Fourth of July Blow Out


Hey again peeps, it’s me, Gina.

Well I had one fantastic 4th of July and the story will follow. But I have to digress for a second. I just watched Formula 51 with Samuel L. Jackson. Completely average movie, but did anyone else find the running gag about looking up his kilt INCREDIBLY sexy. All I kept imagining was taking a peek up that kilt….what would I find?

Anyways, back to my fab 4th.

Here in Boston the 4th of July gets big play. I have never been into parades or fireworks or anything. But the benefit is mucho parties. Friday I hit four 4th BBQs, each one better than the next. I saved, what I found out later, the best for last.

I went to a party in the suburbs of Boston. Great place, big in ground pool, great food and cold drinks, of the R and PG variety. Well it was a warm one and the pool was the center of attention. I brought my bikini but totally did not plan on hitting the pool, but I was hot and the guys were cute, so I figured…maybe I’ll show off a little.

Now me in a bikini at some points in my life wasn’t the most attractive thing. Not horrid, but I always knew I could work-out a little more and it would even out. Well I am in a fiendish work-out phase right now so I wasn’t too shy about being so exposed. (Note- When my body image hits high points I have been known to hunt out nude beaches around New England or more exotic places.)

Well I glide out to the pool, curves working in fine form, yeah I turned a few heads. I had some stiff competition. I am in my early 30’s and work-out. But I was “competing” against 20 something who just breathed to stay in good shape.

Slip in the pool, nice and cool, have a margarita. All was perfect.

Since my divorce I have dated pretty regularly. Some guys I see once or twice. Some I fool around with, others I end up having a good friendship with. I have been lucky. But I will admit since I have been jotting down my thoughts for the Internet I have been in a dry spell.

So going to party after party I figured my luck would have to change. I mean I try the bar thing and sometimes meet OK guys, but its too dicey and sporadic.

I am in the pool, tan looking good, catching some guys peeking at me. I am enjoying it. Then Kevin walks in.

Kevin bakırköy escort is a guy I knew back when I first married Daryl. Kev is half-Italian and Irish, stronger on the Italian side because his mom’s from Naples. Anyway, Kev was the quiet artist type, tall, broad shouldered and cute. Well Kev had definitely matured. I barely recognized him.

Still tall and broad shouldered, now he filled out, not so skinny anymore. His smile was great as ever but that slight bit of youth to his face made me swoon. I do that easily if you haven’t figured that out by now.

I knew he recognized me, but the shy little bugger didn’t say a word. And I was not going to let this handsome 32 year-old out of my sight.

I shout out his name, get his attention and wave him over to the pool. He gets within 10 feet, stares over the edge of the pool and down my cleavage and smiles, politely of course, and says, “ Hey Gina. I didn’t recognize you. It’s been so long.”

Blah, blah, blah. Small talk, how you doing, where you been, sorry to hear about your divorce, typical chit chat while I am treading water. I need to get out, I am pruning.

I ask for a towel, Kev obliges, and I let him get a full view as I climb up the ladder and out. You see, the one thing I knew about Kev was he was a certified breast man. This knowledge came in high school after we all assumed he was gay because we never saw him with a girl. Awful, I know but it happens. Well we all found out differently when Kev brought a girl from a neighboring town to our senior high school prom. And when we cornered her about him, she glowed and glowed about him.

Well ever since then, I’ve heard about his moving away and career though friends. Kev it turns out makes independent movies. He makes small stuff for the web and does indy band videos. I wish I could say I’ve heard of anything he’s done, but that would be a lie. All I can tell you this boy had style and the shyness was long gone.

So I towel off, giggle for him, chit chat some more and I realize he is really interesting. I mean smart, funny and could talk about anything. Can you see me already getting hooked, I am sucker for big brains and a big…well…you know. And don’t beşiktaş escort think it hasn’t crossed my mind when talking to this strapping young Italian.

It’s dusk, I have gone in and changed, come back and he is waiting for me.

I am pretty tired by this point and wait for him to make a move, anything would do. But nothing. I guess he still was afraid to pull the trigger, so I give him and in.

“I could use an iced coffee.” I tell him, recalling his earlier comment about a life long love of coffee.

“Me too, I’d kill for a good cup.” That’s all we needed. For the next two hours we searched high and low in my car, hehe, looking for coffee shops that were open. Well on the 4th some laces are open, but they are few and far between after 5 o’clock.

So as we get nearer and near to Cambridge I ask, “Hey we can go back to my place and I can mix up a mean press pot iced.”

Fifteen minutes later we are in my apartment. We are laughing, listening to bad heavy metal hair bands ( lord help me yes I did do the teased hair thing for a while)

Now Kev is great at asking questions, he digs and asks the most obscure and sometimes odd questions imaginable, such as, If I could sleep with any superhero or movie monster who would it be?

My answer? ( Hmm let’s see if you all can guess…here are the choices…the Hulk…Wolfman…Superman…Frankenstein. Anyone interested in taking a guess email me..;-)

Well we start digging into relationships, I explain to him about my marriage and break-up, my faults and foibles. I learn he has recently broken up with a girl he had been living with for three years after the both cheated on each other. Clean break, no hard feelings, time to move on. I still don’t believe it was that easy for him as I think about a day later. He is too nice of a guy. I still wonder…anyway..I digress again.

So we dish the dirt and he is so friggin cute, funny and sexy I cannot stand it. When I get this single minded I can be abrupt.

“Kevin you have been talking for two hours, are you going to kiss me sometime before the sun comes up?”

He flashes that totally charming grin, looks around, rolls his eyes and says…?


That playful beylikdüzü escort little prick!

As I am readying a reply he leans forward and lays a kiss on me that will go down as one of the knee tremblers of my life. He knows how to kiss and his tongue was expert. So as my mind swirls and hormones rage, I wonder, ‘I bet he can use that tongue other places as well.’

Kevin must have ESP because not five minutes later he whispers into my ear he wants to do something for me. Too polite, but so sweet he actually asked. Need not ask more than once. Hike up my skirt, spreading my legs and Kevin is kissing, sucking and even slightly nibbling my pussy. It was like he knew exactly how to turn me on. I let his fingers enter me, my lips spread and oh god…then came the orgasm. But they went off the charts when he curled his finger up and itched towards him in the “come here” sign. He knew what he was doing!

I get wet when I like a man or he does something really special to me. But the wet I was from Kevin on the 4th was like no other I have EVER felt before.

He stands up from kneeling off the couch and starts to unbuckle his belt.

I am actively encouraging him to, shall we say, remove himself from the constriction of his pants and please me, etc., etc.

So as he drops his shorts I am staring a magnificent tenting. It seems Kevin does NOT suffer from the Irish curse. Now he not the biggest for sure, but he ranks up there. What Kevin was above average length, but VERY wide and he had the biggest cock head I have ever seen! The damn thing looked like a plum or something.

Regular condoms didn’t fit this white boy, no I went into the Magnum stash and he slipped in perfectly! Into the rubber and into me.

We fucked once. It went about 30 minutes from oral to end before we both wiped out. It was 5 a.m. and we were spent. But along the way he just simply gave me a long, slow, fast and hard fucking. Me on top, him on the bottom and for finisher him from behind. It was that simple, pure energetic sex that I revel in.

We parted ways after breakfast. He is going to be in town until the end of the week. I plan on meeting up with him again a couple of times. I wonder how much time we are going to spend out of the bedroom?

It’s not like me to let all this spill soon after and encounter, but I have to tell you all because Kevin is one of those rare guy, sexy, smart, funny and yeah…hung. Boy if I didn’t know better I’d say I liked him a bit too much.


Luvs and hugs


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