Frustrated Cousins III


Frustrated Cousins IIISpending a summer in NY after having returned from a SE Asia tour, I found myself at my cousin Janice’s York Ave apartment bearing a gift for the son she and her older husband had adopted several years earlier — she had invited me over for lunch and I know one never visits a c***d’s house without a little gift. With the little guy out with the nanny, Janice and I put away our old flirtatious ways to wind up naked on the sofa. Recall that after I had exploded into her pink lipsticked mouth and had her legs around my face with more force than I thought possible as she reached a good climax herself, she wondered if we should have the lunch laid out on the table or catch our breath and have some more fun. The latter, we decided as she took my cock into her mouth. Once it was back in erect shape we enjoyed fucking on the velvet upholstery. I filled her pussy with love juice and kept pounding her as she said, ‘Give me that cock after all these years you prick, keep fucking me, fuck me, fuck me.’ As the erection subsided I put three fingers into her warm, wet pussy and sucked her clit until she screamed ‘I am coming….fuck at least you know how to finish what you started.’ Then it was a race to get dressed, straighten the sofa, make the lunch look partially eaten. Just as I emerged from the powder room by the front door, the doorman called up and soon the c***d and the nanny were coming through the door.***As I was leaving Janice mentioned that I should really date the nanny Louisa, who appeared to be of some Asian background, not clear, and was about our age and pretty. I would say hot, but she was being the Nanny. Mrs, Argent, Mr. Jay, etc. This is where we left off last time.***It is later in the summer, mid week. I had spent the weekend in West Hampton Beach with some old friends at a small beach house we had rented. No action at all. Two married couples, two single men, another single man with a cover date (he later came out) who was attractive, older, appeared spinsterish and unlaid for a long time. I am sitting on a borrowed day bed/sofa in my living room listening to a new audio system playing what is now called classic rock, but then it wasn’t classic, it was what WNEW-FM played all day long (I wasn’t in the mood to listen to my classical or opera reel to reel tapes or records). Janice calls. ‘Jay,’ she says, ‘I am free for the afternoon, want to grab some lunch and go back to your place, I am hungry.’ That was our signal that Janice wasn’t getting satisfied and wanted some action. We had a quick lunch at a local Schrafts — this was a tea room sort of place that was mainly frequented by proper East Side ladies. It was a chain. It was bursa escort like an upscale Woolworth’s without the five and dime part. Since then it has been several bank branches. My place was a block away towards Fifth. Janice said, ‘hurry up and pay the check, This place is like a museum but I am still hungry.’ I stared at her chest. She was wearing a jersey blouse and a very sheer bra. I was sure I could see her nipples becoming erect and straining against the material. A fifty something woman in a yellow uniform and a hairnet sat behind an old National Cash machine, with a smirk on her face. I practically threw the twenty at her and opened the door for my cousin. As she passed through she let her hand graze across the front of my cotton sailcloth pants — letting the outline of my cock pass between her fingers in a second, as she stepped onto the hot sidewalk of upper Madison Avenue.We got to my apartment. Janice said, ‘Well, I know you just got back and you don’t have a job yet, but this room is ridiculous — an expensive stereo sitting on boxes it came in, an inflatable orange plastic chair, a day bed, a little coffee table, I hope you have more than a sleeping bag or futon in the bedroom.’ I guess I looked a little deflated at that outburst. Noticing she said, “Oh I am sorry, things will work out.’ She moved towards me and pressed her ample self against me. I slid my tongue into her open mouth as she exhaled deeply, turned, put my hand around her onto her tits and pressed her hips against me. We moved to the bedroom, where the only furniture was a brand new queen sized bed and an old TV with rabbit ears that sat on a trunk bearing US Army shipping labels. We took off our summer cloths quickly, letting them drop to the bare floor. Janice led me to the bed by my erect cock. Once landed on the bed I began to suck her nipples. She opened her thighs. Carefully, she let go of the cock and turned on her side as my hand went between her legs, where it just rested against all her sex things before it moved and parted her lips. As our tongues probed for the back of each other’s throats and we sucked our faces, I began to finger her and bring the juices up her slit to the clit. ‘Oh, that feels so good, can you do that and suck my tits,’ she said, lowly. With no reply, I just did it. For a young woman who had merely adopted, Janice had breasts that felt, well, as if she had lactated. They were lush. Her nipples stood out. The were surrounded by flesh that was a pink way darker than her trademark 50s lipstick. I ran my tongue around her nipples, one by one and then almost together as I put her tits together in front of my face. I put my cock between her tits as bursa escort bayan I straddled her body. It felt great. I thrust towards her face. She strained to reach my cock with her mouth, but that was too long a reach. ‘OK, Just put it in my mouth right now,’ she said. I scrunched forward, she lay back on the pillow as my cock slid between her lips. Janice slurped her tongue around my cockhead, grabbing my hips and moving me so the prick was grazing the roof of her mouth, then going deeper. ‘Don;t come yet,’ she said, ‘I want you to fuck me in a second, I want that cock inside me.’ I had to pull out of her mouth to keep from just exploding. I moved back so I could again place part of my hand right into her and drum my fingers in the wetness against her G spot. ‘Ah, That’s it, now hit that with your cock as long as you can,’ she said as she brought her knees up and out and I knelt in front of her open pussy. She put her legs over my thighs and we scrunched together until my cock eased into her. My hands went to her tits as we clashed together and I thrust toward the place behind her clit that seemed to like to receive my fingers. ‘That’s it, keep hitting that place, keep it keep it, fuck it fuck fuck.’ I watched her from this position as her eyes were wide open, as was her mouth. Her breasts seemed huge in my hands. Her hips were bouncing off the mattress as her pussy got in rhythm with my cock. I could look down and see her pussy lips around my cock and it just was a fantastic sight. I leaned forward and sucked her nipples, then covered her mouth as I tipped forward, still leveraging on my knees, so I could continued to fuck Janice. Her legs now wrapped around my lower back as I fucked her and tongued her mouth. Then we had our faces side by side. ‘MMMMa, oh fuck, she screamed, ‘I am i am…’. I felt her whole body jerk just as her pussy tightened around the cock I had inside her. That was about all I could take and I found I was going to climax right then, when I heard Janice say, ‘I feel your cock throbbing, quick, I want it, I want it here — put that crazy cock in my mouth.’ I pulled out and quick as a rabbit, Janice scooted around to put the cock in her mouth. As semen shot into her throat she just sucked and sucked. Her mouth moved around and around as she positioned her pussy beside my face. I soon had my face against her thigh, while her other leg was bent at the knee and splayed outward. My cock was still in her mouth as I brought her towards me and quickly parted her lips with my tongue and sucked her clit, as a free hand placed fingers in her. Janice was resting her face on the inside of my thigh and had my cock in her mouth. As I sucked escort bursa and finger fucked her, she made fucking motions with her mouth, taking the recovering prick in and out. I felt her body getting into rhythm again She was gasping and her pussy began to get warmer and wetter. Janice pulled her head away, turned and straddled me. ‘I want that cock in my pussy,’ she said as she hovered over the prick, grabbed it and let herself down upon the stiff meat. As it slid into her she moved up and down and I bucked in pace with her. My cock was completely engorged and inside a tight slick tunnel. She looked down with a wild look. I held her breasts as she quickened her jouncing movements. ‘Janice, you look like a fantastic fucking machine from here,’ I blurted out. ‘Do I, you bastard, do I,’ she yelled, as she rolled onto her back with her legs apart. ‘Just get on top and fuck me, then, fuck me with your face next to mine, come on, and close your eyes.’ Our joined sexes kept pounding at each other until Janice said, ‘It’s ok, let that cock ram into me and come, I’m, ahh I’m …’ She covered my mouth with hers as she tightened even more around my prick and it let out a great burst of male juice. She began to contract and gasp, but finally said, ‘I can actually feel it feel that come juice inside me.’ She just went quiet and held on. She said, finally, ‘That was good, it is so great that I’m pregnant proof so your cock can just be inside me and I can feel you come into me.’ Lucky us, was my reaction. We sat up and Janice got a different look on her face.’Jay,’ she said, ‘I have to tell you this was great but it is your last shot at fucking your cousin — really, because next week I am having a little new procedure done at the hospital — one of Gerry’s colleagues developed this. It is supposed to free up something so I can get pregnant. I married Gerry and I do want another c***d, so I am going to be a one man woman from now on. I have a feeling you are not going to be too broken up by this.”Janice, in your position, you set the rules. Sounds reasonable to me. No entitlements. I hope it works.”Jay, I don’t know what you do on your weekends out at the beach (little did she know), but the summer is almost over. Remember when we did it in my living room and I saw you to the elevator? Remember what I said, Louisa is a single woman. She has no one right now and she said she likes you. I think you should call her. Louisa is more than an employee. You should treat her like a lady, which is what she is, but you should also fuck her. Who knows, you two could be made for each other.’ ‘Now I am going to use your shower, get dressed, go home and start a new part of my life, even though I will miss your cock and I will probably never swallow semen again.’Janice did as she said, but before slipping into the hot outside, she wrote a phone number down on a pad next to my phone and the word ‘Louisa.’To be continued.

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