Hot fun with older guy on holiday (gay)


Hot fun with older guy on holiday (gay)Hi I’m kyle 18 m uk bi This is a true story about my time on holiday late last year Info.I’m 5 ft 7 , slim- toned , I weigh 9.5 stone , I have short spiky brown hair and a decent tan.I have a 7.5 inch uncut cock and am smooth .I lost my anal virginity when I was in high skool and have had many gay sexual experiences since then but always with guys around my age group .The story Last year I went on holiday with my mum and her new boyfriend and my younger brother .At first didn’t want to go because I don’t get along with my mums boyfriend , my mum is 48 and he is 30 and he thinks he can tell me what to do and acts as if he is my dad .Anyway we went on holiday to gran canaria for a week , the hotel was 5 star and was really nice and had basically everything you would need .The first couple of days we just relax by the pool , my mum and her boyfriend would just sunbathe all day drinking the free beer and cocktails while me and my brother Dylan would just go in the pool or have a good look round the hotel for new things to do .It got kind of boring being with Dylan all the time especially at night when we would just sit with my mum and her boyfriend at the hotel bar watching the boring entertainment .I didn’t even meet anyone my age from enland anyway so i didn’t really have a choice .I was getting so horny with the hot sun I had to go upto my room like twice a day just to wank off .On the 4 th night we went into the town centre too have a look around .This is where the real night life was , everyone partying in bars and having a decent time .Just as we was heading back to the taxi rank to go back to the hotel I noticed a gay bar I had a quick glance in and it looked great , it was quite packed and had music blaring and had guys dancing around .On the way home in the taxi I couldn’t stop thinking about it . It was quite late so we all went back to our rooms , I got so horny thinking about it , even my 48 year old mum was shagging next door what was going on !The next night I put on a smart T shirt and sum shorts an went down to the halkalı escort hotel bar and drank quite alot to get my courage up after about 8 beers I got in a taxi and headed down there .I was really nervous but excited at the same time , it took me 15 minutes before I built up the courage to walk in .I walked straight to the bar and ordered a vodka red bull , i stood at the bar a little timid drinking my drink fastly a couple of guys came up to me but they didn’t speak a word of English after a minute they walked away , I got a little uncomfortable .Just as I was about to walk out I heard ” excuse me mate are you English ? ” I turned around and it was an older guy with a bald head and a little stocky I said yh I take it you are aswell ? He said ” you’re not leaving are you ? I think were the only 2 English guys here u fancy another beer ? I said ” yh go on then , why not ! We sat down together and began chatting he seemed like a decent guy .He was called Ross and was 43 , he was about 5 ft 8 , bald head, quite stocky dark tan and had a niceish face and smile .He said he’s sure he had noticed me earlier this week somewhere and we then found out we was staying at the same hotel .He told me he came over alone to do something or work for for a couple of days and the holiday was free .He said I take it your gay then ? I said well yh I’m bi but more gay , he seemed quite happy to learn that We was getting on really well and he was quite funny and flirting withe abit .He went to the bar for sum beers and when he came back he sat next to me instead of facing me .I looked at me and said Kyle I think you’re really fucking hot you know that ! I replied you’re hot yourself for you’re age He started laughing and said what do you mean for your age haha ? I’m only joking he said So Kyle , he said ,how about me and you have a little kiss ? I started to become hard and said ” yh if you want ” He leaned in and we began kissing infront of a packed bar , we wasn’t the only ones though I was super horny my cock olgun escort was rock hard , he was an amazing kisser He put his hand on my bulge and began rubbing it he grabbed my hand and aimed it towards his crotch and felt his fat cock in his pants and began rubbing it After a few minutes he said in my ear do u fancy going back to the hotel then Kyle its a little akward here ,I said yh let’s go , we got in a taxi and headed back to the hotel ,Half way there he slipped his hand down my shorts and began playing with my cock trying to keep out of the taxi drivers mirror , it was so risky but hot We arrived back at the hotel and I told Ross about my mum and her boyfriend and said I didn’t want to bump into them so we took the lift straight up to his room We got in his room an closed the door he pushed me up agiant the wall and we started kissing passionately , he ripped my t shirt off and began kissing my body and sucking my nipples I just stood back and let him take the lead He got on his knees and pulled down my shorts he began sucking my cock before I could blink After a few minutes I told him to stop before I cummed and told him to let me suck his We walked to the beds and both got naked I got down on my knees at the side of the bed and began sucking his 8 inch uncut cock , it must have been as fat as a regular bottle I could barely fit it in my mouth but I persisted I was so horny knowing sucking a 43 year old stranger off it was weird but so so hot !He grabbed my head and started forcing me deeper on his cock I began to gag and choke After a good 5 minutes he turned me over aggressively and started eating my arsehole like it was the last one on earth , he loved it and it felt so good He started slipping 2 fingers in my arse vigoursly , he stopped and went over to his suitcase and pulled out a pretty fat butt plug he carried on eating my arse and spitting omit then slowly slided in the butt plug until it was deep inside me , I began sucking him off şişli escort again tryin to go as deep as I could for him He started getting a little rough and began really forcing me down on his cock I started gagging quite badly but felt a little nervous to tell him to stop He told me to get on all fours , so I did .He slowly pulled out the butt plug and sucked ally juices off it and then kissed me He spat on his cock and my arsehole and slowly forced his big cock in my arse It hurt a little at first but after a few minutes I began to enjoy it abit more He really was fucking me hard , I had my face in the pillow moaning as he phPpumped me hard , every time he thrusted his cock into me I could feel it deep inside me like near my bladder area , He started saying ” do you like daddy’s big dick kyle ? “I could barely speak , he squeeZed my love handles an pushed his cock deep inside me He said abit angrily ” I said do you like daddy’s dick ” I said yh , he said i can’t heat you ! I said yhhh ! He pulled out and said right I want you to Taste your arse of daddy’s dick He started gaggin me again really hard , my eyes were watering He soon stopped and put it back in my arse in doggy again He fucked me really hard for a good 5 minutes more , he started goin really fast and pushed deep inside me I could feel him Cumming hard in my arse as he moaned .He made me squeeze his cum out of my arse onto his hand He said go on be a good lad and clean up your mess , I began licking all of his cum and my arse juice of his hand until it was all gone I sat there feeling filthy and my arse was gaping he said right stand up so I did He got me hard agian and began sucking my cock it only took me 5 minutes of his deepthroat to cum he opened his mouth and told me not to spill abit I started cumming in his mouth getting more or less my full load inside he said right lie down open your Mouth he got ontop of me and slowly let all my cum dangle from his mouth into mine , I gagged a little. He said right I want you to swallow it all I took a breath and took it all back in one gulp After I cummed I felt really dirty and abit worthless but I kind of enjoyed that in away .We took a shower together and got dressed after a little while of chatting I left and went to bed .Although he was really rough with me and made me feel degraded I lived it ,I dont know if it’s something to do with not having a farther figure as a teenager but I couldn’t wait to spend the night with Ross again ,Thanks for reading 😉

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