Freshman Year: Prequel


Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery… matter how HARD it gets.

Chapter 1: Sean

Sean was raised in a devout Christian household. A senior in high school, he had never seen porn, an R-rated movie, or even a picture of a naked woman—except that time in the school library when he had opened an art history book and saw a Renaissance painting of a well-fed woman laying nude on a couch. He stared at that picture for a few seconds and felt something happening to his penis. He reached down and touched it through his jeans—it was getting big, and hard. He immediately shut the book.

Lustful thoughts for anyone other than your wife are wrong. That’s what his pastor told him, and he believed it. Sean wanted to be a good Christian. He wanted to remain pure until marriage. He didn’t tell anyone, but he wanted to get married as soon as possible. He was an eighteen-year old guy and he was having a lot of lustful thoughts. He was afraid if he didn’t get married soon he might “fall”, like Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Sean woke up every morning to find that his penis was so hard it hurt. (Penis, by the way, was the only word Sean knew for what he had. Dick, cock, and other terms were unknown to him because his only friends were good Christians who never used such words.) His penis was also much bigger than a normal man’s would ever get, but Sean didn’t know that yet.

Sean had no idea he had a large penis because he had nothing to compare it to and no information on the subject. He had never seen another guy’s penis. He had never watched lewd movies or read lewd literature. In fact, he had never even thought about penis size or had any idea that having a big one was considered by many to be a good thing.

All Sean knew was that when he woke up in the morning and his penis was hard, he thought about putting his penis inside a woman’s vagina. (Yes, vagina was the word he used.) He knew that a man puts his penis in the vagina. After that, he believed that a man does a rocking motion until he spills his seed. (Again, seed was the only term he knew for that particular biological substance.) He surmised the part about the rocking motion from hearing his parents bed creak. The part about spilling the seed was taught to him at Sunday School, when they gave him their version of Sex Ed, which consisted of learning and discussing the Bible passages that pertained to how a man should behave sexually. Basically, he knew that Sodomy and Adultery were bad. Beyond that, he knew nothing about the act of sex—except that he wanted it.

Sean never masturbated. He knew it was wrong because that’s what he was told. He wasn’t entirely sure what masturbation was until one morning when his penis was hard and he touched it. He was fascinated that it could get so hard. He rubbed his hand up and down the shaft, thinking it felt like a smooth baseball bat with a little bit of a spongy give. He kept stroking it. He moaned. It felt really good. He kept this up for about a minute until a thought popped in his head: “Pleasuring yourself is a sin.” It was a sentence he had heard many times at Sunday School. Immediately he removed his hand. He never tried to masturbate again.

Sean dreamed of finding himself a wife. He was eighteen. He could legally get married under California law. His family encouraged him to get married as soon as he found a good Christian girl. They had no thought of him waiting until he finished college or until he had started a career. These worldly considerations that consumed so many in modern America did not matter to Sean’s family. All that mattered was living a good Christian life, a Godly life, so that one might find one’s place in Heavenly Father’s Eternal Kingdom. Getting married quickly and having babies was what it came down to. Going to college was acceptable, as long as it was a Christian college. Having a good career was acceptable too, but only because you were providing for your family.

Sean was halfway through his senior year of high school, and he was looking for a wife. Sean had short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was fairly handsome. He was tall, strong and lean. He didn’t play sports—his parents wouldn’t let him because too many unholy things happened around high school athletes. But he had the body of a jock and the girls at his school noticed him. However, he was only interested in good Christian girls and there weren’t a lot to go around. He lived in a small town and went to a small high school. At his high school Bible Study group, there were only twelve girls his age, and none of them were hot.

Sean didn’t use the word hot to describe members of the female sex, but that’s what he was looking for. A hot girl. He also wanted a genuine connection with her. He wanted the whole package when it came to the woman he would spend his life with. Deep down, Sean was a romantic, though he didn’t realize it. He wanted true love.

And he wanted to put his penis in a vagina, rock back and forth, and spill his seed. He wanted it badly.

Then came the most important moment kadıköy escort of Sean’s life up to that point. It was Monday, January 7. The first day back from Winter Break. Half way through his last year of high school. 8:45am. First period. Economics. Sean was sitting at his desk, politely listening to his teacher, Mr. Stuttgart, explaining how they would be studying macro-economics for the rest of the school year. Sean was wishing the school year had already ended. He stared at the wall, bored.

Then the classroom door opened. Sara walked in. That was the moment Sean fell in love.

Chapter 2: Sara

He saw a girl walk through the door. No, she was a woman, Sean thought. To him, the word “girl” was inadequate for this heavenly beauty. Her eyes were like emeralds, accentuated by long eyelashes. Her lips, full and ripe. Her hair, shimmering blonde. And her body—now Sean truly knew what lust was. Her small, perky breasts pushed her t-shirt out. Her body was slim, her waist was narrow, and her hips flared out in just the right proportion, creating an angled sway every step she took.

“Hello!” said Mr. Stuttgart, a bit too friendly. Sara had that effect on her male teachers as well as her male peers. All the guys sat up straight and stared at her.

Sara gave Mr. Stuttgart a piece of paper. “Hi, I’m Sara, a new student.”

“Well, great!” said Mr. Stuttgart. “Where are you from?” A bit of an odd question for Mr. Stuttgart to be asking in front of the whole class, Sean thought. Maybe Mr. Stuttgart is feeling the same way I am, Sean thought. He’s married. That’s wrong.

“My family just moved here from Utah,” Sara replied with a big, warm smile on her face. She was incredibly friendly, Sean thought. Maybe she’s a Christian, too!

“Well, welcome to California!” replied Mr. Stuttgart. He looked around the room. “There’s an empty seat over there by Sean. Go ahead and have a seat.”

Sean froze as Sara walked over to him. His heart was beating so fast. He couldn’t think. Her beauty overwhelmed him. She sat down and looked him right in the eyes with that warm smile. “Hi Sean. I’m Sara.” As Sean looked into her eyes for the first time, he knew he wanted to marry her. He also felt his penis getting big. Thank God he was sitting down.

Sara quickly became the talk of the school. She was smoking hot. One of the hottest girls in the school. But she didn’t hang out with all the popular kids for one simple reason: she was Mormon. Her family had moved to California for one reason: to spread the Mormon faith. There were already plenty of Mormons in California, so they chose a small town that had no Mormon church and, according to the Mormon database, no practicing Mormons.

When Sara first told this to Sean, he was scared. Scared because he wasn’t sure if Mormons were Christians, and if Mormons aren’t Christians, then he couldn’t marry her.

Soon after arriving at her new school, Sara asked Sean to lunch. (Mormon’s are encouraged to date before marriage.) She told Sean all about herself.

“So you’re a Mormon, not a Christian?” Sean asked.

“No, Mormons are Christians!” Sara exclaimed, putting her hand on Sean’s and looking into his eyes. Sean felt uncomfortable when she touched him, but in a good way. “We believe in Jesus.”

“Really?” Sean was excited. She believed in Jesus. That meant he could marry her.

Sean and Sara kept dating. In fact, they spent every moment they could together. After one month, they were holding hands in school. After two months, Sean asked Sara to marry him. She said yes. After Sara said yes, Sean had to convince his parents that Mormons were Christians. This took a while, but eventually they came around. Sean and Sara’s families decided on a Fourth of July wedding, after the the two had graduated high school.

Sean didn’t want to wait that long. His erections were growing more frequent, especially when Sara held his hand. This would create problems when they were walking together. He’d often have to make up some weird excuse to sit down. He needed relief soon. But he couldn’t defy his family, so he would just have to wait a few more months.

Finally the day came. Their wedding day. It was going to be a beautiful ceremony. They had set up an altar near a cliff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a warm, sunny day, and they would get married with a majestic view of the ocean behind them. The drive to the location was on a windy, two-lane stretch of Highway 1. On one side of the highway were steep hills. On the other side was a guard rail, then a cliff that dropped down to the ocean.

Sean and Sara rode to the ceremony in separate cars, honoring the tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other on the wedding day before the actual ceremony. Sean and his family arrived at the wedding location first. Many of the guests had already arrived. They waited, enjoying the beautiful view and fresh ocean air. Then the sky began to darken üsküdar escort and storm clouds formed in the sky. Out of nowhere it began hailing ferociously.

Sean, his family, and the guests ran to their cars for shelter. After ten minutes, the hail stopped and the sky cleared.

“That was weird,” remarked Sean’s dad. “I’ve never seen hail in July.”

“Yeah, that was crazy,” muttered Sean. He was wondering where Sara was. It was time to start the ceremony and her car still hadn’t arrived. “Where’s Sara?”

“I’ll call her, Sean,” replied Sean’s mom. She looked at her cell phone. “I don’t have service out here.”

Now Sean was worried. He looked at his phone. No service either. “I’m gonna drive back down the highway until I get service,” he told his parents.

Sean drove slowly along the windy highway. The road still had hail on it. With the hail and the sharp turns, he kept his speed below 20. This is really dangerous, thought Sean, looking out at the cliff. He checked his phone. Still no bars.

He took a sharp turn around a hill and slammed on his breaks. He was shocked by what he saw. Tread marks on the road and the guard rail was broken. He got out of his car, walked over to the edge of the cliff and peered over. Nothing but water down below.

Sara and her family never showed up for the wedding that day. Coast Guard divers found the car under twenty feet of water. It took all night to recover the bodies.

Except for the funeral, Sean didn’t leave his house for three months. He barely left his room. His mother dragged him to church the first two weeks. But then Sean refused to go. His pastor came to visit him, to offer him solace. Sean listened to the words of his pastor, but he felt nothing. He was numb.

His mom sat beside his bed. “If you won’t go to church, at least read. It will help you.” His mom placed the Bible next to him on the bed. He picked it up and threw it across the room.

His mother was speechless. He had never acted liked this. He was such a good boy his whole life. Never angry. Never depressed. Now he barely left his room, and he had disrespected the Holy Book. But she understood. He had gone through a horrible tragedy. She left his room and shut the door.

One Sunday morning, while his family was at church, Sean looked out the window. One of the family cars was still in the driveway.

He drove up Highway 1, heading to the spot where Sara and her family had gone over the cliff. He sped up. He imagined his car going over at the same spot. He imagined what it would actually look and feel like. The car flying through the air. Seeing only sky, then the ocean. Sinking in the water. For a moment, the thought seemed beautiful. Peaceful.

As he approached the spot, he slowed down. The car behind him honked. He looked at the guardrail and sky beyond it. Then he drove past.

Chapter 3: Britney

Sean took the first exit he saw. He ended up at a beach he had never been to. It was deserted. He was wearing plaid pajama pants, a t-shirt, and sandals. When he got to the beach, he took off his t-shirt and sandals and walked onto the sand. He walked into the water. The cool water felt refreshing on his lower body, and the sun warmed his chest. For the first time since Sara’s death, he felt an inkling of happiness.

He walked up the beach. His pajama pants were soaked so he rolled them up. He kept walking for a mile or two until he saw someone sitting on the beach. As he got closer he could see it was a young woman in a yellow bikini. She had blonde hair and tan skin. For a split second he thought it was Sara, but then he realized that this girl was not skinny like Sara.

His first instinct was to keep walking. The old Sean, the Sean before Sara’s death, would have walked away if he saw a woman in a bikini. Temptation. But the new Sean was acting differently. He wanted to look at her.

He glanced in her direction, then looked away quickly, unsure of himself.

“Hi,” she called out to him. She looked friendly, but she didn’t smile. She was smoking, something Sean stayed away from.

“Hi,” said Sean.

“I like your pajamas.” She smiled a little.

“Thanks. I wasn’t really planning on coming to the beach.”

“Want a smoke?” She held it out for him.

“I don’t smoke.”

“Oh, OK.” Sean stood there awkwardly. “You wanna sit down?” she asked. He sat down next to her, looking at her cigarette. It didn’t look like a normal cigarette to him. It was thicker, and brown. Bigger than a cigarette but smaller than a cigar. And the smoke didn’t smell like the cigarette smoke he had smelled before.

“What kind of cigarette is that?”

The girl laughed loudly. “Cigarette?” She kept laughing. “Are you serious?” Then she stopped laughing and smiled at him sweetly. He noticed her eyes were bloodshot and he wondered why. “You don’t know what this is?”


“It’s a blunt.” Sean still looked confused. She couldn’t believe it. “Marijuana.”

“Oh, tuzla escort marijuana.” Sean knew what that was. By reputation only. He knew it was bad.

“You sure don’t want to try?” she looked into his eyes. She was kinda pretty, he thought. Not beautiful, like Sara. But still. Something in him was responding to her. He liked how relaxed she was.

He looked out at the sun, the ocean. The thought came into his mind, It’s all so beautiful. He felt something in his chest. He felt like a weight was being lifted from his heart. The pain he felt was being lifted off him.

He looked back at the girl he just met. The sun was shining on her face and on her tan, warm body. In that moment she looked radiantly beautiful to him. Suddenly, everything felt perfect. The sand, the water, the sun, the sky, this girl whose name he didn’t even know—it all felt perfect.

“OK,” he smiled and took the blunt. He sucked in deeply and started coughing. He coughed so bad he almost puked, spit dripping out of his mouth onto the sand. The girl laughed and rubbed his back. Her hand was warm and it felt good. She took the blunt from him so he wouldn’t drop it while coughing, and in doing so one of her bikini-covered breasts pressed against his arm.

He had never felt anything so nice, that softness pressing against him.

He stared at her breasts and she noticed. She didn’t mind. She liked this guy. He seemed very sweet. And strange. And hot. Sara had huge, firm breasts, and she knew the effect they had on guys. She liked that they were having an effect on this guy.

“I’m Britney.” She handed him a water bottle.

“Sean.” He took a big swig of water. She put the blunt in his mouth for him and he inhaled deeply. This time he held it in and didn’t cough.

They lay back on Britney’s towel and talked about what led them to that particular place on that particular day. As they finished the blunt together, Sean spilled his heart out, telling Britney all about Sara’s death and how depressed he had felt.

Britney told him how she had gotten in a fight with her mother about getting a D.U.I. and how she had stormed out of the house, gotten in her car, and driven south until she ended up at this beach. Britney was 18 and just out of high school, like Sean. She was going to Berkeley Community College in the fall. She had partied hard in high school, so much so that her grades were horrible and she had no choice but to go to community college.

As they lay talking and smoking, Sean looked over at Britney’s body. She was short. Her breasts were so large that they covered most of her upper body. She was plump, but not fat. She had a narrow waist, wide hips and and thick thighs. In between her thick thighs was a mound of flesh just barely covered by her yellow bikini bottom. Sean stared at this part of her body and noticed that there was an indentation in the middle where the fabric of the bikini bottom went in. This was first time Sean ever saw a camel toe. This was the closest Sean had every gotten to seeing a woman’s vagina, and he was getting turned on.

Sean was a little surprised that he was turned on. He thought he liked skinny girls, mostly because he liked Sara. But looking at Britney with her massive breasts and thick thighs, he felt a stirring in his loins.

Britney noticed he was looking—he wasn’t very subtle about it. She was used to men ogling at her. She was 5’4″, with sag-less 36EE breasts, a 24″ waist, and 42″ hips. She had a bubble butt that protruded behind her. She worked out five days a week to keep everything tight. She had flawless tan skin, long shinny blonde hair, and a face that wasn’t perfect, but she had very full lips. Dick Sucking Lips, as she liked to think of them. Most guys at her high school wanted to fuck her, though they were often intimidated by her proportions.

Britney looked at Sean and saw, to her surprise, that he was erect. At least, she thought he was erect, but she had trouble believing it because it was so long. It was sticking up along the leg of his pajama pants, almost reaching his knee.

“Holy shit!” she said, staring at the tent in Sean’s pants. “What are you packing?”

Sean looked at Britney, confused. Then he looked down and saw what she was staring at. He was immediately embarrassed “Oh my God! I’m sorry!” He frantically pulled his legs up and turned away from her, trying to hide his member. “I…uh…I’m gonna go…sorry!” He started to get up to walk away, but Britney grabbed his wrist.

“Wait. Don’t go. It’s OK.” She looked in his eyes and smiled. “Why are you running away? You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I mean, Jesus, most guys would be proud if they had what you got.”

Sean looked at her, blankly. He was not following her meaning. “But I…my penis…it got hard…What do you mean, ‘Show off what I got’?”

Once again Britney was shocked by the ignorance of this young man. Did he seriously not know that he had what appeared to be a huge dick? How could he not know?

“I just meant, you shouldn’t be embarrassed because you got an erection,” she told him. “It’s only natural.”

Sean felt better. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. You are a woman…a very…pretty woman. And…uh…men and women are…it’s what God created.” Sean was surprised by the words coming out of his mouth. He had never been in a situation like this before.

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