Hockey buddy and his wife – 3


Hockey buddy and his wife – 3The next week when I arrived at the locker room at the rink, Pete nodded at me and I knew were on. After our game (we won, both Pete and I scored) I got in my car and went to Pete and Katie’s house. When I arrived Katie greeted me at the door in a pink robe. Katie is awesome. She is cute with sparkly eyes and she loves sex. She is open and willing to talk about sex which I love. I gave her a kiss and reached inside the robe and caressed her breast which made her moan. Pete came over to us already naked. I reached out like I was going to shake his hand but I grabbed his cock in stead of his hand. “Pete, good to see you.” I said as I felt his dick go from half hard to fully hard in my hand. I then asked Pete to make us some drinks and he went off to the den. I took this opportunity to ask Katie some questions. “Does Pete always eat his cum out of her after they fuck?” “Yes, usually.”“Has he fucked you in the ass?” “Yes, I love it.” “Have you fucked him in the ass?” “Yes, I have fucked his ass with my vibrator while I jerk Pete off or suck his dick. He comes like the fourth of July.”“Have you guys done threesomes before?” “Once with a girlfirend before they were married, it was rally fun; but never with a guy.” “Did you know Pete was bisexual?” “Well, his enthusiasm for spunk made me wonder. Plus, we watch all kinds of porn and bisexual videos are one type he likes to watch.” While I was asking these questions I was rubbing Katie’s body. I started with her tits and slowly moved down between her legs and I was slowly rubbing her pussy. I dipped my finger in her pussy to get it moist then ran it over her clit. Katie moaned and kissed me hard. Pete came in with three gin and tonics. We sipped them for a minute buca escort standing up. I got undressed then I pulled Pete to my side and asked Katie to suck our dicks. Katie set our drinks down then got on her knees on the carpet and sent back and forth between our dicks. It was awesome watching her suck my seven and a half incher then go over to Pete’s five incher. She could take him down to the base but not with me—but it sure felt great. The third or fourth time Katie switched from Pete’s dick to mine, I took his dick in my hand and started jacking him off. “Oh fuck, that feels great.” Pete said. Katie turned me so we were facing in towards each other and rubbed our dicks together and licked both our dick heads. She tried to suck us both at once but it was a little difficult due to the differences in our heights and lengths. I put two fingers on top of Pete’s dick and my thumb on the bottom and jacked his dick quickly. Katie went down and started licking his balls. Pete was groaning and then started a humping motion. I felt his dick swell and he shot is first blast on my belly. As he continued to cum I rubbed his dick on mine. He blasted and oozed his cum all over my cock while saying “fuck yea, fuck yea.” When he was done Pete got on his knees and he and Katie licked and sucked my dick until all his cum was cleaned off. I was close to cumming but I wanted to fuck Katie. She was all for it and shed her robe then jumped on the couch facing backwards. She put her arms on the back of the couch and arched her back to present her pussy to me. I got down on my hands and knees and kissed each ass cheek then licked her ass crack from the top slowly down to her little rose bud. She groaned as I circled her bud with buca escort bayan the tip of my tongue. Then I went down slowly licking my way to her pussy. I licked the bottom (now the top) of her pussy while my nose did little circles around her anus. Then I licked down to her clit and flicked it with my tongue while my nose repeatedly grazed the sensitive bottom of her labia. Katie was really wet and moaning and squirming. I made my tongue flat and licked from her clit upwards across her mons and continued up further to her ass and up her ass crack. Then I went back down with little cat licks. By the time I got back to her clit she was breathing hard and clearly about to cum. I used my mouth and nose to please her flicking her clit then licking up and down her pussy and ass. Then I went to her clit, sucked it hard into my mouth and bit down gently with my teeth while I flicked it with my tongue. Katie came hard soaking my face with her nectar. I stood up and started rubbing Katie’s clit with my dick head. She had another quick intense orgasms. When I shoved my dick in her hard she went wild. She started rubbing her clit and had a third orgasm. I pounded her hard but not for very long because I was ready to blow. I pulled out and started to rub my dick between Katie’s beautiful ass cheeks. My first cum shot splatted across her back and the next spurts dribbled down my dick and into Katie’s ass crack. I rubbed myself back and forth between her ass cheeks for a while enjoying the slipperiness of my cum and the pillowy softness of her ass. Pete was standing next to the couch watching with his mouth agape. When I pulled back Pete dove on Katie and slurped my cum off her back then attacked her ass. He was escort buca licking up and down her ass and gathering in my cum. Katie was going crazy moaning and writhing, and saying, “Yea, lick that cum from my ass. Lick it up!” I reached under and rubbed her clit quickly back and fourth and Pete focused on her rose bud as Katie had yet another orgasm. “Fuck my ass!” she yelled and Pete put his little dick in her ass crack to get it wet with my cum and his saliva. Then he slowly worked his dick in her ass. Once he was in she was going wild thrusting back at him and almost screaming “Fuck me; oh yea; fuck me.” Pete fucked her frantically for about five minutes then pumped his second load of the day in her bowels. They were both panting in the afterglow when I went behind the couch and presented my semi hard dick for Katie to suck. She sucked me for a minute until I was fully hard. Then I said, “Get it good and wet for me.” She looked up at me with her twinkling blue eyes and said, “Yes, fuck my ass with this big dick.” She gave me a wet suck and I went around the couch and eased my cock into her rectum. I eased in slowly but with her saliva and Pete’s spunk already in her ass I went in easily. Oh my god, her ass was so tight and it felt so good gripping my penis. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I fucked her ass for a few minuets then Pete said, “Spread your legs.” He wiggled backwards between my legs and started licking Katie’s clit while I fucked her ass. Katie went crazy having one orgasm after another until I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life and blasted her bowels with the remainder of my seed. Pete and I washed up then we sat naked and finished our, now watered down, drinks. Katie said she had never had so many orgasms in one day. Part of what has been so great about this for me is that generally I am a once a day cummer (or once every few hours). But Pete and Katie get me so excited that I have been able to cum twice each time I hae been with them. I cant wait until next week.

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