Free Weekend


It’s Friday night and I’m delivering pizza. I’m having a real hard time concentrating tonight because I’m driving down to see Marie first thing in the morning. Time is passing so slowly. The only good thing about tonight is that its busy so I don’t have too much time to fantasize about our upcoming weekend together. I have had a tough week anticipating the weekend and watching the minutes go by excruciatingly slow. But it’s almost here; I just have to get through the night.

The night finally comes to an end and I pay out and take the last delivery on my way home. It’s a small anchovy pizza (your favorite) so I’m thinking of you. The last delivery is to the Hotel in town, room 207. It’s a beautiful night, with a full moon and I decide to drive by the wharf and look at the reflection of the moon on the water after the delivery before I go home.

I get to the hotel, park and run in, hoping for a big tip to finish off a fairly good night. When I get to the room, I knock, and I can hear some rustling inside. I can hear someone just on the other side of the door, but it doesn’t open. I realize that they’re probably checking me out through the peephole, so I hold up the pizza box.

The door opens slowly and I can’t see anyone, they stay behind the door. I say ‘Pizza’ so they know its me.

A female voice mumbles “come in”. I feel a little weird, I’m not sure I should enter but I just want to finish so I can go home. We have been planning to talk for a little while over email but I don’t want to stay up too late tonight because I know I’ll need my rest for tomorrow. So I go in. When I get inside the room there is a naked woman standing in front of me. I’m stunned.

It’s you!!!!!! You run over to me – wrap your arms around me and hold me. I’m still shocked. What a surprise. You say ‘I couldn’t wait until tomorrow!” I drop the pizza on the floor and hold you. I still can’t believe it. I pull back and look at your face.

I’m full of questions. “When did you get here? When did you decide to come up? Why didn’t you tell me? How did you know I’d deliver your pizza?” You just say “shhhhhhh” – and put you lips on mine. Your right, who cares, I just want to concentrate on you and your lips right now. I rub my fingers up and down your back and lower to your butt. I squeeze your cheeks and lift you up. Our lips are still smashing into each other’s. I carry you over to the bed and fall onto it with you on top of me.

I’m still somewhat in shock. My mind is struggling to catch up with my body, which is going wild. All I can say is ‘I love you’.

You look down at me smile and say “I love you too”. I pull you close and just hold you. After a minute my hands start to move. Rubbing your soft fanny and up your back. You lift up a little and my hands find their way to your breasts.

You sit up and say ‘we need to even istanbul escort things up and remove some of these clothes.’ You start unbuttoning my shirt while I continue to finger your breasts. With my shirt unbuttoned your lift me up and throw my shirt off my shoulders. The good news for me is that by doing that I have been able to bury my face in your chest. You finally are able to wrestle my shirt off while I have been sucking on your right breast. You then lift my undershirt from the bottom and lift it – forcing my face away from your chest. I groan in disappointment. And quickly move back to your breast – this time settling on your left tittie.

You try and push me back down and I try and take your nipple with me holding on as long as I can. You groan as I finally let go of your nipple. You say ‘lets get rid of the rest of these clothes.’ You unbuckle my belt, undo the button and pull down my zipper. I lift my butt and you pull my pants off. My dick is standing straight up, making my boxers look like a small tent. You reach up and squeeze it making me groan, and then pull off the boxers.

Now I’m as naked as you and you fall down on me again and we just hold each other for a while. We swish our bodies around and luxuriate in the feel of each other’s exposed skin. We roll over and this time I’m on top. I begin to KISS down your body. I still can’t believe you’re here. I lick your nipples. And then your appendix scar (I love that spot)! My tongue plays with your bellybutton, licking and pushing in and out, and you moan in anticipation of some other pushing in and out!

I scratch at your pubic hair as I lick the lips of your vagina. You are already wet. I suck at your clit and drink your juices. You are moaning, ‘Yes, yes, yes! I push my fingers into your vagina twist them around a little and push in and out! I finally take my fingers out look up at you and lick my fingers. I move up your body until we are again face to face and penis to vagina.

I slowly slid my dick into you. You are so wet it glides easily and we are at once totally joined together. We stay like that for a minute as we KISS softly our lips barely touching. Your tongue comes into my mouth and I try to push my dick farther into you but just push you against the bed because I’m already as deep as I can go. I pull out so that just the very tip of my penis is at the opening of your vagina and then I slid in again, then I again pull out and push back in.

We are moving in slow motion, for a while, and then as the pace picks up and we are moving faster and faster until the pace is almost frantic. You are lifting up to meet me as I am pushing back into you. You are moaning, I am groaning, and you look at me, your eyes telling me that you’re about to cum. I pull your leg up so we can get even avcılar escort closer and I can go a little deeper. I grab your right nipple with my thumb and forefinger and squeeze. I put my lips on yours and push my dick into you again, and you start to groan as you cum uuugggghhhhhh.

This sets me off and on my next push – I erupt and cum inside of you. I move in and out a couple of more times finishing my ejaculation and collapse on top of you. My penis stays inside of you. After a minute we both start to regain our breath and I can feel you squeezing my dick with your vagina. Omygod – what a wonderful night this has turned out to be.

Carefully we roll over so you’re on top and I’m able to stay inside of you. You KISS me and then put your head down on my chest and softly rub the hair on my chest and play teasingly with my nipple. Eventually my dick gets soft and it just falls out of you. But we just stay like this totally touching – our legs rubbing up and down each other’s legs. My hands rubbing up and down your back.

What a great surprise!

After a while we’re just chatting and I tell you that I had planned on going down to the water and watching the moon for a while. You insist that we go now. Although it is almost 2:30 AM now we decide to go for a walk since it’s only a couple of hundred yards away. You pull on your panties and ask if was very cold or still raining. I say that it was still fairly warm and that it had stopped raining earlier and was now crystal clear. With that you pull out your overcoat and say that you’ll be warm enough and put on your overcoat over just your panties.

My mind is going crazy. I pull on my pants, as Joey from ‘Friends’ would say going commando! I throw on a shirt and we walk down to wharf. My mind is reeling as I walk beside you knowing you’re very close to naked under your coat. I have my arm around you; it’s so quiet, there is no one else around. We walk down to the water, the moon is full and shining on the water; we walk out on the wharf and turn to each other.

I start to put my arms around you and you tell me to wait, and loosen the belt of your coat and open it. I slip my arms around you feeling your skin. OMYGOD. You are an incredible woman. You feel so warm to the touch. I love you! I open my shirt so I can feel your skin on mine. I start to wrap my arms around you again, and have to turn away to sneeze. You say “I have something for that!” and lo and behold you bend over, remove your panties, hand them to me, start to giggle, and say ‘try these!!!’ I bring them up to my nose and inhale. You smell wonderful.

I say, ‘now that I have your scent, I need your taste’. We walk over to where they have some picnic benches, I have one arm around your waist inside your coat, and my other hand is holding your soft, silky, slightly damp panties şirinevler escort to my cheek. It’s so weird being out at this hour of the night – it’s still, it’s quiet, and it’s like there is no one else in the city. You’re walking beside me coat open and naked underneath.

My shirt is open and my pants are bulging without the benefit of any viagra. I sit you on the table and sit myself on the bench in front of you, between your legs. I say we can’t have a picnic without something to eat, and reach up with my mouth to taste your breast. My hands are rubbing your legs from the tops of your feet to your ankle, up your calf to the back of your knee and up your thighs. All the while I’m feasting on one nipple and then the other. Your hands are holding my head – pulling my head even closer to your chest.

Eventually I push you back on the table and lower my head to your pussy. I lick your lips up and down. I use my finger and insert my index finger into your vagina. Push it in and out while sucking gently on your clit. I add my middle finger and slightly increase the speed. When you say ‘ooomyyygooddd come to me now.’ You are very wet and I check and we are still alone. I unzip my pants and let my prick out. Unbelievably, I am again hard as a rock. I stand up and place my penis at the opening of your vagina and rub my head up and down your opening. And then I insert the head into you.

I am looking down and watch as I slowly insert the shaft into you as far as I can. I look up at you and your smiling. I pull you up into my arms and we begin a gentle rocking motion starring into each other’s eyes almost holding our breaths. After a time the rocking become more intense and it becomes more of a pumping as I am sliding my penis in and out of your vagina at an increasing rate and your are starting to buck to meet me halfway. Finally I realize that I am going to cum again.

I am furiously pounding my dick into you until . . . . .I can’t take it any more and I begin to spurt, once, twice, three times the charm, filling you with my cum. You say don’t stop and I continue to rock my penis into you until I see you begin to spasm. You wrap your arms around me, hold me tight, and we just stay there for a couple of minutes – beginning to come back from the moon! Wow!

You reach up and kiss me. I respond to your lips and gently kiss you back. You tell me that you like the sight of the moon over my shoulder on the water. I tell you that it’s much more pleasurable to view it with someone you love. I kiss your chest between your breasts and pull your coat around you.

We slowly walk back to the hotel holding hands while I hold your panties in my other hand, just in case of a sneezing attack, occasionally bringing them to my face feeling their softness and smelling your lovely scent. We get back to the room and wrap up each other in our arms and legs and try to go to sleep for a little while remembering that we have the rest of the weekend to be together – this was only the beginning. OMYGOD!!


Hope you enjoyed the story as much as Marie and I did. Please vote and I would love to get some feedback – let me know what you think. THANKS!!

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