Fuck Me!


“Fuck me!’

The words escaped her quivering lips softly as I stood up licking my lips and inhaling her sweet pussy juices. My chin was drenched and my moustache dripped with her orgasmic flood that I had just swallowed while quenching my lusty cheating appetite for afternoon pussy.

Her tummy muscles were still twitching lightly as the last of her orgasm was fading. Her legs were drawn up and spread open, but I could tell that her strength was fading and her legs were about to fall forward which would conceal her pussy from my desire to fulfill her request.

I was stroking my middle aged swollen cock to full mast wanting my youthful stamina to return, but satisfied to just be firm enough to penetrate her depths and feel the warm, moist cunt walls massage the load of sperm cream up from my dancing man sack.

I reached out to her bent legs and hoisted her ass to the edge of the massage table. She assisted me by sliding towards me and then returned to rubbing her nipples with her manicured fingers while she turned her head back and forth. Her eyes were closed….or they seemed to be, but I could tell they were fluttering open in narrow slits. She drew her chin into her chest and begged me to invade her hole.

Her naked pussy had the smallest tuft of groomed “fur” just above her slit, but her soft lips and the petals of her “flower” were soaked with her juices and my spittle. Little droplets hung on her soft tender fleshy lips and her tunnel entrance fluttered ever so slightly. Her velvet flesh beckoned my swollen cock head. Her swollen clit was dark red and engorged from my little nips. I loved to bite down on a woman’s clit meat while dancing the tip of my tongue against it. She writhed around trying to escape the sensitive pleasure on her button while I inserted my midfinger inside her entrance and searched for her secret “spot”.

I istanbul escort massaged my dripping cock with that hand and when my fingers were slippery and glistening with precum I inserted them into her and gave the little swimmers a head start up her love chute while massaging her warm moist velvet flesh and the love muscle ripples that massage man meat when plunged inside.

My cock was turgid and clear fluids were leaking out of my pee hole. I nudged my way in between her spread thighs and marveled that the massage table was at the exact right height so that I could aim my cock into her and slide right in, in a smooth motion.

She squirmed as my swollen cock head pushed inside and plowed through her soft fleshy parts. I immediately felt her heat enveloping me. The sensations of my bare-back organ being swallowed and the incredible sensation of boiling swimmers in my bag brought back instantaneous memories of the fist time my cock had been buried in a pussy.

My cheating cock tingled and wanted to explode. My guilty conscience tinged at the thought of planting my fertile seed inside this strange cunt. My brain said pull out!

My cock persuaded me to slide it in up to the root. There was no point in heeding my conscience. My cock was in charge and her words of encouragement urged me on.

“Fuck me…..fuck me” she whispered.

I slowly fucked her….in and out. I loved the feeling of my balls squeezed up into her slippery warm, wet ass cheeks.

I held her ankles up high and wide and watched her body lying on her back as I flexed my back and humped my cock into her slowly and firmly.

I felt the bottoms of my feet burning just before my cum exploded. I dove inside her and jerked as my love cream exited and pooled just outside her womb.

Her insides avcılar escort squeezed me and milked all the goo from my fuck muscle. I relaxed and my cock shriveled quickly as it plopped out of her hole. I collapsed onto her and rested until I caught my breath. Our sweaty bodies were hot with spent passion and I felt her squeeze her thighs around my spent organ.

Slowly we untangled our spent bodies and I bent down and kissed her cream filled pussy.

The pungent smell of spent man cream was already turning her flowery pussy into a breeding chamber for any egg that attempted an escape. I stuck my tongue deep inside her, but she held my cream and wouldn’t give up the least little drop. She put her hand between my face and her pussy and pried me off of her.

She swung her legs off the table and jumped in the shower while sealing her cunt hole with her hand. I lay down on the sex-drenched massage table and watched her wash the sweat and funk off her spent body. I stroked my spent cock and balls that were sticky with our love juices while I watched her soaping up her boobs and tummy. The steamy warm water cascaded over her shoulders and back and the soap suds ran into her ass crack and down her legs.

My spent cock wouldn’t even stiffen, and as I caressed myself I tried to feel the guilt that I thought I should for cheating on this Wednesday afternoon. “Hump day!” Every one ought to put their genitals together on Hump day!

Karin is a wonderful massage attendant that only works on Hump day. She has large hands for a lady, but they feel so good as she rubs your back and awakens the urges deep inside. Her gentle strokes between my thighs that caressed my testacies and tickled my ass hole caused my cock to swell and search for a resting place. Only after awakening all my desires did she offer to share her body with me. şirinevler escort As she disrobed and removed her short denim skirt I saw her tattoo on her back. She bent over to remove her shoes and pressed her naked ass into my groin. In earlier days during my youth I would have been able to impale her horny cunt on my ridged tool, but I am at the stage where I love to eat a woman senseless prior to unloading inside her.

I know that it is best to use a condom for these trysts, but the feeling of a bare back fuck brings back the memories of my first time, and the nervousness of impending pregnancy always makes the ejaculation so much more enjoyable.

Karin has another Russian girl that works with her, and she is also a very good fuck! She wants to be on top and dances her cunt up and down on your condom covered cock until you blast your load. She is better looking, but doesn’t give you near the GF experience.

After Karin dried off, I watched her put her scanty clothes back on. She came over and buried her washed face in my lap and sucked my sticky cock and half my bag into her mouth. My cock didn’t swell to full size, but swelled up in her mouth and I could feel her tongue licking me and pushing it against her cheek. I felt the back of her throat against my cock head and then suddenly from deep inside me where I thought I was empty, and blast of new spunk responded to her vacuum suction and I emptied myself out from nothingness into her mouth. The pain was excruciating and I felt like I was being sucked out of my pee hole. Her chewing and mouth massage wouldn’t quit and I couldn’t catch my breath.

I began to feel darkness surrounding my head and the pressure in my head pounded. My ears plugged up and I thought I was going to die….happy.

She relaxed her suction and let my genitals free. Then she kissed me and disappeared out into the hall way, closing the door behind her.

I lay on the table trying to catch my breath. It took some time before I was able to shower. I washed my face and body to remove all traces of my cheating ….but I could never get the scent of her pussy out of my nose. Every time I inhaled, I thought about fucking Karin.

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