His version of the pickup fuck


His version of the pickup fuckPart 1 I was on my way home, had just passed by the market and pick up some weekend goodies and things to the taco. It had been a long week and I needed something to relieve the stress. My plans were to see a movie and eating tacos. Then I saw her standing in the street, hitching for a ride. A girl in short white skirt and long blond hair, standing all alone. It had just started to drizzle and I knew that it would turn rough soon. This wasn’t a street for prostitutes either. I steered my car in to the side and opened the passenger door. -Hi, can I get you a lift? -Yes, that’d be so kind of you. She leaning forward and looking in.-Well, get in then. The weather ain’t getting easier for hours. -Thank you so much. She hesitates a while and then enter. She sat down and I looked at her thighs, under that short, white skirt. Her skin had goose bumps and she shivered a little. I turn up the heat in the car and she gave me a smile. I love those short but so powerful moments in life. -Where are you going? I asked. -I’m not sure, anymore, she said. I was going to a party but I don’t feel like party anymore. My boyfriend is bursa escort an ass-hole who just dumped me, yesterday. And my girlfriends changed her mind. And I’ve just missed the last bus. -I’m sorry to hear that. But the question remains. Where do you want to go? Avoiding to talk about boy- or girlfriends or the fact that I know of jet another bus coming in about an half hour.-Sigh. She sat quiet and just stared out in the rain. I let her do it; slowed down the car a bit, just so I won’t drive off to far from where I picked her up, if she wanted to get back. And let her feel that she had time to decide. She looked up at me, from under her bangs and her eyes glittered. -Are you married? -No, why? I’m single. -I don’t know, feeling a bit silly now, but it’s just an old fantasy. -What is? -I’d not plan this, but. Since I was a young (well younger) girl, I’ve got this lust to be picked up and well… -Oh. I turned my head from the road and looked at hear big breast and in to her eyes. Are you sure? -Well, hopefully you’re not a complete a-hole so if I change my mind maybe I can just sleep on your couch at least. She smiled for the second time, bursa escort bayan and it felled little warmer in the car. -No… I mean Yes – or that I’m not an ass-hole and would of course not force you in to anything. -Well then, where do you live?We drove on home to my place. I parked the car. Let her out of the car and in the house. Lit the fireplace and, after having asked her already in the car, brewed us some tea and placed it on the table. She had a swept a blanket around her body and she looked at me with a question in her eyes, “will you fuck me?”-Let’s start this all over again, just a tiny bit, I heard myself saying. Changing my mind, shaking that feeling of needing to be the carefully protector of everybody I meet. -Are you sexually healthy? I asked after she got some grip of my confusion.-Yes, and you?-Yes. -Good.-Good. How old are you? -What do you mean; do I look to be under 18? She twinkled with her eyes. -Well, I’m not that good of judging peoples age, no offence. And just to be on the safe side of the law…-I’m 23, thank you for asking. She flirted with her right eye. And how Young are you?-32, I sad gladly. I pause to escort bursa retake the command. May I see a little of your body. I sipped my tea cup nervous.-Sure, she sad. You’ve got some music? -Yes. I stood up from the sofa and walked over to the stereo. Looked over my music collection and picked a soft sounded album with good base and no real lyrics in it. She started to dance, a little, to the music and dropped the blanket and her jacket. Her boobs looked unreal (which they were) under her damp jersey. I could see here nipples through it. My dick started to grow. She kicked of her shoes, and slowly and teasingly drooped that skirt. She stood in just her thong and jersey, holding her arms around her waist. She smiled and looked at me with that intuitive feel she have gave me in the car, and she didn’t need to use words. I understood that it was my turn. I loosened the belt and got my shoes of at the same time. Unbuttoned my shirt and looked at her.-Have you ever been with a black man before? I asked flirtatious.-No, but that’s yet another dream. She replayed frisky. My 10 incher grow a bit more and she looked at it growing under my pants. A quick tingle of anxiety passed through her. And then she came over to me. Kissed me on the lips, just a quick one and then she kneel down and put her small hands on my cock. I sighed of relief and pleasure. We could begin. To be continued.

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