Divorced Don and Lady M


Divorced Don and Lady M — Trust and learning who you are.


The time was 1981, that made me 40. My wife and I had divorced 5 years ago. One of my favorite things to do was country dancing. It was the current craze. One of my favorite places to go dancing was only 6 miles from my house. That was convenient, getting to the bar or bringing a female friend home with me. Today was Friday and I did not have a dinner and dancing date for tonight. I was hoping that I would see several of my friends who also liked to dance at that bar.

I finished my dinner and got ready to head out. I was wearing a nice western shirt with snaps, good jeans with a wide belt, boots and my hat. It only took a few minutes to get there. There were already several cars in the parking lot. Some vehicles I recognized and some I did not. Maybe there would be some new faces. I walked in, said “hi” to the bouncer and a couple of other friends. I stopped at the bar to say hi to the cute little bartender because she already had my Coors setting on the bar for me. I paid her plus a nice tip because she always gave good service. I picked up my beer, walked to my favorite table near the dance floor and sat down.

The band was just getting started. I danced with two or three ladies that I regularly danced with. We were just dance friends. I was always picking on what I called wall flowers. A lot of times a new lady or two new ladies would go to a bar and most of the guys were afraid to ask new ladies to dance, so they ended up just sitting there being wall flowers. The guys were either afraid that she would turn them down or would not know how to dance resulting in an awkward attempt at dancing. I’m not bashful. I’m a good dancer so if a lady declines my offer I figure it’s her loss. If that happens I sit that dance out. No lady wants to be second choice! I’ll ask someone else on the next song. If a lady tells me that she doesn’t know how I simply say, “Come on, I’m a good teacher.” Most ladies who have come out to the bar and want to dance will accept my offer. After a few more dances it was break time for the band which usually played for 45 minutes and took a 15 minute break.

I watched a lady walk in during the break. She was tall, nicely built, hair done to perfection and I guessed her to be about 40. I could tell by the way she was looking around, trying to decide where to sit, at one of the smaller tables or at the bar, that she was probably new to the bar scene. There was an empty small table over against the wall. She walked over to it and sat down with her back to the wall. The waitress was quickly over there taking her order and was soon returning with a glass of white wine.

The band started a slow song that would be easy to dance to. I stood up and glanced her direction. She was looking straight at me as I walked directly to her table. When I got to her table I held my left hand out to her and asked. “May I have this dance?”

She was smiling as she answered, “Yes, thank you for asking.”

It was obvious that she knew something about dancing as we assumed a normal dance position and started across the dance floor doing a two step. I started the conversation, “I’m Don and sort of a regular here. I love to dance.”

She didn’t tell me her name. She simply replied, “I used to dance a long time ago but haven’t in recent years. You’re making this easy.”

My first thought was that she was either recently divorced or possibly widowed. We were just chatting as we danced. When the song ended, I said, “Stay for one more.” She didn’t make any comment but was still holding my hand and smiling.

As another slow song started I put my arm around her in normal fashion but pulled her a little closer to me. We were dancing and making small talk. Where are you from? What kind of work do you do? Back and forth in that manner. The song ended. I walked her back to her table and we both said thank you. I walked back to my table for a swallow of my beer. The next song was a fast one so I headed towards Sue, one of my regular dance partners. She saw me coming and was already standing up when I got to her. The song ended and I walked Sue back to her table where Kathy, another lady that was part of our dance group was sitting. We said hi. Without a pause the band started the next song. Kathy jumped up, grabbed my hand and said.” This is my favorite song.” It was a real slow snuggle type song so we did. We both loved to dance really close. When the song ended we were right at her table. We shared a little mutual thank you kiss like we always did. I walked back to my table for another swallow. Good dancers don’t sit very much.

Before the next song started I looked to see if the new lady was sitting at her table. She was so I got up and headed her way. She was still smiling but waited until I got to her table to stand up. She held her hand out to me which I happily took in mine. The next song turned out to be a waltz. I asked, “Do you waltz?”

She replied, bursa escort “Not in a very long time… but I’d love to try it.”

After just a few steps we looked like we had danced together many times. She started to lead me back to her table. When we got to her table she said, “I would love to stay and dance some more with you… but tonight I can’t. Maybe we will meet again next Friday?” She picked up her purse and gave me just a little hug.

I said, “I don’t like to see ladies walk out to the parking lot alone. I’ll walk you out to your car.”

She had a worried look on her face. She quietly said, “I don’t dare let you do that. I do hope I see you next Friday and I will explain.” She walked away. I still didn’t know her name.

I wasn’t sure what was going on but would certainly be here next Friday to find out. I spent the rest of the evening dancing with my friends and went home by myself about midnight.

I had a little trouble getting to sleep that night, wondering what she meant by, “I don’t dare let you do that.”

The next day was Saturday. I did my normal things during the day and went dancing at a different bar that night. I had fun but could not get the new lady out of my mind. All thru the next 7 days I did my normal routines of work, shopping, and dancing, etc. I could not come up anything that made sense. I would just have to wait until Friday night and hope she showed up at the bar.

The band would start at 9:00PM. I was in my favorite chair at twenty till. She was not in the bar. The band finally played the first song but I sat it out. Just as the second song was starting she walked in… paused to look around, spotted me at my table and walked to it. I stood up to greet her. She gave me a little hug and asked, “Can we move to a quieter table?”

I picked my beer up, took her by the hand and headed for the back of the bar. There was a small table there with no one else sitting close. I held a chair out for her and she sat down. I pulled a chair closer to her and sat down setting my beer on the table.

She started, “I am sorry that I left in such a hurry last Friday. It was not anything that you did or said. My name is Margaret. I want to dance with you but I need to talk to you first. I’m a professor at the junior college and have been for 16 years. I have been married to my husband for 18 years. Last week I had just finished some paper work in my office and was on my way home. I saw the bar and just turned in, parked and walked in. I don’t even know why. My marriage is in trouble. I suspect him of having an affair with one of his students. I’m afraid he is having someone follow me so he knows where I am. Tonight I was careful that I was not being followed. I am supposed to be visiting my sister over on the coast.”

I wasn’t sure why she was telling me all of this but it was clear that she was worried and was reaching out for help. I said, “I’m divorced so I have an idea what you’re facing.” The waitress came to the table. Before she asked what we wanted I told her, “I have a beer. Bring the lady a glass of white wine please.” She went to get it.

I spoke tenderly, “Let’s go dance this song. Then I want to hear the rest.” I stood up, took her hand as she stood up and we walked to the dance floor. It was a slow song. I pulled her in tight, holding her hand in mine right over my heart. She simply melted into me. I could feel the tension leaving her body.

When the song ended she whispered, “Thank you.” We walked to the back of the bar and sat down. The glass of wine was on our table. The waitress wasn’t worried about it getting paid for. I was a regular and she’d just start me a tab. She knew I would pay before I left the bar.

She started again, “I have so many questions. I don’t know what to do. My husband and I always use the same attorney. I can’t go to him. We are well known in the community and I don’t want to get anyone talking.”

I answered, “I understand what you’re up against. If he is having an affair will you want to file for divorce or try to work things out?”

She spoke, “I feel rejected. Like I’m not worth anything. I teach psychology, maybe I need to analyze myself. Maybe I really need to figure out who I am and what I want.”

I answered, “You’ve taken the first step. This may sound unorthodox to you but hear me out. Let me tell you about me, I mean really who I am in detail. Then you can think about who you are in detail.”

She said, “It’s a different approach but go ahead.”

I told her all about myself. A little of my history. About my work. That I loved to dance and that I liked cars, photography and clothing optional hot springs.

She blushed. “I’ve never been nude… anywhere!”

I smiled, “It gives you a real feeling of freedom. If there are other people around you don’t know if they are rich or poor, what their status is or anything about them. And they have nothing to judge you by. It takes away all the things people judge each bursa escort bayan other by. It sets everyone free for that moment.”

She asked me, “Are you a psychologist, too.”

I slowly answered, “Maybe a Philosopher, but no official training.”

The band was already into the next set. I said, “Let’s dance one and then we can talk some more.” She stood up and took my hand. I was sure we both enjoyed the dance.

The conversation went on about how trying new things lets you learn more about yourself. We danced and talked until almost midnight. Finally she said, “Would you walk me out to my car? I really need to get home.”

“My pleasure!” I answered. “Let me go pay my tab.” We walked out of the bar hand in hand.

She was parked way in the back of the lot where there was less chance of anyone seeing her car. We were standing between her car and a tall pickup. I put my hands on her waist so she would know where they were. I could feel her tremble.

I said, “Just listen. If you really want to try new things and learn who you are, next Friday night I want you to come to my home. I live in a mobile home park. I have a large carport you can park your car in, out of sight. I will fix a nice dinner and we can talk more while we eat… in the nude. No strings attached. No expectations.” I took my wallet out and pulled out my card. “Here is my personal card. My address and phone number are on it. Think about it until Thursday evening. Call me any time after 5:30. I really hope you accept.” I handed her my card.

I leaned in and placed just a soft kiss on her lips. She gave me a tight hug but said nothing. She got in her car and drove away. It was late so I walked to my car and went home.

The next week had me wondering if I had been wrong when I made my dinner offer. I wasn’t sure she would even call, let alone show up. I did not know her last name, her phone number… nothing. I had no way to contact her. I was well aware that she had a lot to think about.

I hurried home from work on Thursday. If she called I simply HAD to be there to answer my phone. If she didn’t call I couldn’t help her. I waited. At 5:30 sharp… my phone rang. I picked it up and answered. “This is Don.”

It was Margaret. “Hi Don, I’ve done a lot of thinking this week. I can’t believe that I’m saying this… I will be there.”

I told her how to get to the mobile home park, which trailer was mine and how to know she was pulling into the correct carport. She told me that her sister would cover for her like she had last Friday when we were dancing and talking. She also told me that she had talked with her son. She went on to tell me that her son was on her side. Her son even suggested he should trade cars with her for tomorrow night. They would leave their house, one and a bit later the other. They would meet up somewhere and trade cars. They would meet later to trade back before going home. Smart kid! This was so I would not be surprised when a different car pulled into my carport. We talked just a bit more and agreed on 6:00PM. Before we could talk much more she said, “I have to go.” She hung up. I put my phone back on its base.

I was pleasantly surprised that she had called. I was relieved that she was actually coming to my home. I wondered what I was getting myself in to. Friday evening was going to be very interesting!

I was nervous all day Friday. I went home after work. I whipped up a meatloaf and put it and a couple of potatoes in the oven to bake. I would heat up some fresh peas later. I busily made sure my house was ready for company. I took a shower and dried off. I put on deodorant and cologne. I didn’t need to shave, I wear a full beard. I did not get dressed. After all I had invited Margaret to a nude dinner and intended to answer my door nude.

The meatloaf and potatoes were done so I turned the oven off and put the pan of peas on the stove to heat. I was sitting on my couch by the window, watching my carport and waiting very impatiently. At 6:05 a car drove into my carport and I heard a car door close. I walked over to my front door. When I heard her footsteps on my wooden porch I opened the door. She stepped in. We shared a hug and a soft kiss. “Welcome to my home.” I took her by the hand and walked to the couch and sat down. She sat down beside me. We talked just briefly about her drive over. I said, “You have no idea how happy I am that you are here.”

“The bathroom is just down the hall on the right. You can leave your clothes on the counter top. I will get dinner on the table and we can enjoy our nude dinner.” She stood up and headed down the hallway. I got up and went into my kitchen. I just dished up two plates and poured the white wine. When she came back her face was flushed but she was nude and barefoot. We walked to the table and I pulled out a chair for her. She sat down. I sat down beside her, not across from her. It makes talking much more personal.

I broke the silence, “I hope you escort bursa like meatloaf.”

She took a deep breath and let most of it out, “This looks delicious.”

We quietly enjoyed our dinner with just a little talk about her sister and her son. When we were finished eating I said, “Bring your wine glass and let’s go to the couch. It’s much more comfortable than these antique wooden chairs.”

I picked up my glass. We went to the living room and sat down on the couch. We were sitting a couple of feet apart, with each of us turned towards the other to be able to see each other while we talked. Our knees were almost touching. We were both relaxed and nothing had been said about being nude. We talked about all the avenues she could pursue. What options she had. I re-filled the wine glasses. I told her some about my divorce. We had talked for a couple of hours when she really shocked me.

She hesitated… “I have thought a lot about your explanations of nudity and trying new things. I think you are very wise. I haven’t really done much in my life except get my degree, teach psychology to young people and raise my son. My husband and I haven’t done the travelling that you have. I can’t even remember any real highlights or memorable events. I had a hard time convincing myself to accept your offer. Now that I’m here, in the nude, sharing this conversation with you is amazing. I feel more relaxed than I have been in a very long time. I have never made love with anyone but my husband… I want to try something else new to me… I want to make love with you.”

I was absolutely shocked. I had not expected anything like this. I was just trying to help a new friend with her marital status and understand what life is really about. I had to pause so I could formulate my answer.

What I was going to say next HAD to come out right. “Margaret, you have just surprised the hell out of me! Making love with you was not why I invited you to dinner. I wanted to have a private place where we could talk and to show you how relaxed being nude can be. Don’t get me wrong. If this is what you want to do I will be honored to share my bed with you. We can go real slow, talk about our feelings as we go, and I will do my best to share as much pleasure as we can. Rest assured that it is safe. One of the first things I did after my divorce was to have a vasectomy done. Are you sure?”

There was no hesitation before she answered. “I don’t know what is going to happen next with my marriage.” “I need to learn what life is really about and who I want to be. Fate must have made me stop at the bar that first night. I’m very happy that we met. So, yes, I’m sure.”

We both stood up without a word being spoken. We shared a wonderful, tight hug with our nude bodies pressed tightly together. Her arms around my neck and mine around her at her bust line. The next kiss was more than just a soft one.

I took her hand and walked down the hall. She stopped in the bathroom. I went into my bedroom, turned the covers all the way down and turned a small lamp on. When she came out of the bathroom I said, “I need the bathroom, too. Have a seat on the edge of the bed. I’ll be right there.”

She was just sitting on the right side of the bed near the edge. I walked around to the left side and sat down. I scooted back a ways so that when I swung my legs around and lay down my head would be on the pillow. I would be not quite to the middle of my double bed.

I spoke softly, “Lie down beside me. I want to just hold you for a bit while we talk. She repeated my maneuver on her side of the bed. I rolled over on my left side which put me right against her. I propped myself up on my elbow, so I was looking down at her. I pushed my left hand over until it touched her neck, and she just naturally lifted her head for my hand to slip behind her head. I reached out with my right hand and just softly let it lay on her stomach. I leaned down and kissed her softly but full on her lips. She kissed me back offering me her tongue. I accepted her tongue and gave her mine. It was a couple of minutes before we came up for air. We were quiet for a few seconds.

I told her, “Margaret, you are very desirable. You have a beautiful body and I love your smile. Let’s just take our time, explore each other, talk about things as we go along, and enjoy this time together.”

She replied, “I don’t understand how you can be so relaxed and make me feel this relaxed. I’ve never met anyone like you, but I’m very glad that you are who you are. I doubt that I would be doing this with anyone else until after the future of my marriage is settled. I really believe it is probably going to end in a divorce. I’m not sure what I will do if that happens.”

Things progressed from there with both of our hands exploring each other while we continued to share kisses. Her breasts were full and firm. My member was starting to stir. She was starting to get very wet as I continued to let my right hand explore her. She had a nice bush but not so thick as to get in the way. Her labia were starting to puff out. I let my fingers explore her opening. One finger. Two fingers. I started going a little deeper each time I pushed into her.

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