Game of Dares

For Women

Game of DaresOur game of dares was becoming more and more daring and I had decided to kick it up another notch.One evening I instructed you to wear your garter belt and stockings, a black bra, a short skirt and a button up blouse, but specifically said no panties. You asked what I was up to but I did not answer. I grabbed a couple of Mexico blankets and we headed out to the car and started driving.You didn’t have to wait long as I started to fill you in on my plan. Knowing your love of exhibitionism and love of outdoor sex, I told you we were going outside somewhere, I was going to hide nearby and watch you, you were to be bait for any cute boys walking by. We each got a blanket to sit on. Our drive was short also and you soon recognised Molson lake as I pulled up to the parking lot. There were other cars parked outside so we also parked. I went ahead to scope things out. Soon I sent you a message saying to walk down as far as you could to the far end of the lake in the very corner, spread out your blanket and relax, in the back of the car was a cooler with ciders and condoms which you were to take with you also. I had already found my vantage point and was hidden and watching. You were to take your phone with you also and if I messaged you, you were to do as instructed.You grabbed the cooler and blanket and started walking nervously. You noticed a bonfire with lots of teenage looking k**s partying on your way by. You got to the corner and laid out your blanket and had a seat. I sent you a message to have a cider and relax. You started drinking and relaxed a bit. You could hear the k**s by the bonfire just over the hill, barely out of sight, and could see the glow of the fire. I then told you to discretely remove your bra. You did as told again and continued drinking. From my vantage point I could see you clearly and could also see a few people spying on you from along the fenceline. This motivated me to push you further to give them a show. I next told you to unbutton your shirt slowly, then play with your breasts. You slowly undid the buttons, your heart racing at the thought of being caught and took another big sip from your drink, finishing it. I could see your hand rubbing your tits and could tell you were getting excited, your audience seemed to be enjoying their view also. I then told you to lay back and to use the empty bottle in your pussy. You seemed to want to argue at first but then slowly laid back, spreading your legs. You grabbed the bottle and with one hand still on your tits, you shoved the bottle into your pussy. I watched you fucking yourself and could hear your gentle moans. I could also see your audience getting more brave and slowly sneaking along the fenceline twards you. I thought to give gaziemir escort you a heads up but decided to see what might happen. They seemed to stop about 20 feet from you, a group of 3 from what I could see in the near dark. You were lost in ecstasy, pumping the bottle in and out like a piston, your hips bucking and soft moans coming from you until faster and faster you bucked, kicking your hips off the ground in an obvious orgasm. “Nice show”, you heard, startling you. It was one of your secret observers. Your reaction was to cover up but you stopped yourself instead and turned to see who was talking to you. There were indeed 3 of them, now walking twards you. “You want some help?” one of them asked. You merely nodded as they approached. They couldn’t have been a day past 18 and you started to hesitate but before you could, they were standing over you, then sitting next to you. They were all in shorts but nothing else. They smiled at you and you licked your lips in anticipation. One placed a hand on your knee, then slid it up your thigh to find the bottle still between your legs but no longer inside you. He grabbed it and slid it back into you, forcing a loud moan from you. The one on your other side bent to start sucking your nipples and squeezing your tits. The one holding the bottle quickly moved between your legs and removed the bottle, replacing it with his mouth as he licked and sucked your clit. You reached between the legs of the one sucking your tits and slid your hand down his shorts to find his straining cock already leaking pre cum. You grasped him and started stroking his cock. The third boy knelt next to your head and lowered his shorts, revealing his young cock and placing it on your lips. You eagerly sucked him into your mouth. The one you were stroking stood slightly and dropped his shorts, then straddled your chest, placing his shaft between your breasts. You pushed them together around his shaft and he started stroking between them. You were deep on concentration, one cock in your mouth leaking cum, another between your tits, fucking away like he was in you which was why you didn’t at first notice the guy between your legs stop eating you for a moment. I could clearly see him stroking his cock with his hand, then climb onto his knees and scoop your legs onto his shoulders. He had kicked his shorts off and was now positioned at your pussy. I heard you moan out loudly around the cock in your mouth as the one between your legs pushed into you. You quickly realized by the heat inside you that he wasn’t wearing protection. You started to protest and push at them to get off you, a sudden fear taking over you. The boy inside you had your legs firmly pushed up and you were gaziemir escort bayan unable to get him off with your legs. You pulled your mouth from the one’s cock and protested “not without a condom!” you insisted. The boy inside stopped fucking but stayed inside you and answered “I don’t have one”. You pointed twards the cooler and the boy between your tits reached over and opened it, pulling them out. He passed one to each of his friends. The boy inside you slid his cock from your wet pussy and rolled a condom onto his shaft, then quickly pushed back into you. His friends left theirs off and knelt back next to you, taking turns with your mouth and hands. Soon the one between your legs started bucking madly and moaned out that he was cumming as you felt his cock spasm inside you. He soon pulled out of you. His friends stood and helped you to your feet. They removed your top and skirt, leaving you in only your garter and stockings, then one of them asked if you were into skinny dipping. You nodded and they each took a hand and led you into the water. It was suprisingly warm as you walked in, jumping slightly as the water touched your already tender pussy lips. One of them laid on his back in the water, his head still on the shore and pulled you down onto him. You reached down and found him already wearing a condom. You straddled his lap and slowly lowered yourself onto his dick. His friend groped your breasts and kissed your neck from behind, then you felt his hand slide down your back to your ass. He touched your asshole and gently eased a finger into you. Seeing that you didn’t protest, he slid in a second, only causing you to moan louder than you already were from the fucking. You felt his chest push against your back, then his cockhead at your ass as he slowly pushed into you. Inch by inch he pushed, the water washing away lube making it difficult for you. You soon had to ask him to stop because it was hurting. “Can we both fuck your cunt?” he asked. You moaned out a yes and he quickly pulled out of your ass and shoved himself clumsily into your pussy with his buddy. They were hammering away at you, sending you over the edge as you exploded in a violent orgasm. When you regained focus you looked up to see the first boy hard again and stroking himself inches from your face. You opened your mouth to take him in but at nearly the same instant he groaned and started shooting his seed across your face and into your mouth. You swallowed what you could and tried to wipe the rest away from your cheeks and nose as best you could while being fucked madly by the other two. “let’s switch” you heard the one behind you say as he pulled out of you. The boy beneath you also pulled out as escort gaziemir the other laid down beside him. He grabbed your hand and coaxed you over to him. You quickly straddled him and started fucking. The other boy still laying beside him, stroking himself as he grabbed at your tits. “faster, faster pleeease” he pleaded from under you. You obliged and rocked up and down on his shaft until he arched under you and started shooting his load. That’s when you realized that he hadn’t bothered to be as courteous as the others and skipped the condom. You were furious and got up off him glaring. “I said condoms!” you barked. The one still laying in the water next to you protested, “not fair, I’m not done!”. Before you knew what was happening, he’d grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you down onto the sand next to him. You started to fight back but he called to his buddies “give me a hand! I still want a turn!”. The other two each grabbed a wrist and held you face down, your ass barely out of the water, your legs still in it as your tits were pushed hard against the cold sand. I was very close to coming to you but you weeny fighting very hard and weeny calling to me so I stayed put. You heard a faint snapping noise, then saw his condom fall to the sand next to your face. He’d removed it and you felt him straddle your legs. Again you tried fighting them off but they had you held firmly for their friend. You felt his feet slip between your knees and push them apart as he slid between them. “Wow you’ve got a great fucking ass! I don’t know what I want more, it or your cunt.”. It was obvious that he decided as he shoved his cock between your pussy lips. “Fuck yeah!” he moaned as his balls slapped against you. “Hurry up and fuck this bitch!” one of them barked. He started pounding quickly into you, sawing madly for a few more feverish strokes before you heard him groan and felt his shooting his load deep inside you. Something primal took over you, the excitement and fear overwhelming and you found yourself exploding in your own orgasm to your suprise and theirs. He dismounted and stood on the beach, his friends releasing you and doing the same. They all quickly dressed as you got to your feet. They said nothing and quickly left. You didn’t know whether to be angry at me or not for not coming to your aide. You quickly grabbed your phone, semen running down the insides of your legs, and messaged me asking where I was. “I’m right here” you heard from the bushes only 10 feet from you, making you jump. You glared at me as I walked twards you. As I neared you also noticed that my cock was out and hard. “My turn slut” I said. I pushed you onto your blanket and quickly climbed between your legs, shoving my cock into your well juiced cunt. I slammed into you over and over, their cum leaking down the crack of your ass. It was too much for us both and we both exploded, my seed adding to the mixture inside you. I handed you your shirt and skirt and you dressed partially. We walked out together, never seeing the boys again. X

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