Everybody loves a Stranger


Everybody loves a StrangerThe day had been long, I was tired and needed to go home. My head had been full of meetings and deadlines, and now, all I wanted to do was go home and sleep. There was a small bar across from my office, a quiet place, that seemed a perfect respite before my journey home.Crossing the street, full of traffic and commuters, I was so relieved that this bar was here. I ordered a drink, a long vodka and tonic, full of ice, so refreshing.I looked around and saw a nice quiet place to sit, away from the busy crowd of revellers and pre party goers. I just wanted a nice quiet drink, before I had to sit in traffic and wait endlessly for it to move. Living in London wasn’t at all exciting, too busy, people pushing, no manners and no patience. Looking around, I saw a few people in couples, looking like they were not really supposed to be here, meeting in secret no doubt, before going home to their Husband and Wives. Wanting to stay in the shadows, out of sight, with no one questioning why they were there.I had placed my handbag at the side of my feet, and reaching down, the front of my top opened slightly. I hurriedly sat back up, and covered myself, what if somebody saw, what if somebody saw !I looked around and noticed a man, sitting at the table across from me, looking straight at me. He smiled and winked, obviously, pendik escort he had seen what was or was not inside my top, no bra, I wasn’t wearing one, shit !He raised his bottle of beer and smiled again before finishing his drink. He got out of his seat and walked towards the bar, still watching me. It made me feel a little uneasy, I wasn’t too fond of being looked at.Moving from the bar, he headed for my table,”I thought this might cool you down love” he said, before pulling out a chair and sitting, very close.”I am very cool, and in no need of any more alcohol” I replied.I pushed the drink away and finished my own drink, now feeling the need to get home. I went to reach for my bag, at the same time as the stranger did,”Allow me Miss, best if I get that for you this time”.I was starting to get hot, and flustered. I thanked him and rose out of my chair, just about to walk towards the exit. I felt a hand on my arm, a light touch, but definately a touch that made me aware that he didn’t want me to leave.”Don’t leave, well, not yet” he said. “I would love to spend some time with you, just a chat before you go”.”It is getting late and I have a long drive ahead of me, I really must go” I said nervously. He got out of his chair and took a few steps towards me, leaning into me, he whispered,”Lets go to kartal escort the very back of the bar, in the dark, we wont be seen, I know you want to know me more”. Holding my hand, he walked further back, to what seemed to be a sofa.He sat down and pulled me beside him, his hand brushing my thigh, his fingers making their way down to the button on my slacks.I let out a quiet moan as I felt his warm breath on my neck, and my button being opened. His hand was moving on the inside of my trousers, stroking my stomach and finding there way into my underwear,’Well, at least I had remembered to put them on’ I thought. His fingers were touching my clit lightly, stroking it to a small hard on. I let out another moan.His jeans were bulging under the pressure of his hard on, he held onto his button and popped it open.”Want to feel how hard you have made me” he whispered.I couldn’t believe it, my hand was actually inside his jeans, stroking his hard cock, feeling it pulse in my fingers. He pulled me closer to him, and managed to slide my trousers down to the floor. I shuffled my feet to free myself from them, and released his cock from his jeans.There was absolutely no need for any foreplay, his cock was hard and my pussy was wet. I stood and moved in front of him, climbing onto him I settled myself, and maltepe escort immediately felt him inside me. He was big, nice and solid, very solid. “Oh god, I want to cum already” I said.”Not yet, let me fuck you hard baby, feel me inside you deep, thrusting up to meet your wet pussy”.He was pulling me onto him, making me so wet, my arms wrapped around his shoulders, his hands on my ass, forcing himself inside me over and over again.I bit my lip as I felt my body shake with an orgasm, and my juice running out of me made him harder still.”I knew you wanted this as soon as you walked in, I am the lucky fucker who got to fuck you”. His lips were feverishly kissing my breasts, biting them and wrapping his tongue around my nipples. He pushed me back onto a table in front of the sofa, then turned me over. He knelt on the floor and pushed his cock into me again, his hands were on my hips and I could feel him so deep. “I want to fuck you so hard, you are never going to forget it” All I could feel was his cock, harder and harder he fucked me, more and more cum was pouring out of my pussy, I don’t think I could take much more. I felt his body stiffen and then he pulled out his cock, and fired hot wet cum all over my ass. His breath was short and my heart was pounding in my chest.He stood up and fasten his jeans, wiping his cum from my ass with a cloth.Helping me up so I could dress myself, he smiled.”Thanks babe, that was the best fuck I have had in this place for a long time, maybe I will see you again, bye”.And with that he was gone. I never went into that bar again, I felt too ashamed, but at the same time, so turned on.

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