Hooking for my Husband


Hooking for my HusbandHookingMy husband sat me down at the dining table. He had a serious look on his face as he placed his hand over mine. Pausing briefly he then looked me directly in the eye and blurted out.”Will you be an escort girl for a client I’m trying to close a deal with?”Staring at him with disbelief I ran the sentence over in my recent memory to ensure I’d heard him correctly. The request was still rattling inside my head. Will I be an escort? Trying not to look too shocked I responded in an almost glib manner.”If he’s fairly good looking, not grossly overweight and has a big cock, I’ll be delighted!” ” He’s about thirty five, fair haired, quite athletic and according to the last hooker I booked for him he has a large cock and has quite a kinky streak!”Now this was becoming very interesting. My husband was wishing to pimp my services out which was turning me on no end and from the glint in his eye he looked quite enthralled at the prospect of me being impaled on his clients cock.”If you do this you’ll need to get your story right. He’s not to know that you’re my wife”.”You’ll need to tell me how kinky he is. I don’t mind a little kinky but I don’t want any mayhem”. I replied.”He likes stockings and suspenders on a woman and he likes to spank women and tie them up during sex. She said he was insistent that she swallowed his cum!”.”That’s not really kinky just a little adventurous. I almost always wear stockings and I’ve been tied and spanked on many occasions, and let’s be honest here, I’ve swallowed gallons of cum in my time!”.”Well the last hooker said he spanked her with a wooden spoon then fucked her ass whilst he spanked her pussy with the spoon. She said it was one of the few times she had orgasmed with a client!”Now this guy was beginning to stimulate my sexual psyche. The thought of being fucked up the ass and my cunt spanked with a wooden spoon was making my pussy squelch and squirm quite nicely.”Why are you asking me to fuck him as a hooker when you already had one that satisfied his decadent needs?”.”Because last night on the phone he asked if I could locate a girl who had the following attributes. Short blonde hair, large breasts, small waist, long legs and must be tolerant to anal and oral. Basically a filthy dirty whore! Anyone you know resemble that description?”.My stomach fizzed with sexual excitement. Here was my husband describing my attributes as a sexual slut and approving so much, he was offering to sell my sexual prowess to another man.”Plus he’s only here on Wednesday evening and that’s one of your nights in the flat. I thought you could help me out and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the occasion!”.He was right, Wednesday was one of my nights in the flat and so far I hadn’t arranged any cock. The thought of being a hooker was always a little fantasy of mine, and here was my opportunity to play out the scene.”I’ll need to get some new lingerie, shoes and outfit if I’m to be a hooker for you. Plus I’ll need to get my pussy waxed!”.”Pop into town and buy what you need. Also get some thigh length boots to go along with your purchases as the hooker did say he kept asking if she had any with her”.”Ring him and confirm you’ve found a real filthy hooker! Give him directions to the flat and tell him I’ll be waiting from 8.00pm onwards, and tell him I was very expensive so you insist he should get his money’s worth!”. I licked my lips in anticipation. I needed to conceive some kind of prostitute scenario that would sexually fulfil me but would also be believable. I looked across at my husband who was undoubtedly aroused that I would be giving up my pussy and ass for one of his clients sordid sexual gratification. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this turned on!”Take me into town and we’ll get some kinky clobber for me to get fucked in, preferably something that can be wiped, as I envisage there will be plenty of spunk and pussy juice being splashed about tomorrow evening!”.Hubby picked up his mobile and dialled his client.”Hi Jeff it’s me. Guess what I’ve done? Only gone and got you the best hooker you’ll ever experience!”.Jeff asked what was I like and did I do anal?”The word I have is that not only does she do anal but just about anything is available. A body to die for and a wardrobe like you’ve never seen before. Blonde, busty, shaved pussy and does things with her mouth and tongue you won’t believe. You can go straight to her flat or if you want I can get her to meet you for drinks or a meal?”.Jeff replied that meeting at her flat would be fine as he would have eaten with hubby earlier and wasn’t really a drinker but did like to fuck hookers on his travels.Hubby gave him the address to visit and said to show up by 8.00pm.Hanging up his phone he said we should head into town to buy the slut stuff as he wanted this to be good for me and for Jeff as this deal if completed would be worth a fortune.I assured hubby that once my mouth, pussy and ass were finished with his cock he would sign anything. I placed my coat over my shoulders as we headed toward the car to make our purchases.Fifteen minutes later we were in the multi storey car park of the main shopping mall. Hubby guided me to the only seedy lingerie store in the area. The girls in the store knew me quite well now as I was an avid customer. Asking me if I had any special preference or outfit in my mind, I asked if the had any wet look nurse type outfits in rubber, leather or latex. She informed me that they had one in white and one in bold red, and that they were made out of a material called cire which was a leather wet look replica. I tried both outfits on and it was as if they were made to measure for me. Both were incredibly skintight and looked absolutely awesome. My waist was cinched right in and my tits looked wicked. Putting the two outfits to one side I said I’ll take both and needed to see some suspenders or Waspies in the same material. She brought me a gold Basque, a black Basque, a black Waspie, a white Waspie, two black suspender belts and a high waisted gold suspender belt all in this cire material. All of the garments felt incredibly soft to touch and everyone of them fitted perfectly. I bought a selection of quarter cup bras in the same material of various colours. I decided that a nurse would need gloves to match her outfits so I bought a pair of elbow length gloves in all of the available colours, again in the same material. Finishing my purchases I selected three pairs of white sheer seamed stockings and five pairs of black sheer seamed stockings. The young girl totalled up my transactions as hubby passed his credit card over for payment. As hubby gathered up the goods I ventured into the store next door which sold a wide selection of lap dancer shoes and a nice selection of very sexy high heeled boots. I tried on a pair of black leather thigh length boots and a pair of gold leather thigh length boots. I told the assistant to box both pairs up and hubby handed over the credit card once again. On my way out of the store my eyes were drawn to a pair of black spiked heel court shoes with wide ankle straps that fastened with a padlock. I had to have these. The assistant told me they came in black, white, gold and red. I told her pull out all the colours in my size and to box them also. Hubby’s credit card went back into the machine and the goods were purchased.Next stop was the beauty salon where my pubic mound was waxed hairless. An eyelash tint and a tidy up of the eyebrows then it was time to get a well-earned drink.Sitting in a quiet area of the wine bar I asked hubby bluntly.”You sure you’re ok with this? The other guys I’ve fucked you don’t know and won’t really cross paths. But this guy you know quite well and he’ll probably boast to you of some of the things we’ve done!”Hubby looked directly at me and delivered a new set of information to me.”When you were fucking around, I knew about it, but didn’t know how to handle it. That night I caught you in the car with two guys was a revelation to me. I was so turned on that you needed two guys to satisfy you. It wasn’t that I was inadequate! It was that you were so highly sexed you needed more than I could give you. That night when we discussed this arrangement I began planning the best way to view your antics as the scene with the two guys blew my mind. You’ve no idea how many times I’ve got off on that image. So I had five CCTV cameras and mikes installed. Two cameras are in the bedroom, two cameras in the lounge and one camera in the hallway. I never knew that the hallway would see as much action!”Shocked at his confession but strangely aroused at the same time. I leant forward and asked in an almost whispered tone.”Do you like watching me get fucked?””The filthier you are with a guy the better. I didn’t know how verbal you could be. I never imagined that you could be so wild and abandoned. You’ve done things with total strangers I would have been reluctant to ask you to do. Now that gaziantep escort bayan I’ve seen you in action I know that there isn’t a sexier woman on this planet!””Would you like to watch me fucking in the flesh or are you happy to view from a distance?”.”Tomorrow night I would love to see you fucking Jeff but I’ll have to make do with the CCTV!”.”Tell me where one of the cameras is positioned and I’ll make sure you’ll be able to see him push his cock up my ass then I’ll blow a kiss to the camera for you!””It’s opposite the head of the bed positioned above the mirrored wardrobes. It matches the smoked glass block pattern which is why you probably never saw it. But trust me, the camera saw you and all of your male friends!”.”Have you recorded any of my sex sessions?”. I enquired.”Of course I have. If you want to see some of them I have a selection at home in my loft office!”. “Once this wine is finished we’ll head home and have a little viewing shall we?”.Finishing the wine we headed back to the car laden down with a multitude of bags full with sexual intent. We chatted all the way about how hubby had accepted my lifestyle and now had found a way to use my sexuality in a business sense.”Who gets the money tomorrow evening? And more to the point how much am I worth as a hooker?”.”The hookers I normally book are £300 per hour or £1000 per night. I’ll give him the cash and tell him that you’re a cash only girl and the fee is £1500 for three hours of anything goes!”. “I’ve got some Viagra in the flat if he’s going to get three hours!”. I offered.”This guy is a swordsman. The hooker and a business associate I know, both stated that this guy has a big cock and knows how to work!”. “How do yo this?” I enquired.”The business associate needed to complete a deal with him and she crossed the line by getting more social than required. She didn’t get the deal she wanted but did confess that he drilled her more than other guy!”.”So why are you lining me up to be fucked by this guy?””You forget I’ve seen you fuck and I’ve seen the way men react to you! If he gets a few hours with you he’ll be desperate to close the deal so he can claim a celebratory fuck with you!” hubby outlined.”Celebratory fuck? When would this occur?”.”I was thinking that if the deal was completed and you were happy enough to fuck him again, then I’d pay for a weekend celebration in London where he could have the pleasure of your body. And by all accounts you could have the pleasure of his!”.Being a hooker in the flat was a nice little fantasy but to be a hooker for a weekend in a London hotel was mind blowing!”OK I’ll go along with your plan as I seem to be doing nicely out of it! A new set if fuck me clothes, £1500 and the possibility of getting done a swordsman!”.We continued the drive to the loft office. As we pulled up in front of the office he leant forward and kissed my cheek. Undoing my seatbelt I got out of the card and walked the short distance into the office. Taking a seat on the long white leather sofa, he mixed me a vodka martini then joined me on the sofa.”You may need the drink!”. He advised as he clicked the remote control. The large TV screen came to life as a split screen option appeared. He pressed a few buttons on the remote then a view I knew only too well appeared on the screen. My bed looked perfect on the screen. The soft cotton duvet billowed over the bed nestling between the four brass poles at the corners. Shadows were visible on the bed when all of a sudden the doctor appeared naked on the bed. Next to join him was myself, adorned in a black quarter cup bra, black suspender belt, fishnet stockings with a pair of Playboy high heeled shoes. My hand was on the doctors cock as my mouth slid over his weapon. The camera zoomed on this informing me that hubby had watched this live and was moving closer for a look. I remembered this particular evening as most of the fucking had took place in the lounge on the sofa, the rug and for a period of time on the dining table. The doctor had took dozens of photos of me that evening, and for most of it I was sucking cock between shots. The bedroom scene was the finale of evening fuckfest. On screen I removed the doctors cock from my mouth and moved up the bed till my legs straddled him. I had his cock in my hand as I guided the tip into my shaved hole. The camera zoomed in real close as inch by inch his cock slid deep into my pussy.”How come I don’t hear the camera zooming in?”. I quizzed.”State of the art technology!”. He reassured me.I was squirming in my seat, watching myself be fucked on the screen. Hubby had the remote control in one hand and the other was rubbing his crotch. Easing myself of the sofa I knelt between hubby’s legs, unzipped his erect cock and blowed him as he continued to watch the doctor pound my cunt. From the sounds coming from the TV, it didn’t sound like my pussy being fucked anymore. I looked over my shoulder and there I was on screen, on all fours as the doctor was plunging his cock into my asshole. I was writhing in ecstasy on screen, shouting for him to fuck my ass then come on my face. I returned hubby’s cock in mouth and felt it twitch violently as gush after gush of hot thick cum slid down my throat. Cleaning his deflating cock with my tongue and lips, I then returned it back into his trousers. I sat alongside him as he showed me a few more selections of sexual antics. My freshly waxed pussy was still stinging as I clamped my legs together, rubbing my vaginal lips together as I squirmed watching myself being fucked on screen by a very well hung black guy while his friend was holding my head with his cock buried in my mouth. I wished the hooking could have been that night, as I was so aroused but I’d need to wait 24 hours before Mr Kink would be inside me.We left the loft office and went inside the house with all of the days shopping purchase. I removed all of the labels from the garments and price tags from the shoes and boots. Placing all of the goods into my overnight bag I also included a bum bag from outlast holiday. I was going to put the cash in this as I thought that was how a hooker would operate. I now started planning what to wear to greet my client. Stockings would be black, shiny and seamed as these would be deviant enough with a little touch of class. A black quarter cup bra with matching suspender belt attached to the glossy stockings would be a nice effect. The new bondage strap spiked heel shoes would definitely add to this look plus they’d give me a sense of empowerment with their exaggerated height increase. The white leather look nurses uniform should complete the look, especially if the black underwear could be outlined beneath its unbelievable tightness. Black shiny evening gloves would be the final touch. Now if that didn’t say hooker then what did?The day I awoke quite late. Hubby was away doing business with Mr Kink and afterward I would be doing business with Mr Kink.After a light breakfast I drove over to the flat with my overnight bag. On entering the flat I made my way straight to the bedroom. Unzipping the overnight bag, I placed each selected garment for the evening’s entertainment on the white duvet. Putting the other articles away neatly, I then rummaged through my sex toy drawer and placed on the bedside table a selection of dildos and vibrators. I even located a couple of battery operated cock rings I’d picked up a few months ago. On the other bedside table I placed a tube of KY jelly, a bottle of babyoil and a selection of condoms. Moving onto the kitchen I ensured that the ice cube tray was loaded and that some champagne would be chilled. Taking the champagne bucket off the worktop, I grabbed a couple of champagne flutes and place the bucket and glasses next to the selection of oils. I placed a clean ashtray on each bedside table with a lighter in the middle. I then made sure that fresh towels and robes were in the bathroom. Lining my make-up out on the dresser, I then decided to select my perfume for the evening. Nothing too heavy and definitely nothing floral. After a few sample sprays I opted for good old Chanel No 5. Finally I decided to run an oily bath and took a long luxurious dip. After soaking in the tub for almost an hour I raised my body and emptied the bath of the warm liquid. Towelling myself softly I could feel butterflies starting to awaken in the lower region of my stomach. I paused for a second and looked at my hands. They were shaking slightly. I was nervous and excited. I’d never met Mr Kink, never saw a photo or had any detailed description except that he was tallish, athletically built with fair hair, had a kinky streak and possessed a big cock! Enough to be going with for the time being. I sat in front of the dresser mirror as I dried and styled my hair. Once happy with my crown I began to apply my make-up. As a hooker, I thought it should be a little heavier than normal with just a tinge of trashy! After three attempts I finally achieved what I thought was the perfect hooker looker. As I checked the clock I saw that it was now 7.15pm and my client would be here in 45 minutes!I opened the packet of black sheer seamed stockings, rolling both stockings over my legs and up my thighs. Next I fastened the suspender belt around my waist. The tight cire wet look material was softer and thinner than I first thought. Ensuring the stocking seams were straight I then fastened the suspender straps to the stockings. Smoothing out any lines or kinks I then fastened the black cire quarter cup bra. Straightening the bra my tits looked magnificent. Jutting upward and forward showing the two pierced nipples off to perfection.I unzipped the white cire Nurses uniform and stepped into the costume. Placing my arms in their positions I began to pull the zip up to my cleavage. The outfit was like a second skin. It was invariably tight but unbelievably comfortable also. The white cire stretched over my hips and bust, clinging to my small waist. The material was stretched enough to not only see the outline of lingerie beneath, but you could also distinguish the colour. Pulling the black wet look evening gloves over my bare arms, I discovered a little white nurses hat on the bed. I placed the surprise hat on my hair and fixed in place with a couple of Kirkby grips. Now finally stepping into the bondage spike heeled shoes, place my right foot in first, I tightened the ankle strap and locked it in place using the little attached padlock. Repeating the process with my left foot I then got my first opportunity to see the whole ensemble. Standing at the foot of my bed I looked up at where one of the cameras was hidden and said.”Do you approve of this look?”. I could just picture hubby nodding and grinning, holding his cock awaiting for the evenings sexual athletics to commence. I reapplied my red lipstick and had one last glance over the flat to make sure everything was ready. Walking around the flat I discovered that the shoes looked incredibly sexy but weren’t exactly comfortable for walking in. Good job my feet would be in the air for most of the evening.The time was now 7.55pm and the excitement was driving me incredibly horny. I remembered to get the bum bag for our transaction which I intended to get out of the way at the beginning. I placed the bum bag in the top drawer of the dressing table. Just as I closed the drawer the entrance intercom buzzed.I walked over to the intercom, held down the communicate button and said as huskily I could.”Hi! How can I help?”.”It’s Jeff here. I was told you were expecting me?”. “You’ve arrived early!” I stated adding “I hope this isn’t an indication of how things are going to be!”. I said in my best hooker attitude.I buzzed the entrance and heard the door open. His footsteps were on the way up the stairs when I heard the external door close. On hearing him reach the second landing I unlocked the door and stood brassily in the doorframe. Jeff kindly whistled as he looked me up and down. My pussy almost exploded! Jeff was fucking gorgeous! I invited him into the flat and closed the door behind him. “There is little matter of a business transaction”. I informed.”A true business lady”. He responded.Opening his wallet he counted out thirty fifty pound notes. Handing the cash to me I walked to the dresser drawer and placed the cash in the bum bag. Closing the drawer I turned to him and said.”So would you like a drink or would you prefer a more physical activity?”As bold as brass he blurted out a list of demands.”Well first I would like to remove my clothes then I’d like a blowjob. Then I’d like my gals and ass licked. Then I will fuck your cunt, then I’ll fuck your ass. And when’ll that’s done I’ll come on your face. Then you can get me hard again whilst I spank your ass and pussy. Then we’ll see if you can squirt and I’ll fuck both your holes again the ill come in your mouth!”A bit sterile and planned but what the hell he was paying. I helped remove his dark grey suit, putting the jacket and pants on hangers. Next I removed his shirt and tie and placed them over the suit. I could now see the outline of his semi erect cock pushing out of his Calvin Klein briefs! He removed his socks and shoes himself placing them behind the bedroom door. I sank to my knees to perform my first professional blowjob.Releasing his semi erect cock from his briefs, I licked the underside of his cock till it reached full erection. This cock was massive and thick with it. I had both gloved hands on this cock and my lips and tongue were stimulating the purple rim. I ensured that this blowjob on this magnificent specimen would be visible on the camera. The blowjob I was performing was definitely worth the cash judging by the moaning and groaning emanating from my client. “You’ll have me coming if you keep sucking like that whore!”It was the first time I’d ever been called a whore when it was the truth! I do like to have a few sexual insults hurled my way as it can add a bit of spice to the moment. But this was the most arousing thing I’d ever experienced. I swear that I almost came when he uttered that sentence.Removing his cock from my mouth I looked up to make eye contact and said.”You best get that cock in my pussy and fuck me good before the cream spurts out?”.He moaned audibly as I wanked his cock then stood before him. I unzipped the nurses uniform all the Dow slowly. My tits burst out of the tight white uniform. His eyes almost popped when he saw how big my tits were and that the nipples were pierced. As the zip continued on its journey the suspender belt came into view. His steely blue eyes were transfixed as the uniform opened totally exposing my naked pussy. My all over tan, shaved pussy and erotic lingerie had his eyes on stalks.”He wasn’t fucking joking!”. He whispered under his breath.”Who wasn’t joking?”. I enquired.”The wanker who booked you!”. He replied.I was offended and aroused at him insulting my hubby, but he wasn’t to know or suspect that I was the wife of his intended business partner. He positioned me onto the bed as he opened my legs wide as my pussy was now on full display. I smiled at him and ran a gloved finger down my hairless slit. Dipping the finger into my pussy I brought my other gloved hand to the side of my labia as I held my pussy wide open for him to see. I deliberately looked up at the camera still smiling, then I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and let my mouth fall open to let a soft sigh escape from my made up lips. I kept my pussy open to feel hot breath waft over my labia and clitoris. My clients tongue extended to my clitoris where it flicked the sex button with lightning speed. I pulled my pussylips even wider as his tongue slid inside between my sex lips and began to tongue fuck me. Each thrust of his tongue he would rotate the saliva enriched sex gland. My pussy squirmed with delight as the sexual fizz in my stomach increased. I could sense an orgasm approaching and so could my client. His tongue was replaced by two hooked fingers pressing deep in my pussy, the grasping at my G spot. The floodgates were open now as the most terrific orgasm engulfed my entire being. Thrashing against his fingers I looked down to see the first prominent gush of orgasmic pussy erupt from my vagina. His fingers continued the sexual pressure as gush after gush spewed from my convulsing pussy. I screamed almost for him to put his cock in me and fuck me hard. The man was a definite sexual athlete as his fingers were replaced by his rampant with out any loss of stroke. I continued thrashing beneath him as his huge cock stretched my pussy. With the downward stroke I could feel this huge gland banging the opening of my cervix. My cervix was willing to oblige and opened to let this monster penetrate even deeper. His heavy balls were banging against my ass with each forceful thrust. One of my nipples was now in his mouth as the angle of penetration changed slightly. Wrapping my stockinged legs around his back I dug the spike heel into his buttocks gently. His mouth delighted my nipples as his right hand grabbed my ass cheek. Massaging my buttock for a few seconds he decided to extend his digit finger and place it up to the first knuckle inside my asshole. Bang another orgasm swept over me as his cock and finger penetrated my sex holes. He lifted up off the bed as he knelt on the mattress. His cock in my pussy and a finger in my ass, he positioned me so I was sitting on his cock with my legs wrapped around him. My pussy was so full of cock. This cock was huge and veiny and right now it was blue steel hard and throbbing deep inside my whore of a cunt. I orgasmed once again but this time I placed my panting mouth over his. Before my orgasm had subsided he lifted off his cock and guided the monster into my ass. The stretching of my ring sent stinging sensations through my anal walls as inch by inch of this massive cock impaled me. I noticed that the camera would be able to see the cock entering my ass perfectly. I cannot remember ever being so aroused. Every nerve in my body was now sexual. Every movement was pleasuring me beyond belief. My client lay back on the back as I rode his cock cowgirl style. His hands explored my body and lingerie. He was drinking in every little piece of me. I gyrated my hips wildly as his cock kept stretching my ass. The twitching of his heavy balls informed that an eruption was imminent.”Come in my mouth! I’ll give you some ass to mouth!” . I declaredHe started snorting and growling like a wild b**st as he lifted me off his cock, he snarled.”Fuck it I’m coming!”.I slid down the bed and grabbed his exploding cock. What felt like litres of hot sticky semen launched from the tip of his penis and slammed the back of my throat. His cock was almost to wide to get in my mouth, but I managed to take his engorged bell end inside and willingly received all the spunk he could deposit. My ass was high in the air and this would be the view the camera was detecting. I could feel the cool air soothing my stinging ass and knew that my ass would be gaping at the camera. I slid two fingers into my pussy as I kept sucking my clients cock. The exploding had ceased now but his cock was still rock hard! Gently nibbling the surface of his weapon, I rubbed my teeth up down the entire length of this impressive specimen of manhood. Making eye contact as I performed the sexual act, my client was leaning back onto the pillows, smirking at my obvious worshipping of his solid erection. His arrogance was also a huge turn on! Rubbing the b**st of a cock on my cheeks then softly placing my lips over the exposed glans, I began to accept his cock into my mouth. Slowly at first to allow my jaw to accommodate the enormous thickly veined work of art, my head moved down the length until I’d received his bulbous head at the back of my throat. My eyes were closed now as I did my little trick for him. Using my swallowing reflex the cock was now being massaged by my throat at the bell end whilst my tongue slithered on the underside. My client was fidgeting on the bed saying over and over again “Fucking Wow!”. His cock was suctioned into my mouth and to release the object of desire I had to breath out through my mouth quite forcibly. His cock now free to impale whatever hole he chose, was standing to full attention. It looked like a weapon about to be launched. I moved around the bed on all fours until I was facing the hidden camera. Smiling into the secret lens I pushed my face into the mattress as I arched my back, pushing my ass into the air. The straps on my suspender belt cut into my buttocks as I placed my gloved hands on my ass cheeks and spread my pussy and ass for his pleasure. He looked at the view of sexual opportunities before him and began to softly stroke my pussylips and gently circle my anal ring with a fingertip. The soft caring approach didn’t last too long. A huge dildo was pushed inside my pussy whilst a vibrating replica cock was sliding its way into my ass. I looked up at the camera and gave a sexy smile, knowing hubby would be watching this with avid interest. With both sex toys plugging my holes I turned round to face him. My pendulous tits brashly pointing toward him, I placed my gloved hands on my waist and challenged him. “Are you man enough to fuck me again?” I taunted.He laughed at my question pointing to his pole of a cock. Placing my right gloved hand on his shaft, I began to glide his foreskin back and forth over his swollen purple glans. This was turning out to be the most impressive specimen of manhood I’d had the pleasure of sliding over and this fucker knew how to use it! The cock was not only large with a very wide girth, but the veins were prominent and pulsating as the hard phallus pointed directly to the ceiling. I needed this fleshy monster inside me, as my grasping of the shaft was arousing me beyond recognition. “I mean really man enough. I don’t just want your cock inside me, I want fucked! Fucked hard and fast. Fucked till the cum runs down my thigh. Fucked till I almost bleed!”He pulled the toys from out if my holes, then raised me onto his lap as his cock forced my labia apart as the cunt ripper stretched its way up my pussy. I gave out an involuntary moan as his cock filled me pussy. He began twitching his cock deep inside me. The sensations were unbelievable. My pussy walls convulsed in time with his sporadic twitching. My pussy walls were stretched to breaking point as I could feel his pulse from the thick gnarly veins that adorned his masterful cock. He knew he was fucking me in a way that I’d never been fucked before. My moaning and panting along with the squelching sounds emanating from my pussy, we’re proof indeed that I could never fake pleasure with this wonderful object inside me. He pulled my head toward his and kissed me. His tongue explored my mouth as he pressed his lips hard onto mine. I was coming in buckets at this point. Hardly able to breathe the pleasure was so intense I almost blacked out as my orgasm turned multi! My legs shaking and my pussy quivering, he kept his huge cock inside me as he positioned me on my back. I manoeuvred my self so that we were lying across the bedding so that the camera would pick up the monumental fucking I was about to receive. As he gathered momentum and began to thrust magnificently in and out of my cunt, I returned the compliment and gyrated my hips in such a slutty manner. Whispering profanities about the size of his cock, how wonderful it was to fuck him and to fuck me harder. This he did with relish, but each deep thrust from him was met by the most hip twisting gyration from me. He was absolutely fucking loving being inside me. The control was beginning to wane as he pawed at my exposed breasts. His back began to hunch and his breathing became more erratic.”I’m going to come!”. He stammered.”Come on my face!”. I insisted.He slid his cock out of my pussy and I swear it looked almost twice the size as before. Moving up toward my face, huge thick dollops of the whitest spunk I’d ever seen splashed over my rosy cheek. The second spurt carried as much force as the first. The third and final spurt was accompanied by an almighty groan from him!I lay beside him gently stroking this colossus of a cock as held me gently. My breasts rested on his chest as face nuzzled into his neck. The sperm was spread between his neck,my hair and my face. “Are you glad your friend booked me?” I asked hoping for a compliment.”He’s not my friend he’s a business acquaintance!” he replied.A little taken aback with this statement I pushed a little.”But he must be trustworthy enough if you let him book you an escort?”.”The guys a prick!”. Shocked by his statement I pushed a little more.”Some prick if he’s getting you lined up with an evening of sexual pleasure!”.”That’s just it. I keep trying to get him to come to strip clubs or party back at the hotel with hookers, but he just keeps saying he has the best piece of ass back home and nothing compares to how sexy his wife is! There is no way that his wife would look better than you and there’s no way she could be as filthy in the sack,” Delighted with that statement I said to my client.”He just may be the lucky guy that has best of both worlds!”. My clients cock was still hard enough to fuck so I straddled his teak like thighs, facing the camera I began impaling myself on the specimen as I smiled at the camera and gave my client and my watching audience the best sex I’ve ever delivered. The fuck was beyond sensational. My pussy rode his cock to oblivion and back. His hands came round my front and tweaked my nipples as my riding intensified until he could cope with the frenzied fucking no more and unleashed a quite powerful volume of delicious spunk deep into my cervix.Slowly riding his cock as the spunk began to seep out of my pussy, I smiled at the camera giving a saucy wink as my gloved right hand sc****d some spunk off the deflating b**st. Bringing the creamy liquid up to my lips I licked every gooey dollop of the man juice purely for the benefit of the camera. Climbing off the spent cock I grabbed the vibrating cock and gave a performance purely for the camera. My client thought the show was for his benefit and he commented afterwards that it was a sensational performance. If only he knew it wasn’t for his benefit.I looked my client directly in the eye and said.”Well I hope your business deal goes well, cause it would be fun to hook up again!”. “If it means I get to fuck you again then the deal is as good as signed!”He got off the bed to get dressed, while I just stretched out on the bed in all my sexy lingerie, licking the plastic cock.”Plus my business associate said that if we close this deal he will finance a weekend in London where I get to fuck you in some 5 star hotel, plus I know a few good fetish clubs we could frequent if you’re up for it?”. Looking directly at the hidden camera, I smiled, licked my lips suggestively and replied.”How could I not be up for it!”.

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