Dogging Schoolgirl and the Older Man


Dogging Schoolgirl and the Older ManDogging Schoolgirl and the Older ManBy billy69boyThe true story that inspired this fictional one was written by SaraOz and can be read here: has given me permission to add my fantasy to her story. The following is an excerpt from her original story titled “First Time in the Park”:********************************************************************************The large bush area with walking tracks is where the boys at school had said was the place to go, as families did not go into that area. So, as I walked over the grassy area, a man was walking his dog. As I walked, he came over my way and I could see when he walked past me he looked at my top being unbuttoned. I have to say I was a bit scared, but I was very excited, knowing he was looking down my open school uniform and seeing my small boobs.The man said good afternoon and, as much as I knew what I was about to do, I would let him see right down my uniform and most, if not all, of my boobs. I bent down to pat his cute little dog and asked the man his dog’s name. As I did, I looked up and saw him looking down at my open uniform and right at my boobs. He did not say anything at first. Then I asked again and this time his eyes moved from my open uniform to my eyes and told me the dog’s name was Poppy. I smiled at the man and told him it was a cute name. He went back to looking at my open uniform and said it was his daughter’s dog. She named him, but she was off at university now, so his wife and he were looking after it for her. I patted the cute dog a few more times, knowing the man was still looking at my boobs. I then said well, better get going. As I got up I thanked him for letting me pet his cute dog and the man smiled at me and said: “no, thank YOU, sweetheart!” I just smiled, as I knew why he was thanking me. I walked off and I felt very good as I had just put a smile on a guy’s face from just letting him spy my boobs like that.********************************************************************************I was just dropped off in the parking lot of the dog park by my wife. She was going shopping for a couple of hours, and she let me and Poppy off to commune with nature. I didn’t mind, really. I loved being amidst the woods and fields, and I knew my daughter’s dog loved it as well. We weren’t long down the trail when I first spotted the young girl walking towards me. Even at a distance, I could see that she was wearing the local school girl’s uniform of a white blouse, green and blue plaid skirt, white knee socks and black and white saddle shoes. It was late afternoon, not quite dusk, but still comfortably warm out. As she got closer, Poppy ran up to greet this friendly stranger. I was delighted to see her bend over and pet my daughter’s beloved companion. Straightaway, I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be intentionally displaying her breasts. She had unbuttoned all of her blouse’s buttons save the last one. Neither was she wearing a bra. My eyes widened immediately, and I knew right off that she had achieved her goal. Regardless, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her proud, jutting tits, almost completely exposed.She asked me a bunch of questions about Poppy while she bent over and continued to pet him, but all I could do was stare at her exposed young breasts while I mumbled answers to her questions…Poppy was my daughter’s dog, but she was away at university, and my wife and I were looking after him, etc. Finally, she stood up, smiled at me, and thanked me.I stood up straight, and thanked her emphatically for her…charming display, as it were. As she continued to walk up the path to the more secluded part of the park, my eyes stayed glued to her sexy body as she sashayed away from me. She was quite adorable, rather diminutive in stature, but quite delectable, I must say. Her tight little ass swung back and forth underneath her pleated skirt. My eyes lusted after her, but I had no thought of pursuing her any further. Luckily, Poppy had other ideas.He must have gained affection for her as well, and he raced off chasing her up the trail. Naturally, I had to follow. When she stopped and turned around to pet Poppy, I caught up, witnessing her pert boobs once again. She probably heard me sigh rather loudly.I got brazen, perhaps because we had entered a rather sheltered part of the park, complete with a bench, among a stand of trees. Nervous as I was, I felt that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of me. I had never cheated on my wife in all the 27 years we were together, but this seemed like the one time where she would understand, and forgive me, if I told her about my good fortune. “I don’t suppose I could talk you into unbuttoning that last button for me, could anadolu yakası escort I?” I blurted out rather awkwardly. By now, I had a pretty good idea why she was at the park. “I would love to see them,” I added, not really mentioning her tits specifically. She blushed and smiled, looking down at the ground. Slowly, and without eye contact, she reached in front of her blouse, and undid her last button. She flung open her white school blouse, proudly freeing her young breasts for my viewing pleasure.”Oh my,” I gasped. They were adorable: so new and young and bouncy.”May I…er…touch them?” I asked tentatively, as I stepped toward her. She seemed proud, and held her blouse open wide for me. I reached out and cupped each of her firm mounds tenderly in my hands. They felt so warm and smooth, and her nipples were hard as steel…I could have cum right then and there. I rubbed them gently, and lightly pinched her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I could feel her body swoon from my advances, and her knees obviously shook under her. “Let’s go over to the bench,” I suggested. I sat down, and she stood in front of me. We were relatively hidden from view. I continued where I had left off, gently rubbing her soft orbs and squeezing her rock hard nipples. She let out a low groan, telling me she approved of my technique.”Do you have anything else that you would like to show me?” I asked her. “I would love to see your panties,” I suggested. She smiled, and raised her plaid school girl skirt, revealing her tiny white panties to me. I ran my hands over her hips and down her legs. My fingers traced the backs of her legs, and my hands settled on her tight buttocks. I gave each cheek a firm but gentle squeeze. She wiggled her ass back and forth in response. She was so sexy: an innocent little pixie, obviously horny and looking for fun. I didn’t want to overanalyze the situation, but I couldn’t comprehend why she was interested in displaying her charms for a man so much older than she was…I wondered how old she might be? I shuddered; knowing I daren’t ask her, for her answer would be impossible to rationalize, considering what I was asking her to do. All I knew was I had a hot, willing young girl standing in front of me who let me feel her hard tits, and see her panties.Emboldened, I slowly ran my hands up and down her bare legs, stopping at her panties. I relished the chance to explore her tight nubile body, and I tried not to rush things. I was acutely aware that we were in a public park in the daytime, which made our tryst all the more exciting. I ran my index finger up and down her slit overtop of her thin satin panties. She exhaled loudly as my finger continued to trace the indentation created by her moist, swollen labia.”Someone is already quite wet, I see,” I announced to her as I slowly and provocatively pressed my finger against her erect clitoris. I slipped a finger underneath her panties and felt touched her soft, moist flesh. Her mound was completely hairless, and I shuddered as I wondered to myself if she shaved her pubic area, or if she had yet to grow any hair there. She could hardly remain standing, and she steadied herself by placing her hands on my shoulders, as I probed her sex with my curious fingers.”These panties are so wet, we better take them off and let them dry in the sun,” I suggested. I encountered no resistance as I slipped her damp panties down her legs and over each shoe, and laid them out beside me on the bench. Immediately I resumed my mission. All the while, my conscience was screaming in my ear. I was way over the line of decency by now, but I had to continue. I reasoned that she started this whole seduction, so I was only responding in kind. I’ll deal with my guilty conscience later…Free of her panties, I proceeded to gently glide my finger up and down her soaked, throbbing pussy. She reacted by widening her stance, eagerly spreading her legs. I slipped one finger, then two, into her steamy love canal. Her slick juices made it easy. She gasped and groaned in response to the intrusion. I continued to finger fuck her tight young cunt with one hand, as my other arm wrapped around her waist, and held her still. Sensing her acceptance of our situation, I fingered her more forcefully, and with more authority. The faster and harder my fingers violated her smooth cunt, the more she groaned and threw her head back. She was thrusting her pelvis hard against my intruding fingers, holding onto my neck for dear life with both hands. I continued plunging my fingers deep into her slick hole until her lithe body shook all over with orgasm. I held her steady as best as I could, as she writhed and moaned in ecstasy, shaking her head back and forth involuntarily.When her ataşehir escort spent body finally crumbled to the grass in front of the bench, she laid her head on my lap, and wrapped her arms around my legs. By now, my cock was at full stiffness, pushing against my shorts, begging for release. I was euphoric, knowing that I had just made this little vixen come with a sexual abandon that I hadn’t seen in years, if ever, and with just my fingers. But I couldn’t help but think about what else might come of this chance encounter.”Well, aren’t you a hot young dogger?” I half whispered. She looked up at me inquisitively. “And I see you like it a little rough, don’t you?””Dogger?” she asked, in complete innocence, while ignoring my ‘rough’ comment.”Yes,” I said, “A dogger is someone who goes to a known park or certain area to have random sex with whoever shows up,” I explained. “The practice is called ‘Dogging’,” I added for clarification.I watched as her brain processed this information, and then she smiled. “I didn’t know they had a name for it,” she admitted.”Well, now that we have gone this far, I wonder what other surprises you might have in mind,” I goaded, as I slipped my raging hard-on out from underneath my shorts. She grinned, and immediately reached out and wrapped her delicate little fingers around my shaft. Oh, what an exquisite feeling! I looked into this young girl’s eyes, as I felt her firm but delicate touch on my cock. She slowly pumped it like a pro, and I was certain that my cock wasn’t the first one she’d ever held, by any means. Still, she had such an arousing way about her; I had to control myself, lest I end the party too soon. I stood up abruptly. “Here, let’s switch places,” I suggested. As much as I wanted to feel her sweet lips wrapped around my throbbing helmet, I didn’t want this incredible opportunity to end too soon. “Kneel down on the bench, facing away from me,” I instructed. As she settled into her position, leaning her torso against the back of the bench, I knelt down on the grass behind her. I flipped her skirt up, revealing her jutting ass cheeks for my lust filled eyes. I rubbed them gently, running my hands in circles around them as she giggled and moved to my rhythm. I leaned closer and sniffed her intoxicating aromas. If my hands weren’t otherwise occupied, I might have wanted to pinch myself to ensure this was all for real. I leaned in even closer, and my tongue found her quivering pussy. Oh, she tasted so sweet and musky…little girl taste…like nothing else in the world.I inspected her fleshy folds with the tip of my tongue, causing her to giggle a bit. I suppose she was still sensitive, having just had an explosive orgasm. So, I locked my mouth over her entire pussy, sucking like a wild man. She screeched loudly, and I squeezed her buttocks firmly, as if to tell her to keep it down. She did remain rather quiet as I continued to eat her slick pussy with abandon. I loved knowing that I was taking a young girl to places she had never known before. She reached back with both hands, and slapped them on either side of my head, pulling my face tightly against her pulsing sex. She rode my mouth boldly, and without apology. I could taste her juices flowing freely once again, and I knew she was getting close to climaxing again.Before she did, I pried her hands off my face, and pulled my head back. I could sense her frustration. I went back to massaging her tight round ass as I caught my breath. I was fascinated with this eager girl in my grasp, and I wanted to explore all of her charms. I figured that this would probably be my one and only chance to do so. I used just one finger and my thumb to slightly spread her cheeks. She bucked slightly when she felt the cool air rush past her hot forbidden hole. I just wanted to get a look at her dark star, and it was perfectly shaped, and so delectable. I went back to rubbing her ass cheeks with both hands, but I knew it was now or never, so I returned to her most intimate orifice. Using both hands, I slowly spread her cheeks, and put my face within an inch of her opening. I inhaled deeply; wanting to take in her natural scent…oh my, it was completely captivating. I was drunk with her lusty aroma, and my tongue automatically darted towards her vulnerable entrance. I worked it around her rim in ever tighter circles, and finally buried it deep into her writhing ass. I wondered to myself if any of her random lovers ever tongue-fucked her ass. She held onto the top of the bench and bucked sharply against my face, groaning loudly. I think that was my answer. I pushed two fingers into her saturated pink slit, and buried them deeply as I ate her ass with enthusiasm. She responded by thrashing around, and tossing her head around uncontrollably. ümraniye escort After she came violently for me, I stood up and strode around to the back of the bench. Her face was inches from my screaming crotch. I looked down upon her, her chest heaving rapidly, as she struggled to regain her breathing. I slipped my two fingers coated with her love nectar into her mouth. She didn’t resist, and she licked and sucked them clean, looking up at me and grinning as she did so. My cock was demanding attention by now. I pulled it out and let it dangle in front of her face. The school girl looked up at my offering, and grabbed it with her hand, gently stroking it. By now, I felt as though I could call the shots, and I took advantage of my position:”Put your hands behind your back, and lock your fingers together,” I commanded. As she did so, her “little boobs”, as she described them, hung over the top of the bench. I lifted my cock up to her mouth, and she opened it without prompting. I held it up so she could lick underneath the head, and down the shaft. The sensation of having a young school girl licking my cock was indescribable. I was convinced right then and there that my wife would completely understand the situation, I reasoned, as I played with her still erect nipples.With her fingers locked together behind her back, she wrapped her hot lips around my glistening cock. I grabbed her head in both hands, and began to fuck her mouth nice and slow and deep. She gamely kept tried to accommodate me, and I soon stepped up the pace, and face-fucked her with some force. I looked down at her, and was amazed how much of my shaft disappeared down her throat. A steady stream of saliva and pre-cum oozed out of the sides of her mouth, but she didn’t choke or gag. This clearly was a seasoned veteran, I decided.As I continued to push my cock further into her hot mouth, I glimpsed past her head, and down the trail. In the haze of dusk, I could see two teen boys in their school uniforms, peering down the path at us. I was certain they could easily make out our silhouettes in the fading light. The boys’ uniforms were different from my playmate’s…they appeared to be those from the senior school. The boys seemed impatient and nervous. They were probably waiting for their turn with my sexy little slut toy. Oh well, I thought, they’re young, they can wait.Emboldened by our voyeur teens down the pathway, I renewed my resolve, and continued to fuck her throat vigorously. She was definitely up to the task, and seemed to welcome the challenge. Sensing my own increased arousal, I withdrew my love rod from her mouth. I could hear her soft groan of disapproval, as I strode around behind her. As much as I enjoyed the sensations her mouth and throat provided, I had some unfinished business. As I positioned myself between her legs, my hands on her hips, I looked back at our watchers, and thrust my cock deep into her eager pussy.Again, she let out a shriek, causing our audience to take a few steps toward us. I held up my hand toward them, and they stopped in their tracks. At once, we all realized she was just expressing her enjoyment. I increased my tempo, holding onto her hips and fucking her into oblivion. My thumb joined my cock into her pussy, causing her to buck wildly, until I removed my thumb, and pushed it into her slick asshole. She writhed and shook when she felt my thumb delve deeply into her dark passage. She adjusted right away, and easily accepted both intrusions. I continued to fuck her tight pussy for all I was worth, and I amazed myself with this last burst of stamina. I thought my wife would be proud of my display of virility. Alas, I knew the end was near, and I asked her where she wanted me to cum. “In my mouth, sir, please!” She replied. I walked around to the other side of the bench, and I met her open mouth with my spasming cock. Her eyes twinkled, and she smiled, as she accepted my spunky fluid deep into the back of her throat. I shot so many loads into her mouth, I stopped counting. She swallowed every drop, laughing and giggling the whole way.I couldn’t recall EVER having so much cum juice flow out of me. I could hardly stand, as I grasped the top of the park bench, and watched her as she began to put herself back together. She smoothed out her skirt, put her panties back on, and buttoned the bottom button of her blouse again. She stood straight up and looked me in the eye:”Thank you, sir. I come here most Friday afternoons. Maybe I’ll see you again,” she said, as she turned and strode up the path toward the older, impatient school boys.”No, my dear, thank YOU!” I declared, as I watched her slowly continue on her way. She turned her head back towards me and revealed a huge smile. Even Poppy noticed, and he barked a fond farewell to her.As Poppy and I made our way towards the parking lot, I saw my wife pulling in…talk about perfect timing. “So, dear, how was your romp in the woods?” she asked.”Splendid, my darling! Poppy loves this park as well. I think we’ll have to make a regular go of it,” I suggested.(And a big thank you to my dear friend SaraOz.?)

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