Dreams, Drawings, and Panties


Author’s Notes: Alex wakes up to find that his soulmate is gone. She didn’t leave. She never existed. Alex has a plan to investigate, and things get interesting…and dark. Is this the beginning of insanity?


This story contains suspense and mystery but is not lacking in explicit erotic content.


Chapter 1: Morning in the Twilight Zone

Alex Henderson sat up in bed as soon as he awoke and reluctantly gazed downward at the two pillows in his bed. One had a clear indentation where his head had lain during the night. The other was partially covered with a sheet and showed no signs of being disturbed last night. His groggy face showed signs of being perplexed mixed with a generous helping of despair. “Another morning in the twilight zone,” he said grimly to himself.

Alex was determined that this morning would be different. He unsteadily emerged from his bed and quickly got to work. He opened up his closet and hurriedly scanned through the clothes hanging on the racks. All of these clothes belonged to him. No one else’s clothes were there. Without bothering to get dressed, he strode nakedly into the spare bedroom that he was using as an office and began setting up his drawing table. His mind was clearing, and he grew more focused. Coffee would be extremely helpful right now, but he feared losing time while he ground the beans and setup his brewing machine. He smiled tightly as he remembered packets of instant coffee in the back of the pantry and finished laying out his drawing materials on the table before placing a cup of water in the microwave. He then made a quick excursion to glance at the counter next to the bathroom sink. He saw exactly what he expected: a single toothbrush in a toothbrush holder. “She was never here,” he said to himself.

Alex minored in art in college, and excelled in his abilities in portraiture drawing, and would be putting his skills to work again. He quickly prepared his instant coffee, scurried to his drawing table in the other room, and then turned on his phone’s voice recorder as he got to work with his pencil. It was only a matter of time before his memories of her would be completely gone. If today was like previous mornings when this happened, before the morning was over, he wouldn’t be able to recall a single memory of her. However, he’d still be able to feel the empty hole in his soul that was torn out of him from her loss. This time, he’d document his memories before they faded. He’d draw her face and any other features he could remember. While he was drawing, he would talk to his voice recorder which would record his experiences with her as best as he could still remember. His face now showed determination. And grief.

“Emma,” he said to his voice recorder. “That’s her name.”


Chapter 2: Emma

“I got some of your favorite beer and put it in the fridge while you were out,” Emma said, as she and Alex were walking down the sidewalk of their street.

“Dark wheat?” asked Alex.

“Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel,” Emma responded matter-of-factly.

“You are awesome!” he replied.

“I know,” she said with a smile, “and I know what you like. I also thought that you’d earned it after this week at work.”

“Yay! Thanks!” he replied as he began to think about his work week.

“I know what else you like,” she said.

Alex noticed that she wasn’t beside him anymore.

“These!” she announced playfully. As Alex turned back to look for Emma, she lifted the bottom of her shirt and bra and flashed him her nipples.

“Emma!” said Alex. “People can see you!”

“No one’s looking this way,” she replied as she resumed walking to catch up with him. “Don’t worry. I checked first.”

“Okay,” Alex said with a laugh. “I can always count on you to keep me entertained.”

“I thought that you’d earned that, too,” she said as she began the awkward task of placing her breasts back into her bra beneath her shirt.

“Your generosity is greatly appreciated,” he said with a smile. Seeing Emma’s nipples along with her playfulness had begun to arouse him and he could feel tightness in the front of his underwear.

“And you love THIS, don’t you, Alex?” asked Emma who had somehow slipped behind him again.

Alex turned around to see Emma’s bare ass. She was turned away from him and bent over with the back of her skirt pulled up. She wasn’t wearing panties and her legs were slightly spread, exposing her pink labia beneath her ass. A little tuft of pubic hair was visible at the bottom.

“Emma!” Alex tried to shout quietly.

Emma quickly stood up, causing her skirt to drop back down, hiding her briefly exposed ass and pussy.

“What do you think you are doing?!” Alex asked.

“Turning you on,” she replied calmly as she stepped forward and grasped one of his hands.

“I…” started Alex before stopping himself. He had forgotten what he was going to say. She was right about getting him turned on. The combination of playfulness and boldness was a formula that worked quickly with him. His cock was uncomfortably istanbul escort stiff inside his underwear and his pulse rate had increased as he briefly imagined dropping his pants and inserting himself inside her right there in the street. He realized that he was breathing more heavily.

“Am I right about turning you on?” Emma asked.

“You understand me so well, it’s almost scary!” Alex responded while trying to suppress an uncomfortable laugh. Emma began to smile smugly. “But please be careful!” he added.

“Well, don’t call attention by calling out my name,” she responded. “Don’t worry, I always look before I leap. There wasn’t anyone looking our way.” She gave his hand a playful squeeze. “You may need to spank me when we get home, though.”

“I’ll have to do SOMETHING to you when we get home,” Alex added.

“I’m counting on it,” she said.

“Where are your panties?” Alex asked.

“In my purse,” I slipped them off under the table before we left.

“Clever,” Alex said as he imagined her discretely removing her panties and sliding them down her legs under the table. “So, you had this planned even before we started home?”

“I have my needs,” she answered, “and I’ll do what it takes to get what I want.”

The couple began to approach the antique shop below their apartment. A few years ago, Alex had accepted a position as a marketing director and found this single-unit apartment conveniently near his office. It wasn’t cheap, but was spacious, quiet, and conveniently located within walking distance of several cafes and bars. They climbed the stairs and Emma stepped forward to unlock the door with a key from her purse. They both eagerly rushed inside as the door opened.

Alex walked into the kitchen, found the beer that Emma had purchased in the fridge, and grabbed a bottle.

“Get your ass in here!” he heard Emma demand from the living room. Alex placed the unopened bottle on the counter and then entered the living room to see a completely naked Emma standing next to a small pile of clothes on the floor next to her.

Alex inhaled involuntarily. “This sight never gets old,” he said as he gave her full body a quick glance before focusing his eyes on her breasts and her pussy.

“I should hope not!” Emma responded playfully as she marched over to him and firmly grabbed his wrists. Alex watched her breasts jiggle as she pushed him backward until his back was pressed against the nearest wall.

“You like what you see?” she asked as she pressed her body against his, squeezing her breasts against his chest. “Wait, don’t answer that. I already know the answer. Just kiss me,” she said as she inched her mouth towards his lips. The breathing in both of their bodies began to intensify as they began to kiss.

Emma’s hand slid down over his pants to feel the outline of his hardened cock. His cock became even more uncomfortable as it was still pointed downward inside the confines of his pants. Emma unbuckled his belt and unfastened the button of his pants, and then carefully slid her hand inside them and into his underwear where she grabbed his rigid cock. Alex’s body tensed with pleasure as he felt her cool, soft fingers grip his member. She slowly and carefully pushed the tip of his shaft to one side and then upwards so that he was more comfortable. She gave the tip a quick squeeze before reluctantly removing her hand from his pants. He flinched involuntarily.

“Is that better now?” she asked.

“Much better,” Alex responded quietly while breathing even more heavily.

“Good, because I’m not done with you,” she said. “I’m going to exploit your body to satisfy my physical needs,” she added slyly.

“Do you really think that I’ll let you have your way with me and do anything you want?” Alex asked playfully.

“I’m certain of it,” she answered. “And there’s not a damned thing that you can do about it. Got it?”

“I think that you are getting too big for your britches,” Alex said.

“I’m not wearing any britches, genius,” Emma responded smartly. They both stared intensely into each other’s eyes.

“I’ve had about enough of your attitude!” exclaimed Alex as he grabbed her naked body and carried her to the couch. She squealed with laughter as Alex laid her face down with her hips over his lap. He gave one of her ass cheeks a slap and she let out another squeal.

“Stop!” Emma demanded with some more laughter.

“No! You’ve been a very naughty girl!” Alex responded before slapping her other ass cheek.

“You have no idea!” exclaimed Emma. “I deserve much more than a spanking!”

Alex struck her again with his hand, though this time much harder, and Emma yelped. He repeated it a few more times with Emma yelping each time as her bottom became a light shade of pink.

Emma cooed as Alex paused to rub and massage her pink bottom. She began to squirm as Alex began stroking his hands over her back, over her ass, and over the backs of her thighs. Her squirms became more intense as he began avcılar escort to slide his hands over the insides of her thighs. He then pried her thighs slightly apart so that he could slide ever closer to her hot center, moving from her knees to her hips. Her coos turned to moans as his fingers came approached her labia. He massaged the areas near her pussy so that he was indirectly tugging on her moistening folds, as Emma began moaning continuously. He slowly inched a finger over the slit of her pussy and pressed it lightly between her lips, feeling the dew within. Emma writhed sensually, as he slowly pressed the first two knuckles of his finger inside her.

Alex then quickly withdrew his hand from her pussy and pressed his wet finger into her mouth. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, you little slut!” he exclaimed.

“Why are you stopping, you bastard!” she responded.

“You really do deserve a spanking,” he said as he resumed spanking her bottom as she began laughing again.

“You will stop!” Emma then suddenly commanded in a deeper and confident voice. Alex froze and Emma climbed off of his lap. “Stand up,” she said calmly as she laid back on the couch. She pointed to a spot on the floor a few feet away and said, “Stand there and take off your clothes.”

Without thinking, Alex stood up and walked over to the spot on the floor. It felt a little weird to him, but he almost felt as if his body complied before he had decided how to react to Emma’s command. Still, this was fun, and this was certainly going to lead to something pleasurable.

“I want to see those clothes come off of you quickly,” said Emma.

Alex began with his shoes and socks, and then picked up speed as he removed his shirt.

“I like what I see so far,” said Emma, “now, let’s get to the good stuff!”

Alex then removed his pants while they looked into each other’s eyes. Since Emma had already moved his penis into an upward position, so the tip of his erect shaft was sticking out above the waistline of his underwear. Emma smiled as she stared at it. “I like how tonight is going,” she said.

“Now finish up,” Emma said as she pressed her palms together. Alex pushed his underwear below his hips and thighs and then raised one leg so that he could pull one foot through the leg opening. He then let them fall down his other leg and then stepped out of them. Emma placed her clasped hands behind her head as she leaned backwards onto the couch. “Now face the other way,” she told him. Alex caught Emma grinning as she watched his erect cock bob up and down as he slowly turned. “Don’t look at me,” she said, “turn your head away, too.” Alex complied.

“Nice, ass!” she said. Alex beamed.

“Now turn around and step close to me,” she told him.

Alex turned and took a couple of steps until his toes were nearly touching Emma’s. Emma leaned forward and took the tip of his cock into her warm mouth. Alex groaned with pleasure. She pressed him deeper inside and then slowly moved her head back and forth while Alex began to moan. She then pulled her mouth away. Alex felt coolness on his shaft that was now wet from her mouth.

“Now take a few steps backward and then close your eyes,” said Emma. Alex followed her instructions without hesitation. It was easy to follow commands when good things like this happen to you.

As soon as Alex closed his eyes, Emma leaped up from the couch and pulled his head forward, causing him to become off-balance and almost falling forward. Alex opened his eyes but was not able to prevent Emma from placing him into a headlock.

“Yeow!” exclaimed Alex. “What are you doing?!” he asked while laughing.

“That’s for me to decide,” Emma responded, as she began leading him to the bedroom. The naked couple awkwardly hobbled out of the living room with Emma giggling and Alex still stooped over in her headlock. To Alex, Emma seemed much stronger than he had remembered.

As they entered the bedroom, Emma released Alex and turned on the light. Alex immediately took advantage of the situation by grabbing Emma’s torso and tackling her into the bed. “Nobody gets away with doing that to me!” he said, and they began to wrestle. Alex grabbed her wrists and pinned her back to the bed, holding her wrists against the mattress above her head. He then straddled her chest and thrust his cock against her mouth. “Suck my dick!” he demanded. Emma held her lips tightly together as he pressed the tip of his cock into them.

“If you want that dick in your pussy tonight, you’d better start sucking,” Alex told her. Emma then smiled before lurching her head forward and slurping his dick into her mouth. “That’s a good girl,” he said to her as he began to moan again with pleasure. He released her wrists and leaned forward onto his hands and began to slowly fuck her mouth. Emma soon began to moan herself. Alex looked down to see her rubbing her pussy with her fingers.

Emma turned her head sideways to remove his cock from her mouth. “You’d better not cum in my mouth without fucking my pussy şirinevler escort first,” she said playfully but firmly. Without warning, Emma pulled one of Alex’s wrists, causing him to lurch to one side, and then rolled him onto his back while quickly straddling his face. Alex seemed surprised at her strength and the latent wrestling skills he somehow hadn’t noticed before.

“Eat that pussy if you want to fuck it!” Emma ordered as she shoved her crotch to his mouth. Alex looked up at the gift that had been presented to his face. Her distinctive scent was delightfully intense, and he slowly inhaled through his nose so that he could cherish the sensation as much as possible. He fought the impulse to frantically devour her and used great restraint to give her lips just a gentle kiss. Emma shuddered with delight and uttered a quiet incoherent vocalization. Her labia were now swollen and almost dripping wetness from arousal, leaving his own lips covered with lubrication after his short kiss. He gave her another delicate kiss, but this time indulging her a little longer. He then licked his own lips, coating his tongue and drawing some of her musky essence into his mouth. He could feel the slippery coating between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, spreading the taste around his palate. He craved more but resisted the urge to dive right in.

“More,” Emma pleaded. “Please, more!” Her tone had become less demanding and more begging.

Alex touched her with his tongue, paused, and then ever so slowly pressed it deeper between her lips, sliding lower until he had inserted his tongue into her as far as he could reach.

“More!” Emma begged with a higher pitch that almost became a squeal.

Alex began to slowly lap at her labia with long strokes, enjoying his task almost as much as Emma was. Emma struggled to hold her hips still as she moaned almost continuously now. Alex then gave her clit a gentle butterfly kiss and she uttered something that sounded something like a squeal and a “yes!” He then circled her clit with his tongue without touching it. “Yes, yes…yes…yeees!” Emma groaned.

Alex gave her clit one more kiss and then planted his flattened tongue over it as Emma’s vocalizations turned into a continuous moan. He began slowly and steadily lapping at Emma’s clit as her voice became louder and more intense. “Ooh, Alex!” she wailed.

Alex steadily lapped at her clit for a long time before eventually speeding up ever so slightly. Emma’s moans became louder, longer, and higher in pitch. “YESSS!” she screamed as she began to climax and struggle to keep her hips connected to Alex’s mouth. As her orgasm subsided, Alex slid his tongue downward in order to press deeply into her cunt once again, lapping at her wetness that was now oozing freely out of her. Emma let out another squeal.

Emma climbed off of him and gave his neglected dick a few breathless sucks as Alex’s whole body became rigid. “Fuck me from behind!” she said enthusiastically as she positioned herself on all fours.

Alex got up on his knees and positioned his dick at the entrance of her pussy. “Do you really want it?” Alex asked.

“Just fuck me!” Emma exclaimed. “Fuck me now!”

Alex inserted the tip of his dick inside her and grinned as he heard a short moan from Emma. He paused to savor the feeling, but also to tease Emma—who then countered, impatiently lurching her body backward in order to impale herself with the rest of his cock. Both of them moaned incoherently at the sudden burst of pleasure.

“Fuck me!” demanded Emma once again. Alex began to slowly pump his length into her as they both began to moan.

“Fuck me!” repeated Emma, and Alex began to pick up the pace, pounding his hips into Emma’s ass cheeks with each stroke. “Yes, fuck me!” she continued, before starting a long meandering moan into her next delightful orgasm. After a moment’s recovery, she abruptly pulled herself forward off of his dick, turned around, and dropped to her hands and knees to give it a few more sucks, tasting her own juices on him.

“Is my baby enjoying himself?” she asked him, before quickly slurping his cock back into her mouth.

“Absolutely!” Alex groaned in reply, as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Emma gave him a few sucks and strokes with her mouth before pulling him out and saying, “Lie on your back. I want to be on top.”

Alex was happy to comply and enjoyed the view of her perky tits and furry pussy in motion, as Emma straddled her hips over his cock. Emma grabbed his throbbing member and placed it between her engorged labia. The visual effect of watching his cock disappear inside her between those beautiful lips was almost as pleasurable as the physical sensation itself. Both her clit and labia were swollen from arousal, and Alex loved watching them as she slowly lowered herself down to his base.

“I love feeling your stiff cock inside me!” exclaimed Emma, as she sat up and smiled, grinding her pussy against his body.

“I love being inside your hot pussy,” he said, as he felt her vaginal walls squeezing and enveloping his cock. Emma ground her pussy against him harder and moaned deeply. She then leaned forward and placed her hands on his shoulders. She didn’t need him to fuck her. She’d fuck him. She began with slow, deep strokes, pausing to press and grind against his hips after each downward stroke.

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