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fantasies of my friends for my sexy motherwell, u know these days when you are out of luck? but let me begin some days before that day. your mom won a trip to the east usa because she was the 1.000.000 customer in her local store. she was quite happy because she wanted so hard to take a trip to the beautiful country. she had some problems at home with her work (got fired) her house (got sold because of outstanding depts) and she paned tothink about her future while taking her vacationtrip. she sold nearly everything she got at home. she asked you if you could take care of the last (or too persoanal) things like her photo-albums, her pc and other personal documents she dont need on her trip.the next day she went to the airport and take the next fligt to a small town nearrichmond/ was in the middle of the night as she arrived. she got lucky as she gets the last car for rent at the airport but she does not have to pay for it because it was part of her price she won. a little bad feelings rises in her as she read the car-sign. it was not her lucky number, more the other way round but she thought by herself that such a little thing so far away from home could not stop her having fun in this beautiful country. she realy cant wait to escape the big city and the civilisation and decided to head directly to the country side. but too bad, yalova escort the could not get the car startet at the first 5 tries. too sad that it was so late at night and there was no service-man avaiable and it was one hour after the last bus to town so she had to went on feet and hoped that she will find a motel for the nightafter a few kilometers she has real pain in her feet and decided to take the next motel. to bad it wasnt the best, it looks more than the worse she hat ever seen but she cant go on any step in her shoes. she felt a little bit saftier as she realized that there was a small policestation beneath the motel. she opend the door and looks in a bar full of smoke, loud music and unwashed, rough and drunk men. she tries to ignore them as she tried to blaze a trial to the crowd. she asked the barman for a room for one night and she was lucky to get the last one. she went upstairs opens her room and realized thet she havent eat something for the last day. she went tothe bathrom, take a short shower. after refreshing she went down to eat. agail all eyes whre on her body because she is the only female in here. it does not take long time and she was not alone on her table. 3 guys came to her and tried to dating her but she denied all tries. theys asked if the could treat her some drinks and she accepted. the yozgat escort last thing she has in mind that she got more and more tired, the pain in her feet gone away and she felt like she starts to fly. the guys (and the whole crowd) was sneer at her but she was already to tired to notice that. after she fel asleep in the barroom two of the guys pulling her in the table, spread her legs, rise her skirt and rip of her string “look, what kind of smooth and well shafed cunt she got!” said one of them. “well, that hole looks like it was not used for a long time, lets fill her up!” the d**gs in her drink do their work well and so she did not woke up while the first one pushes his realy big and unwashed dick directly in to her slit. he rammed it in her without a mercy and cummed in her only after a few strokes. the crowd was laughing at him “hey, it looks like you have not fucked for a long time too!” cum was oozig out her pussy and a litte bit blood. “let me take care of her ass now!” an other man said. and only a few seconds after his words he shove is dick in her ass. and again only after a few strokes he moaned and shoot his load in her ass. and again she did not wake up. the barman came up and shout “oh man, you all are short time fuckers? a beer for everyone who fuck her longer than 3 minutes, and a wiskey for her zonguldak escort if someone spent her an orgasm!” . it does not take long time and every single man in the bar got his dick in the one hand, a smartphone in the other and begin to stroke their dicks while filming your mother get fucked be man after man. but your mom was so tight and full of cum as lube that even after 2 hours of rough and hard ****-gangbang only a fev are able to fuck her longer than 3 minutes and because of that some of them got real angry. to sad that they let your mom suffer for it. one of the nearly 30 men took his belt and strokes on her pussy and clit “you fucking dirty whore! let this be a lesson for you to not bring us to an orgasm under 3 minutes!” they all starts laughing as your mom starts to moan when the belt hits her clit. “beat harder and faster, maybe she reaches an orgasm!” so a second man take his belt and both start to smash up her cumoozing pussy. after a minute or two your mother starts to build up an orgasm “well what a submissive slut! lets fistfuck her!” one of them said and pushes his hand in her red and swollen slit. he has to push real hard but after a short time his fist fits in the cunthole and he starts fisting her real hard. suddenly your mom reaches a real strong orgasm and starts to squirt all over the place. “lets give her an other dosis of the ****-pills or she will woke up” the barman said. after 10 hours of nonstop mercyless fucking her cunt was totals swollen, red and sore and cum and blood was ooling out of her holes. two of the crowd took her to her room and throw her on her bedto be continued

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