Flying Solo, Until Interrupted


It’s Saturday morning and Tay (Taylor) was sleeping so soundly I couldn’t even wake him up. He works construction during the week and is usually exhausted on Saturdays. Also, I might have worn him out a bit extra last night. Bummer. I’m kind of horny this morning.

I go to the gym, and then come home to shower. Tay is still sleeping in my bed. I try to wake him a second time, but he just grumbles and rolls over. I’m getting desperately horny now.

I run some errands after my shower and pick up some groceries I’ll use to make lunch. On the way back to my apartment, my pussy is demanding attention. He’s gotta be awake by now!

I park in my spot, grab the grocery bags and head into my little one-bedroom apartment, fully ready to POUNCE on the first male I see. Tay has gotten up; I know this only because instead of sleeping in my bed, he’s now sleeping on the couch with the TV turned on to the sports channel. This is very annoying, but I am an intelligent, independent, resourceful woman; and I have batteries! Screw him, let him sleep.

I drop the bags onto the kitchen counter and head into my bedroom and close the door. I strip off my clothes and climb onto my bed. Reaching into the nightstand besides the bed, I pick up my ‘bestest’ friend in the whole wide world: a little silver bullet vibrator. I check the batteries and relax back into the soft mattress.

My hands roam softly over my bakırköy escort chest and down between my legs, softly caressing between my moist folds. Feeling the tingle that has been lingering in my pussy start to spread throughout my body, I increase my pace. One hand is pinching and twisting my nipples, the other rubbing my clit. The pleasure is flowing over me in waves now.

I am just about to turn on my vibrator when the bedroom door opens. Taylor is standing there, staring at me.

“You’re supposed to knock before opening a door.” I tease him. He made me wait all morning, it’s his turn now.

He ignores the statement I said, and asks his own question: “What are you doing?”

A smile spreads across my face as something my family always says comes to mind: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Our favorite stupid answer is ‘Making chocolate cake.’ I slip my finger inside me as I sigh and let out a throaty “Making chocolate cake.”

“You are not!” He strides over to the side of the bed. I lift my leg and place my foot at his chest, stopping from getting any closer. “Aww, come on.”

“I don’t recall inviting you to this little party.” I turn the vibrator on and slip it over my clit, pressing down firmly. Tay is watching intently as I moan softly. My hips lift up off the bed, and he tries to get past the foot stopping him. I’m not so far gone beşiktaş escort that I’ll let him win that easily. I keep him a legs distance away from me as I continue playing with myself.

Tay moves down to the foot of the bed, and I pull my long leg back into the comfort of the mattress. With one hand I open myself and the other works the vibe over me. Tay starts undressing as I watch him lazily. He’s about 6ft, tan, has short dark hair, brown eyes, and nice well developed arms. Very yummy male. He tries climbing into the bed and my foot stops him again. I can hear him grumbling.

Laughing a little, I start working myself to climax. It won’t take long, as horny as I was all morning. I open my eyes enough to see that Tay is still watching, slowly stroking his semi-hard cock, before I let myself go. My hips lift off the bed as a long slow orgasm washes over me.

By the time my long waited for orgasm subsides, Taylor has already crawled between my legs. He takes my vibe away and sucks it clean. He then begins sucking and licking between my legs. Damn that feels good. He keeps me close to the edge, but won’t let me cum again.

Eventually he lifts his head to look at me, a big ol’ smile on his face. He reaches up into the nightstand drawer and grabs a condom. I drop my head back down onto the pillow as I hear him ripping the packet open. A few second later my beylikdüzü escort legs are being spread apart and a warmth settles between them.

I can tell that he’s hard already; I can feel his cock, the heat coming off it, prodding for my entrance. He finds it soon enough, and wastes no more time. One hard thrust, and he’s inside me. My pussy is stretched and filled; a low moan escapes my lips as he presses forward. Soon, he finds his rhythm, and the fluttering in my stomach starts to grow.

Taylor starts kissing my lips and biting along my jaw line. One of his rough, strong hands is on the sensitive skin of my breast, squeezing it and twisting my nipples. His other hand grabs a handful of my hair, pulling my head back. His strokes are getting faster and stronger inside me. I’m close to the edge.

I wrap my legs around him and he lifts himself up on his forearms. He watches my face as I feel his cock start to twitch and grow inside me. He comes first, and my orgasm explodes soon after.

Slowly, I unwrap my legs from around Tay’s waist and fall back onto the bed. Tay is dropping the condom into a garbage can, before flopping back down next to me.

“I tried to wake you twice this morning, I thought you weren’t interested.” A small smile crosses my lips. “I was doing just fine by myself.”

Taylor is snuggling up next to me, it seems like he’s ready for a nap. With a tone of fake modesty, he replies; “I’m sure you would have done just fine without me, ma’am, but being the gentleman that I am, I had to give my assistance.” I slap him lightly on the arm for calling me ‘ma’am.

Laughing lightly, I thank him for his ‘assistance’, and settle down for a little mid-morning nap.

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