Getting Grandpa Up Ch. 02


Getting Grandpa Up Ch. 02″Are you okay Holly?””Yes…. I’m fine…… Did I do it right Granddad? . .. Were you pleased?””Oh yes you were wonderful. You know in all my sixty-nine years you are the first real read head I have made love to.””Oh grandpa… you’re so sweet.”Looking up, Ed caught a glimpse of Sheri standing in the hallway. “Sheri… Sheri… is that you?…. Come on in and join us.””Oh no… no Dad… this is Holly’s night.””No Mom come on in… and celebrate with us…”Dropping her robe as she entered, Sheri paused at the end of the bed. She was a stunning, dark haired, forty-three year old woman. In contrast to her daughter’s fair complexion, Sheri was olive-skinned. Slightly sagging, her breasts were full, nipples large and dark. Her smooth, shaven pubes capped off her well-shaped legs. At five-feet-nine, she was three inches taller than Holly.”You don’t mind my horning in?” Holly shook her head as Ed moved to make room for Sheri.Ed and his son were both six-feet-two with blue eyes. His white hair and tanned face was very appealing to Holly and her mother. Lying between two beautiful women, Ed knew he was in heaven. Sheri ran her fingers through his salt and pepper chest hair. Holly began to stroke his limp cock. Sheri joined her taking turns licking and kissing his shaft. As it began to come back to life, one nibbled at his dick while the other licked and mouthed his balls. Man life couldn’t get better than this, he thought to himself. Fingering each pussy as the mother-daughter team worked on him, illegal bahis Holly jumped when his finger slid in.”Is it sore Holly?””Yeah… it hurts a bit.””Well swing on up here and let grandpa kiss it and make it all better.”Holly maneuvered to straddle Ed’s head, facing her mother who continued sucking her grandfather’s cock. Lowering herself she felt Ed’s gentle licks and kisses on her sensitive pussy.Ed’s rod became rigid once again and Sheri mounted him sliding her father-in-law’s shaft up her sopping cunt. As she rode up and down Holly leaned toward her mother and they kissed. Feeling each other’s’ breast, their pace quickened. Ed wasn’t sure what was happening above him but for the moans and sounds of kissing.Holly seemed to forget about her irritation in the excitement of the moment. Her granddad’s nose nestled between her butt-cheeks as she literally fucked his face. Sheri pounded her pussy so hard, his pelvis began to hurt. ‘Damn… these two are gona kill me,’ he thought to himself. Being too busy sexual excitement, no one noticed the shadow in the doorway.”WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!” Dan shouted.Holly was the first to see him. “Daddy!””Oh shit… I thought you….””I know what you thought, Sheri… The meeting was canceled… so I thought I’d surprise you… now I’m the one who gets surprised with my father fucking my wife and eating my daughter’s pussy…”Holly moved to the side of the bed and Ed sat up, his cock still in Sheri. “Oh lighten up son… come on and join us.” Sheri dismounted. Walking illegal bahis siteleri toward her husband she motioned for Holly to join her. As she touched his face and offered a kiss he stiffened but Sheri prevailed.”You know you said since your dad was in such a good mood we should keep doing what we were doing…. Well this is it.” She said as she stroked his chest.”But…but…” Dan was struck by the beauty of his daughter as she approached him. He had caught glimpses of her in various stages of undress but this was the first time he saw her completely naked, puffy pink nipples, red-haired pussy and all. He felt his cock grow as he took in her magnificence.Sheri began to unbutton his shirt. On her knees, Holly undid her father’s belt and unzipped his fly, dropping his pants to the floor. As she pulled his boxers down his eight-inch cock sprung forth. Grabbing the base of his shaft Holly licked circles around the reddish-blue head. Raising the knob with her thumb and first finger she ran her tongue up and down the underside ridge of his penis. The combined sensation of his daughter’s cock sucking and his wife’s long deep throat tongue kiss caused Dan’s body to shakeStroking his cock, Ed moved to his desk chair, smiling as he observed his son being ravished by his wife and daughter. Sheri grabbed Dan by his cock pulling him to the bed. She motioned for Holly to follow. Mother and daughter knelt giving Holly’s dad the same double treatment they had bestowed on his father earlier. His prick was pulsating canlı bahis siteleri as Sheri motioned for Holly to climb on her dad and fuck him. Smiling Holly mounted her father. Slowly she lowered her labial lips on his shaft.”Oh my Holly you’re really tight…Oh sweetheart…. You’re ….Oh…baby… Oh fuck….Oh fuck your Daddy…”Holly was in control, she was sore but she set the depth and the pace…. Leaning forward she kissed her father. Dropping her body on his as they accelerated their movement.”Oh Daddy… Oh Daddy…fuck your little girl… Oh Daddy….Daddy…….Daddy… Oooo!”Ed took his camera from the shelf and began snapping pictures of his son and granddaughter fucking each other. Holly rose back to her riding position and Sheri joined them by lowering herself on Dan’s face. As he tasted his wife’s juices he realized how wonderful this all was. Mother and daughter kissed and fondled each other as they became lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Now Ed realized what was going on when they were on top of him. He snapped another picture…. Perhaps they could use it for their family Christmas card…. He joked to himself. Dan knew he was about to cum. Holly’s extra thrust let him know each time she had an orgasm and Sheri was cumming all over his face. His body jerked as his semen exploded, filling his daughter’s vagina.The next morning Dan, Sheri and Holly woke to the smell of coffee and bacon and eggs cooking. Blurry eyed the three stumbled into the kitchen where Ed was preparing breakfast. The table was set with a glass of orange juice at each place. “The toast will be ready shortly.” He exclaimed with a smile. “I know I’ve been a real bastard lately and this is just one of many ways I want to thank you for getting me… up…so to speak.”

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