Ho ho ohhhhhhh!


Ho ho ohhhhhhh!by williacjtried to add some humor to this story in the ending, merry christmas all my xhamster friends!”jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride-” I mumbled as I sat on the couch in the living room”that’s my line hon, remember?” Josette interrupted.”yeah right” I said”you don’t sing,you never do.””i will in a few minutes” she promised.She leaned over on me”I see you didn’t get your Christmas bonus this year” she says.”I could make up for it.”I sighed”I wish I could but I’m tired from working 4 straight days in a row” I told her.”I don’t think I’ll make it through Christmas dinner without dozing off!””please hon,our neighbor next door is babysitting Katy so we have the whole house to ourselves.” she whispered”not now jo jo hon i’m beat” I said.I feel my belt unbuckling and my pants being unzipped.”cmon now, not josie please….please” I urged.”i need to rest it’s been a long fucking day for-“I feel josette’s lips around my cock her tongue lapping gently back and forth across my cock tip.”urghhhhh” I groaned.josette worked my dick between her soft pink lips.” damn you woman!” i groaned.I jumped off the couch reached underneath her illegal bahis gown and pulled her panties off “Christmas isn’t here yet” I said as I began working my tongue across her pussy lips.”Christopher…omi , that….please!” she moaned as she grabbed my head holding it firmly as i work my tongue on her clit.”baby ohhhh my god Christopher fucking-” she quivered before taking the remote and tossing it across the room.I grabbed her ankles and pulled her to me.”hold your legs up” I demandedshe lay on her back on the couch i planted myself on top of her and pressed my cock against her moist pink pussy lips”there” i muttered as i began pumping myself into her.’uhh ohhhhhhh omi god..ahhhhhhhh umpfffffff!” she exclaims as i reach back and drive every inch of myself into her.damn it I think to myself as the phone rings “don’t you dare pull out of me christopher” she demanded”stay inside me it can wait..feels so ummmmm!” “feels so what?”I muttered increasing my thrusts in her pussy”feels…so…oh my..christopher you’re gonna-” she stuttered.I closed my eyes and begin drumming away at her pussy.”mmmmmmpfffff!” she mumbled.”katy’s not here josie, let it illegal bahis siteleri out let it out!” I urged.”ohhhhhhhh shit!” she mumbled through clenched teeth I keep tagging her pussy my balls slapping against her pussy lips. “shit I forgot to pull those other shades josette.”I told her.”leave the shades alone, just fuck me fuck me till I can’t stand it anymore” she demanded.her pussy lips gripped my cock tightly I pull out.”lay down” i demanded. I got on top of her on the couch and plunged my dick deep into her.”Wow” she exclaimed as she wrapped her sexy legs around my waist and clutch me tightly. I began death stroking her pussy working my cock into her from an angle.”oh right there ohhhh please god yes!” she urged.”nail me with that dick” the couch started to eerk urk urk eek ka-urk softly as I brought forth my dick into her. i pressed my lips against hers.”feel good josette?’ I ask.i’m fucking her so hard she didn’t even answer me, i buried my head into the pillow. she was pinned to the couch as I was pounding away at her pussy “umpffff ohhh chris” she moaned repeatedly she pinched my ass cheeks and i worked myself into her from an canlı bahis siteleri angle.”hhhhhholy omi-” she stammered I planted my arms by her side and began plunging my hard brown dick into her mercilessly “yes yes ohhhh” she mumbled. I looked into her eyes as I feel myself cumming”josette josette jo…settte!” i exclaimed as I thrust forward sending hot warm spunk spewing into her pussy “murghhhhhhhhh!” i mumbled. she cradled my bald head as I emptied both ball sacks into her tight pink pussy.”jo-sette” i whispered as i pressed my lips against hers”best orgasm ever!”I slowly pulled out of her, we didn’t even get dressed. we sat on the couch side by side watching tv. i nibbled softly on her ears and kissed her on her neck.”mmmmm christopher” she purred as she pushed her tight white ass against my cock.”it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” she sang “golly they’re still up?” Santa whispered to Rudolph”who in the dickens is in the living room this early in the morning,it’s not even Christmas yet!”santa peers around the corner and sees josette and I laying naked on the couchdeletedsanta grabs rudolph”wow, I’ve heard of stuffing stockings but THIS is ridiculous!” he whispers”so what’ll we do now?” Rudolph asks”let’s just ditch their presents in the hallway and split” he suggests”but what about spreading holiday cheer boss?”Rudolph asks”Rudy, I think her husband beat us to that already!”

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