Today at the shop I bought Love Elixir-Breath of Passion-Strawberry flavor.” A gentle breath or tender caress becomes delightfully warm sometimes hot when you apply Love Elixir to select areas of your lover’s body.” So would you like me to put it on select areas of your body? It tastes yummy. A nice change but I tend to like the unadulterated version-no frills. Just you.

Here is the latest fantasy:

It has been another year and now once again our paths crossed. You are in California for a meeting. I’ve just arrived and met you for lunch. You look handsome, fit and tan. So what would you like to do? You ask.

Not a menage I say as I give your thigh a gentle squeeze.

Oh you are no fun you say in reply.

Licking the salt from the rim of my glass I ask…. Do you trust me?

Trust is such a relative term, you reply.

I roll my eyes. I’m thinking about doing something but I don’t want to screw stuff up between us.

Oh -you say.

MMMMMM yes what do you think about this, I say, as my hand slowly strokes your thigh. We get dressed and go out to a club I know. But we don’t go in together. I go in and sit at the bar. You come in later and sit at the bar where you can see me. This bar is always crowded and the dance floor is always packed. I’ll spend the night flirting and you can do the same. The rules: no kissing anyone on the mouth ;no giving out or taking numbers and only flirting no intimacy. Then we come back and perhaps I will be so turned on that I will deny you nothing. I can see the possibilities churning in your overeducated brain. I ask you,” do you want to play?”

Let the games begin, you say.

I wear a red silk sheath with a matching coat. The skirt is short. I wear a string of pearls for contrast. Sort of the sexy, professional look. You have never seen me in anything but black. This club caters to corporate crowd it is located close to the water, a young crowd with money.

We arrive at the club. I go in and find a seat at the bar. The bar is L shaped and when you come in you are able to sit on the curve where we can see each other. I order my drink a tequila sunrise –it matches my dress. I talk with the bartender, flirting. Two very blonde ( are kadıköy escort there any other kind in Ca) large breasted women(ditto) take an interest in you. They lean in to talk to you rubbing their breasts against your arm. I hear your laughter. Whoa, Boy they could scratch your specs with those things. I know you prefer darker and exotic but still…you wouldn’t turn up your nose at soft bouncy flesh with prominent nipples.

The band is an R& B band playing some hard beat funk. I stand up and take off my coat. Scan the room. There is a group of young Turks- still in their corporate uniforms. White shirt, braces, loafers-a few seats up from me. I approach the group.

Do any of you dance? I ask. They were Black ,White, Latin and Asian. This should be fun , I thought.

Two approach me at the same time. Oh sorry man you go ahead, one says to the other. Maybe I can have the next dance.

Why wait I say- I’m woman enough for both of you. I grab them by their ties and lead them onto the dance floor.

You are charming the ladies \ with your humor and charming smile. A doctor!!!!!! I hear one of them exclaim. Each of the women is trying to figure out how to get rid of the other and take you home. I smile because I know you’ll be leaving with me.

On the dance floor, I dance between the two young men, their friends watch from the bar. At one point I am sandwiched between then , their hands on my waist. The one behind me takes every opportunity to rub his now very hard penis against my bottom. Sometimes I move back and tease him.

The song ends and I begin to leave the floor.

No no-another dance please, the taller one says. They grab my hands to pull me back on the floor. Gentlemen, I have to catch my breath, you wear me out. Why don’t we do a shot of tequila- then I’ll be ready to dance again. I say.

OK. Hey we’re doing shots they call to their friends. They herd me over to their group and one of them offers me his seat. I slide into the seat making sure I rub up against the guy who is standing up to allow me to sit down. He smiles down at me and I wink at him.

The bartender comes over üsküdar escort looks at me and just shakes his head- he knows I’m playing with the little boys. What will it be, he says?

Tequila we say all say and laugh. The guy I winked at says- make them doubles and put his hand on my knee. I allow the hand to stay. The bartender puts the shots in front of us. I pick up the guy’s hand from my knee ,slowly lick the web between his index finger and thumb and then put salt on it. I throw down the shot and then lick the salt from his hand- giving a show, very slowly licking all over his hand. He bends over to try to kiss me. I move away- your turn I say. He looks at me up and down. Then he bends over and licks my neck right above my collarbone and then shakes salt on the same area. He drinks the shot and then slowly licks and sucks my neck. I have to admit- it is quite a turn on.

Not to be outdone his friends decide they all want to lick the salt off my neck. At one point I have three young men, two in the front and one behind me licking and sucking my neck. The dress dips in the front and my Vicki’s secret push up bra has molded the tops of my breast into ripe apples of flesh. The tallest of the young men then stands before me. Smiling he slowly leans down and licks my chest. My nipples reach out to him; he notices their attention seeking behavior and smiles. He sprinkles salt on me, downs his shot then dips his head to lick and suck the salt. He embraces me and as he steps away he brushes his fingertips against my nipple. I’m getting very turned, my thighs are slippery wet, my juices soaking my thong and running down my leg. My thoughts turn to you. I look over and one of the women has managed to sit on your lap. She has her arms around your neck, pressing you against her massive chest. I wonder if you are hard.

Your eyes meet mine. I know the question you are asking. Is tonight the night I fulfill the fantasy? Two hot young men to pleasure me while you watch? Slowly, I shake my head no. Perhaps another night but tonight my thoughts are only of you. It has been a year since our last meeting. While I have always found you attractive you are so hot now, the working out, the tuzla escort tantric instruction. I’m not sure what the catalyst of change might be but I love the new confidence. Your magic fingers rubbing my g spot setting off the fireworks… explosion of multiple orgasms.

I’ve had about my limit of alcohol so I figure we need to call a halt to the show. I get up. It has been very nice meeting you, all of you- I say as I kiss each one on his cheek.

Wait you’re not leaving are you? They say.

Sorry- I have to get home to my husband. I say and smile. I pick up my coat , leave a big tip for the bartender and then head for the door. I pass you as I exit the club. The one girl has left – given up. But the one on your lap- she intends to get lucky. I smile as I pass you wondering how you are going to extricate yourself from underneath Ms. 38 DD. Just as I reach the car you catch up to me.

So how did it go with your friends? You ask.

Boys-I answer, I need a man.

I’m a man, you say.

Then I guess you’ll have to do. I reach down and begin to rub your crotch.

Just as I suspected you are hard as steel. Naughty boy- I say getting all hot and bothered by some silicone.

I grip you a little more firmly –you moan. Let’s go home -you say.

No I say. Here let’s do it here . You reach to open the car door-Ok climb in you say.

No- I mean, here-right here-now. But you’d better be quick. The bar closes in ten minutes.

We kiss and already I am moaning. I am so hot. I pull down your zipper freeing you.

You bend and bite my nipples through my clothes. I stick my hand between my legs and smear my wetness over your mouth. You lick my fingers . We kiss wet and hungry moaning, hands everywhere.

In me, in me Now -I say. Please I need you in me.

You run your hand up my leg. I’m wearing stockings and garters. You pull my thong to one side and bending your knees you insert yourself into me.

Already I am coming I’m so hot. OHHHHHHHHH I moan. You slide right in –I’m so wet.

M… I say. M… Ohh what you do to me. You make me so hot, so wet. I stick my tongue in your ear.

You are driving into me- pushing me into the car with each thrust.

I grip you with my muscles and you feel the tightness –it puts you over the edge. ARGHHHHHHHHHH you say and come.

We can hear people coming from the club we fall into the car laughing.

Ugh I’m all sticky I say. My dress is probably ruined.

Was it worth it? -you ask.

Every single minute of it, I say and kiss you on the cheek.

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