dominant wife and her sissymaid


dominant wife and her sissymaidMy wife is 50 but is in very good condition. She goes to the gym twice a week and spends a lot on beauty treatments. She has been cuckolding me for about 10 years. I have not had sex with her for nine years. She keeps me in a CB6000 most of the time and when I am not working to earn money to keep her in luxuries I am dressed in very sissy clothes. My wife began to cuckold me because my cock is small and I could not satisfy her. I encourage her to cuckold me because it excited me to see her with other men (it still does). I am also very submissive and when she saw how pathetic I was when other men took her she began to despise me. It was a short step from this to her humiliating me by putting me in chastity and dressing me in sissy clothes. I also have to service any of her bulls that want me to suck them off. One of them loves to humiliate me by fucking me. He told my wife that he was not gay but that fucking a man made him feel very powerful. When he takes me it is very roughly and without lubrication or any warm up. He says this is to show my wife what a worthless piece of shit I am. My wife loves to watch him fuck me as she says to shows her how powerful he is. Sometimes she asks him to fuck me to get her excited to carry on having sex with him. Until recently her bulls were nearly always black men with huge dicks. She has however begun to desire young men with firm bodies (both black and white). She still likes big cocks but she will go wild for a young man with a good body even if his cock is average. She likes them in their early 20s. She got hooked on young men when we had some builders to do work on our house. The men were both white and aged 21 and 24. As well as working hard at their building work they are both keen runners so they have very fit bodies. My wife took to talking and flirting muğla escort with these men. She wore very sexy clothes and was always touching them and laughing and joking with them. On the third day that they worked in our house my wife told me that she was going to have them the next day and that I would prepare her to seduce them. First thing in the morning I ran her a bath and shaved her legs and her pussy. I then washed and set her hair. My wife made me take a beauty course at our local college so that I could do her hair and other basics. After I finished her hair I gave her a manicure and pedicure and painting her nails bright red. She then selected her clothes and I dressed her. She wore red satin french knickers with matching bra and suspender belt. Sheer black stockings and black high heel shoes with red soles. I then applied her make up, finishing with bright red lip gloss. She looked stunning. She slipped on her black leather dress which shows off her figure very well and is about six inches above her knee. This means if she sits down she can give a glimpse of the tops of her stockings. The white flesh of her thigh above a sheer black stocking drives men wild with desire. I had just finished dressing her when the young builders arrived and she went off to greet them. Soon I could her her laughing and joking. When I brought the builders cups of tea they looked very excited and could not take their eyes off my wife. To my horror she suddenly said to them that I had a small cock so she was not being satisfied. They did not know that she had fucking session with one of her bulls only two days before and they had gone on all night. She then told me to bugger off and do the housework. I could see that the men thought this was funny but they were also excited. Not long afterwards I eskişehir escort heard my wife moaning with pleasure and I knew that they were fucking her. After about two hours she call me into the room. Her clothes were all over the room as they men had ripped them off her. She was flushed and excited and the men were naked and exhausted as they had both fucked her three times and had just finished spit roasting her. I looked at their cocks and was surprised that they were only about 7 inches and 6 inches. Normally my wife likes them 9 inches or more. She told me later that these men recovered faster than older men and could be fucking her very quickly after they came. This meant that she was nearly constantly fucked for two hours. She was exhausted but also very excited by the multiple organisms that she had had. I noticed that her nipples were engorged and rock hard She said to the men that she was going to show them what a pathetic sissy I was. She said to me to serve then tea and to put on my maid’s outfit when I served the tea. The men could not stop laughing. I said yes and went out to get dressed. I thought I could reduce my humiliation by wearing my maid’s outfit that I use for doing hard house work. This is a plain black cotton dress and although clearly shows me to be a pathetic sissy is not like my frilly satin outfits. I put on the plain dress and some flat shoes and was just going to make the tea when my wife came into the bedroom to see how I was dressed. She was furious and slapped me hard across the face. It was clear that she wanted me in my most sissy dress so that she could humiliate me and show these men how much power she had over me. She told me to try again and that she would be back in ten minutes to see what I was wearing. She then got her cane out of the cupboard gaziantep escort and put it on the bed. I knew that if I failed to pleased her when she came back I would be beaten very severely. I stripped naked and selected my pink shiny satin panties with lots of white lace, my bra matched the panties as did my suspender belt. Next came sheer black stockings. The choice of maid’s outfit was crucial. If I selected the wrong one I would have my ass well and truly beaten. After dithering for a a while I selected my black PVC outfit which is I think very sissy. I had put the dress on and was putting on my black high hell shoes when I realised that my wife wanted to show what a complete sissy I was so I quickly took off the PVC dress and took out my pink satin maid’s outfit. This is shiny pink satin with a huge set of frilly lace around the edges of the dress. It has a frilly apron and hat. It is very short and shows the tops of my stockings. It is just the most sissy outfit I have every seen. To finish off I put on my pink 6 inch high heel shoes. I looked in the mirror and I shook with excitement as I knew that in moments I would be standing before two young men that had fucked my wife until she could not walk properly and I would look what I am a pathetic useless sissy.My wife came back and nodded in appreciation at my choice of clothes. I made the tea and entered the room with the young men. They were still naked and lying exhausted on the sofa. When they saw me their mouths fell open in amazement. Then they started laugh at me. I put their tea on the coffee table and did a beautiful curtsey. They were doubled over laughing at me. My wife then called me over and lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties so they could see my CB6000. I was now reduced to total humiliation. This always makes my wife horny so she started sucking the cocks of the men and soon she was moaning with pleasure as these young studs rammed their cocks up her pussy and her ass. When they could not cum any more my wife instructed me to kiss her feet to show her power over me. It was difficult to now who was most pleased the men, my wife or me.

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