Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 4


Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 4Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 4Monday, August 18As Tom began fucking her again, Sara knew it wouldn’t take her long to achieve another orgasm. She was one of those women who, after achieving orgasm, could enjoy further sexual stimulation and proceed to a second orgasm, or even several of them, if the stimulation was kept up just right and she was in just the right mind-set.Sara took in a shaky breath, loving the feeling of her young lover’s very hard, very swollen cock sliding smoothly through her tightened and well-lubricated vaginal sphincter; loving the feeling of his hard, masculine body on top of her, pressing down just hard enough, while supporting most of his weight on his forearms. She ran her hands over Tom’s back, loving the play in his tense, hard back muscles as he fucked her and, down farther, his firm buttocks as they pumped up and down, thrusting his cock so wonderfully in and out of her pussy.”Ohh! Ohh! Tom! Ohh, Tom, you’re going to make me come again,” Sara breathed into his ear.Tom grinned to himself. Damn! What a hot and sexy woman. “Yeah, Sara. I want to feel you come again,” Tom told her.He also wanted to come in Sara’s pussy for the first time. To shoot his cum load inside this beautiful, sexy woman’s tight wet pussy. That thought alone made him shudder with pleasure. He knew it wouldn’t be too long before he did.”Now, Tom! Now!” Sara cried out as she arched up against him and dug her fingers into his back. Wave after wave of beautiful orgasmic pleasure engulfed her body and mind. This orgasm was stronger than the last one.”Oh fuck, çorum escort yes!” Tom grunted as he reached the point of no return and began pumping his cock harder and faster through Sara’s clenching pussy. His cock began to spasm as his semen came shooting out of his cock, splashing against Sara’s cervix, filling her pussy. Tom had been so turned on to be making love to Sara that his orgasm was particularly strong and he cried out again and again with each hot ejaculation.And then Sara and Tom were panting, sweating, laughing. Sara pulled Tom’s face around to give him a big kiss. Their tongues did a delicate dance around each other, slipping and sliding in each other’s tasty saliva.Tom pulled back. “Wow, Sara, you are one hot lady!””Why thank you, Tom. But you’re pretty good yourself, you know.They kissed again, more gently, more tenderly.Sara pulled her lips away from Tom’s slowly. “I hate to say it,” she began, as she looked at the delicate little watch on her wrist, “but I’ve got to get cleaned up and get back to work.””Right,” Tom said. He gave Sara a quick kiss on the lips then pushed back, pulling his softening cock out of her pussy with a wet sound. He got off the bed and held his hand out to Sara to help her up.”Eek! I’m starting to leak,” Sara exclaimed, as she felt Tom’s semen begin to drip out of her pussy and down her thigh.Tom laughed.”There’s another bath down the hallway, if you want to clean up,” Sara said as she headed for her en-suite bathroom.Five minutes later they were both back in her bedroom getting dressed. Sara’s denizli escort panties were too wet for her to put back on so she fetched clean ones from her dresser. Tom finished tying his shoes and stood up. Sara put on her suit jacket and stepped up close to Tom and put her arms around his neck.”Thanks, Tom, that was lovely.””Yes you are and yes it was. So thank you, too.” Tom murmured.Sara put her hands behind Tom’s head and pulled him down for a sweet kiss.As they walk out of the bedroom and down to the front door Sara spoke up. “Tom, since we’re lovers now, with more to come… pun intended. I’d like to know what you do.”They reached the front door and stopped. “I’m starting my last year at River City U., Sara. I’m a history major. I love history, much to my father’s dismay, since he’s a math professor there.””History? I love history. Historical novels are my favourites, but I like reading pure history, too. And, of course, I’m always looking for good historical documentaries on TV. But math, blegh! I mean, I can do math. In fact, in my job I do a lot of math. But my daughter, she’s beginning her second year at River City, she’s a math genius. Top of the class in high school and taking advanced classes in college.Sara unlocked the deadbolt to the front door then turned and put a hand to Tom’s cheek. She had a thought and she had an impish look in her eyes.”Tom, what are you doing Wednesday, say, after six p.m.?””Nothing really, why?””I work late every Wednesday. How would you like to come by the office and, uh,” Sara hesitated and blushed, düzce escort but then continued. “And, uh, well, fuck me on my desk?”Tom’s mouth dropped open and then he closed it and gave Sara a big grin. “Love to, Sara. After six?””Maybe a little later. Tell you what,” Sara reached into her purse and pulled out her cell phone. “What’s your phone number?” Tom told her as he reached into his pocket for his phone. It rang a few seconds after Sara finished dialling his number. “Now I have your number and you have mine. I’ll call you after everyone else leaves the office. Okay?””I’ll be waiting, and not far away,” Tom said.”Great,” Sara said, giving Tom a big dimpled smile, her blue eyes sparkling with delight. ‘God!’ She thought. ‘I believe my pussy is getting wet again just thinking about it.’Tom knew his cock was reacting to the thought of meeting Sara at her work and, as she so bluntly put it, fucking her on her desk.Tom and Sara embraced and gave each other another deep kiss.”I can hardly wait, Sara.””Me too,” she said as she opened the door.Tom stepped out and waited until Sara had closed and locked the door. “Okay, uh, dear, I’ll see you Wednesday evening.”Sara smiled at Tom’s endearment, but it pleased her. “That’s right, sweetie. See you Wednesday evening.”Tom wore a big smile as he turned and headed for his car. Sara headed for hers. She was only twenty minutes late back from lunch. Not unprecedented for her or one of the doctors.Debby looked up from the reception desk and gave Sara a big grin. Sara had a flushed, well-satisfied look on her face. “So, Sara, how’d it go?”Sara flashed her a smile as she turned to go to her office and unlocked the door. She turned back to Debby, then looked into the waiting area. There were four people there. Sara looked back to Debby and raised her eyebrows twice in quick succession.”Too early to kiss and tell, Debby.”

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