Dirty stories from the bar


Dirty stories from the barDirty stories from the barThe Stowaway BarI own a small bar in an industrial area of a big city. During the workday I have a decent crowd for lunch and after work till about 6:00 pm. I have closer friends later and weekends, guys, girls and some couples, many come because it is out of site out of mind. We have a pretty wild time without any neighbors near by. I sell small amounts of cocaine to people I know well and trust.There is a guy Jim and his girlfriend Rose that I used to sell to that came in often. One day he went berserk over something stupid and caused a lot of trouble and damage to the bar. I told him to never come back he was barred. A couple of days went by and he called and pleaded to come back in or at least could he buy some shit from me, I said absolutely no!A few days later Rose walked in and asked for a beer and was surprised when I gave it to her. She wanted to talk to me, I said lets go to my office a small room off the bar. She is a sexy Latina the girl next-door type, that I get hard just looking at, dark hair to the shoulders, nice small ass looking perfect. Not real glamorous, but very sexy!She sat on the couch and I stood in front of the desk. She asked if she could buy some shit, and I could see she wanted it badly. I told her she could drink in here if she wanted but that was all. She pleaded with me she wanted a line so bad, and she wanted to know what she could do to convince me! I looked her straight in the eye and said I want you to suck me off and swallow my load. She said are you k**ding me, I have cash, I said you heard the terms. She said what about Jim I love him, i don’t even do that for him. I said that will not change and he does not have to know, you say you paid cash.I showed her what she wanted in my hand and she walked over knelt down and unzipped my fly. I was excited as I had looked at her with lust many times in the past, nice brown skin and perfect face. I stood so I could watch her in the mirror on the walls, from all sides sucking my fat uncut cock. She pulled it out of my fly and it was soft , she looked like she wanted to run out, she clearly didn’t want to do this. I could hear all the people in the bar on the other side of the door. She held it in her hand for a moment and put the whole tube in her mouth with disgust, I said make it hard, I want to blow my load down your throat as I watched her suck my cock I got hard quick I could feel her tongue slip in between my foreskin and my dickhead then she kissed my balls and she asked if I liked it, I said I always like it when look down at a pig sucking my cock. After a few minutes I said get ready cause you are going to get a mouth full of spunk I haven’t shot a load in a week let me know how it taste? Felt her tongue rubbing the head of my wet cock and then the first big gush and then four more and then three small ones. Looked at her take my cock out of her mouth knowing she did not want to swallow my sperm, but she did, and she cringed like she just swallowed the nastiest load of slime in her life I thought she might puke but she held it down.I helped her up off her knees and said thanks for the blowjob, she said anytime I said I like that reply. Told her that there is mouthwash in the desk to use it so her boyfriend wouldn’t know she had just sucked the scum out of me. And by the way she said it tasted repulsive! I laughed and said get used to it. I gave her a small bag of what she was there for and said no charge. She smiled and said see ya going to the club and left very happy.About a week went by and my brother and his two sons one 21 and the other 24 years old stopped at the bar to visit me. We had a couple of drinks and were playing darts having a good time. When Rose walked in and gave me a big hug and asked if she could talk to me. I turned to my brother and said give me few minutes ok. He gave me a smile like wow sure, I could see he liked what he saw. And I saw the boys looking at her ass with lust in there eyes can’t say I blame them and she is close to their age and what a nice ass she has.So we sat at the end of the bar and I said we both know what you are here for and I can help you but you need to help me for about forty-five minutes I have guests. She leaned to me and said don’t tell me I have to blow those guys? I said yes and swallow all, she immediately no way I am not blowing all your friends. She looked afraid that I asked her to do this and was shaking. I opened my hand and showed her what she wanted, I had a nice bag for her. I said your choice! I will go back and if you give me the nod we will go to the office and you can meet us there or you can ignore me and leave. I was about to get up and she grabbed my arm and said OK I will do it.I said great let’s go over there. I said to my brother I hope you and the boys are horny! He looked happily surprised but not sure what that konak escort meant. We went to my office and told my brother Bill and nephews to sit and that my friend Rose was going to blow all of us.They all looked shocked and couldn’t stop looking at her to see her reaction to what I just said. I took the seat cushion from my desk chair dropped it on the floor and said kneel down and open that trap of yours pig. They could not believe the way I spoke to her and that she kneeled down and said who’s first with that I said me. Thinking the show would clear their heads and get them ready.I said you are going to get a mouthful today I have a full tank. I slapped her face with my hard cock a few times and told her to lick my balls she made a good show sucking my cock long and slow so they could see it go in and out of her mouth. I see my nephews are very excited they are young and have never seen a sex show live. I lasted about ten minutes and grunted, Said to the boys I am filling her mouth right now with sperm. They looked at the expression on her face. I pulled my cock from her mouth and said let’s see what you got. When Rose opened her mouth we could all see it was filled with a disgusting yellow and clear, thick and thin slime she let us look at it for a moment and down it went. She gagged and her eyes were watering and she shook her head quickly from side to side. I laughed and said did it taste good and everyone laughed except her. I said it might have tasted bad but it felt good coming out!Rose regained her composure after a moment and said NEXT! My younger nephew was ready to explode from watching what just went on. He stood up and said, ME, pulled his pants to his knees and out popped a pretty big cock hard as a rock. As soon as Rose touched it he gasped he was very excited. When she licked the head and stroked it I knew is was not going to be long in her mouth before he shot his spunk. She kissed his long droopy nuts and under the head, when she sucked on it he lasted about two minutes and he moaned I am cumming, we saw a little cum drip down her chin. I said let’s see what you got this time? Rose tilted her head back and opened her mouth it was completely full of a white and clear sperm, I think we were all impressed with the amount and in a big gulp it was gone. She said that was fast and disgusting took a tissue from the desk and wiped her mouth like she had just eaten a nice meal.She said she wanted to sit on the chair and the last two could stand in front of her, her knees and her jaw were hurting her, I said ok. My brother wanted to go next he said he wanted to cum in the mouth of a twenty year old slut, I laughed and said be my guest make sure you give her a mouthful! He walked over to her at the chair and waited for her to unzip his fly his hard cock was ready when she undid his belt his fat uncut cock looked like a sausage and I could see she did not want to suck it at all, she held it and pulled the skin back to see the head long and narrow with a big piss slit. At least now it looked like a dick she said not an anteater, when she put it near her mouth she said it smells. I said suck that dick until it is drained you pig never mind what it smells like. She closed her eyes and put the full length in her mouth, no liking or kissing this one. I see she could not wait for him to finish, sucking fast and hard, quickly he was filling her mouth she pulled his scum covered dick out of her mouth and looked repulsed! I said let us all see what you sucked out of his dick, when she opened it looked like mine yellow and clear she almost puked holding in her mouth to show us, I thought she was going to cry as she swallowed it wow this was not going easy!Rose said she did not think she could do another blowjob so I said you are the only cocksucker in the room get on your knees and finish the job. My nephew needs to blow his load in your mouth so she got in position. He walked over pulled down his shorts and his long white dick was already rock hard he grabbed Rose by the side of her head put his boner down her throat and started to fuck her face she told him to go easy because she was choking he slowed down and jerked at the same time, his balls were banging her chin with each stroke. He said this feels great soon after, he said to her I want you to open your mouth so I can watch my cum shoot in it she tilted her head back opened wide and he shot eight strong blasts into her mouth some sprayed her teeth like a water jet it was very thick cotton like white sperm then wiped his cock off on her bottom lip. Her mouth was full to the point that she almost could’t swallow but she manage it any way. I could see she was ashamed of what she had done! Blowing a bunch strange of guys in the back of a bar and letting them dump their loads down throat was not something to be proud of.I helped her up and she went konak escort bayan straight for the mouthwash and the bathroom to brush her teeth. my brother said we had a great time thanks, and my nephews said they always enjoy coming to visit me but this was the best yet, that was hot watching her swallow those loads, and now we have something to talk about at the family reunions and we all laughed. They left and few minutes later Rose came out, she said why do you talk to me like I am a pig it is humiliating. I said it’s just guy talk. I gave her a bag and she said see ya heading to the club.One early evening on a Thursday I saw a couple the the ladies, from the sewing mill, down the street, that come in for lunch some time. I went over and said it is nice to see you ladies after work looking all sexy without your work clothes. Whenever I see women come in I do what I can to make them happy and welcome. Many women in the bar bring in many men, no women few men.I know these ladies by name as they come in for lunch often. They sat at a table and I was hoping they would hang out for the night. Nelly is a very petit little puerto rican blonde I know this because her tattoo say proud to be puerto rican with a perfect tiny little ass. Maria is average, in size black hair long, very nice body, latin as well, and Eva also latin, not a beautiful face but slutty sexy type, slim ass and big tits, you can’t help stare as she walks by.I told John my bartender/bouncer give me a pitcher of strong margaritas and brought them to the ladies I said that is on the house. Now these ladies are not young girls they are 32-38 all looking very sexy though, Would love to fuck all three as I am sure any man in the bar would. After a few hours and a couple of pitchers of margaritas these ladies were gettin pretty wild.They started dancing all sexy and of course the men took notice and cheered them on. I went over and was about to refill their pitcher of margaritas. Maria said to me no more they were pretty drunk and had work in the morning. She said to the others we better go after we finish our drinks, Eva agreed and Nelly protested lets stay for one more pitcher. I smiled at Nelly and said whatever you ladies want, Nelly smiled back and in a very flirty way said whatever I want huh! I got excited at the thought that I might get to fuck her perfect little ass.Soon her friends left, and she waved me over and said I had to dance with her, I thought I am getting some pussy tonight. After a few moments of sexy dancing she grabbed me and shoved her tongue down my throat and reached down the front of my pants and felt my cock and nuts, she said WOW! that is a nice manly dick. I looked at my bartender John and twisted my wrist in the air letting him know to lock the door. He went out the front door and rolled down the steel door and came in the back door.Quickly Nelly was the star of the show, as there was eleven men and me and John no other women. I picked her up and put her on the bar and she started to do a stripper act as she was cheered on by all. Sticking that ass in the air and shaking her tits with chants of let’s see your tits coming from all the men. Her top came off and everyone went nuts, what a great set of tits, a little bigger than a handful, nice and natural and her skin a beautiful bronze with large dark brown very soft nipples, soon after that her tight jeans that made her ass look so great came off too. I went to the back and set up a table for her to get naked on, that was lower and safer also we could see her better. I picked her up and carried her to table sat her down and she spread her legs wide with her light pink panties you could see a full patch of dark pussy hair underneath ,very hot! Someone had a small very bright LED flashlight and lit her pussy like daylight. the excitement was high and then she slowly pulled the panties to the side WOW! her pussy was very erotic looking with lips about one inch, little flaps of thin skin brown on the outside and pink on the inside, looked like pieces of roast beef, made me hard, so sexy.That was all I could stand I went up to the table and started to eat that beautiful pussy all the guys cheered, her cunt was dripping, she was so turned by all the attention. I dropped my pants and rubbed my raging cock up and down that soaking wet cunt for some lubrication and then shoved it right up her stinkhole and she said you are in the wrong hole, I fucked that ass a few minutes and soon the guys surrounded her with their cocks out. She laid back so her head was in position to suck cocks on both her right and left when she turned that way and with her Spanish accent that she announced! YOU GUYS CAN CUM IN MY MOUTH IF YOU WANT, BUT DON’T CUM IN MY PUSSY I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANY OF YOU GUYS. I thought she is a pig, that’s for sure!The lines formed quickly some behind me to escort konak fuck her and some on each side of her head for blowjobs. I pulled it out of her asshole and fucked that pussy I was so heated up from the whole scene I was ready to shoot a big thick load. Soon after putting it in that pussy, I said I am going cum and went to her head as fast as I could with my pants half down, the guy she was blowing quickly moved so I could shoot my spunk in her mouth, it landed on her front teeth and dripped into her mouth, she swallowed it and then sucked my dick clean then gave me a big smile, and someone was already fucking her.I got a beer and stood there watching the show thinking she doesn’t even know who is fucking her asshole or her cunt or who is cumming in her mouth, she has not looked at anyones face she just sticks their cocks in her mouth doesn’t care who they are maybe her boss, a neighbor, a coworker or even her brother or cousin, then again I have a dirty mind.Most guys were fucking her and then empty their scum into her mouth, when any one was about to shoot their load she would stop sucking who’s ever cock was in her mouth and open wide to except and swallow the next guy’s slimy load. Like an amusement park ride after an hour or so, I was back in line to fuck her again. When I got my turn I could see she was a scummy mess many of the guys shot their loads inside her but I was so horny I plunged in anyway. I thought wow this is disgusting, fucking this scummy pussy and I wasn’t getting much friction but she had a tight pussy and it did the job. I again ran to her face to blow my load in her mouth she turned away from the guy she was sucking off, and I let loose in her mouth for the second time, as I was, the guy on the other side that she had been sucking off shot his load too. It landed half on my cock and half on her tongue, he said I am sorry, I said she will clean our dicks for us, and we took turns shoving our scummy cocks in her mouth until they were clean!We were now getting in to two hours of constant non stop fucking this one women, and you could see she was pretty well worn out. I am pretty sure every guy took a second turn on her and now this guy with a very long dick steps up to the plate, he shoves his cock strait up her asshole and she squealed and said it to big up my ass! He kept fucking her asshole but he went at a slow pace and she just started whimpering, like a little puppy that was locked out in the cold. He fucked her as deep as he could, grabbing her hips and pushing his long cock as far as he could get it up her ass and she was making such an intense sound that you felt sorry for her. Once this guy got his dick in her ass she stopped sucking off the two guys by her head and she looked strait up with her face all twisted from the pain of that long cock probably so far in her ass that it touched her brain. This guy fucked the shit out of her for about ten full minutes she kept whimpering. He made grunting sound and pulled his dick out and shot a big creamy white load of cum all over her dark patch of pussy hair, it just dripped all down to her ass, he could barely walk away, it clearly took a lot out of him, she just collapsed, laid there looking up, the guy to the left still jerking his cock took her head and tilted it so his dickhead was at her mouth and shot a very long squirt of spunk right into her mouth and then three more. She did not respond at all and the cum mostly just drooled out of her mouth, then he wiped his dick on her forehead and said Thanks and walked away. The guy on the other side was jerking as fast as he could with his eyes closed then slowed down opened his eyes and splattered the side of her face and ear with his nasty looking load, after a moment he grabs some of her beautiful blonde hair and wipes all the sperm off his cock with it, then wipes his scummy hand on the top of her head, then turns and walked away without saying anything. No one was in line, all drained!I said I think the show is over, and you guys will have a great story to tell at work tomorrow. I then went to help her get cleaned up and dressed. She was a mess I took her hand and stood her up and the sperm just ran down her perfect little legs making cum stained footprints as she walked. When we got to my office I told her to stand in a bucket I had, so I could give her a sponge bath. She said she could barely walk that her ass hurt so much her pussy too but not as much. My mouth feels like a sewer she said, I said I am not surprised everyone shot a load in your mouth including me and John. I took a towel and wiped her entire head then turned it over and wiped her eyes around her nose and ears, then another one for her body. Once that was done I wet a towel and wiped her down completely. I gave her a tooth brush and the mouthwash and told her to rinse her hair in the sink and scrub her mouth out. I went out to the bar to find her cloths, I brought them back and watched this very sexy lady get dressed. She hugged me and said goodbye, that was a blast. I said I hope to see you soon, she smiled and said you will and walked out. That is one of the many stories from the bar!

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