First Time while camping in my neighbor’s backyard


First Time while camping in my neighbor’s backyardJohn and I became instant friends when he had moved in to the house three doors down. I was 9 and he was almost 11. We were both in Boy Scouts and we were inseparable. A few years later, I had just finished eighth grade and it was summer vacation. I was going to be starting High School as a freshman and John was going to be a sophomore. One afternoon John and I were in his bedroom and I saw a condom on his dresser and asked him what it was. He told me it was a rubber that he had gotten from the family’s bowling alley. I didn’t know what it was used for and he told me to put on your dick when you are having sex. He asked me if I wanted to see it on him, so I said sure. John was very well endowed for going on 15 years old. He got a big hardon and put the rubber on. His cock was beautiful and shiny in the condom. He had to be almost seven inches and had a huge mushroom head and thick shaft. I started illegal bahis to get a boner looking at it and I think he knew I liked looking at his huge cock.John always wore real short cutoffs and his tighty whiteys always protruded from the sides. He was on the wrestling team at school and every once in a while he would work out in his basement while I watched in his singlet that was blue and gold. His cock outline was totally visible and many times I could see it growing. One time I looked up and he was rubbing it through the thin shiny blue material and I knew he was not wearing underwear or a jockstrap under them. He saw me looking at him and came over and put me on the floor face up and pinned me with his crotch pressed against my chin. His big hard cock was inches from my face and it looked so wonderful I wanted to rub it and lick it. That night I slept over in a fort we had built in his yard. There was a full moon and we were illegal bahis siteleri wresting in the yard outside the fort. John had no shirt and was wearing his short jean cut offs with his tighty whitey briefs on. His bulge was huge…again he pinned me down and began to rub the bulging jeans on my face. I asked him to stop because the jean material was scratching my face. So he took them off and as he did he pulled a piece of what looked like a pink cloth out of the pocket. He told me that his underwear shouldn’t scratch me and he pinned me again. His cock was totally erect and he rubbed his bulging briefs all over me and told me to lick them. I told him I didn’t want to even though I was dying to do just that. He said that he knew I wanted to because he has seen my gazing at his bulge all summer. He then pulled his briefs down and began slapping his huge cock on my cheeks, nose and mouth. The pink cloth was still in his hand and canlı bahis siteleri he pulled down my pants and underwear and I too had a boner but it was not the size of his. He then unraveled the cloth and I could tell it was a pair of pink nylon bikini panties. He said they were his sister’s and told me to put them on. He said once you have them on then you can lick and suck my big cock until I fill you with my hot cum. I put them on and he said now you need to blow me. I began sucking his huge cock and he started thrusting it in my mouth. I could feel the head getting larger and then the shaft began pulsating as he moaned. He told me get ready to swallow my load. Moment later I could feel the hot load of cum shooting down my throat. I swallowed most of it but some of it was on my face and chin…he told me to clean it off with my hand and rub the panties with the hot cum. I did and they were soaked with his cum. He told me that I could suck him anytime I wanted to in the future as long as I had on my panties. He said don’t wash them we are keep soaking them until you are able to my whole load…that summer I sucked at least three to four times a week always in my pink cum stained panties.

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