Examining the dentist


Examining the dentistI just finished a hell of a day at the office – meetings all day, people in and out of my cubicle during the time I wasn’t in a meeting. I was bushed and even though I put in 10 hours, I felt I hadn’t gotten anything done.I stopped at a hotel bar close to the business park after work and order a beer and some munchies. As I sat at the bar, I first heard and then saw a loud group of people at a table in the mirror. There was about seven women and one handsome professional guy, all talking and laughing. Several of the women were in scrubs, so I was thinking this was some kind of medical team or something out after work, too.As I started to work on my nachos, the guy at the table came up to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. I said it looked like you guys are having a great time. He said that he was the dentist at a local practice and that one of his staff was getting married soon. This was a little party they were throwing for her. I noticed that he wore a tailored shirt and suit trousers that flattered his broad shoulders, flat stomach and super fine butt. He must of noticed that I was checking him out. He introduced himself as Jim and gave me his card.Deciding it was time for a check-up, I scheduled the last appointment at his practice for the next week. I showed up, and the only ones there was his receptionist, istanbul escort a tech and him. The receptionist was already packing up for the day. She called my name and ushered me into one of the rooms.The tech did her usual work and then Jim came in. He recognized me from the bar and said it was good to see me again. He then told the tech that this was pretty routine and it was okay if she took off for the day, too.I sat in the chair as Jim started his prep, checking out all the tools on the other side of the chair where the tech normally sat. He sat in his chair, affixed the bib on me, brushing the back of my hair as he reached around. He started to rub my cheeks to position my mouth and commented on my goatee. He laid hands on my chest and shoulder to adjust me. This simple touching gave me a small woody, which started to tent in my pants.Jim did some basic checks and then stood up to reach over my chair to grab a dental mirror. I could smell his cologne and musk from a day’s work. As he bent over, I felt his cock through his pants brush up against my shoulder. He looked down and smiled when he realized what was happening but made no move to stop.It was then that I got bold. I took my arm and reached around him and started to caress his ass. This just avcılar escort made him move closer to me and I got to feel his now-erect cock straining to get out.He backed up a little and said, “It’s okay.” That was all I needed. I undid his belt and pulled the zipper down. I pulled his shirt up from his pants and felt his rock hard abs. I then slid down underneath his waistband to a soft patch of fur. I made my way down to the base of his cock and played with the hair and down the side of his cock to his balls and the side of his leg.I adjusted myself in the chair sideways and pulled down both his pants and Jockeys and was presented with a gorgeous, smooth 7″ cock. with a bulbous mushroom head. I stared at it’s beauty, but just for a little bit.With one hand, I grasped his balls and with the other, started to stroke him gently. He seemed paralyzed and gasped a little. I then moved toward him. I pushed his cock up against his body and licked his balls. I started to move north, flicking my toungue up and down his shaft. I made my way up under his head and licked all around it. By this time, he was slowly rocking back and forth.While still caressing his sack and his upper thighs, I gobbled up his cock in one motion and tried to swallow it whole. Jim obliged by grabbing the back of my head to help me. şirinevler escort To my surprise, I was able to get the whole thing into my mouth.I tried to give him the best head he ever got, as he was so beautiful and willing. I sucked up and down, slurping and licking. I alternated between rough and gentle, pulling off to see my spit sticking to him in a long string. I then deep throated him again. We were in no hurry. His cock was so warm and rock hard.After a while, I went for the kill. Deep throating him furiously, I could feel his ball sac starting to pull up into him. I pulled down on them and the pulse of his cock started to quicken. He was close. I pulled off him for a couple of seconds to tease him. He begged me quietly to let him finish.I dove down as far as I could and sucked as hard as I ever sucked. His base expanded and it was all I could do to hold on. With one hard buck, he moaned loudly, “I’m cumming!” and spasmed into my mouth and throat as he pulled on my head and hair. He came repeatedly and although I swallowed a good bit of his jism, globs we now gushing out of my mouth and onto my beard and bib. I released my mouth and pulled back slowly, my toungue gathering up as much as could on the way out. I sucked back on his head, and his slit, slurping up his the clear liquid. I hoovered all the cum off his shaft and stomach. I reached up, and wiped the cum out of my beard and licked my fingers slowly until it was all gone. Jim backed up, reached over me again and I gave him a couple more strokes with my mouth and hand to make sure I drained him completely.He then filled up a small cup of water from the jet, and said, “Now, spit”

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