His and Hers



As you slip out of bed, you look over at my sleeping body and smile. You’re a little sore from last night’s romp, but even so, your pussy tingles a bit remembering me inside you. Images of me taking you from behind while I teased your ass with my fingers flash through your mind.

You move quietly to the shower and feel the hot water spraying the sweat away. With a little soap, your hands glide over your skin. Your eyes are closed thinking of last night. Getting clean doesn’t take long, but the hot water feels exquisite on your skin. You know I’m only a few yards away, but your fingers reach down. It’s as if you can’t stop them. You lean against the shower wall and find that most delicate spot with two fingers.

The sensation of the hot water, the memory of me devouring your kisses, and you rubbing your clit pushes you over the edge very quickly. Feeling slightly guilty that I’m in the next room, you struggle to stay quiet as your knees tremble. Your climax washes over you quickly and then it’s over. It’s you and the streaming hot water again.

One last rinse and you step out of the shower. Reaching for a towel, you recall I normally hand you one. It doesn’t take long to dry off, but the coarse hotel towel feels good on your hard nipples and soft skin.

You turn the light off and tiptoe to the side of the bed. Pulling your wet hair to the side, you kiss my sleeping face and whisper, “Hey handsome. I was lonely in the shower and played without you, but I need more.”

In the dark you sense more than see my half smile. I pull you on top of me and kiss you deeply, tasting your lips with my tongue and teeth. In a moment or two I’m fully awake and I throw the pillows to the floor where our clothes are tangled up. Then you feel me guiding you to my face. You shift to straddle my face and lean against the headboard.

My lips graze your clit and you realize this is what you needed in the shower. Instinctively, you sink a bit lower and my tongue begins to wander. Leaning against the headboard, you grab my hair with one hand, pulling my face closer to you as your orgasm crashes through your body.

You try to hold it off, escort eryaman make it last a little longer, but that only makes it stronger. After a few moments, you move to lay with your head on my shoulder, tracing patterns with your fingertips through the hair on my chest. You whisper, “Good morning, babe. That is just what I needed. Is there anything I can do for you?”

I smile to myself and quietly say, “Sure. Next time you’re in the shower I want to watch.” You blush a bit but nod and close your eyes. We still have plenty of time before we need to get up.


We went back to sleep for a couple hours. This time you woke before me. I’m asleep on my left side, with my back to you, but even in sleep I stayed close enough to touch you. Moving up close behind me, you brush my hair away from my face and my neck, then slide that hand down my side, over my hip, around to my belly, and barely grazing over my neatly trimmed pussy to stroke my thighs.

I stir, and smile, feeling your lips against my neck, and scoot my naked ass tightly against your hardening cock. Your fingers on my thighs gently encourage me to part them. As I do, my right leg hooks around the outside of yours, bringing you even closer. You prop yourself up on your elbow and shift, rolling my shoulder flat onto the bed so I’m looking up at you. “Well hey there,” you say, with that sexy lopsided smile of yours. “Mmmm, hey yourself,” I reply, grinning back. “Something on your mind this morning, love?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, there is,” you murmur as you lean down for a kiss. Deep and hungry, that kiss, all lips and tongues and a little teeth. I love kissing you, and I give back in full measure. We’re shifting and rolling until I’m lying atop you, straddling your hips. My nipples are being teased and tickled by the thick hair on your chest, and I rub them against it from side to side.

Your hands are roaming over my skin, searching and teasing. My pussy is already soaked, grinding lightly against your hardness at first, but getting more insistent. I move my hips just right and you slip inside me.

We fit perfectly, like I predicted we would long ago. I start elvankent escort to ride you, and you meet me for each thrust. I’m still tender from the night before, and as we fuck quietly it awakens a dull ache, but in the best possible way.

Abruptly you stop us, your dick deep inside me. I look at you questioningly. You kiss me, and say against my lips, “taste me.”

I grin and whisper back, “as you wish.” I shift my weight forward, releasing you from my cunt, then begin working my way down your body, kissing and licking a path south, neglecting nothing on the journey. Collarbones, sternum, your sensitive nipples, solar plexus, belly, navel, hipbones….

By the time I reach my destination I’m not so patient. I’m desperate to have you in my mouth. Your flesh is wet from my juices, and when I take you in I can taste us both. You feel so good in my mouth and my hands, velvet over iron. I take you all the way in, until you’re hard against the back of my throat and my nose is buried in your belly, and start to move, fucking you deep with my mouth, giving suction at the right times, pausing now and then to pay extra attention to the head and on the underside where the nerves are densest.

Your fingers are tangled in my hair, driving me, showing me what you need. I’m supporting myself with one hand, and stroking your thighs and your balls with the other. I feel them start to tighten up, letting me know you’re getting close, when, suddenly, you stop me again.

Smiling at my bewildered expression, you sit up, take my face in your hands, and kiss me softly. “Trust me?” you ask. “You know I do,” I reply quietly.

You stand us both up, facing each other, and pull me close for another deep, hungry kiss. I can feel your hardness pressed against my belly. I don’t know what you’re planning, but the anticipation is killing me.

The kiss ends. You nod toward the bed. “Hands and knees, baby,” you say softly. I shoot you a grin and acquiesce. You climb up behind me, your hands sliding over my skin. “These curves…” you murmur. Then you slide two fingers inside me. I’m so very hot and wet, my body clenches onto you. etimesgut escort You tease me a bit, your fingers coated generously with my juices, before removing them and guiding your length to fill me in one smooth motion.

I let out a low moan and lean back against you, urging you to fuck me. You start an easy rhythm, anchoring one hand to my hip. Using the slick fingers on the other you begin to tease my ass, gentling me, just like you did last night, easing first one finger then another into my impossibly tight ass as I relax and accept you.

You almost abandon your course and finish us both, but you have other plans. You withdraw your dick from my cunt, and your fingers from my ass. I let out a whimper of loss, but you just say, “hush, baby.” Slowly, gently, you place the head of your dick against my ass. It’s still sopping wet from my pussy, and you ease your way in a little at a time. Your hands are stroking my back, my hips, and the curve of my behind as you encourage me to relax. I am, best I can, as you stretch my virgin ass to accommodate you.

Finally you’re in all the way. You pause, letting my body adjust. You tell me to reach down and rub my pussy, and I comply. That’s when you start to move, taking me slowly, taking all your willpower to stay that way, when what you really want to do is fuck me senseless.

At last my body starts to really relax and adjust, and I start to fuck you back, leaning into every thrust, playing with my drenched pussy all the while. We move a little faster, then a little faster. We’re both almost there. Then the overload of sensation wins, and I start to cum, burying my face in the bed so the rest of the hotel can’t hear me cry out, and you start fucking me like you really want to, using me, wringing me out, my body clenching and twitching around you, until you explode deep inside me.

We come crashing down… legs shaking, breathing hard and shallow. You tenderly pull your cock out of my ass and lay down full length on top of me, both of us trying to catch our breath as we come down. You’re kissing my neck, whispering things in my ear I can’t quite make out. I think maybe I hear “my girl…” and I smile and say “mmhmmm.”

You finally roll off me, and I get up on one elbow to face you. You smile that delicious crooked smile, and say, “Good morning!” “mornin’ baby,” I reply, leaning forward, and kissing your lips softly. “We need a shower.”

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