First bbc cuckold experience


First bbc cuckold experienceHere is a little background for this story. Beth and I travel frequently to places that have casinos, so that I can play poker. At casino this story takes place at Beth and I rented an apartment about 10 minutes down the road, because it was cheaper to rent the apartment then it was to pay for a hotel for 3 – 4 days a week. We generally would travel down there late one night after work and just go straight to the apartment and wake up the next day to go play poker. This story describes the events that happened on one of these trips we took last summer. (The names have not been changed to protect the guilty). This was our first experience in the “lifestyle”.Saturday morning (noon really, but that’s morning to me) and Beth and I head over to the casino. Beth doesn’t gamble at all, so she sits outside in the sun and reads when we get there and I go in to play poker. It had been a relatively uneventful day, made some money, but nothing exciting. After a few hours of playing the older guy who was sitting next to me loses the rest of his money and a young black k** takes his place; he was tall, over 6 ft and looked to be in good shape. After a few minutes I strike up a conversation with the k**. This isn’t out of the ordinary for me, as Beth says, “troy, will just walk up and start talking to anyone, he doesn’t care he just likes to talk.” It is true, I figure if I am going to be sitting at a table with 8 – 9 other people all day long I might as well talk to them. As the day passes and I am talking to Jay , previously know as ‘young black k**’, Beth comes in from outside, grabs a chair and sits behind me to watch me play for awhile. I introduce jay and Beth and tell her that he just turned 21 last week and is home from school for the summer, he plays basketball for a small college in Kentucky. All the things I learned from the conversation we were having. Anyway, Beth says well if he just turned 21 you should probably buy him a drink. So, we all had a few drinks at the table and I don’t normally drink and play cards so canlı bahis I suggested we quit and just head to the bar to have more. Side note, although Beth and I at this point had never done anything as far as having another guy, girl or couple join us for sex we had discussed it on a number of occasions as something we would both probably like to try. Back to the bar, we are now at the bar having another drink with jay and Beth sitting in the middle. We are all having a good time just bullshitting and me being forward as I usually am, I say to jay, “hey, have you ever been with a white girl?” Beth immediately gets red in the face and jay is taken by surprise too, but eventually answers, “No, but I fantasize about it all the time. It’s every black guy’s fantasy”. I said, “Well Beth has never been with a black guy but we have discussed it, would you want to fuck Beth?” Beth says, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you just said that, well actually I can but…wow.” I said, “Well, I didn’t say that he could or that you wanted to fuck him, I just asked if he wanted to.” Jay didn’t know what to say so didn’t say anything, so I asked again to which he said, “well, yea she’s sexy as hell” I asked Beth if she wanted to fuck us both and she said she was nervous and wasn’t sure. I said well, you would like to fuck him right you’re just nervous about having two guys there and never having been with a black guy before. She nervously said yes, and I said well that nervousness is never going to go away until you do it. so if you want to do it, just say yes even if you are nervous. She meekly said yes. I had jay follow us back to our apartment.On the drive to the apartment Beth and I talk about what is happening and talking about what happens now, how do we get things started? I though the best thing to do is just jump right into things and that will get rid of all the awkwardness of the situation. We get to the apartment and Beth goes into the apartment and heads to the bedroom as discussed. I show jay where to park and walk with him to the apartment. I let him bahis siteleri know that Beth is waiting for us in the bedroom. We walk into the bedroom and Beth is sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for cocks to suck, what a good girl. Jay and I both start to undo our pants and he pulls his pants down to reveal a huge cock, we later find out 10.5 -inch cock. Beth’s reaction is to put her mouth around it so she grabs his big hard cock and she can’t even touch her fingers on the other side it’s so thick!Beth seemed totally out of control, whimpering and moaning as she worked on this dark strangers cock. After licking nearly every inch of his huge member she moved to his side and pursed her lips around his shaft. Then she slid them back and forth along the underside of his shaft, moving from the wide base of his dick up to the tip. After a while she came up for air and stared for a moment at the huge Black cock throbbing before her while gently squeezing his large balls. She then switched to sucking my dick while still stroking jay’s huge black dick. Her hand looked tiny as she wrapped it around his thick shaft and gently pumped it while still sucking my dick.Jay moved so he could play with her ass cheeks, squeezing her soft white flesh. Then his hand moved out of sight and I saw her ass squirm as his hand found her swollen pussy. I couldn’t see his hand but I could see her rock against it and I could hear the moist sound of his fingers sliding into her pussy. Beth started to suck jay’s huge black dick again, the swollen tip and first few inches of his enormous cock, her lips sliding down the dark shaft while her hand pumped on the base and Jay fingered her tight pussy. I looked at Beth and instead of my shy bride I saw a hungry cocksucker worshipping a huge Black cock; and I loved it.I moved up onto the bed, leaning up against the head-board with my legs stretched out. I said, “hey babe, why don’t you come up here and blow me while jay fucks you.” Beth crawled up to me and started sucking my dick, while jay put a rubber on and then crawled güvenilir bahis up behind Beth. She gasped at the first contact and then whimpered as jay slowly slid his huge cock inside her tight pussy, and she immediately came. His hands gripping her ass cheeks as he gently fucked her; slowly sliding the first half of his cock in and out of her stretched lips. The look on Beth’s face was one that I will remember forever, it was of lust, love, pleasure and perhaps a little pain. I absolutely loved it, and judging by her face and her cumming almost as soon as his dick was inside her so did she. My cock throbbed with passion as I watched this muscular Black stud slowly fucking my sweet wife. His dark skin made a powerful contrast with Beth’s creamy pale flesh. He began fucking her harder, driving more and more of his cock deep into her. With a growl he drove his cock in to the hilt and held perfectly still, letting her adjust to his huge member. Beth squealed out “Oh god, he’s big! It hurts but it feels so good.”Jay slowly withdrew his huge black cock until just the tip was left inside her and then just as slowly drove it back inside her. I scooted behind them and could see her pink lips stretched around the base of his dark shaft. As he pulled back I could see his shaft coated with her sweet pussy juice, an obvious sign of her arousal.He fucked her slowly for a while, savoring the feeling of her tight pussy clinging to his thick shaft. As he fucked her he said lewd things to her and Beth eagerly responded, begging him to fuck her harder.As his excitement grew he picked up the pace and fiercely rammed his cock into her over and over again. Then she squealed as if in pain with each thrust and then her whole body stiffened as a powerful orgasm wracked her slender frame. She had 3 – 4 more orgasms in a row and then with a loud grunt jay slammed his cock into her and his cock twitched as he came. After a minute or so he pulled out and stood there unsure of what to do, so I said you can go ahead and go. I asked him to write his number down before he left. So we could all try to get together again. We have talked to him since then, but have never seen him again, because of the distance. After jay left Beth and I had some amazing sex and I have never felt closer to her.

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