Electric Candles


I came home from work and saw a trail of small, electric candles leading to our bedroom, only to find a massage table draped in a large bed sheet with *that* hole in it. On the bathroom door, there was a note that read “Do not enter. Go to table.” There is a message on the bed reading “Go ahead and lay down. You know what goes where ;)” and I promptly strip and lay face down.

After about twenty seconds or so, I hear the bathroom door open and footsteps walking toward me. It is my girl dressed in a see-through, black lingerie robe, having just showered and wearing a scent that is arousing and pleasant. She firmly yet playfully reminds me to place my face down by pointing at the massage table’s headrest, her eyes twinkling with sinister excitement.

While applying some body oil to her hands, she sensually whispered in my ear,

“No matter what you feel, just allow yourself to feel it. This is all for you, my love,” then she kissed the part of my cheek that is accessible with a passion-filled “I love you, darling,” and started to massage my back and shoulders.

With a sigh of relaxation, I let my body sink into the massage table and enjoyed the wonderful massage my girl was giving me. After a while, I notice a blackout curtain that is attached to the headrest so I cannot see what is underneath the table. An odd add-on, but maybe it is just to take away sight so that my sense of touch is enhanced. I then begin to hear some soothing, ambient music from a nearby Bluetooth speaker. Another add on to set the mood for the room.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, My girl began working on my legs and feet. Then, from what it sounded like, she gently kicked the massage table twice, enough to have it be heard by me. I did not truly notice because of all the sensory goodness surrounding me, but then I heard another set of hands start to apply body oil. It had to be someone else because my girl was currently massaging my calves.

As I started to question it, as if on cue, my girl quietly coos, “Just let it happen, hun,” and I suddenly feel someone’s warm, soft hands starting to gently rub my balls.

I let out a gasp of surprise from such an intimate sensation, having my balls played with, massaged and stretched. In my head, I was thinking, “Is this really happening? Who the hell is under the table? And how is my girl okay with this?”

My girl giggles with an audible grin on her face, “How are you feeling, hmm?” And the only thing I could muster to respond with was a vocalized deep exhale that was shaking like a mild earthquake under an ocean floor. My nerve endings were having a party in my body and nothing was not trembling. Whoever was under the table knew what they were doing. My balls had never been touched or squeezed in such a relaxing way. They seemed to have studied the male’s testicles and scrotum. The reassuring warmth of their hands making my balls a personal passion project was relieving to feel combined with my girl’s equally warm hands starting to massage my hamstrings and inner thighs.

As soon as I thought, “This cannot get any better,” My girl gently kicked the table again twice and both she and the person under the table stopped working on me. I finally let my breathing catch up with my nerves. My girl gently pats my butt and asks how I am doing. Again, all I can vocalize is a pleasurable throated giggle. She joins my giggling and rubs my lower back and butt, reassuring me that this is not over. She lifts up the sheet covering who is underneath the table from being seen.

She asks them, “How hard is he,” speaking under the table. From what I can imagine, along with the feeling of optical heat looking at my dick, both my girl and the person underneath are staring in professional awe from how filled with blood my dick is at this point. My girl lets out an alluring “ooo” and the person under the table vocalized a proud “mhmm” followed with both of them giggling with sexual intent. From the sound of it, the person underneath is a woman. Is she a friend of my girl’s? Someone we both know? Someone she knows online, maybe? As relaxed and consenting as I am to letting this happen per my girl’s request, I figured not to question it.

My girl returns to me, reapplying more body oil and the woman underneath does the same. Without asking, my girl carefully parts my thighs while making sure my genitals are perfectly placed inside the hole in the center of the massage table. She rubs my back for reassurance as the girl underneath politely smacks my dick, as if to warn me that it is being played with next.

All I could mutter was a throaty “oh, shit,” and hence prepared myself mentally to receive more pleasure. It got me thinking, “If she was so surgical with my balls, I can’t imagine what she’s gonna do to my dick.”

My girl started massaging my butt deeply, and the woman underneath started milking my dick slower than a snail’s pace, as if treating my penis like a nuke that could explode if accidentally bumped or dropped. ankara bayan escortlar My body was now physically shaking and as much as I tried to settle down, it was impossible to get a hold of myself. The woman underneath started to use some lingam massage techniques and gave me strange yet erotic sensations of what her hands feel like, and not just the palms of her hands. As this was happening, my girl applied a little body oil to my anus and perineum. As cold as it seemed at first, it quickly warmed with my girl gently spreading it around, making sure nothing was dry. The woman underneath let out a sensual hum, probably from the extra lubrication running down my balls. She took this cue to start massaging them again while continuing to milk me simultaneously.

Distracted by the woman under the table, I didn’t have a chance to realize my girl had started massaging my perineum and simply holding my anus with two fingers, keeping it warm and lubricated. It is unbelievable how great this felt. So much so, that I was incapable of not keeping quiet at all, not to mention my body seeming like I was having a calm seizure. The sensations were overwhelming to the point where having an orgasm was imminent. I could not wait to explode, hopefully not getting it on our skillful guest under the massage table, nevermind the floor.

My girl started instructing me to take slow, deep breaths, trying to deter me from cumming too soon. She guided me by telling me when to breathe in and out, leaving two or three seconds between inhaling and exhaling. This was some tantra I was not prepared for at all. But the breathing not only calmed my orgasm down, the sweet delicacy of my girl’s voice gave me a reason to endure these wild feelings for a while longer.

My girl continued to instruct my breathing, and the woman underneath started doing it, too. They both started going a little faster with their massaging, which made it way more difficult to hold in my orgasm. My girl started to gently prod my anus, making it seem like she wanted to put a finger in so that she can massage my prostate from the inside.

As she was doing this, she almost sang to me “I want you to start flexing and relaxing this for me, okay?” Then she gently tapped my anus with her middle finger, resting the rest of her hand on my butt and firmly pressing two fingers of her other hand right on the sweet spot of my perineum. I cooed an “okay” as I exhaled and followed her instructions. The woman underneath started to simply hold and stretch my balls while beginning to grip my dick in a way that was going to firmly massage my urethra and frenulum. This was it.

My girl’s soft finger started to ease into my anus, slowly letting each knuckle have a chance to get used to the environment. She then began deeply massaging my perineum again, hitting the prostate from the outside in such an educated way. The woman under the table found her ideal grip and began stroking me with such determined intent, not letting my balls go until I came, it seemed. I stuttered “fuck” and “shit” between the deep breaths I was taking, unaware that they were becoming faster and faster. My girl had entered the last bit of her finger that she could, trying to find my prostate. She vocalized quizzically until she felt it.

As I let out a sharp gasp, she said, “there it is,” with a sexy grin and growl to her voice. The woman underneath let out a feminine chuckle shortly after, seeming to say in her head “gotcha” from how confident she sounded smiling through her laugh.

They both started massaging and stroking faster, almost machine-like with their movements. This was gonna be the climax of a lifetime. My body was practically vibrating with how much I was trembling from these two women doing such amazing things to me. My throat could not stop making noise and my mouth would not stay shut, even trying to bite my lip was futile. Between my girl rubbing my perineum and massaging my prostate, the woman underneath holding my balls hostage while making her hand feel like a vagina customized to please me, and the consistent yet even pace of their soft, warm, oily, dexterous hands, it had come to my attention that I was going to cum super hard.

My girl spoke up, “Let me know when you’re about to cum, baby,” speeding up her hand movements. The woman under the table must have heard this as a sign to increase her speed as well, only now carefully revolving my balls while still constricting them in her grasp. Immediately I muttered something that sounded like “imm gnna cmm,” increasing my breathing to near hyperventilation. I repeated this a few times, readying my body to shoot out at least a few ounces of semen. But then the strangest thing happened. I heard my girl quickly shout “stop,” and both she and the woman underneath let me go, ceasing all sensations. The only thing I felt was the strong press of my girl pushing her knuckles into my perineum and the woman underneath clenching the base of my dick as if to make a tight elvankent seksi escortlar seal on my urethra from releasing any sperm. I let out some whoas as if I saw a ghost. I was just edged to climax so close that I was sure I was just gonna cum anyway. However… I did not.

My girl let me breathe for a minute or two and gently said, “You doin’ okay?” Hearing her fascinated smile on her face, I could only let out a single vocal tone as a response. The woman under the table called for my girl to look at something. I can only assume I was leaking pre-cum or perhaps prostate fluid. My girl cooly exclaimed “hell yeah” followed by the woman underneath giggling proudly. They then slowly eased their grips on my dick and perineum, confident that I was not going to cum yet. My girl then kissed my back down my spine, hitting all the erogenous points along the way and making me twitch with ecstasy. The woman underneath then started to perform the lingam techniques again gently and slowly, easing me back into pleasure.

My girl came right up next to my ear and whispered in an angelically arousing voice, “How is she doing? Do you feel good, hunny?” My only possible response was whimpering “mmhm” to her, in which she continued “is she making your dick and balls feel worshipped like the king I know you are?” All I could let out were some moans of pleasure, and I think she took it as a yes by kissing my neck, dragging her lips together slowly on the sensitive areas of it.

My girl then applied some more body oil to my anus and perineum, and as soon as I was oiled up again, proceeded to massage the inside and outside of my prostate, using a come-hither finger motion while pressing my prostate against her fingers on the outside. The woman underneath carefully grabbed my balls again, making her hand into what felt like a 360° vice grip and began to gently revolve my scrotum, mechanically stroking the frenulum and urethra of my dick with a firm grasp.

I could only imagine that since I wasn’t cumming, I was at least leaking pre-cum like a faulty faucet. I had no control of my body and my brain was exploding with dopamine. This was the ecstacy people look for. This was the epitome of pleasure and it is all thanks to my girl and who I assume is a friend or colleague of hers. I have no idea how I’m gonna repay this glorious gift back, both to the woman under the table and, more importantly, my girl. The fact that it seems she commissioned such a thing and organized it without me knowing is such a pleasant surprise.

I then focused back on the pleasure and noticed that both my girl and the woman underneath were getting very fast with their movements, now more like a machine than ever. My lower abdominal area was locked in this beautiful feeling and I never wanted to leave. My dick became harder, my balls swelled, my kegels were flexed, and my body was ready to have the world’s greatest orgasm. I warned my girl again, only this time it seemed like she did not really hear me and just kept getting faster and harder. The woman underneath was like a car piston going a thousand miles an hour. I guessed that I would cum this time, as much as I enjoy being edged.

“I’m gonna….. I’m gonna….. I’M….” and my girl blurted “Stop,” and basically shoved her hand into my perineum, while the woman under the table pinched my dick between one of her thumbs and fingers like squishing a marshmallow. The beautiful agony I experienced was almost blinding. I begged these talented women to let me cum for them. They both just laughed and tightened their hold of me. One slight movement from either of them and I surely would have exploded. Alas, I was withheld from such a privileged feeling.

“Aww, don’t worry, babe. We’ll let you calm down a bit. Then, when we think you’re ready, we’ll start up again. And let you finish this time,” my girl said with almost devilish sexiness. All I could think to do was slow down my breathing and wiggle out any nerves that I could. I had begun to lose my ability to see straight. I was confined to this massage table by two women who were having too much fun playing with me and watching me tremble and groan with pleasure….and I loved every second of it. My girl gently glided her fingers up and down the erogenous zones of my back and legs, making me twitch instinctively. The woman below gently swiped her fingers across my dick and balls, doubling my reactions. They finally stopped the teasing and let me breathe, and my girl just rested her hands on my back so I would gather myself properly. And after about five minutes of this, it was time.

My girl gently kicked the massage table twice, signalling the woman underneath to start massaging my genitals again. This time, they both just started at a faster pace, as if starting off slow was not an option anymore. My girl’s warm hands did practically shiatsu on my prostate, using two fingers now, and the woman under the table used her soft hands to milk my penis like a cow. bayan etimesgut escort My trembling started up again, and I did not bother to care about how loud I was being. This felt too damn good to stay quiet and lay still. My body was preparing to convulse uncontrollably, and hopefully I will not fall off the table from doing so. Both women hastened their stroking speeds beyond what I could comprehend. Only knowing that they were both hitting all the right spots in all of the right ways.

I vocalized that I was about to cum, and my girl graciously gave me permission to do so by saying, “Let it happen, my love. Let go and just feel it,” followed by the woman under the table saying in a low, playfully demanding voice, “Cum for me, we’re ready.” And at that point, my girl’s pressure from her hands delightfully squeezing my prostate from the inside and perennium from the outside, and the woman underneath gently pulling on my balls while vibrating them in one hand and vigorously milking my dick in the other, I had no choice but to succumb to the erotic ecstacy, and had an orgasm so violent, I blacked out.

My mind went blank, my eyes rolled to the back of my head, my mouth opened super wide yet I could not even scream. My limbs went limp, I temporarily lost the ability to hear, and my breathing seemed to nearly stop. The only thing I could feel was my kegels wringing my prostate, my balls trying to recede into my body although they were being held captive by the woman underneath, and my dick pumping out more cum than I thought I could have at a time. My girl slowed to a tight, gripping stop and just cradled my perineum and prostate, and the woman below made sure to slowly yet firmly milk out all the cum that was erupting out of my dick. This went on for a solid sixty seconds of me cumming my literal brain out, shooting out sperm for the entire sixty-second duration.

From there, the woman underneath the table told my girl that she thinks every drop is out, and my girl told her, “Just cradle his balls and hug his dick with your hand for a while. I’ll let you know when to let go.” This was love. With all of these acts leading up to this point, preparing my body to feel such ecstasy, and seeming to enjoy doing it to me, that little note my girl gave to her was all she needed to say to prove that she loved me. As faint as it was to me, I was sure that was what she said.

After what felt like hours, my girl instructed the woman under the table to slowly let me go, and at the same time slowly got her fingers out of my anus and took her hand away from my perineum. My subconsciousness had taken over, since my consciousness was out for the count, and I was becoming aware of my surroundings much like how a coma patient is aware of theirs.

“Baby? Hunny, are you awake?” I couldn’t respond, not even a coo or grunt, or even a sigh. I heard the woman underneath crawl out from under the table. She asked if I was okay and if they killed me. My girl doubted I was dead and checked my pulse on my wrist to reassure our guest.

My girl then peeked under the table and asked me, “If you’re okay, make your dick move,” and as if on command, my dick twitched, beginning to soften. My girl giggles, proud of the work she and the other woman did on me. She then looked at our guest and realized “whoa, he really glazed you, huh?” The other woman giggled excitedly as if she had just gotten a new car.

She then asked my girl, “Take a picture real quick, I want him to see it in case he doesn’t wake up soon,” to which my girl agreed. I heard a phone camera click, to which she commented, “Nice, that looks awesome.”

“You can clean up in the bathroom, if you want. I’m gonna check on him and get him on the bed,” my girl advised the other woman, in which she thanked her and walked to the bathroom. I heard my girl walk up to me, gently gliding her hands up and down my body, impressively giggling at what a fantastic job she and the other woman did. She then grabbed a nearby towel and started to wipe up the remaining oil that was still on me, drying me off as best as she could. She then told me with a soft, loving voice, “Hey, I’m gonna roll you onto the bed, ‘kay?” This time I was able to let out a sharp exhale out of my nose. Hopefully that was enough to tell her, “Okay.”

She rolled me onto our bed on my back. Once she adjusted me comfortably into the center of the bed, she continued to clean up the remaining oil that was on my genitals, leaving no obvious trace of what just happened on my body. She tossed the towel aside and snuggled up to me, placing her arm on my chest and her leg over mine, using me as a body pillow. “Still with me, hun?” she asked me softly. Now I was able to use my throat to vocalize something of a response. She giggled sweetly and whispered, “Welcome back. Do you feel good, my love?” I groaned softly again, assuring her I was high on a very heavy dose of dopamine. I heard our guest enter the room, asking if I was actually okay. My girl replied saying “yeah, he’s good. High as a kite, but he’s good, haha.”

The woman asked, “May I indulge in the aftercare process? I feel it’s only right considering what we just did to him,” to which my girl agreed, and the woman mirrored my girl and they both began rubbing my chest and belly.

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