Family Life, Ch.10 – Revelations.


Family Life, Ch.10 – Revelations.David explained his plan to Laura.“Do you think it will work?” she said once he had outlined his plan, “l’m not going to get into trouble am l?”“No, don’t worry,” he replied, “but l need this doing.”“Has this got something to do with Paul’s mother, you’re fucking her aren’t you?”“It’s not like that,” he replied, “yes we have had sex but not like that.”“Don’t tell me you’re in love with her,” she laughed, “she’s Mum’s age, she’ll be fifty in a couple of years.”“I don’t care about how old she is, she’s beautiful,” he said, feeling uncomfortable talking to Laura about the woman he loved.“Oh come on David,” she continued, “Okay if you want to fuck her, that’s one thing, but you don’t need to fall in love with her.”“Don’t talk about her like that,” he shouted angrily.“Get real David,” she said, “she’s a slut just like a Mum and me.”“Shut up,” he yelled, standing over her threateningly, “you don’t know anything about her.”“I know she’s letting her son wank over her tits, and fucking that sleazy copper, and now she’s fucking her son’s mate,” she smiled, “she might be good looking for her age but she’s still a slut. For fuck’s sake David, fuck her as much as you want but don’t fall in love with her.”“You don’t understand,” he said, exasperated, “she’s not like that, she does that with Paul because she loves him, and as for that Jones wanker, he’s forcing her to do it.”“You can believe that if you like,” she replied, “l could say that Rusty forced me to suck cocks in a toilet, but at the end of the day l have to admit that if l hadn’t got some excitement from it l wouldn’t have done it.”“Yes but you’re a slut, you just can’t resist cock,” he sneered, “Jean is different, she’s not like you or Mum, she’s sweet and innocent.”“Like l said David,” she replied, “you carry on believing it, l just hope she doesn’t break your heart when you find her fucking the next guy. Anyway, all this talk of fucking has got me wet, l take it Mum is staying the night with Dan.”“Yes,” he replied, “l was going to call in and join them but l forgot.”“Too busy dreaming about Jean’s cunt l expect,” she laughed, “is she a good fuck?”“It’s not like that,” he replied, “but you wouldn’t understand. Go on up to bed and get ready, and make sure you lubricate your arsehole, l don’t want to have to stop and wait for you to do it, l’ll be up in a minute.”“You really know how to make a girl feel special don’t you,” she said sarcastically.“I suppose you prefer me to be like Paul,” he replied, “always telling you how pretty you are.”“He’s lovely,” she said, “so sweet and gentle, not like you.”“Plus He has a big cock,” David laughed.“Well…there is that,” she laughed with him.“Yes well,” he said, unzipping his trousers and taking out his cock, “perhaps next time he fucks your cunt l’ll stick this up your arsehole as well, l did it to Mum with Dan and she loved it, mind you it wasn’t the first time for her.”“I can’t believe Mum is like that and we never had a clue,” Laura replied.“I know,” he said, stroking his erection, “it’s as if a switch has been thrown and we have a totally different mother.”“I bet you prefer this version though,” she laughed.“Go!” he commanded, “get upstairs before l bend you over that chair and fuck your arse now.”“Promises,” Laura replied, giggling as she ran out of the room, lifting the back of her skirt to show him her bare arse as she ran into the hall.David followed, stopping off at his room to undress. He was about to go into Laura’s room when he stopped, looking at his trousers lying on the floor, he bent and removed the belt.“Get on your knees with your arse in the air,” he ordered, walking into Laura’s bedroom.“Yes sir,” she said eagerly, turning over and taking up the position.“Lift up on your arms a bit,” he said, “l want to see your tits swinging.”David looked at her tits, excited by the way they were swelling. “You look like a cow with big milk udders,” he laughed, “l’m looking forward to milking you.”“Pig!” She replied, “l hate them, they’re getting so big.”“Just make sure you wear something to show them off on Saturday,” he replied. “Now spread your legs.”Laura dutiful obeyed, opening herself for him, she loved it when he treated her like a whore, her cunt was already soaking wet in anticipation.“Ooowwww!” She squealed as David brought his belt down with a firm swipe across her raised buttocks. “Oh no….no…no,” she cried, collapsing on the bed, turning her body away from him.“Get back on your knees cunt,” he said thrilled at the excitement he’d got from seeing that red line appear on her buttocks.“No David…please,” she begged, don’t hurt me.“Don’t be stupid,” he replied, “l’m only playing, it wasn’t that hard. Get back on your knees.”“Not the belt please David,” she pleaded, “You can spank me if you like but not the belt, please.”“I won’t do it hard,” he said, “Get back on your knees, l bet you’ll like it, l bet your cunt is flooding, Get back on your fucking knees or l’ll use it on your tits.”“Oh please no David,” she pleaded, “where do you get these ideas?”“The magazines that Dan gets abroad,” he replied, “he has a few where girls are tied up and whipped, it looks like fun, l wank off looking at them, l wanted to try it. Get back on your knees, l’ll only do it a couple of times l won’t do it hard.”“That one was hard, it hurt,” she pleaded, “can’t you just fuck me, l lubricated my bum like you said, you can fuck me up there but not that again, please.”“Shut up moaning and do as you’re told,” he ordered, “or l’ll tie you up and do it really hard, remember, l’ve got you all night, l’m going to have some fun. Just relax and enjoy it, l bet you cum.”Laura was in a turmoil, on the one hand she was frightened of where this was leading, frightened of the pain. On the other hand she was aware of the tingling in her cunt when he’d hit her, it had been so sudden and the shock of it was probably worse than the pain, but there was a voice in her head telling her that it was exciting, that it just added to her humiliation. She knew that deep down she wanted to submit to her brother, she wanted to be his plaything.Slowly she rolled back over, getting back on her knees, back into the position he had wanted her, she realised that by doing so she was giving herself to him completely, she felt the surge of juices flow in her cunt, realising that her body was dictating to her again, her body wanted to be totally submissive to him.“That’s better,” he said, bringing his belt down once more on her buttocks, “now say thank you.”“Oooww,” she cried as he landed his third strike.“Say it bitch,” he said with venom as the next strike was harder, leaving a deep red line on her white flesh, “Say thank you.”“Stop David please,” she begged, her actions denying her words though as she reached under herself and began rubbing her clit.“I knew you’d like it,” he said triumphantly, bringing his belt down once more, the resulting red line on her buttocks firing his lust. “Say thank you bitch.”“Th….th…Thank yo,” she cried, fingering herself furiously, “now fuck me please David, fuck me.”David dropped his belt, grabbing hold of her raised hips, plunging his throbbing cock deep into her cunt. “Is that what you want cunt?” He said as he forced himself deep into her.“Yes…oh yes,” she cried, still rubbing her clit. “Now my bum, fill my bum, please.”“You dirty fucking bitch,” he called her, removing his cock from her cunt and pressing it against her anus, giving her raised buttocks a sharp slap he forced himself into her tight hole, reaching under her and grabbing her tits to pull her back onto him.“Oh my god!” She cried, “Oh yes, l’m cumming…yes…fuck me…oh god that’s good, you feel huge.”“You wait till you’re married you dirty cunt,” he said, working his cock deep inside her, feeling her clenching him, milking him, “l’m going to let all my mates have you, fucking you in every hole.”“Yes….yes David….anything….anything you want, fill me with spunk….god l’m cumming again…oh god yes.”“Here,” he said, taking his cock out of her bum hole, “Show me what a dirty cunt you are, take it in your mouth you dirty bitch.”“Yes…yes…anything,” she responded, swivelling herself round, taking him into her mouth, sucking greedily.David had her by her hair, ramming his cock deep into her throat, he could feel her gagging, fighting for breath, but he didn’t relent, forcing himself deeper, feeling her choking. He pulled out, looking at her tear streaked face as she gasped for breath then he slapped her face before ramming his cock back into her bruised mouth.“This is how it’s going to be,” he told her, “this is what you want isn’t it,” he pulled out again.“Yes,” she gasped, “use me, do what you want but fuck me.”“Get back on your knees,” he ordered. She moved quickly to obey, presenting herself so that he had the option of both holes. David had reached for his belt again, giving her another swipe across her upturned buttocks. “Spread your arsehole for me.”Laura reached behind, both hands gripping her buttocks, pulling them apart.“Which hole shall l fuck?” He said, taking hold of his cock, rubbing it against the lips of her cunt, then against her arsehole.“ l don’t care,” she replied, “but please fuck me deep.”“I could fuck this one,” he said, sliding his cock into her cunt. “Or l could fuck this one,” he laughed, pulling out and sliding into her arsehole.“Stop teasing me and fuck me,” she said, desperately trying to keep him inside her. “Can l have you and Paul together next time? Perhaps Mum could join in, l could lick her cunt while l have your two cocks up my bum and cunt.”“You’re such a perverted slut,” he laughed, working his cock in her arsehole.“Oh yes that’s good,” she said, responding to his movements, clenching herself tight on his cock, “l think about it all the time, l look at the male teachers in college bursa escort and imagine them fucking me one after the other. Oh yes…harder….oooohh yes that’s so good.”“You wait till you’re married,” he said, grinding his pelvis against her, feeling his orgasm coming. “I’ll have men lining up to fuck you, lining up to use you like a whore.”“Ooooh yes…yes…yes,” she cried as she rubbed her clit, spraying her juices over him as her orgasm ripped through her body.David could feel the fluctuations in her body and with one final thrust his cock pumped his spunk deep into her bumhole.“God you’re a dirty bitch,” he said once his orgasm had passed. Taking his cock out of her gaping hole, he sat back on his haunches. “Suck it bitch,” he said, “clean every last drop off my cock.”“Yes sir, thank you sir,” she said, crawling over to him, sucking and licking his cock, his balls, his body.Once he was satisfied that she had completed her task, he took her into the shower where they soaped each other, playing and teasing. Laura sank to her knees, taking him into her mouth.“Whoa, slow down,” he said, gently pushing her away, “don’t be in such a hurry, we’ve got all night.”Laura looked up at him. “Are you sleeping with me tonight? I would like that.”“I thought it would be nice,” he replied, “l’ve never spent the night with a girl.”David realised that his feelings for his sister had changed, usually he was only interested in humiliating her and using her body to slate his lust but he was beginning to feel a warmth for her, the prospect of spending the night next to her warm body was very appealing. He wished it was Paul’s mother he was spending the night with instead of his sister but that was hopefully a pleasure he could experience in the future.Once they had towelled each other dry, they went back to bed. They lay together, David nuzzling at her tits, enjoying how they had swollen, her nipples fully engorged.“When will you start making milk?” he asked.“Not for a while,” she replied, “why, do you want to taste it?”“Yes,” he said, “l want to share your milk with the baby, we can have a tit each. Your tits are getting so big, you’ll have lots of milk, l want to milk you like a cow.”“I’ll probably start making milk before the baby is born,” she said.“You’ll be a big fat cow then,” he laughed, “on all fours with your big fat belly and your big udders hanging down being milked into a bowl. I want to watch the baby being born, l want to see how big it is when it comes out of your cunt.”“You’re disgusting,” she giggled, “are you going to give me lots of babies, that would be fun, you getting me pregnant and John believing they’re his.”“And his mother so proud of her son for fathering so many c***dren,” he laughed, “when all the time it’s my spunk that’s making the babies.”“Not too many though,” she said, enjoying the sensations travelling through her body as David sucked hard on her nipples, “What about all the other cocks you said l would have, you promised that if l married John you would get me loads of cocks.”“You really are cock crazy aren’t you,” he laughed, “don’t worry, l will sort out plenty of cocks for you, you’re going to be my slut whore.”“That sounds fun,” she said, reaching for his cock, pleased to find it hard and ready. “Fuck me now,” she said rolling onto her back, raising her knees and parting her thighs. “Can you fuck me like Paul did, nice and slowly.”“You liked having him up you didn’t you?” He said getting on his knees between her thighs.“It was lovely,” she said, “he was so gentle, and his cock is so beautiful, it was lovely being fucked like that, it’s always rough and hard with you and l like that but it was so different with him, l didn’t cum as hard but it was still a lovely feeling, can l have him again soon.”“Let’s get this weekend over first,” he replied, “then, if you’re a good girl and do a good job l’ll bring him round again, l’m sure he can’t wait to fuck you again.” David eased his cock into her cunt, slowly gliding up her hot passage until they were joined deeply.“Oh that’s nice,” she sighed, reaching up and pulling him down onto her, kissing him, “you’re the best brother in the world,” she said.They made love slowly, David alternating from gentle fucking, to sliding down her body and using his mouth on her clit and cunt. Time and again he brought her to the edge of her orgasm, getting the thrill of hearing her beg to be taken over the edge. He used his tongue inside her, then his fingers as he sucked on her nipples. They rolled around the bed, both of their bodies covered in a film of sweat. Her first orgasm came as his mouth was clamped onto her cunt, nibbling and sucking on her clit, her back arched as the flow of juices flooded down into his waiting mouth, a second orgasm quickly followed as two of his fingers worked their way into her arsehole. She called out to him, telling him she loved him as the second, more powerful, orgasm wracked through her body, he sucked hard on her clit, drinking her juices.“Fuck me now please,” she cried, “Oh please, beautiful brother, fuck me.”Sliding his cock into her, her cunt felt like a furnace, she embraced him, holding him tight, her nails clawing at his back as she used her cunt muscles to milk his cock.They rolled over, David ending up under her as she sat upright, his cock buried deep inside her as she worked her muscles on him. He reached for her breasts, not roughly as he usually did, but gently caressing them, rolling his thumb over her nipples. She leaned forward, brushing his lips with her nipples, feeling his cock responding.She sensed he was close, leaning back, holding him on the edge, smiling at him, proud of her ability to control him, waiting for him to subside before starting again.Time and again they held each other on the edge, this time there was no savage lust, just a desire to please each other. When their orgasms finally came they came together, holding each other tightly as his semen flowed into her and her juices bathed his cock.Finally he collapsed on top of her before rolling onto his back. Laura followed him, curling up next to him with her head resting on his heaving chest.“That was beautiful bruv,” she whispered, tracing her fingers through the hairs on his chest and kissing his nipple.“Better than the other way?” He asked, his fingers caressing her back.“Mmmmm, not better but nice,” she replied, “you know l like it when you’re rough with me, l like it when you own me, making me your whore, it’s exciting. But this was different, this was making love,, it was warm and gentle and just lovely.”“Perhaps l learned something from Paul,” he replied, “perhaps he’s not such a retard after all.”“Oh David, l’m sorry for saying that about him,” she said, hugging him closer, resting one leg across his tummy. “It was cruel of me, it’s not his fault, he is so lovely and gentle, l’ll never say bad things about him again l promise.”“So he can fuck you again then?” He responded, “what about if l’m not here, will you let him fuck you then, you know he won’t hurt you?”“But l thought you wanted me together…oh, l see…you want me to entertain him so you can go and fuck his mother…you really are a bastard aren’t you,” she chuckled.“It’s not as crude as that,” he replied, “l just want to spend some time with her.”“Yes, shoving your cock up her cunt,” she replied.“Don’t say it like that,” he said, reaching down and giving her bottom a sharp smack.“Ooowww!” She cried, “mmmmmmm that was nice,” she writhed her body, rubbing her pelvis against his leg. Her hand went to his semi hard cock, gently stroking him, “does this mean he wants me again,” she said, gripping him firmly, feeling the pulsations building.“God you’re insatiable,” he laughed, “l’ll have the whole rugby team round her trying to satisfy you.”“00000h that sounds like fun,” she smiled stroking his cock, shifting her position so that she could kiss the glistening head, tracing her tongue into the eye.“Stop it,” he said, knowing that his body was screaming for her to carry on, “l need to get some sleep, l have to be in work in the morning.”“What for?” She replied, nuzzling her mouth against his cock and balls, “Dan isn’t going to want to be working when he can be screwing Mum. She is so much happier these days, see, all us girls need to keep us happy is plenty of cock, Mum’s been a different woman since you started screwing her and now, with Dan fucking her as well, she acting like a teenager.”“I still need to get some rest,” he said, “there’s something l need to do in the morning.”“What…like sliding your cock up Paul’s Mum’s pussy you mean,” she laughed. “You really are a pig you know, lying here with me, me desperate for you to fuck me and you’re thinking about some slut the same age as your mother.”“She’s not a slut,” he protested, “you don’t understand, you make it sound like it’s just sex, it’s not, it’s more than that.”“You really are in love with her aren’t you,” she said, moving her body on top of his, lying full length on him, looking down at him. “Oh David,” she kissed him, “she’ll break your heart you know…fuck her if you like but don’t fall in love, it can’t lead to anything but pain for you.”“I don’t know what l feel,” he said, “l know she’s in a situation she hates with that copper, l know she’ll do anything to protect Paul…l just want to protect her.”“You’re so confused,” she laughed, “you treat Mum and l like your whores, you’re quite happy to shag any of those tarts that hang around the pub, even though some of them are engaged to your mates, then you fall in love with a married woman nearly fifty who drops her knickers for the local copper. Anyway, that’s enough talking about her,” she said, taking hold of his cock, “how about you giving my cunt a good work out.”“No Laura,” he replied, “l’m fucking shattered, l need to get some sleep.”“Oh bursa escort bayan alright then,” she pouted, sliding off him and cuddling into his side, resting her head against his chest but still with her hand on his cock.David found the warmth of her body next to him comforting, her fingers gently tracing his body as he drifted off to sleep. He dreamt of being underwater, engulfed by the warm water, being gently massaged by the eddies and currents. The feelings grew more and more intense, the warm wetness surrounding him became deeply sexual. He felt a crescendo building in his loins, he was aware that he was waking, desperately trying to hold on to his dream.Suddenly he woke just as his orgasm took over. He looked down to see Laura’s mouth clamped over his cock as she drew his first spunk load of the day out of his balls.As his orgasm passed, Laura released his cock, crawling up the bed. “Good morning,” she smiled, bending over him and kissing him.David could taste the saltiness of his own cum on her lips as her tongue invaded his mouth. He embraced her as she lay on top of him. She broke away, looking down at him.“Thank you for breakfast,” she smiled, “the protein is good for me, l couldn’t resist it.”“You’re a witch,” he replied, turning to look at the bedside clock, startled when he saw that it was nearly eight o’clock. “Shit!” He said, gently moving out from under her, “l’m going to be late for work, l knew l was tired but l’ve never slept like that.”“Me too,” she laughed, “it was so good sleeping next to you, l had to go to the bathroom for a pee then l saw your cock lying there and l couldn’t resist it. I shouldn’t worry about work, l’m sure Dan is more interested in enjoying Mum’s body.”“Knowing her she probably fucked him dry,” he replied, sitting on the edge of the bed, “l can’t believe how she has changed.”“I know,” Laura replied, “she told me how for ages Auntie Ann has been encouraging her to start fucking you but she was afraid you would be disgusted by her, she loves you so much, she was petrified that it would ruin your relationship.”“To think that she has kept it a secret for so long,” he said, “ going up to Cheshire once or twice a year and getting fucked like a whore then coming home and behaving as if nothing had happened.”“I don’t know how she did it,” Laura said, “l know l’m going to be in a similar situation, l don’t know how l’m going to keep it a secret from a John when you’re bringing men round to fuck me.”“Oh don’t bother about him,” David laughed, “he’s so weak and feeble, l might even tell him l’m fucking you, might even make him watch.”“Oh, do you think so,” she replied excitedly, “that would be fun.”“We’ll see,” he said, grabbing a towel, “l’m going for a quick shower, you go and get me some breakfast. Are you in college today?”“Not this morning,” she replied, “l’m thinking of packing it in anyway, l don’t need a job now, John has plenty of money, l won’t need to work, all the more time for fucking.”David laughed. “I can see keeping your cunt satisfied is going to be a full time job,” he said, “l might even buy you one of those fucking machines l’ve seen in the magazines.”“Ooo, that would be fun,” she giggled, “imagine the look on John’s mother’s face when l unwrapped that present on Christmas morning, Mum says she used to be a bit of a slut, l bet she’d want a turn. I would love to see her get a good fucking, she’s such a stuck up cow.”David had his shower and dressed, going down to the kitchen where Laura was just finishing making his breakfast. She was naked and as she was turned sideways he could see how much the swelling in her tummy had grown. He also liked how her tits had changed shape, they had swelled up and elongated, looking like two melons on her chest, the large rubbery nipples sticking out like bottle corks.“Has he started kicking yet,” he said, standing behind her and putting his arms round her, his hands caressing the mound of her tummy then moving up to cup her tits. “I’m looking forward to having my breakfast milk from these udders, “ he said, giving them a gentle squeeze.“I’m starting to look like a fat pig,” she replied, turning in his arms, “it’s a good job it’s your baby growing in there, otherwise l would hate it.”“It might not be mine,” he chuckled, “don’t forget both John and Dan fucked you without condoms, either one of them could be the father.”“No chance,” she replied, giving him a quick kiss, “John’s cock is so pathetic he can hardly get inside me, plus he usually cums before he can get it in, and you know very well that l was sure l was pregnant before you got me to fuck either of them. This is your baby,” she said, patting her tummy.“I hope it’s a boy,” David laughed, “then, one day he can grow up to fuck his mother.”“You really are a pig,” she laughed, giving him another kiss. “I’m going for a shower then going shopping, you eat your breakfast then go and see if Mum’s had a good night.”When David reached the workshop, he used his own key to let himself in. He busied himself for a few minutes, then, hearing noises coming from the house he went through to the kitchen. As he entered his mother was at the sink, her back to him. She was naked, David’s eyes were drawn to her buttocks, they were bright red and he could make out the outline of a hand print.Stepping up behind her her put one hand on her bottom. “Looks like you two have been having fun,” he said, massaging her bottom then sliding his hand between her parted thighs, feeling the wetness of her cunt.“Hi baby,” she replied, turning to face him, his hands moving to her breasts which he noticed were also red. “What happened to you last night,” she said, kissing him. “I thought you were going to join us”“I spent the night with Laura,” he replied, “it looks like you had plenty of fun without me.” He kissed her, then stooped to kiss both her tits, sucking on her nipples.Mary pressed his head against her breasts, thrilling from the sensations he was causing despite their tenderness. “We had a lot of fun,” she said, “we looked through his magazines and l asked him what his biggest fantasies were, he said he liked the shots of women tied up and spanked or whipped, l said l liked to be spanked but that l liked it rough so we took it from there.”“Are they very sore?” He asked, kissing the red parches on her tits.“Very,” she replied, “but they tingle and it’s nice, do you want to fuck me and give them some slaps.”Mary sensed his hesitation. “What’s wrong?” She said, “doesn’t the thought of fucking your mother turn you on any more?”“Don’t be silly,” he replied, “you always turn me on, look,” he said, indicating the bulge in his trousers. “It’s just l was hoping you and Dan would want a bit more time together and l would pop down to see Paul’s mother.”“Oh, l see,” she laughed, grabbing his cock through his trousers, “you don’t want to waste your spunk on your poor old mother when your girlfriend is waiting for you.”“It’s not that,” he said, having difficulty resisting her as she massaged his cock, “it’s just that Paul is at the day centre this morning and that copper is bound to come sniffing around, l thought if l was there it would frighten him off.”“You be careful what you’re doing,” she warned, “he sounds like a nasty piece of work, he might take it out on you if he doesn’t get what he’s after from her.”“I’m not worried about him,” David said, “l’ve got plans for him.” He went on to explain the plan he had worked out with Laura.“You are a devious bastard aren’t you?” She said, undoing his belt and starting to undo his trousers.“Stop it Mum,” he protested weakly.“Oh don’t be a rotten son,” she said, finally undoing his trousers and releasing his cock, “there’s plenty of spunk in those balls for both of us, let Mummy have a little treat.” She dropped to her knees, taking him into her mouth.“You’re a cock crazy bitch,” he said, automatically taking hold of her head and starting to fuck her mouth.“Mmmmmmm,” was all she could reply as his cock hit the back of her throat, his balls pressed against her chin.“Make it quick then,” he said, “l want to get there before he does.”Mary released his cock, looking up at him. “Mouth, cunt or bum hole, you chose,” she said.“Get up and bend over the table,” he ordered, “l want to see those tits swinging.”“Yes sir,” she giggled, quickly getting in position. “Give Mummy a nice rough fuck,” she said, parting her legs.David’s cock slipped into her well lubricated cunt easily, reaching under her and grabbing her tits he began fucking her.“Oh yes baby,” she sighed as his cock plunged deep inside her, “that’s nice baby, fill Mummy’s cunt baby, hurt my tits.”David gave both tits a sharp slap as her drove into her again.“Oh yes baby,” she cried, “you know what Mummy likes baby, fuck her deep and hard, that’s the way to treat Mummy.”“You do realise you’re fucking the woman l love,” Dan said entering the kitchen.“I found this slut in the kitchen Dan,” David laughed, continuing to fuck her with deep thrusts. “She wanted fucking so l helped myself.”“That’s okay son,” Dan replied, stepping over to Mary and kissing her, grabbing her tits at the same time, pulling and twisting her nipples.“Oooh you bastard,” she cried as he twisted her nipples savagely.“She does make a lot of noise Dan,” David said, giving her bottom a slap, “can you stick something in her mouth to keep her quiet.”Dan caught hold of her hair as her guided his cock to her mouth, “Come on son,” he said, “let’s see who can cum first.”With that they both began fucking her with savage, deep thrusts, David’s tummy smacking against her buttocks as he drove in with all his power, at the same time Dan was fucking her mouth, forcing each thrust into her throat, hearing her gagging with each thrust.“Shove it up her arse son,” Dan told him, “not too hard, l don’t want her escort bursa biting my cock off.”David withdrew his cock, placing the head against her anus then sliding it effortlessly into her arsehole. “God she’s well greased in there Dan,” he said, sinking his full length into her.“Should be son,” Dan replied, “l filled her with spunk last night, come on son, let’s fuck her.”Both men continued ramming their cocks into her, Mary doing her best to meet each thrust from her son while sucking hard on Dan’s cock. She reached under herself, fingering her cunt and massaging her clit.David came first, one final deep thrust as his semen pumped into her. Dan came seconds later, Mary swallowing eagerly, trying to take every drop. David giving her bottom one more slap as he finally pulled out.“Are you coming up and joining us in bed?” Dan asked.“No, l’ll just go and freshen up, then l’m going down town if that’s okay with you,” David replied.Mary piped up, telling Dan where David was planning to go.“Oh l see,” Dan chuckled, “your mother told me you were fucking Jean Lovell, you lucky bastard, any chance of giving me a share of her.”“Hey,” Mary protested, giving Dan a playful punch on his chest, “you’ve got enough to do keeping me satisfied, don’t even think about fucking her. Anyway, David’s in love, l don’t think he’s interested in sharing her.”They both laughed as David headed for the bathroom.David made his way to Paul’s house, he had mixed feelings, knowing how he had been unable to resist his mother, but concerned that he may be too late. Sure enough, as he approached the house he saw Constable Jones’ bicycle tucked down the side of the house. He looked up at the closed bedroom curtains, angry at himself for giving in to his lust for his mother, imagining Jean, probably crying as that arrogant bastard forced himself on her.David was tempted to burst into the house and attack Jones but he knew that would only make things worse for Jean. He had to stick to his original plan. He crossed the road, keeping watch on the house, this time not making any effort to conceal himself.It was thirty minutes before Jones emerged from the front door, David noticed that this time Jean was not at the door. He watched Jones fetch his bike then ride off into town. A movement caught his eye, he looked up to the bedroom window. Jean had pulled the curtains open and seen him standing there. David’s heart missed a beat when he saw her, she looked totally forlorn, staring at him he could see sadness in her face.He crossed the road, not waiting for her to let him in, he opened the door and walked in. She was standing at the foot of the stairs, tears streaming down her face. He took a step towards her and she rushed into his arms, clinging to him.“Oh David,” she wept, “l’m so sorry, l feel so ashamed.”“Hey,” he said, kissing the top of her head, “it’s not your fault babe, you were just trying to protect Paul, it’s not your fault. It will all be over soon l promise.”“Why?” She asked, startled, “you’re not going to do anything silly are you, you know what he’s like, he can cause a lot of trouble, please be careful my sweet.”“Don’t worry,” he said, kissing her upturned face, “after this weekend he will just be a bad memory as far as you’re concerned.” He kissed her again, this time lingering over her mouth, so warm and soft, so inviting. She received him willingly, melting into his embrace as their tongues searched each other. Instinctively his hands went to her breasts, he felt her stiffen. He broke away.“What’s wrong?” He asked.“I can’t sweetheart…l’m sorry,” the tears started again, “l’m too sore…he was very rough, worse than ever, he wanted to do disgusting things to me and when l refused he hit me then when he did take me he was very rough, it hurt a lot…l’m sorry baby, l can’t let you make love to me, l can do you with my mouth if you like,” she said, her hands going to his belt.“No,” he said, putting his hands on hers to stop her, “not like that, l will not use you like he does, what we do is special, it’s making love, l will not use you for sex like he does.”“Oh baby,” she said, kissing him, “l don’t deserve you, if you knew things about me you would soon stop loving me.”“I’ll never stop loving you, never,” he said, “l want to know everything about you.”“No David,” she replied, “there are things l mustn’t tell you.”“Things about you and Paul you mean,” he said.She stepped away from him, a look of horror on her face. “What about me and Paul,” she said, “what has he been saying?”“Hey,” He said, putting his arms around her, “you know Paul loves you and l know you love him, l understand what you do with him is because you love him.”“Oh my god!” She cried, pushing him away and collapsing onto to hall chair, “who else has he told, Oh my god.”“Hey,” David said, dropping to his knees and taking hold of your hands, “l understand, honestly, there’s nothing to be ashamed about, not with me anyway.”“You don’t think l’m some kind of monster, doing those things with my son?” She said.“No l don’t, because l understand why you do it,” he replied, “l know Paul, l love him like a brother, l know his problems, mentally he’s still a c***d but physically he’s becoming a man. He told me that what you do makes him happy, he’s happy because he doesn’t lose his temper any more and he knew that upset you.”“I…l didn’t know what to do,” she replied, “he was getting out of control we spoke to his psychiatrist he told us it was normal for sexual frustration to take the form of violent outbursts, he was concerned that it would get worse, that Paul would have to go into care, l couldn’t allow that, it would kill me, it would kill him. I knew the chances of him getting a girl friend were zero, l had to do something, it wasn’t about sex, it was about loving him, please believe me.”“Of course l believe you,” he said, kissing her, “but l also know that what you are doing with him now will one day not be enough.”She looked hard at him.“You know don’t you that one day you are going to have to move it to another level.”She nodded.“I realised it too when he told me about it,” David continued, “that’s why l arranged for him to do it with a girl.”She looked at him, shocked, confused. “What do you mean…what girl?”“I’m going to have to tell you the full story babe, you may not want to know me once l tell you but it is a risk l have to take.”“What do you mean David” she said, “is Paul in danger?”“No sweetheart,” he replied, “absolutely not, l would never do anything to hurt him, you have to know that. Look, let’s get a drink and go and sit somewhere more comfortable and l will explain everything.”Jean went to the kitchen, poured herself a glass of wine and handed David a bottle of beer then they went into the living room.Over an hour later, David had finished telling her everything, he had watched her as her expressions changed, answered all of her questions honestly, finally telling her that if she decided that he should go and never return he would do whatever she decided.Jean was silent for a few minutes, then finally she looked into his eyes. “What you feel for me,” she said, “is that just sex as well?”“No babe,” he replied, taking her hands in his, “Yes, l want to make love to you, but that’s because l’m in love with you.”“But the way you use your mother and sister, is that what you want from me too?”“No babe, believe me,” he pleaded, “l can’t deny that l find it exciting to be doing it with them but my feelings for you are totally different. If you tell me to go l will go, but l’ll never stop loving you.”“You do realise the trouble you all would be in if the police found out.”“Of course we do,” he replied, “l also know the huge risk l’ve taken by telling you. If you decide to tell the police about us there’s nothing l can do to stop you.”“I can hardly do that, can l,” she said, “not when you could tell them about me and Paul, they would take Paul away.”“I would never do that babe, never. I would never hurt you or Paul.”“Do you intend taking Paul to see Laura again?”“That really depends on you,” he said, “l know Paul wants to, l know Laura wants to.”“Wasn’t she put off by….you know, his problems?”“Yes she was when l told her what l wanted her to do,” he replied, “but once she’d got to know him and found out what a genuinely lovely lad he is. He was so gentle with her, it was beautiful to watch.”“She wasn’t worried about the baby? He’s very big.”“I explained to him why he had to be gentle and he was at first, it was Laura who egged him on, she can’t wait to do it again.”“I just don’t know what to say,” she said, “ l should be horrified and kick you out, but do l have the right to feel like that when you know very well what l’ve been doing with Paul.”“But you haven’t been having sex with him,” David replied.“Not yet,” she said, “but we both know where it was going to end up, he’s a young man now and he needs sexual release, where else was he likely to get it.”“Tell me honestly,” David said, “is that the only reason you would have done it with him, or was there a need in you as well?”“Oh god,” she said, tears welling in her eyes, “you know more about me than l know myself.”“I know you’re a passionate woman, l know you love your son,” he said, “l can’t believe you let him cum on your breasts and there isn’t something inside your head spurring you on to take the next step.”“I don’t know David,” she said, “l need time to think. There are so many thoughts spinning round in my head. I think you had better go.”“Okay,” he said, standing up and walking into the hall. She followed him. He stopped in the hall, turning to face her. “Don’t worry about that copper,” he said, “he will be sorted out this weekend, all l ask is, when you have made a decision about whether you want to see me again, ring the workshop and let me know. I don’t want to lose you babe, but l will respect your decision.” He reached out his hand, caressing her cheek, then lifting her chin as he bent to kiss her, feeling warmth and tenderness in her lips. “I love you,” he said as he turned and walked out of the house.

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