Girl Friend and I Become Step… #2


Girl Friend and I Become Step… #2Girlfriend and I Become Step… #2As Nestlé started sucking and licking my dick clean, mom leaned over and started licking and sucking on Nestlé pussy, trying to suck out my cum from her pussy, that I had just pumped into her. I could tell that while Nestlé was licking and sucking on my dick, she was using one hand to stroke Larry’s dick, and Larry was playing with one of her tits with one hand, and one hand was playing with one of mom’s tits, so I played with Alice’s other tit with one hand, and my other hand I started fingering Alice’s pussy, to find that she was really wet from all that had been going on since Nestlé, and I, had stepped into the living room. After a few minutes of all of us playing around with each other, “I do not know about Nestlé, but I need a big dick in my pussy right now.” then mom moved around and straddled my face, then took over where Nestlé left off with my dick, and started licking and sucking my dick into her mouth, and Alice went down on my cock with her mouth, then I felt her tongue on my balls, and her nose in my pubic hairs.“Oh fuck Alice, that feels fucking good.” with the last part of what I said being drowned out, from Alice putting her pussy over my mouth, as I was speaking. A moment later Alice pulled off my dick slipping off of my dick with a little bit of a popping sound, “You liked me deep throating you did you?” “It was fantastic. Your pussy taste really good too, like Nestlé’s does.”“Your cum mixed with Nestlé’s cum taste pretty good to me too.” then Alice gave my dick a few more sucks and licks, before she deep throated it again.I heard Nestlé and Larry talking back and forth then too, with each other right next to Alice and me.After Alice sucked my cock down all the way to the hilt and licked my balls while she had my dick in her mouth a couple of more times, she pulled off of my cock, and lifted her pussy up from my face, so that I couldn’t lick it and suck on her clit anymore, and moved down, keeping a leg on each side of me, then she lined up her pussy with my dick, with her back to me, and sat down on my cock, in revers cowgirl.Once Alice was seated on me with my cock stuck up in her pussy to the hilt, “How does that feel Roger, having your big cock in my pussy like this?” then giving her butt a little bit of a shake, from side to side. “Oh fuck yes Alice, it feels fantastic. I do not know feels better, you or Nestlé, and don’t want to have to decide, as to feels better.” “That is how I’m feeling between your cock and Larry’s cock, so we will not try to decide. We will just know they each feel, damn good.” then Alice started lifting up, then sliding back down, on my dick.“Oh fuck Larry, your cock feels good, in my pussy.”“Your pussy is fucking tight for sure, just like Alice’s pussy is.”“I agree with you Larry. Both of them have a tight pussy, and feel fantastic for sure.”“Yes they do Roger.”I put my hands on Alice’s butt cheeks and squeezed them, and did what I could to help her lift and lower herself up and down on my dick, as she rode it in the revers cowgirl, and looking over at Nestlé, and Larry, she was riding revers cowgirl too. I saw Larry reach up and pull Nestlé back some, and place her hands on his shoulders behind her, then he reached up and around her to squeeze and play with her tits and nipples, and I decided to do the same to Alice too. So as I pulled Alice’s arms back, “Put your hands on my shoulders Alice.” when Alice had her hands on my shoulders, I reached up and around and squeezed her big tits and nipples, like Larry was doing to Nestlé’s little tits and nipples.“You know Alice, Nestlé here, may have as big a nipples as you have, as big as her nipples are right now, compared to the size of your nipples.” “I was noticing that too what a go. I was wondering, how big a tits your wife had?”“If I remember right, she was a C cup.”“Right now, I’m a B cup. I’m about to cum too.”“Let it happen, baby.”“Oh fuck, I’mm cummingg.”“I’ll say. I can hardly fuck you, your squeezing my dick so hard, with your pussy muscles.”“I’m about to cum too. Keep fucking me Roger, don’t stop.”I was doing what I could to meet Alice’s strokes, with strokes of my own, by fucking up into her, as she lowered herself down on my dick, with her down stroke.”After just a few strokes more in and out with my cock, in Alice’s pussy, “Oh yes, fuck me, I’m fucking cumming, don’t stop fucking meee.”I could feel Alice’s pussy squeeze my cock as we kept trying to fuck each other, and like with Nestlé, Alice’s pussy muscles was squeezing my dick pretty hard, to where I was about to cum too.“Oh fuck, I’m about to cum too, with your pussy squeezing me as hard as it is.”“Cum with me Roger, yes, fill my pussy up with your cum, I want all of you in my pussy. I want you to cum with me, now.” “Oh fuck, there it is…” as rope after rope of my cum, shot out of my dick into Alice’s pussy, and more of Alice’s cum came out around my dick, along with my cum too, onto my pubic hair and balls.“Oh yes Nestlé, I’m cumming too, fuck.”I saw that Nestlé was putting all of her weight down on Larry, and he couldn’t lift her up, so he filled Nestlé’s pussy up with his cum, like I was filling Alice’s pussy up with cum.“Oh yes, I can feel your cum shooting into my uterus baby, and it is so fucking hot, and your making me cum more too.” “Oh fuck Larry, I can feel your cum in my pussy.”When I finally stopped cumming in Alice’s pussy, I just laid there with my arms wrapped around her, as she laid back on me, then she rolled off to my side, with me rolling with her onto my side, and keeping my dick stuck in her pussy, as she rolled onto her side. While we laid there recovering from our orgasm, I kissed around on Alice’s neck and shoulders, with Nestlé and Larry lying beside us. “Man what an evening this has turned out to be. First I have wanted to have sex with my mom, and then I dreamed about the day Nestlé and I would take each other’s cheery, and the dreams and thoughts of how the first time would be with each of them, has turned out to be totally different than I ever dreamed about, and is even better, than I have ever dreamed about it being.” “I had those same thoughts about my dad, and then about Roger, as far as who I wanted first for so long, and then how I had my own thoughts about how it would be with dad and I, and then with Roger and me, and like Roger, this is even better than my thoughts and dreams by a long shot for me.”“I’m glad it turned out better than you two even thought about being.”“I agree with Alice. We still wasn’t quite sure how you two would feel about what we did, or how it would turn out, but I enjoyed what we all have done here tonight, and I’m glad that you two enjoyed it too.”“I know I enjoyed it myself. Now where do we all go from here?”“How do you mean Alice?”“That is what I want to know mom?”“I mean what happens after Larry and I get married for one, and do we get together like this every weekend, or every Friday, or what? I really do not know how to ask it maybe. I just know by the things said this evening, that Roger will want to have sex with me through the week, as well as want to have sex with Nestlé, and she will want sex with you Larry, as well as with Roger too. And then they will more than likely want to have sex with us, after you and I are married too, and they may want to be in another four-way with the four of us, all together again too. Now does that make since, as to what I mean by ‘where do we go from here’?”“I believe I understand the question now. Did Alice make since to you two?”“I think so.”“It does to me, because I was wondering the same thing too. Like Alice said, I do want to have a four-way with the four of us again, and I can live with each Friday night or each Saturday night that we do so myself, but not sure how to work out the rest of the week, in being able to have sex with both Roger, and you dad.”“Mmm,.. How about every Saturday, Roger and Alice spend the night here, as well as Friday nights, with Friday nights, we have our four-way, and then you and Roger can sleep izmir escort together after the four-way, and then again on Saturday nights you two get to sleep with each other again, and then Sunday nights after you two, Alice, and me, have our time with each other, they go home and they can do whatever they want as far as sleep with each other or not, while Nestlé and I do whatever we want to do, if it means sleeping together through the night, and then Alice and I will have our date together before we decide to go call it a night, and while Alice and I are on our date, you and Roger can have your date together too, which will be every other evening, and the evenings that we do not go out on dates, I spend with you, while Alice and Roger spend their evening together. Does all that make since?”“Yes, it does to me, and I think it is a good idea myself.” “Does that sound good to you and Roger Alice?”“How do you feel about that Roger?”“I think it will work out pretty good to me like Nestlé thinks, and it does make since to me with what Larry said, which gives us all a chance to be with the ones we all love so much, on a one to one, as well as all together.” “Yes it does.” Alice said with a smile, “I believe we are all in agreement with it love. Now what about tonight, since I didn’t bring anything from home to wear tomorrow, or any of my personal things either, and I don’t know if Roger brought anything like that either?”With a smile on his face, “Why worry about having any clothes to wear tomorrow, since we have all seen each other in the nude, now? We all could make this a nude house, as long as it is just the four, or one of the four, of just one of us in the house, and no one else in the house with us, that is outside right now.”“I would like that at our house too mom.”“I must say you do have a point love. I guess we can do that at home too, that way we can be used to it by the time we move in, which I take it we will be doing, since Larry does have the farm, or ranch, which ever it is.”“It is listed as a farm because I do farm most of the land, as well as run some cattle on it most of the time, and other times I run horses on it.”“Do you have hired hands?”“I have one man that looks over the place for me, and then during harvest I hire a few hands to help harvest, till it is all harvested, and after the baling is done, I hire a couple of guys to haul hay, either to my barn or to customers, if we get a big order like a big truck load of hay to be delivered.”Mom, Larry, Nestlé, and I, sat visiting with each other, and drank another round of beers, and then Larry and mom headed off to bed in Larry’s bedroom, with Nestlé and I going to her bedroom to bed for the night.Nestlé and I had one more round of sex before going to sleep, with my cock stuck in her pussy in the spoon position, and my arms wrapped around her with my hand on one of her tits. Nestle and I would go to school of a morning holding hands with each other, and then sit next to each other at dinner time, then then just stand and talk and some kissing and hugging off to the side in the hallway till our next class, then go to our separate class’ till school let out that afternoon, then hold hands on the walk home, for the following month. The next month that rolled around Nestlé, and I, would meet at her house for our home schooling with a young woman, that was maybe about twenty five years old and very good looking, and it didn’t help me with my boners because she would wear either a short dress or short skirt, and sometimes I would get to see up her skirt or dress, when she bent over for whatever reason, and a few times when she sat down I would get an up-skirt view too. The woman’s name was Nancy, and she would wear some kind of thong panties most of the time, and some of them were sheer on the front penal, and didn’t hide anything, so I was able to see that she had a bald pussy too. Every day after our home schooling was over with, I would have such a hard-on that my balls were about to hurt, and I was glad that Nestlé was wanting to have sex herself, because she would see that I would be sitting there trying to do my school work with a hard-on, and when we would take a break from the schooling, she would try to help me out, and sometimes we would manage to be alone long enough for her to give me a blowjob, and she would swallow my load each time. By the time we were able to have spring break like the k**s at school got to do, Nestlé was real good at giving blowjobs, and could get me off pretty quick. After that first night at Nestlé’s and Larry’s house when Nestlé and I had our first sex session with mom and Larry, mom and I would sleep together on our nights to be with each other, and I even told her about what Nancy would do to me, and how she did it to me by wearing those short skirts and dress’, and how Nestlé would do what she could to help give me relief, when Nancy would leave us alone long enough for her to do so, and on the night that I told mom about it, I think we had sex that lasted longer than most other nights. The day that mom and Larry got married and went on their honeymoon, Nestlé and I had the house to ourselves for the next four days, and we went around the house without a stich of clothing on, and had sex in every room of the house, and even ventured out into the back yard in the nude, to do some sunbathing, and had a round of sex then too. On the fifth day as Nestlé and I were finishing up cleaning the kitchen after eating breakfast, there was a knock at the front door, and as the two of us rushed to throw something on over us so we could answer the door, Nancy came in through the door closing and locking the door behind her real quick, then turned toward Nestlé and me, still in the nude, “I’m sorry to barge in on you like this, but I hope my boyfriend doesn’t see me standing out the, and that I managed to lose him before I got here. I hope your dad doesn’t mind me parking my car in the barn out there, but I wanted it out of sight from the road, if by chance my boyfriend drives by on the road.” Then Nancy went to the window and looked out between the curtains, then turned back and looked at Nestlé and me, “Did I wake the two of you up?”“No, we just finished eating breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. What happened with you and your boyfriend?” still standing next to Nestlé at the end of the couch, with an oversize T-shirt for Nestlé to throw on, and a pair of shorts for me to throw on, at the other end of the couch from us, on an end table. “He got mad at me for no reason at all, and is trying to say that I am cheating on him, and since I haven’t cheated on him, and he wants to say that I am, I told him he is telling me that he is the one cheating on me, and he got all bent out of shape and was trying to hit me and all, so I managed to get out with my keys and get in my car and left, and the only place I could think of that he may not find me was here, and he did start out to follow me, so I did what I could to get here without him knowing which way I went, before coming here.” “Okay. Did he hit you and hurt you in any way at all, besides the cheating on you?” still standing with a hard-on next to Nestlé.“No, I was lucky enough to get out in time, but now I have no place to go now because I am never going back to him, because this is not the first time he has tried to say I am cheating on him, and I even told him, that him and I are finished. I did manage to get a few things of mine before I got away from him.”“I’m glad that you got away from him with something for sure. I guess it will be okay if you stay here till our folks get back from their honeymoon which they said they would be back this Saturday afternoon some time. Do you think it will be okay Nestlé?”“Yes I think so but now we may have a problem.”“May I ask what may be the problem?” standing there looking at my hard dick, and Nestlé, nude as the day she was born next to me like I am, and Nancy dressed in a shorter skirt than she usually wears, and a T-shirt that we could see her tits with her pink nipples, escort izmir trying to poking through the shirt. “Well if we include her and get her involved she can’t tell on anyone of us, because if she does, she gets in trouble too.”“Okay how do we go about that?”“First I want to know what you mean by getting everyone in trouble, including myself, if I tell someone about, what?”“We saw how you looked at us when you came in, and then after you took a look out the window, and you asked us, if we just got up, and we answered you as to what we were doing when you came through the door, and we haven’t moved from this spot, where you first saw us. We figured that you may have a question about our dress, and why we haven’t moved to put something on, to cover ourselves.”“Yes I did notice you two standing there naked as the day you two were born, and I know that you two were an item before your folks got married to each other this last Friday afternoon, which makes you two brother and sister now, even if it is stepbrother and stepsister, which is in today’s society against the law, and I am not one to judge what you two do, it is more your mom and dad’s place to make that decision, not me, and in my book, it’s not the law’s place either.” “I all ways thought you were pretty cool, as well as beautiful, and the man that you marry will be a lucky man for sure. We just didn’t know how you felt about everything, that we do as a family.” “Whatever makes a family stay together as a family, and everyone has fun and doesn’t get hurt, is fine with me, and the law needs to stay out of it, and should not matter to the outside world, as to what happens inside of a house, unless they see someone getting hurt, then the law is to be called in, but, not till then. Now, by the way it sounds and looks with Nestlé’s big belly there, and the way you two are dressed, I would say there is more going on with your mom and dad, than just you two, and that is what is got you two worried about me running to the police, and saying something to them.” “You are mostly right, but they had nothing to do as far as Nestlé being pregnant really, even thou there is more going on, than just her and me with us.” as Nestlé and I walked to the other end of the couch, with me going in front of the couch, and Nestlé walking behind the couch, toward Nancy who was still standing between the couch and the window. Nancy looked back and forth between Nestlé and me, “Why are you two looking at me that way?”“Do you know what you have done to Roger every day of the week that you have been here helping us with our home schooling, when we need help, and teaching us how to do things, that is new to us?” “What do you mean, doing to him?”“With the dress’ and skirts that you wear when you are teaching us, and you happen to bend over to pick something up, or lean over to help me with something I’m having trouble figuring out.”“I’m not doing anything but just that.”“Oh you are doing more than that to him.”“Sometimes when you sit down, even.” I had to add in. “Please tell me what I’m doing to you, and I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way.” “You haven’t hurt me, except on times that we had to wait till you left the house, and Nestlé here has had to take care of what you caused every day.”“What did I cause every day?”“Just what I have caused since we got out of bed this morning.” Nestlé pointed at my hard dick. Nancy looked down again at my hard dick, and then up at me, “How did I do that every day, when all I may have done is bend over for some reason or other?”“If you were to just bend over with your back to me, what would I see under that short skirt you have on there?”“You would see… Oh no! But I’ve had panties on, on those days I’m here, but now I do… Never mind about that. Does my panties, make you horny?”“Not so much as the panties that make me horny, but what your panties let me see each time, and what I can see under your T-shirt right now, isn’t helping me any either, except to stay hard as Nestlé had made me, since we got out of bed this morning.” I then reached up and squeezed one of Nancy’s tits.Nancy looked down at herself when I said ‘T-shirt’, and just before I reached up and squeezed a tit, she was like a split second late on trying to cover herself with her hands or arms, which ever she was going to use to cover her tits with.“These are something I’ve wanted to feel out too, as well as this sexy hot ass of yours.” reaching up and around behind her, and giving her ass a squeeze, just as I said ‘sexy hot ass’.When I reached up and around to put my hand on Nancy’s ass, my hand went under the skirt tail, so my hand got a hold of her bare ass, and with my middle finger going between her butt cheeks, I felt her ass hole, “Oh wow Nestlé, she as nude under her clothes as we are.” Nancy put her hand on my arm, and with a weak push, she tried to push my hand away from her ass, and Nestlé put her hand under the skirt tail, in the front of Nancy, “Like you said, she does have a bald pussy, and it is all wet too.”“I was wondering if it was, since her nipples are so hard up here.” giving Nancy’s other tit a squeeze then. “Do you want to take the top off, or the bottom?” I could feel Nestlé’s fingers rubbing Nancy’s pussy lips, as I squeezed her ass cheeks, and rubbed a wet finger over her ass hole, after sticking my finger in her pussy to get the finger wet. “Oh you two are naughty, and got me so fucking horny now too.”“I think I’ll take the top off, because I’ve seen her sexy ass and pussy the most, even thou she did have panties on, but I’ve never seen her tits yet.”With that I took my hand off of her tit and got a hold of her shirt tail, and started lifting it up, and my hand I had on her ass went up to the back, and lifted the shirt tail in the back, as Nestlé unzipped the zipper on the side of the skirt, then pulled the skirt down around Nancy’s feet, as I pulled the shirt off over Nancy’s head, and off the arms. Nancy didn’t resist me or Nestlé as we took her shirt and skirt off of her, and as I tossed the shirt on the floor next to us, I put a hand on a tit and started kissing her on the mouth, and when I stuck my tongue to her lips, she opened her mouth and tongue kissed me back, as I squeezed her tits and nipples. I felt Nancy shift a little bit as I started kissing her and playing with her tits and nipples, and as I started kissing down to her tits I saw that Nestlé was fingering and eating Nancy’s pussy out, and Nancy was moaning in my mouth, and moaning louder when I started kissing down to her tits.“Oh fuck, what you two are doing to me. That hard cock of yours, is so big, and when I saw it, I went to wanting it. Oh fuck, right there, I’m about to cum… Oh fuck, I’m cumming, eat my pussy, I’m fucking cumming.” Nancy went to stroking my cock as soon as I went to kissing on her tits.I kept sucking and licking on Nancy’s tits and nipples, and adding a little nibble every little bit to the nipples as well.Nancy started to squat down on the floor, which I then caught her in my arms, and Nestlé got back out of the way so that I could move Nancy toward the couch, and when I got her to the couch, I laid her down on it on her back, and then spread her legs apart and got between them, and started licking and sucking on her pussy and clit and finger fucking her myself, as Nestlé started kissing and playing with Nancy’s tits, and squeezing her nipples. A moment later Nestlé, and Nancy, broke the kissing off, “Oh fuck me, I need your big cock in my pussy now.” and then Nestlé got up and straddled Nancy’s head, and squatted down over her face, for Nancy to eat her pussy out like she had done to Nancy, over by the window. While Nestlé was straddling Nancy’s head I moved up and lined my dick up with Nancy’s bald pussy, and then stuck my hard cock in Nancy’s pussy, and slid all the way in to the hilt at a slow but steady speed, because Nancy’s pussy was so tight, which surprised me that she was so tight, and just before Nestlé got her pussy down over Nancy’s face, “Your boyfriend must have a very small dick to have such a tight izmir escort bayan pussy as you have here.” which Nestlé paused for a bit.“Yes he is very fucking small and only last about two seconds. Two strokes and he’s cumming. You are a hell of lot bigger than he is for sure. Now can you last longer than two strokes?” With that Nestlé put her pussy down for Nancy to eat her out, “Believe me, he can last a lot longer than two strokes, now eat my pussy.” I could feel Nancy’s pussy muscles squeeze and release then squeeze again around my dick, and as I started to slide my dick out of her pussy and back in at a slow speed for a few strokes, I could hear Nancy say something, but with Nestlé’s pussy down at her mouth, it muffled to where I do not know what Nancy said, but it sounded like she was doing a lot of moaning. “Oh fuck yes, that’s it, eat my pussy you prick tease. We will teach you not to be such a prick tease. The next time you want to make a dick hard as a rock, you better take care of that hard ass cock, if that cock belongs to my man or my dad because they are both my men, and if you make them hard and don’t do something to fix it, I will make you eat my pussy all day long, till one of my men need to fucking fuck me. Do you hear me prick teaser?” “Mm m mm mm.” is all I could hear and understand.“And no matter how much you want a dick in your pussy, you will not get it that day, so if you want any dick in your fucking pussy at all, you best service the dick you get hard as a fucking rock, after you fucking tease the shit out of it. Do you understand that prick teaser?”“M mm mmm mmm.”The whole time Nestlé was going on about Nancy and her cock teasing, I was fucking Nancy’s pussy, and speeding up as I kept fucking her, till I was fucking her as fast as I could. While I was fucking Nancy, and Nestlé was talking to Nancy, I all so was squeezing one tit on both of them and squeezing their nipple too. “Oh fuck me Roger, she is making me cum all over her fucking face. It feels so fucking good.”“Good that she has made one of us cum all ready for sure.”By the way Nancy was acting, she was about to cum or she was cumming, at the same time as Nestlé was cumming, and I could feel Nancy’s pussy muscles squeeze even tighter around my cock, and her pussy got even wetter than it was before, and it was pretty fucking wet then, when I first put my dick in her pussy.Nestlé’s then fell back with her butt on Nancy’s chest, putting my hand between her putt cheek and Nancy’s tit, then she fell over to the side and down on the floor on her knees next to the couch, with Nancy crying, “Oh shit, I’m still fucking cumming, and I can’t stop, as long as you keep fucking me like this. Oh fuck me, I’ve never had any one, to keep fucking me, while I’m fucking cumming like this, shit it feels fucking good.” I just kept fucking her, and I was so damn close to cumming, that I just could not stop fucking Nancy’s bald fucking pussy, “I’m about to fucking cum too.”“Oh fuck yes, cum with me, I will never be just a fucking prick tease to you ever again, except for when I need some of this fucking big ass cock of yours.”As the first rope of cum shot out of my dick into Nancy’s pussy, “I’m filling your pussy up, with my baby making batter.” as I pushed my cock into her pussy as far in as I could get it, from the first shot of cum.“No pull it out, you’ll get me pregnant, no pull out!”“Fill her pussy up Roger, she deserves to be pregnant after teasing the shit out of you every day, like she has done.”I was just to weak to pull out, and since I had done shot several ropes of cum into her pussy, I just kept my dick shoved into her pussy as far as I could get it, till I quit cumming, and I didn’t think I would stop cumming, as long as her pussy muscles were squeezing my cock with each spasm, she was having.When I finally did stop cumming, I just laid over on top of her in a hug and French kissed her on the mouth for a moment, then she shook her head to make me stop kissing her, which she did kiss me back, then she looked at me, “I said to cum with me, not in me.”“Then you should have said not to cum in you, or pull out before you cum in me. My thought of cumming with you is to cum together, like in, mix your cum with my cum, so don’t blame me for not pulling out, before I filled your pussy up with my cum.”“When his mom and I tell him to cum with us, that is just what he does is cum with us, not pull out and cum on us. Cum on me is different than cum with me. And you’re supposed to be the teacher, not us.”“Okay, okay, you two are right, I should have been more clear, and I can see what you are saying, but the damage is done now, and I will be pregnant because his cum is still in my womb and so is his cock head, and it is the time of month that I can get pregnant, and I’m not on the pill any more, since that dick of a boyfriend is a two stroke jerk anyway, that is two stroking some other bitch, and once he cums, he can’t get his three inches up long enough to two stroke much less one stroke even, so that is why I didn’t stay on the pill, and I should have, but I didn’t ever think I would find anyone else, or even have sex with anyone else for that matter.”“As beautiful as you are, and you didn’t think you could find, or can find, someone else that can, and will love you, and treat you like a queen?”“He’s all ways told me I was fat and ugly and for that reason no one will ever want me to have sex with me, or even marry me other than him, but then he stopped fucking me and having sex with me all together, and then he said I was fucking around on him, but he wanted me to dress like I’ve been dressing, and said if no one hits on me I would know that he is telling me the truth, and I was believing him because no one ever did hit on me, till I came through that door there today, and with what Nestlé there said to me about being a cock teaser, I got to thinking about how you said I made you hard every day I’ve been here, just by looking at my what I think is a big ass butt…”“Big ass butt my ass! You do not have a fucking big ass butt, you have a fucking just right sexy round little butt, that is round and small just right, fucking butt, that is sexy hot to look at, and I just fucked the shit out of the woman that owns that little round ass. I do not want to hear you ever say you have a big ass butt again, I want to hear you say, I have a little sexy ass butt, is what I want to hear from you every day, then I want to see that little sexy ass butt you have. Got it?”“I got it.”“Good. Now this is how I want you to tell me and show me every day. Every day that it is just the three of us here, whether it is during our schooling time or not, and you turn around to do something, even if it is to turn and leave the room we are in, or just you and me in the room, or just to turn and pick up something, or bend over to help Nestlé with something, I want to hear ‘I have a little sexy ass butt’, then you turn around and stick your butt out at me, then you go on and do whatever it was you were going to do. Now you do not have to do that when our mom and dad are home and in the same room with us, but when it is just the two or three, of us here.” “When do you want me to start telling you and showing you?”“As soon as you have to get up and turn your little sexy ass butt toward me, to do whatever it is you have to do. Now if you do not have to turn your little sexy ass butt toward me, you do not have to tell me or show me, just when you have to turn your back toward me, and you will have to start the first time you have to move and turn your back toward me, after I pull my cock out of your pussy here.”I then pulled my dick out of Nancy’s bald pussy, and pulled her up with me to a sitting position, and gave her a French kiss and a squeeze of her tits with my hands, as Nestlé got up on the couch beside us, and sat down next to Nancy.“I must say I have never been fucked like that ever in my life. Where did you learn to fuck like that? But before you answer that, I need to go to the bathroom first.”“Me too.” Nestlé piped in as she stood up.“I have a little sexy ass butt.” then Nancy stood up, turned and stuck her butt out at me for a couple of seconds, then she walked around the couch, toward the bathroom in the hallway, with Nestlé following her.

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