Group Interview

Amber Ivy

Group InterviewIt was late Friday afternoon and I received an email from a recruitment agency that I had been signed up with for some time, but had not heard from regarding employment. The email informed me that I had been selected for a group interview for a company linked with a large well known health company. I was to report to the reception of a conference centre at 10am and inform them I was there for the interview; other details were enclosed in the email. I arrived in my suit, and as I am on crutches, carrying a rucksack with my CV and paperwork. I arrive at reception and am greeted by an attractive middle aged woman; around forty with a slim body in a grey suit with white blouse, she had a name badge with Cheryl on it. “Good morning Cheryl” I announced, “I am here for the interview at ten on clock”Cheryl handed me an application form and pen and told me to sit in the lobby and fill it out. “Someone will be with you shortly” Cheryl informed me.I thanked her and started to fill the form out. Within fifteen minutes another nine candidates arrived for the position. Five men and four women. Then a man and woman entered the lobby and introduced themselves as Carl and Lucinda, Senior managers for the said company, and asked us to follow them where we had a group discussion regarding roles of the jobs on offer. We were then asked to take part in a group “team building” session and we sat around a table and Lucinda placed a sheet of paper upside down on the table, she then informed us we had fifteen minutes to complete the task, with that Lucinda and Carl left the room.One of the male candidates turned the sheet of paper over and started to read, he stopped when he read the full task. “Well?” we asked in unison.He continued….. You are part of a group of ten people leaving a restaurant after a company celebration. As you leave you are stopped by a group of criminals carrying knives and a gun who demand your money and jewellery. You hand it over, but as they are about to leave they demand one male fully removes his clothing, one female wears only her bra and one female wears only her bakırköy escort knickers.You need to decide as a group who in your group carries out the task.No-one can volunteer.We all sat stunned around the table looking embarrassed at each other.“Do they actually want three of us to undress?” asked a rather nervous woman called Claire.Martin, the man who read the task replied, “As it is quite an unusual task, I guess so!”We spent ten minutes discussing various ways of not undressing and hypothetical challenges lie attacking the criminals, but when we the telephone rang in the middle of the table and Martin picked it up, he was informed we had just five minutes left and yes, three people had to complete the task…. It was not hypothetical.Martin asked if anyone had actually undressed in public before and surprisingly on-one admitted they did, but almost everyone admitted they had fantasies about doing it. I admitted that I had flashed when I was younger and I was surprised that most of the group thought it was a fun thought and not that they thought I was a pervert or something.In the end we each wrote our names on a piece of paper and folded them up to be drawn in a lottery.First name: Anita; a twenty three year old Indian girl, quite good looking with a slim body. “Oh no, I cannot believe it is me!” Anita said, with a glistening of tears in her eyes.Second name: Me; thirty eight years of age, obese and on crutches.“Oh well, I guess I`ll be flashing again” I said, “I hope you don’t mind?”“It`s okay, we don’t!” said Martin with a smirk on his face; along with the other men around the table.Third name: Christine; a large stout woman in her late fifties. As her name was read out she turned white as a sheet.“I think this is ridiculous” she complained, “who the fuck would want to see me naked anyway?”A complete show of hands went up instantly. She now turned bright red.“Well” said Martin “It`s obvious what he`s got to do, but which one of you women are going to wear what item?”“I`ll go topless” Anita quickly volunteered.“Well you would say that wouldn’t beşiktaş escort you?” said Christine sarcastically, “you`ve got not tits to show!”“Okay then” said Anita, “Your tits and my Pussy!”“Done!” said Martin, before anyone could again change their minds.“Time is running out!” reminded Martin.As I stood up to undo my tie and shirt, another woman from the group Trisha, started to undo my trousers. She looked up at me, winked and said, “Time is running out….and I love big men!” I whispered, “but I don’t have a big cock!”“Even better…I like small cocks too!”It wasn’t a surprise that I was fully stripped and naked before the two women, as they tried to undress as slow as possible before revealing their normally private parts.I started stroking my un-erect cock to get some life into it, it was embarrassing enough being naked in front of everyone, but to let them see my cock so small was worse; although Trisha didn’t seem to mind.Just then we heard the door latch and Anita quickly pulled her white knickers down to reveal to the group, who could see, her neatly trimmed black pubic hair and Christine tried to unclip her bra in a panic, but it was too late. She wasn’t undressed in time.Carl and Lucinda entered the room and glanced around at everyone around the table. They both smiled when they saw I was fully naked.“Nice..get the disabled guy with the small dick to get naked!” said Carl.Almost everyone laughed.“and the Ethnic girl too…I like it!” he continued as he slapped Anita`s backside.Lucinda walked up to Christine and kissed her on the lips.“Well, well Christine…not a team player are we?” she told her more than asked.“But..but…but” Christine had no reply.“Well…I`l now give you a choice Christine” said Lucinda, “either you fully strip naked now, or choose another candidate to strip!”Christine thought for a minute and I think everyone guessed her reply.“Martin…I choose Martin” said Christine.“Are you sure Christine?” asked Lucinda and Carl.“Yes” replied Christine.Lucinda looked to Carl and announced that they would be outside discussing this matter for beylikdüzü escort a few minutes.“What happened in here in that time we will not count as part of your interview, okay?” said Lucinda.As they left the room Christine looked nervously at everyone else. It was like watching vultures around a carcass. Within seconds Christine was thrown onto the table and stripped naked by the women around the table. Just then the door opened and in walked Carl.“These maybe of some use” he said as he threw a packet of condoms on the table.Anita and Trisha grabbed Christine’s ankles and spread her legs apart and Martin threw me a condom. “You’re already naked, so you get first pickings!” He said. But as he said it the other men were removing their trousers and underpants.Christine begged me not too (and I did feel quite guilty) but everyone in the room was goading me on, and I did feel she was the one who let us down. If we were really in that situation Christine would have left us for dead.Another male in the room was Stuart and he had quickly stripped off and climbed on the table and lay over Christine and forced his semi-erect cock into Christine’s mouth; which was being held open by another male in the room. He leaned forward and licked Christine’s vagina; moistening up for me to insert my cock into. I had rolled on the condom onto my cock and rested it against Christine’s cunt, then gently inserted it in.It was an amazing feeling; I felt so powerful fucking this woman who had let us down as a team. I really wanted to punish her, FUCK HER REAL HARD!!!For what seemed like ages I fucked her cunt as we heard her scream; both from my fucking her and the other guys getting her to suck their cocks, I know at least two guys cum in her mouth, something I was dying to do myself.Before I knew it I had cum over Christine’s pubic hair and the other women dived upon it and licked at it like it was some kind of elixir. Also I noticed that Carl and Lucinda had returned to the room and were stripping out of their clothes too.The following few hours were erotic bliss; it was even better than the orgies I had seen on xhamster. You cannot beat real life.As Carl stood there masturbating in front on us all he announced he had a confession to make.There was no real job….it was a scam!… it was his and Lucinda`s turn to be punished.We may not have got a job out of it, but we sure had a fun day!

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