Giving it Rough from the Start


Giving it Rough from the StartI grew up a shy, gaming geek. Still lived with my parents at 22 and still a virgin. Until I had met a married friend. Dark hair, brown eyes, double D tits and a rocking body. We were just friends at first general chatting. Well we got into flirting and one thing led to the next and we were having a small distant affair over the webcam and phone. Then the day come that she gave me a chance to move and get a fresh start in life I made the leap and things went very sour at first. We fought argued, never hung out and was nothing like it was meant to be.Well I had moved out and got a new job, met a girl at work. We started hanging out seeing each other. I had no phone at the time so it had be several weeks since me and my friend had talked.Well one night she ask me to come hang out, nothing out of the usual I get there and shes making some sliders.”Want a few” she asked. Damn right I did, who turns down a free drink?So we head over to our respective computer rooms seperate sat down and started gaming. We get online first thing she says to me. “I been naughty today.””Oh ya?” I respond this is nothing new between us.”Ya, I been doing some reading. Had to bring out the toys.”Instantly turned on I start rubbing myself through my pants. “Never a bad thing. lol” After that the chat died a little. Ofcourse a bit disappointed but we had gotten into a major fight recently and we started talking about that. I mention how its been hard not having the same relationship we once had.”It’s hard for me to.” she responded.In disbelief I respond. “How so?””Well .. actually never mind I shouldn’t say” she explained.Being a bit curious I egg her on to explain.”Well the other night after our argument, I wanted to just come in the and fuck your brains out. I release the tension.” she bluntly tells me. “Now I have been drinking today, I’m extremely bakırköy escort horny and I am worried what may happen.””What happens, happens doesn’t mean we won’t stop being friends. Well want to watch a movie?””Sure!” she responds.”Alright I probably should shower first though, before I get to tired.” i explain.”Good idea. I probably should also.” she responds.Well she then heads out I let her get into the shower first ofcourse, on the way the stairs. “You can come chat if you like, not like you haven’t seen me naked before. lol” I happily follow. As she gets out of shower naked she tells me to go take mine. I strip down, and as I take my pants off she stares at my 7 inch penis happily.”You like?” I laugh.”Damn right!” as she responds. We continue just chatting we get dressed in our bed clothes as I was staying over the night in a seperate room. We sit down on couch and she cuddles up next to me. I slowly just start rubbing her leg.This goes on about 5-10 minutes, then I slowly inch up closer into her thighs, with no restraint from her she just sits there. So I take a little shit risk and nibble her ear.”Hey!! Now thats not nice!!” she says.”What? I didn’t do anything!?” I laugh.I have now moved my hand over top her underwear rubbing her clit through them. She starts to breath heavier. As I feel her panties getting wet through the cloth I move my hand up and slide it down under her underwear. She lets out a massive moan, and as I am rubbing her clit shes pushing her back agianst my chest, arching her body up in pleasure. I start nibbling on her neck as I am fingering her. She continues to moan, and breath heavily. I pull my fingers out for a moments and get a nice taste of her something I have been waiting forever for. “Want a better taste of it?” she seductively ask.I go down between her legs and slide off beşiktaş escort her underwear sucking the few juices left in them, then proceed to slowly lick her pussy. She lets out a even larger moan this time. As I’m sucking on her clit. I put my fingers in her pussy and start pounding her with my hand as I suck on her clit. She instantly starts to climax and she starts ferociously forcing her pussy into my mouth. After she climaxes I climb up her body kissing her inch by inch and we start making out.”Lets go to the bedroom.” she demands. I pick her up and we are making out as we stumble towards the bedroom, we reach the hall and I slam her body up against the wall. The lets out a moan in pleasure of being controlled.I take her to bedroom and notice some junk on my bed from when I showed up. I grabbed the stuff and just throw it off in a rush. I turn around and grab her and pick her up and toss her on the bed. I crawl up her body and start making out. Then I start working my way down to her just absolutely delicious pussy. I start licking it once again, and slowly fingering her. She runs her nails down my back cutting my back with her nails repeatedly. After several minutes of that I remove my tounge from that delicious pussy, I start pounding my hand against her pussy. She’s screaming after I give her orgasm after orgasm. In the middle of slamming her I quick move my mouth back to her clit and has a instant squirting orgasm. I swallow her juices and start to slow down a bit.She then gets in doggy style position. I come up behind her teasing her with the tip of my dick. She moans for me to put it in and I resist building up her anticipation. I then grab onto her hair and slam it inside, giving her another orgasm. I start pounding her from behind as I am pulling on her hair. She bucks like a wild horse damn near beylikdüzü escort bringing me to a orgasm. I pull out and calm for a second. “My turn to do some of the work.” she laughs.She sits in almost a indian style position and puts her legs under my lower back, and the slowly slides me inside of her. I am just completely in pleasure trying to hold out as long as possible. She bounces up and down on me as fast and hard as she can. I feel her juices from her soaked pussy dripping down my balls. I try to hold on as long as possible as shes taking her nails up and down my chest. I am in complete heaven between her riding my cock like a champ and the pain from the scratching.After a few more orgasms from her I cannot hold on any longer. As I feel those juices run down me and those double d tits bouncing in front of me.”Fuck I’m gonna cum.” I say in complete pleasure.Then with just damn good timing she pulls off as its coming up and I just let out the largest burst of pleasure I have ever had.Both extremely exhausted from about the 2 hours of sex, and pleasure she falls back panting as I do as well.”Well im not longer a virgin.” I laugh.”Woohoo” she yells while laughing.We fall asleep and the next day we are sitting outside and she laughs.”What?” I ask.”Nothing like sex relieving the tension between two friends” she laughs.”You know you enjoyed it.” I tease.”Funny thing is I didn’t know I could get a hickey down there.” she laughs. “I feel like I had anal sex all night!.””Do you squirt much?” I ask.”Only when someone is pounding me that hard with their hands.” she explains.We laugh and chat etc.. and then her mom comes over not thinking much I just got a A top on. Her mom looks at me, and ask whats with the scratches?”I freeze” fuck im caught I think. I gotta come up with something.”Playing with the dogs?” she ask.”Yea I was.” I laugh.My friend gives me a ooo thank god look. Then I head and put on a shirt.Hope you enjoyed my true story of my first time. Not much the story writer so hope I did well. This isn’t where the story ends with us though. We didn’t have sex for several months until one night and a hot tub… to be continued.

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