Filming Sue (with a pal) – A Fantasy

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Filming Sue (with a pal) – A FantasyI’d been secretly seeing Sue for about five years. No-one except the two of us knew anything about it, and I wasn’t the only one seeing her. In fact she had many guys who saw her from time time, because Sue was (is!) a photo model. And she’s a very good and well-known one (Sue is not her real name). Her pictures and vids have graced many porn sites and still do, although she grows older – don’t we all – her charms haven’t faded and she is still much in demand. I first made contact with her via a website that she ran and arranged a photo-shoot at her place. It was fantastic. I had been very nervous, but she put me at ease and allowed me to take any shots I liked. She was happy to get her boobs out for me, remove her panties and pose open-legged. To my continuing happiness she also let me touch her, fondle her wonderful breasts, tweak her nipples and finally, after I plucked up courage to ask, I was able to insert my fingers in her pussy and, amazingly, even at that first session, put a finger up her anus!So over the next five years I visited her when I could get away and when I had saved up some money. After the initial session when I had mainly shot still pics, the remaining times I saw her I took videos and we settled on a regular set-up of two 15 min performances. We would agree sexy underwear for her to get kitted up in, and I would direct her in exposing her body while stripping off. She was happy to bend and turn and spread and open up as I demanded. I would lie on my back and she would stand astride me, initially so I could get panty gusset shots, and then very pleasant up-pussy fingering shots. Between the 15 minute sessions we would drink tea and she would tell me about her history as a porn model, making it clear that she had never done hard-core as this wasn’t her “thing”, but telling me in detail of places and strange situations she had found herself in, as well as giving insights into some other famous models she had worked with.I had downloaded a great number of pictures and videos of Sue from the internet and, in line with what she had told me, I could find no actual hardcore penetration stuff. The nearest I found were some shots of Sue playing with a guy’s dick, holding it and wanking it, licking the shaft or holding it between her boobs. One day I mentioned these shots and she said it was a one-off she did with her partner at the time, not something she did with general punters. I got the message.Then, six months ago, after a particularly good session where I had first put a vibrator up her while she had panties on, then closing the panty-gusset over her pussy with the vibrator inside, and secondly got her to finish a strip by inserting her panties inside herself and then letting me slowly extract them, she told me that a well-known porn-site she had worked for in the past had asked her to do a hard-core session for them. I asked her what it would have entailed and she said that a guy would have to fuck her (“wearing a condom would be essential” she said) in the pussy, various positions etc, and that she had considered doing it but that she couldn’t take the chance of that sort of thing getting shown on the internet. She was quite candid about it and was very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. Over the next few nights I couldn’t sleep thinking about what it would be like to actually do hardcore with her. I wondered why she had told me about it. Goodness alsancak escort I’d been fingering her and feeling her for five years, maybe, just maybe….So I plucked up courage and on my next email to her to set up another session I mentioned the chat we’d had and said that, since I had proved dependable in the past in never publishing any of the material I had shot with her, did she think it would be OK to do hardcore with me next time? I emphasised that if it was a problem just to say so and I’d never mention it again. Bang! By return of email she told me she’d be happy to do it! She said that in her experience guys often found it hard to rise to the occasion, and that the porn vids you see on the web usually have professional guys in them; that porn model friends had told her many punters like the idea but when they think about the camera on them…. they go flaccid. So I was not to worry if it happened, we could see how it goes and not make a big thing about it. We set a date.I thought VERY hard about the upcoming session. Very hard indeed. To date all my videos had been hand-held and I had had to juggle the equipment as I stuck my fingers in her pussy and bum-hole. Now I was actually going to have to get my dick out, open her up and slide inside her. Would I get a worthwhile result? I considered using a tripod but that was too static and I would want close-ups as well as shots of Sue fully taking it in. And I wouldn’t want to be identifiable either. Bit of a quandary. At the back of my mind I knew what I wanted – I wanted two of me…. one to do the fucking and fingering and feeling, and one to shoot the video. Cloning hasn’t reached the stage where this would be possible so I realised I’d have to ask someone to be the cameraman! First though I had to check that this would be OK with Sue. She was initially reluctant, and stipulated that I must ensure whoever did it didn’t get a copy of the video and that she would trust me to keep it to myself and NOT let it get into the internet. I agreed. Then I called up my friend Joe and arranged to meet him in a quiet pub in town one evening.Joe is a randy sod and I knew he was a porn fan, but I’d never let on about my times with Sue. I gently took him through my story with increasing interest from him and more and more questions and exclamations of “you lucky bastard, Alan!” (I told him to keep his voice down). Finally I got to the sixty-four thousand dollar question – would he be prepared to video me and Sue together. He would have to be directed in his shots by me and wouldn’t be able to have a copy, but I promised I’d let him see it occasionally. His reward would be to see Sue naked and meet her – he may even decide, if she agreed, to have his own photo-sessions with her. Well, Joe gave it some thought… about one nano-second of thought, before he said “blimey, yes mate!”—ooo—Joe and I and the camera arrived at Sue’s and I made the introductions. We’d agreed she’d wear a classic set of black undies and heels. Fully-fashioned nylons, under-wired bra, suspender belt, nylon panties. Over it all she wore a little tweed skirt and a silky cream blouse. The shoot went something like this:The ShootOK Joe start shooting, get a full-length shot of Sue as she checks and adjusts her clothing. Sue, ignore the camera and check your make-up in the mirror while Joe focuses on your rear view, Joe make sure you capture the seams. escort alsancak Sue bend forward a little. Lovely, we can see your stocking tops. Now move your feet a little apart. Great. Now reach behind you and pull your skirt up a little more so we can see your panty-gusset. Got that Joe? Good. Joe’s looking a bit red! Now, I’ll stand alongside you Sue and fondle your bottom over the skirt. Great. Turn around slowly and face me – don’t get my face in shot Joe! Take this from behind me as I hold Sue and then begin unbuttoning her blouse. Make sure you get a good shot of her cleavage – god its a lovely as ever Sue… Now I’ll just lightly rub over the top of her boobs and over the bra cups. Turn to face Joe and I’ll stand behind you so my face can’t be seen. Joe, close in as I help Sue’s blouse off her shoulders. There get a good shot of the bra. I’ll cup her from behind. OK? Make sure you get me weighing them, and lifting them. Joe you are looking a bit sweaty – calm down mate! Yes, I’m sure its hard, mine is too!Right, now I’m going to slowly fold down the front of Sue’s bra cups as I lift each boob out. Focus in on the nipples Joe, that’s fine. Now I’ll give them a little tweak to get them to stand out even more. Like that? What was that, Sue? OK, Joe, Sue says she’ll take pity on you, you can feel her boobs with one hand if you like… steady on mate, hold the camera still! Enjoy that? They feel real don’t they? 44DD cups and nice and firm but still soft. Oh, lets have the bra off completely then, its only getting in the way. I’ll undo it. There it goes. Yes, Joe, “Wow!” indeed! Sue, what would you think would be good next? Open my flies eh? Go ahead. Joe focus in on her unzipping me. Hand inside. Nice! This is pretty bloody wonderful, we’ve never done this before have we Sue? Undo my belt. Pulling off my jeans, slowly let them fall. I’ll step out of them. Oh, there we go, did you get Sue pulling down my pants. Yes, I am rather hard at the moment! Maybe just lick alongside the shaft for now, I don’t want to cum yet! Joe get some shots of my erect dick alongside Sue’s cheek. Now take it easy Sue. Oh, you’re taking the head into your mouth, you sure you’re OK with that? Oh wow that’s lovely. Oh god…. Yes Joe I know she’s taken it all in. Oh fabulous… Let me hod your head as I pump in a bit. I’m going to have to stop this you know. Ok, lets cool it a bit. Stand up Sue and I’ll undo your skirt. Great, let it fall. Turn your back again. Legs apart. Joe close in on me fondling her bum, get my hand rubbing over her nylon panties. There I’m rubbing between her legs, focus on the panty-gusset. I can feel wetness there Sue…. enjoying this too? Great! Joe, get on the floor and get a good upskirt shot of this as I put a finger inside her panty-gusset. I bet that makes a good shot. I can feel her pussy. There, I’ll get another finger inside. Now I’ll put my hand down the back of her knickers. Got it Joe? I think they’ll have to come off now. Sue, bend down and touch your toes. I’ll slowly pull her panties down. Keep your legs together. Focus in on the panties as they come down Joe. There.. Step out of them for me. Now I’ll just put my hand on your crotch area as you move your feet apart. A bit further. Thanks. Joe make sure you get this as I more my hand away so you can see her pussy and anus and I pull her cheeks apart. Wow, now THAT’S a view isn’t it? Open and wet dripping pussy, alsancak escort bayan nice and wide open. Glistening with pussy-juice. Yum! Joe for god’s sake what’s the matter? Oh crikey mate, you’ve cum in your pants? Idiot! Well tough…. you’ll have to live with it, you’re here to help me. Can’t really blame you though! Stop laughing, Sue! Oh well it is funny. He’s a right clown isn’t he?Look Sue, joking aside, I’m going to have to have you.. I’m bursting to get in there. Let me frig you first. Oh, three fingers straight up. Get this properly Joe, you can clean yourself up later. I’ll just get a finger in your arse-hole so Joe can see it, do a bit of double-fingering. Both holes nice and wet. OK Sue put that condom on me, yes slowly pull it over my dick. Oh I’m still nice and hard, don’t you worry! Right, this is what I’ve been looking forward to for years. I want to make it special. Time to come in! Joe close-up on the head just entering Sue’s pussy. Oh so nice and tight. I’ll let it stay there a while. Now I’ll slide a bit more in. Stay there a bit. Oh wow. Now all the way in – got it Joe? Oh I’ve got to do you. Fabulous. Taking it OK? It feels great to me. Oh lovely jubbly… Nice squelchy noises… Wow, I…. I…. Sue, I never asked before, but could I try the other hole? I mean I’ve fingered it plenty of times. I can? Wow! Joe, stop looking like that! Just be glad you’re here – don’t be jealous. Get some shots of her holes now before I go in again. I’ll pull them open again for you. Now get shots of me getting pussy lube out and smearing it over her bum-hole. Yes, nice and wet pussy-juice, plenty to go round. OK ready Sue. I’ll put my dick at your bum entrance. Push back against it love. That’s it. I think I’m almost there. Relax a bit. That’s right. Oh fuck! Christ, its in. SO tight. So very tight. Oh what a grip. This is even better. So tight. Blimey is it OK for you Sue? Joe, get shots of Sue’s face and then back to my dick in her arse. Oh this is wonderful, so wonderful. Can’t hold on much longer. Sue did you say Joe can feel your pussy? Yes Joe go ahead, hold it steady with one hand. I can feel you fat finger up her. You can feel my dick in the arse through the wall? Shit, shit shit – fuck I’m cummmmiiiinnnggggg!Oh wonderful, blimey Sue you’re bucking about – crikey you’re cumming too! Joe’s fingers on your clit?—ooo—Well it certainly went well. And actually that wasn’t the end. Joe had caught all the action of me having hardcore and anal sex with a famous model. I had done the deed and Joe had cum in his pants with the excitement of it all and had had a free frig and fondle. Sue had cum, much to her amazement. “That shouldn’t happen with a punter” she kept saying. We had cups of tea in Sue’s kitchen when she announced that she had taken a bit of a shine to Joe and felt sorry for him and thought he should have a treat, as should I since I had made her orgasm!So, we put the camera on a tripod and … guess what? Sue let us double penetrate her! Yes, first Joe got on his back on the floor, Sue got him fully condomed (and me) with her mouth (!) and then settled down on him as his cock went up her. Then she leant forward, passed me some lube and I filled her anus up with it before I went up her back passage! Then we rode her for a few minutes, desperately holding our cums at bay, before changing positions and doing her some more. We couldn’t keep it up for long and all three of us came again shortly after. Sue relented on the issue of Joe having a copy of the video and we finally took our leave of her with our precious video and doubled her fee. Blimey it was good, and Joe is going to be another of Sue’s clients, though next time we’ll probably go together again!THE END

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