was foolish of me.” Greg smiled. “Do you think we might start again?”Pauline leaned forward and flashed him a smile.“Do you really think I am beautiful?” she beamed delightedly but then getting no response from Greg she sighed, “I’m at college re-sitting my exams, I’m waiting to go university in the autumn and I am definitely over the age of consent. If it weren’t for the fact that I had crap results I would have been there now. Had that been the case and I’d been a student at Uni, you would not have thought twice about what happened last night.”Greg thought to himself that that was almost certainly true and he realised he was fonder of Pauline than he had any right to be, but still he hesitated. Pauline, with the little sigh of someone who had been in this position before reached for her briefcase, opened it and pulled out a purse.“Here,” she said and placed in his hand her driving license. “Awful picture!” she giggled as Greg, with a smile handed it back.“I have a couple of free study periods on Tuesday,” said Pauline, “I’m supposed to be revising but I got bored and so thought I’d go into college anyway, I was on my way and remembered you were nearby so I diverted.”Greg raised his eyebrows and Pauline blushed.“All right, there was no diversion, I came straight here, but I will go on to college so it’s not a complete lie.”Grinning Greg poured their coffee, adding sugar and milk to both.“What are you studying?” he asked as they sipped the strong coffee.“Well I want to be an architect, so Physics, Maths and Product Design.”“But you’ll need good grades to be an architect and if you are re-sitting…” he left the question hanging.“Yes I know,” she responded, “but last year was entirely my fault. I was mixing with people I should not have been mixing with and had a boyfriend with whom I had nothing in common and who was only after me for one thing. So I dumped him and volunteered for the backstage work to keep myself out of mischief and I have been working really hard and they are predicting top grades and I have been accepted at Oxford, subject to the results.”“I was there,” Greg said, “on that course as well.”Pauline squealed with delight, “you’re an architect?”“Why yes, fair maiden,” laughed Greg.“That’s fantastic!” Pauline leapt out of her chair and straddled Greg, facing him, then, suddenly the light went out of her eyes.“Why aren’t you at work?” she asked suspiciously, staring at him.“I am at work, I’m freelance, I work from home.”“Will you help me before I go up to Uni.?” she pouted, kissing Greg on the nose, “I’ll make it worth your while,” and with that she moved maltepe escort lasciviously in his lap.“Whoa,” cried Greg, “let’s get a couple of things straight. One, I will help you but that’s because I want too and it’s not in exchange for sexual favours, is that clear?”Pauline nodded, abashed.“Two, this is not a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship between us. I may not be able to put the genie back in the bottle, but in the autumn you are going to move on to university on a five-year course, meet people and have a career. It’s odds on you would not stay with me and I don’t want to get hurt either. So, let’s enjoy this theatre week, see what happens over the summer and we’ll work and play hard and I will help you all I can. Is that a deal?”Pauline nodded again.“Oh, and there’s a ‘three’, we have to be discreet. I do not want to my clients to find out what we are up to, neither do I want to upset your parents, whom I take it, you are still ‘sharing’ with?”Pauline blushed, realizing her deception from last night had been discovered.“Have you finished?”Greg nodded.“Good,” she suddenly grinned, her eyes gleamed, “all numbers acceptable, but let’s get one thing perfectly clear, I am not giving you sexual favours, you are going to give them to me, I have been wet all night, my pussy is still soaking. In fact I have my panties in my briefcase. Now where is that beautiful cock? I want to send you to work with a smile on your face.”Before Greg could object, she leaned back on his lap and reaching down with her cool little hands she sought out his cock that was soon rearing through the gap in his dressing gown. Gripping his penis hard she began to masturbate Greg.‘I love cock and I especially love your cock,’ she whispered into his ear, before nibbling the lobe.‘Look in my purse,’ she whispered, ‘I don’t want to let go of this beauty.’Greg did as he was bid and was rewarded by the sight of a foil wrapped condom.‘Take it out,’ Pauline ordered, Greg ripped the packet open and took out the oil-ribbed condom.‘Give it to me,’ she said. As he handed it to her, she let go of Greg’s penis, now at its fullest and throbbing with anticipation. Standing up she popped the condom between her lips and kneeling between Greg’s legs, gently rolled the condom down the straining shaft with her mouth.‘I love it when a man is hard enough for me to do that,’ she said as she stood up. Moving slowly forward, her legs either side of Greg’s thighs, she raised her school skirt revealing a wispy triangle of hair. Greg could smell her arousal. Pauline looked down at him and his cock and bending her knees, paused briefly to grasp Greg’s cock and guide it into her very tight, but very wet, cunt.‘Aaaaaah, God,’ she hissed as she lowered herself, ‘you’ve no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.’ She grunted as she took his full length and her butt was seated on Greg’s thighs, ‘I normally love a lot more foreplay but I really did not get much sleep last night and it’s all your fault.” She began to raise and then lower herself on the invader.Greg groaned, ‘slowly babe, let me soak for a moment, it’s been a long time. You may think I am a seducer of young maidens but believe me, I don’t do this every day of the week.’‘Soak for as long as you like baby,’ she whispered, gently squirming on his cock, rather than thrusting, while holding his face between his hands and kissing him hard, as his tongue snake-like did battle with hers, his day old beard rasping against her.Greg was aware as he held her cute arse in his hands of the eroticism of the scene and it made him throb. There he was in a dressing gown, while she, clothed, and her summer frock effectively hiding everything from view, seemingly sitting on his lap. At the same time the warmth and firmness of the hold of her pussy on his cock seemed to be holding him up. And he was conscious of the fact that, despite the difference in their ages, she was in charge – this time at least.‘Go for it babe,’ he whispered in her ear as the urge to cum that had assailed him with her initial assault had subsided. Now he was aware of the shear pleasure of fucking her and the pleasure she was having in fucking him. With a groan she lifted herself up his penis and at the tip paused and let herself fall on it, then again and then a bit faster as she built to a regular rhythm.He looked at her and could see her teeth as she bit her lip. He eyelids were hooded and she would not look at him, seemingly abashed at what she was doing. He let her carry on for a few moments and then whispered.‘Look at me baby,’ she caught eye briefly but she frowned and swallowed almost with surprise as she absorbed his cock to the base again.‘Look at me baby,’ he whispered again, ‘Are you enjoying this?’‘Oh yes,’ she almost sobbed, ‘I love it!’‘You don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed babe, you are so good at this, you are such a good little fucker you are such a wet little fucker and you just adore being fucked don’t you baby and I adore fucking you baby, so move for me baby, take it all in.’The stream of words had the desired effect and she moved faster and more definitely as if achieving an aim. Greg was aware of her panting and keening as she thrust herself down on him harder, their bones almost meeting. And then she was coming. Rather like the night before, it was sudden, but more intense and she stared at him in surprise, open-eyed, seeing nothing, before collapsing on him. After a few moments she stirred.‘Oh God, I needed that, you are fantastic,’ and she peppered his face with kisses.Hugging his neck she said, ‘I could stay like this forever,’ and then, aware that he was still hard and strong within her, ‘you did not cum?’ Greg nodded his head in agreement.‘Ooh baby,’ she said, eyes glinting, ‘I can’t have you not coming, my pussy could not live with the idea of a man not being able to cum in it. How would you like me to deal with it? How about this?’ and, with incredible power, she squeezed with her cunt.‘Where did you learn to do that?’ Greg gasped.‘What this?’ she giggled as she squeezed him again, ‘I might tell you one day, but right now I want to watch you while you come.’ Looking at him in a way she had not been able to do a few minutes before, she rode and squeezed him until Greg was gasping. Then she leaned forward and raised herself until she was just fucking the glans of Greg’s cock with her pussy until finally, with the sensation of something unstoppable, the orgasm hit Greg and he was shouting out his own release as he pumped the condom full.For a while they just cuddled, happy and satisfied but Greg stayed hard and Pauline looked at him.‘How long can you keep this up for?’ she asked as she began to rotate her hips again until Greg stopped her.‘One escort maltepe day I might tell you,’ he riposted, ‘but right now, it’s shower time for me and it’s on the way to College for you.Pauline groaned and then sighed as she pulled herself off Greg, looking at the filled condom as she did so.‘Wow, so much cum, big cock, big cummer, are you sure I’ve got to go?’‘Babe, I think you’re fantastic and nothing would give me more pleasure than taking you to bed and making you forget about your exams. But right now, I have work to do, as do you and we also have a play tonight in case you’d forgotten.’‘And it’s so dark back stage,’ grinned Pauline as she shamelessly took her knickers out of her briefcase and turning away from Greg, she bent over with her legs straight and her ass and pussy pointing directly at him and pulled her knickers up until they were pulled high over her beautiful backside.‘Just so you don’t forget,’ as she let the skirt fall. Kissing two fingers, she laid them on Greg’s lips and she was gone, leaving a half full mug of coffee on the kitchen table.After Pauline’s departure, Greg took himself and his coffee to the bathroom and reaching into the shower, he turned it to full and stepping in treated himself to a long soak. He felt a little guilty about Pauline, as he knew that he did not have to work. But also he knew he would see her in the evening, he also knew he had to get himself ready for the evening performance. Without the distraction of a teen nymphet exposing all parts of her body to him, although, as he wryly observed while pulling the razor over his face, he had not seen either of his paramours naked yet. What’s more, was going to have to try and sort out, in his own mind at least, how he was going to deal with both Pauline and Andi. Life was at least interesting, if a little complicated.As Greg sat down to his belated breakfast with a second cup of strong coffee his phone his phone rang.‘Hi Greg, it’s Joyce.’‘Hi Joyce, how can I help?’‘Well I know it’s short notice and you may not be able to do it as I know you are working this week, but I wondered if you might be able to get into the theatre early and run through those couple of love scenes with Andi. She’s acting just a bit too reticent for me and I just thought that after your success of last night she might just loosen up a bit. Would 6pm be possible?’‘That is no problem Joyce, my plans have changed and I could get there earlier if you like, would four be any good?’There was a pause as the director considered the offer. ‘That’s great but I don’t think I could get there myself until 4.30pm possibly 5pm, but I tell you what, I’ll say 4pm to Andi, you two could make a start and then I’ll join you as soon as I can. How does that sound? In any event she may be less inhibited without me around.’Greg smiled to himself that that was quite possible, but simply confirmed that he would be there at the venue at 4pm and Joyce, happy with the arrangements, rang off.Greg sat and nursed his coffee and decided his course of action for the day. A run and then back to bed, it was a luxury but he had a performance in the evening and with all that had happened in the past twenty four hours, he needed to re-coup some of his strength. With a chuckle Greg made his way towards his gym bag and his running gear.It was a beautiful afternoon and Greg had the car hood down as he drew into the same spot in the car park that he had occupied the previous evening. Locking the car he made his way into and through the silent theatre, past the stage door and walking through the wings, he switched on the working lights. He then inhaled deeply, smelling the air of the silent theatre and then deliberately paced to the centre of the stage. Soaking up the atmosphere and savouring the silence, he looked out over the serried ranks of empty seats that last night had been full and would be again to tonight.In the distance he heard the echoed bang of a door and he saw the small figure of Andi making her way down an aisle towards the stage. The trim figure encased in a blue roll-necked sweater with blue jeans and high-heeled boots, the soft leather of the boots, encasing her jeans. He raised a hand in greeting and she waved back before she went through the stage door and he heard her make her way up the stairs to the stage. Greg watched as she approached him, she had no make-up and her hair was severely tied back yet she still looked incredibly beautiful, but she was pale and tears were glistening in her eyes. Greg silently put his arms out to her and she, in turn, grabbed him in a fierce hug and hid her face in his shoulder. He could feel the jerking sobs.‘He’s, he’s such a bastard,’ she spat out between sobs, ‘we were all having such a good time yesterday evening, even him. But he was so drunk and once we were at home he kept on and on about Joyce having a go at him about his lines and how I was not as talented as I thought I was and how you had beginner’s luck. He would not let it go and eventually I lost it and I told him exactly what I thought of him and his talent and I told him to go and fuck his little stagehand if that’s what he wanted. But whatever he did, he was to leave me alone and sleep in the spare bedroom.’‘This morning he was really hung over but still just as nasty and he’ll just about be OK for tonight, but I know that if it was not for all his other mates appearing in this play he would have just not turned up this evening, and as for any relationship I might have had with him…’Andi turned and wandered to the front of the stage and with her arms folded, she scuffed at the stage floor pensively with the sole of her boot. She sighed and then looked over towards a concerned-looking Greg.‘Don’t worry it’s not your fault, it’s been a long time coming and I don’t regret anything that happened last night and I can tell you I am so pleased to be here, when Joyce rang it was like a minor miracle.’A flash of a smile lit Andi’s face and with deliberation she walked back to Greg and holding both his arms raised her face and kissed him on the lips. ‘Thanks for listening.’With a hiccoughing laugh she turned and looking at the auditorium and raised her arms in a dramatic manner.‘Right, that’s enough of the drama queen, what drama do you and I have to sort out?’ Projecting her voice, she made the empty theatre echo then turning back she smiled at Greg and more quietly, ‘what does Joyce want us to do?’Greg laughed, slightly embarrassed.‘Well it’s like this, Joyce wants more sexual chemistry in the scene in act one, when we first meet and more physicality in the scene in act two but she did not say exactly how we should interpret it, only that that’s what she wanted. But she did suggest maltepe escort bayan you may be a little less inhibited if she was not there, so I guess we have to practice and see what happens when she turns up,’ he ended a little lamely.‘She thinks I’m inhibited does she?’ I’ll show her ‘inhibited’ and with eyes flashing Pauline hooked her arms around Greg’s shoulders and kissed him, then, pushing herself hard against Greg’s body, she opened her mouth and kissed him with a passion she had only hinted at previously. Greg found himself responding as Andi ground harder against him. Then, surprisingly, she turned in his arms and rubbing her delicious ass into his groin, she grabbed his hands and pulled them up to her breasts. Leaning back against him she looked up at him.‘Tell the audience I have nice tits.’‘You have nice tits.’‘Not me! Tell the audience! In fact, tell them I have great tits.’‘She has great tits,’ roared Greg as he felt Andi’s breasts being thrust into his hands by their owner raising her arms to receive the applause made by the imaginary audience.Andi smiled and grasping one of his hands she pulled it down to her crotch, which she covered with her hand and pressing down on his. ‘Now tell them, I have a great cunt.’‘She has a great cunt,’ Greg’s voice filled the auditorium and they both collapsed in a fit of giggles.Andi turned and snuggling into Greg looked up at him and whispered.‘We’ll get kicked out of here but I don’t care. Now tell me I have the sweetest, wettest little pussy that you have ever felt and that you can’t wait to fill it with that wonderful hard cock you have hidden in your trousers.’And with that she reached down for him and wrapped her hand around the rearing shape that appeared against the front of his trousers.‘Mmmmmh,’ she sighed, ‘can’t we forget about the rehearsal and go back to your place, I don’t want to rehearse any more, I want a real performance!’Greg glanced at his watch and sighed regretfully, ‘Joyce will be here any second and we have not done anything we were supposed to do.’‘Oh I don’t know, I reckon this is Karma,’ grinned Andi, and then suddenly, ‘you wait here, I’ve an idea,’ and with that she patted his crotch and set off for the wings.Greg sat down on the chaise long set out for act one of the play, he seemed to have spent his time aching and waiting for women who wanted him. But he grinned to himself, there must be worse hobbies. Leaning back he closed his eyes. A short while later he heard footsteps on the stage and then lips brushed his. Opening his eyes he found himself gazing down and into the most delicious décollege and looking up he saw Andi’s smiling eyes. She was wearing her play costume for Act 2.‘I told you I had good breasts.’Swinging around, Greg grabbed Andi and sat her on his lap and kissed her, while slipping his hand under the elasticated top of the Empire style costume, he felt the smooth top of her breast followed by a rapidly hardening nipple.Andi giggled again, ‘take them out, I always wanted to appear nude on stage.’ Greg, delving into the costume, did as he was told and two of the most delicious breasts Greg had ever seen were on display to the unoccupied serried ranks of seats.‘Now kiss them lover,’ Andi demanded and Greg, nothing loathe, bent and gave his undivided attention to the lovely assets that were his.”‘God I am so horny,’ came the moan from Andi’s lips, “I won’t be able to concentrate on anything tonight.’Greg decided it was now or never and lifting Andi up, he stood with her in his arms and walked her round to the back of the chaise long.Greg put her down, ‘bend over,’ he ordered and placing Andi’s hands on the back the seat, he stood behind her and flipped the back of her dress up, exposing a firm and beautiful arse which was completely devoid of any covering.‘You are a naughty girl,’ he observed, the remark was greeted with a waggle of her hips as he reached towards her pussy which he gently spread and felt inside with two fingers, a wet and warm cunt. ‘Just a bit wider baby.’Andi groaned as she eased her legs further apart and rested her head on the back of the chaise, ‘pleeeease.’ she muttered.Greg unzipped his trousers and reaching inside his fly hoisted out his cock then bending at the knees, he wiped the head up and down Andi’s labia before pushing, gently but firmly into her pussy.‘Please, please, please, oh God you are so big, ah yesss!’The hissed ‘yes’ came as Greg’s thighs made contact with Andi’s arse and he was fully embedded.‘Now fuck me good, I so need to be fucked, please don’t cum, do me hard!’Greg pulled back and looked at his glistening cock, wet with Andi’s juices, as it emerged from her cunt. Pulling back he just inserted the head of his cock and then very slowly penetrated and then pulled back until just the head was in her, and again pushed in very slowly avoiding full penetration.‘Please fuck me hard, stop teasing,’ Andi complained, ‘I want it all, aaah!’Greg had swiftly pushed all his cock into Andi and she shuddered and then swore at him as he pulled out to the tip again and then gently nudged just the tip into her now dripping pussy.‘You bastard, fuck me with that cock, all of it, aaah,’ she cried as the cock went deep again. ‘You shit, when you have finished fucking me I am going to kill you, you bastard.’Withdrawing his cock to just the tip again Greg leaned over Andi and grasped the unfettered breasts then kissing her on the back of her neck he whispered, ‘are you ready baby?’‘Oh yes, please,’ she moaned.Greg drew back and grasping her hips plunged into her, shafting her with a power and speed that made her gasp. The moisture of her pussy sang in sympathy with Greg’s assault and the slap of his thighs against Andi filled the theatre with a sound that echoed back from the walls.‘Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,’ The keening mutter came from Andi and her hands turned white as she grasped the back of the chair ‘oh shit, oh shit, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh please, oh God yes!’ she tensed and then the back of Andi’s thighs went into spasm and she collapsed and went limp on the back of the chaise.Greg hurriedly pulled out and grasping her in his arms, pulled her to him and held her. After a moment Andi’s breathing became normal and she put her arms around his neck and kissed him.‘You are an absolute bastard and a shit making me wait like that but you are a hell of a cocksman, please can we do that again soon?’ She put out her hand to grasp him, you didn’t cum?’ ‘No, you told me not too,’ grinned Greg.Caressing his cock with her hand, Andi looked at him and smiling said, ‘good manners dictate I return the compliment, selfishness says, I want ‘him’ primed and ready to go later. Would you mind?’ she looked at him coyly, ‘I promise I will make it up to you.’Greg thought it would not be good manners to explain all that had happened during the course of the day and with a smile he said.‘No problem, I’ll look forward to ‘later’.’At the far end of the auditorium a door banged.

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